Del. Ed Scott (R-Culpeper)

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30: Counties of Culpeper (part); Madison, and Orange [map]
Took Office
January 2004
Left Office
January 2016
Copatroning Habits
76% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 86% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 67% of them are Republicans.
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These are all of the video clips of Ed Scott’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 117 video clips in all.


  • HB1285: Workers' compensation; definition of employee; property owners' associations.
  • HB1340: Tangible personal property tax relief; autocycles.
  • HB1341: Autocycles; exempted from motor vehicle emissions inspection program.
  • HB1618: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; resource management plans, closed meetings.
  • HB1619: Eleventh and twelfth grade transfer students; graduation requirements.
  • HB1826: Virginia Racing Commission; powers, definitions, advance deposit account wagering revenues.
  • HB1827: Routine highway maintenance projects; exemption from erosion and sediment control requirements.
  • HB2288: Virginia Tourism Authority; Secretary of Agriculture & Forestry added member of Board of Directors.
  • HB2292: Culpeper, Town of; amending charter, notice of special meetings and residence of Town Manager.
  • HJ574: Commending StreamSweepers.
  • HJ692: Farm-to-School Week; designating as first full week in October 2015, and each succeeding year.
  • HB122: Autocycle; defines a new class of vehicle and provides for examination of drivers, fees, etc.
  • HB123: Petroleum transport vehicles; amber warning lights allowed when parked or delivering products.
  • HB127: Muzzleloading pistols; persons allowed to hunt big game with pistols in certain seasons.
  • HB128: Grass and weeds; adds Towns of Front Royal & Gordonsville to list authorized to require cutting.
  • HB165: Charter; Town of Culpeper.
  • HB166: Inoperable, abandoned, and salvage vehicles; salvage vehicle dealers.
  • HB260: Property Owners' Association Act; association charges.
  • HB261: Stormwater management program; regulations, single family residence.
  • HB262: Local boards; appointment of members of boards of supervisors.
  • HB263: License plates; repeals issuance to members of certain armed forces.
  • HB415: Truck cranes; permits authorizing operation over highways for those that exceed maximum weight.
  • HB509: Specialized construction equipment; Commissioner of Highways may issue permits for operation.
  • HB654: Wetland and stream mitigation banks; hydrologic unit boundaries.
  • HB655: Menhaden fishery; extends sunset provision for management of fishery.
  • HB1074: Va. Racing Commission; transfers responsibility for Commission to Sec. of Agriculture & Forestry.
  • HB1121: Game and Inland Fisheries, Board of; changes criteria for appointments.
  • HJ258: Commending Jeffrey Clore Early.
  • HB798: Salvage vehicles; consumer awareness of issues that may occur from purchasing at auction.
  • HB799: Wetlands and streams; water protection permits, conditions for contribution to Board-approved fund.
  • HB1473: Concession stands at youth athletic activities; exempt from regulations applicable to restaurants.
  • HB1474: Grass & weeds; adds Town of Orange to list of localities authorized to require cutting on property.
  • HB1475: Motorcycle titling; purchase of new motorcycles for parts.
  • HB1476: Motorcycle rider safety training centers; requires motorcycles supplied to meet certain criteria.
  • HB1726: Non-gravel effluent drain systems for onsite sewage systems; regulations.
  • HB1757: Wetland and Stream Replacement Fund; established.
  • HB2254: Menhaden fish; allowable catch for those landed in State, report. Emergency.
  • HJ763: Commending the Town of Gordonsville.
  • HJ772: Commending the Rapidan Volunteer Fire Department.
  • HJ824: Commending The Montpelier Foundation.
  • HJ888: Commending the Madison County Rescue Squad.
  • HJ889: Commending Marjorie Lamar.
  • HJ890: Commending Paul Coates.
  • HB292: Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; increases membership of board of directors.
  • HB293: Dam safety; consultation with Department of Emergency Management.
  • HB294: Public libraries; qualifications of librarian, use of state funds.
  • HB295: House of Delegates Districts; technical adjustment in Culpeper County.
  • HB296: Charter; Town of Gordonsville.
  • HB297: Condominium and Property Owners' Association Acts; increases charge for rules violations.
  • HB298: Machinery and tools tax; classifies car washing businesses as separate class of property.
  • HB299: Retail Sales and Use Tax; extends sunset date for exemption of certain educational materials.
  • HB300: Beehive Grant Fund and Beehive Grant Program; created.
  • HB301: Cool-season lawn and turf seed; permits sale of after completion of required germination test.
  • HB302: Environmental laboratory certification program; exempts certain laboratories.
  • HB303: Overweight permits; Issuance for haulers of farm animal feed.
  • HB798: Salvage vehicles; consumer awareness of issues that may occur from purchasing at auction.
  • HB799: Wetlands and streams; water protection permits, conditions for contribution to Board-approved fund.
  • HB1237: Child abuse and neglect; mandatory reporting, penalties.
  • HJ172: Horse racing industry; joint subcommittee to study.
  • HJ492: Commending Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield, Inc.
  • HR518: Commending Madison Emergency Services Association.
  • HB632: Income tax, corporate and state; credit for land conservation.
  • HB1451: Transient occupancy and food and beverage taxes; adds Madison County to those that may impose.
  • HB1452: Transient occupancy tax; adds Counties of Madison, etc., to list of localities that may impose.
  • HB1558: Overweight farm machinery, etc.; prohibits operation on any Interstate Highway System component.
  • HB1559: Audiologists; those with doctoral degree shall not be required to pass exam to obtain a license.
  • HB1827: Overweight permits; issuance for operation of certain vehicles used for hauling farm animal feed.
  • HB1828: Virginia Pollution Abatement Permit; inspection requirements.
  • HB1829: Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board; increases voting membership.
  • HB1830: Resource management plans; effect of implementation, exclusions.
  • HB1831: Fertilizer; regulation of application and labeling.
  • HB1832: Virginia Racing Commission; authorized restricted wagering facilities, penalty.
  • HB1833: Alcoholic beverage control; annual fee for brewery licenses.
  • HB1834: Statewide Fire Prevention Code; permissible fireworks.
  • HB2128: License plates, special; increases number of prepaid applications DMV must receive to issue.
  • HB2494: Standards for Accreditation; any school board may seek approval of alternative plan for its schools.
  • HJ516: Celebrating the life of Lynwood Leonard Coiner, Jr.
  • HJ810: Celebrating the life and accomplishments of John Preston Hill.
  • HB630: Wine and beer; licensee may ship through approved fulfillment warehouse.
  • HB631: Commonwealth Transportation Commissioner; advertising for bids.
  • HB632: Income tax, corporate and individual; credit for land conservation.
  • HB633: Conflict of Interests Act; prohibited conduct relating to contracts, exceptions.
  • HB634: Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, etc., Board for; exceptions from licensure.
  • HB635: Subdivision of land; dividing lot for sale or gift may include family member's spouse.
  • HB810: Vehicle lengths; increases triple saddle mount combination vehicles.
  • HB1247: Real property tax classifications; Culpeper County permitted different tax rate on improvements.
  • HB1277: Vehicle registration; limits certain exemptions to pickup and panel trucks, etc.
  • HB1309: Public Procurement Act; procurement of certain professional services by Transportation Commissioner.
  • HJ95: Virginia Farm-to-School Week; designating as second full week of November 2010.
  • HJ358: Celebrating the life of Charles Harmon Robson, Jr.
  • HB2070: Classroom placement of twins or multiples; school board to develop policies to allow parental input.
  • HB2071: Licensed farm wineries; restrictions on activities.
  • HB2072: Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, etc., Board for; exemptions from licensure.
  • HB2073: Weight limit extension; vehicles using an auxiliary power unit or idle reduction technology.
  • HB2074: Wastewater treatment plant; Board to accept petition from facility subject to waste load allocation.
  • HB2075: Overweight/oversize vehicle permits; violation of terms and conditions thereof does not invalidate.
  • HB2178: Possession of ammunition by convicted felons; prohibited.
  • HB2179: Trials; credit for time spent in confinement discretionary with court.
  • HB2534: License plates, special; issuance to veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom, etc.
  • HB2604: Racing Commission; advance deposit account wagering.
  • HJ761: Commending the Town of Culpeper on the occasion of its 250th anniversary.
  • HJ962: Commemorating the life of Zachary Taylor on the 225th anniversary of his birth.
  • HB38: Incarcerated persons; court orders credit for time served in jail pending trial.
  • HB110: Trucks; maximum allowable weights of vehicle combinations.
  • HB111: Highway systems; revenue-sharing funds therefor in certain counties, cities, and towns.
  • HB722: School boards; policies for classroom placement of twins or higher order multiples.
  • HB723: Resources Authority; authorized to finance park and recreation projects.
  • HB724: Absentee voting; electoral board may delay opening voter precinct.
  • HB725: Equine dental technicians; practice of equine dentistry under supervision of licensed veterinarian.
  • HB726: Conditional zoning; purchase of development rights.
  • HB727: Natural resources funding; allocates annually percentage of revenue generated by sales & use tax.
  • HB728: Health insurance; State Corporation Commission to develop uniform group application form.
  • HB729: Marriage license; marriage record prepared includes portion of social security number of each party.
  • HB954: Conditional zoning; purchase of development rights.
  • HB1399: Alcoholic beverage control; farm wineries.
  • HJ131: Plumbing Industry Week; designating as April 27 through May 3, 2008.
  • HJ323: Commending the Graves family.
  • HJ5003: Celebrating the life of George Plummer Beard, Jr.
  • HB644: Equine dentistry; provides exception from practice of veterinary medicine for practice thereof.
  • HB1674: Retail Sales and Use Tax; extends sunset provision for free distribution of educational materials.
  • HB1675: Revenue-sharing funds; may be used to construct, etc. highway system located between localities.
  • HB2362: Taxes and license fees; law-enforcement officials, etc., exempted therefrom for one vehicle.
  • HB2363: Equine dental technicians; required to register with Board of Medicine.
  • HB2364: Magistrates; required to deliver copy of any criminal warrant issued at request of citizen to State.
  • HB2365: Dog collar; person guilty of misdemeanor if takes an electronic or radio transmitting one from dog.
  • HB2366: Water systems; Board of Health to implement chronically noncompliant systems.
  • HB3038: Sentencing proceeding; victim impact testimony is to be admitted during jury hearing.
  • HB3062: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemptions include nonprofit entities, audit requirements.
  • HJ868: Commending Phyllis Highland and the Outreach Committee of Shady Grove Baptist Church.
  • HB644: Equine dentistry; provides exception from practice of veterinary medicine for practice thereof.
  • HB645: Motor vehicle; impoundment for eluding police.
  • HB646: DMV; access to records for person applying for volunteer vehicle operator with Civil Air Patrol.
  • HB647: Solid waste management plans; units to maintain recycling and target rates.
  • HB648: Operation of government stores; ABC Board to appoint holder of distiller's license as agent of Bd.
  • HB649: Alcoholic beverage control; creation of specialty gourmet shop license
  • HB650: School buses; maximum speed limit allowed.
  • HB681: Highway improvements; expands present revenue-sharing fund program.
  • HB1454: Wetlands and stream restoration; companies to file erosion & sediment control specifications.
  • HB1571: Referendum elections; provide for preparation and printing of explanation for each question thereof.
  • HB5050: Highway funding; amends law governing revenue-sharing funds.
  • HB5071: Maintenance and asset management; clarifies definition thereof.
  • HJ72: Innocents Day; designating as December 28, 2006, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ73: Constitution Day; designating as September 17, 2006, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ82: Celebrating the life of Giles Henry Miller, Jr.
  • HJ233: Commending Epiphany Preschool on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.
  • HJ5078: Commending the Culpeper County High School Band.
  • HJ5158: Celebrating the life of Private First Class Edwin Anthony Andino II.
  • HR12: Constitution Day; reaffirms General Assembly's commitment thereto.