Sen. Fred Quayle (R-Suffolk)

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13: Chesapeake City (Part), Franklin City (Part), Hopewell City (Part), Isle of Wight County (Part), Portsmouth City (Part), Prince George County (Part), Southampton County (Part), Suffolk City (Part), Su [map]
Took Office
January 1992
Left Office
January 2012
Copatroning Habits
57% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 61% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 54% of them are Republicans.
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These are all of the video clips of Fred Quayle’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 66 video clips in all.


  • SB650: Stormwater regulation; amends current law.
  • SB1138: Charter; City of Portsmouth.
  • SB1139: Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation; updates powers and duties.
  • SB1140: Bad checks; person writing for child or spousal support is subject to criminal penalties.
  • SB1141: Child abduction; money, property, etc., owned by person are subject to lawful seizure, etc.
  • SB1142: Criminal case; allows court to defer disposition.
  • SB1143: Child support; court shall make determination and enter an order at initial court date.
  • SB1144: Drivers license holders; DMV-required examinations of holders thought to be incompetent.
  • SB1145: Sexual abuse; limitations period.
  • SB1146: Dentists; sedation and anesthesia permits.
  • SB1147: Health professions; social security numbers for investigations.
  • SB1148: Rehabilitative Services, Department of; powers and duties.
  • SB1149: Certificate of public need; Commissioner of Health to approve request to amend certain conditions.
  • SB1150: Schedule II drugs; identification required for filling prescriptions.
  • SB1151: Surgical assistants; required to be licensed by Board of Medicine, Advisory Board created.
  • SB1152: Assessments in dispute; accrual of interest.
  • SB1153: Land preservation tax credit; credit shall not be reduced by amount of unused credit in prior year.
  • SB1154: License plates, special; DMV identify those which portion of fee benefits charitable organization.
  • SB1155: Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; supplemental allowance paid to certain members.
  • SB1156: General registrar, electoral board, and their employees; exemption from jury service.
  • SB1157: Citations for vehicle equipment violations; if defects are remedied within 24 hours, case dismissed.
  • SB1158: Primary schedule in 2011; moves primary date to September 13, 2011 in anticipation of redistricting.
  • SB1159: Charter; City of Hopewell.
  • SB1160: Water and sewer systems; authority may require adjacent property owners to connect their buildings.
  • SB1410: Confederate graves, etc.; provides funds for maintenance at Portsmouth Cedar Grove Cemetery.
  • SB1421: Correctional facilities, local; collection of fees and costs.
  • SB1422: Law; certain acts not deemed practice thereof.
  • SJ351: Commending the Lakeland High School field hockey team.
  • SJ382: Celebrating the life of Charles Leonard Willis, Sr.
  • SJ383: Commending the Surry County High School girls basketball team.
  • SJ386: Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum; recognizing its outstanding program.
  • SB6: Outlying landing fields; G. Assembly to approve any acquisition of land for purpose of establishing.
  • SB90: BPOL tax; gross receipts of security brokers and dealers.
  • SB91: Charter; Town of Windsor.
  • SB92: Law Officers' Retirement System; allowance would be paid until social security retirement age.
  • SB93: Personal flotation devices; requires children 12 and under to wear.
  • SB94: Blackwater River; designates portion thereof as component of State Scenic Rivers System.
  • SB95: Line of Duty Act; short-term disability benefits for state police officers.
  • SB96: Eluding police; person is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.
  • SB97: Line of Duty Death and Health Benefits Trust Fund; funding from additional surcharge.
  • SB98: Preliminary removal order hearings; court not to accept waiver by parent unless ascertain voluntary.
  • SB277: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); allows applicants to retain pre-existing support.
  • SB278: Solid waste disposal; Isle of Wight and Southampton Counties to levy fees upon each household.
  • SB279: Line of Duty Death and Health Benefits Trust Fund; established.
  • SB280: Food and beverage tax; locality to set amount.
  • SB281: Child labor; authorizes participation by children in activities of any nonprofit entity.
  • SB282: Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; eviction procedure, acceptance of redemption tenders.
  • SB283: Individual health insurance coverage; resident of State shall not be required to obtain a policy.
  • SB284: Child Protection Accountability System; VSP and circuit courts required to report information.
  • SB445: Financial institutions; serving notice of lien.
  • SB446: Crimes against seniors; increases criminal penalties when victim is 60 years of age or older.
  • SB447: Crabmeat and shellfish; requires operator of establishment for processing to have permit.
  • SB650: Stormwater regulation; amends current law.
  • SB651: Small claims court; increases ceiling of jurisdictional amount thereof.
  • SB728: Child support orders; eliminates ability of DSS to order 2.5 percent cash medical support payments.
  • SJ22: Celebrating the life of Jack R. Lilienthal, Sr.
  • SJ23: Professional Social Work Month; designating as March 2010, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • SJ144: Commending the Nansemond-Suffolk Academy football team.
  • SJ151: Commending Joseph S. Crane.
  • SJ165: Commending the Hampton Roads Chapter of the Virginia Counselors Association on the occasion of its 6
  • SB711: Plastic carryout bags; retail merchant shall provide durable plastic bag, with handles, etc.
  • SB789: Real estate assessments; burden of proof on appeal.
  • SB999: Gambling, illegal; revises portion of definition.
  • SB1000: Sexual abuse; history thereof considered factor in determining best interests of child for custody.
  • SB1001: Economic development authority; allows City of Suffolk to increase size of board of directors.
  • SB1002: Indoor Clean Air Act; localities to adopt ordinances containing standards, etc. relating to smoking.
  • SB1003: Public hearings; notice of and locality must hold prior to increasing its real property tax.
  • SB1004: Energy-efficient buildings for local taxes; adds architects to those persons authorized to certify.
  • SB1005: Holland-Councill Memorial Bridge; designating as Route 58 business bridge over Blackwater River.
  • SB1006: Line of Duty Act; funding for Line of Duty Death and Health Benefits Trust Fund.
  • SB1007: Garnishment; parent who does not receive child support payments may hold exempt therefrom.
  • SB1059: Child support orders; revises requirements for court and administrative.
  • SB1211: Invasive species; Sec. of Nat. Resources, etc., to develop a plan to prevent introduction thereof.
  • SB1354: Conveyance to a family member; City of Suffolk no longer required to provide reasonable provisions.
  • SB1428: Safety lap belts and shoulder harness; admissibility of evidence of nonuse in civil actions.
  • SB1468: Onsite treatment works; provides specific requirements therefor designed by professional engineer.
  • SB1469: Annexation; extends to 2018 temporary restriction on city authority on granting of city charters.
  • SB1522: Line of Duty Act; short-term disability benefits for state police officers.
  • SB1523: Southeastern Public Service Authority; required to entertain reasonable landfill gas contract offer.
  • SJ376: Celebrating the life of Bruce W. Dewing.
  • SJ377: Celebrating the life of Duane Irving Preston.
  • SJ410: Celebrating the life of Edwin Carter Nettles, Jr.
  • SB201: Midwifery, Advisory Board on; removes sunset provision.
  • SB202: Indoor Clean Air Act; smoking in restaurants.
  • SB203: Real estate tax; exemptions for elderly and handicapped persons in certain cities and counties.
  • SB204: Freestanding birth centers; licensing.
  • SB205: Prisoners; mandatory release on parole.
  • SB327: Notarial certificates; removes requirement that wording appear on same page as signature.
  • SB328: Divorce; order shall be mailed and posted on courthouse door of nonresident defendant.
  • SB329: Line of Duty Act; definition, and funding for Line of Duty Death and Health Benefits Trust Fund.
  • SB330: Custody and visitation cases; admissibility of mental health care records.
  • SB518: Custody and visitation; ex parte orders.
  • SB651: Aerospace Engine Manufacturing Performance Grant Program; created.
  • SB671: Single-family dwellings; extends effective date requiring Surry County to provide for clustering.
  • SB711: Plastic carryout bags; retail merchant shall provide durable plastic bag, with handles, etc.
  • SB755: Water and Waste Authorities Act; powers of political subdivision.
  • SB788: Social Services, Department of; nonattorney employees to complete, sign, file petitions & motions.
  • SB789: Real estate assessments; burden of proof on appeal.
  • SJ65: Southeastern Public Service Authority; Auditor of Public Accounts to collect, receive data, etc.
  • SJ82: Plastic bags; Department of Environmental Quality to study policies to mitigate negative effects.
  • SJ130: International education; recognizing importance in higher educational institutions.
  • SJ141: Commending Marcus Williams.
  • SJ149: Celebrating the life of Julia Campbell.
  • SJ169: Celebrating the life of G. Bill Backus.
  • SJ170: Celebrating the life of Peter Eustis.
  • SJ171: Battle of Craney Island Day.
  • SJ189: Celebrating the life of James C. Strickler.
  • SJ190: Celebrating the life of Daniel Ray Worsley.
  • SJ227: Celebrating the life of Travis A. Tennessee.
  • SJ246: Celebrating the life of George Robert Waymack, Jr.
  • SB171: Ex parte affidavit or written statement; nonadmissible in a personal injury or wrongful death case.
  • SB216: Court Reporting, Board of; created.
  • SB222: Interstate 264; VDOT provide signage directing motorists to Sports Hall of Fame & Children's Museum.
  • SB490: Sexually transmitted infections; requires four-year colleges & univ. to provide free STI testing.
  • SB626: Water Quality Improvement Fund; revenues from lodging shall be deposited thereof.
  • SB943: Indigent Defense Commission; powers and duties.
  • SB944: Child support orders; provision of health care coverage.
  • SB945: Income deduction order; remitting payments via electronic funds transfer.
  • SB946: Credit reports; authorizes an individual under age of 18 and over 65 to freeze access thereto.
  • SB947: Child custody; parties to submit custody implementation plan prior to entry thereof by court.
  • SB948: Pendente lite spousal support; guidelines.
  • SB949: Incarceration and Reentry, Commission on; created, report.
  • SB950: Muzzle-loading rifle ordinances; removes authority of localities to adopt ordinance that permit use.
  • SB951: Stray animals; allows a person living in any political subdivision to adopt.
  • SB952: Criminal jurors; disqualifications.
  • SB953: Incarcerated persons; develop accessibility to higher education using video conferencing technology.
  • SB954: Income tax, state; contributions to Department for Aging to be used for Medicare Part D counseling.
  • SB955: Affordable housing; localities that adopt bonus density in exchange therefor allowed incentives.
  • SB956: District courts; replaces references to motion for judgment with complaint to be consistent.
  • SB957: Portsmouth Port and Industrial Commission.
  • SB958: Emergency service providers; advanced life support procedures.
  • SB959: Retired employees; removes exception for certain localities regarding provision of insurance.
  • SB960: Charter; City of Suffolk
  • SB961: Charter; City of Suffolk.
  • SB962: Law Officers' Retirement System; adds juvenile probation and parole officers as members thereof.
  • SB1115: Trees and timber; proceeds of sale of those from state parks and natural area preserves.
  • SB1156: Law Officers' Retirement System; provides supplemental allowance currently paid to certain members.
  • SB1157: Line of Duty Act; definition of disabled person to include local employee.
  • SB1158: Line of Duty Disability Fund; created.
  • SB1159: Line of Duty Disability Fund; created.
  • SB1160: Line of Duty Death and Health Benefits Trust Fund; revenue source therefor.
  • SB1240: Health Commissioner; duties thereof.
  • SB1424: Real estate tax; exemption for elderly and disabled.
  • SJ73: Utility distribution lines; SCC to study requiring underground placement in redevelopment areas.
  • SJ362: Constitutional amendment; property tax exemptions authorized for persons 65 years of age (1st ref.)
  • SJ363: Incarcerated persons; joint sub. to study accessibility of education programs & higher educ. oppor.
  • SJ420: Hampton Roads: America's First Region; recognizing as brand for Southeast Virginia.
  • SJ439: Commending the Isle of Wight Academy football team.
  • SJ535: Celebrating the life of Max Carrol Chapman.
  • SR49: Celebrating the life of Frank B. Nelms, Sr.
  • SR64: Senate Ethics Advisory Panel; confirming nomination.
  • SB164: Waste and water authorities; powers regarding cost reserves and expenditures for operating capital.
  • SB165: Judiciary members; not required to disclose personal info. on statement of economic interests.
  • SB166: Service of process; personal service on agent.
  • SB167: Child support; clarifies factors that court may consider when determining.
  • SB168: Child support; employer shall prorate amount if there is more than one withholding order.
  • SB169: Support orders; changes the effective date thereof.
  • SB170: Child or spousal support; writing bad checks therefor, penalty.
  • SB171: Ex parte affidavit or written statement; nonadmissible in a personal injury or wrongful death case.
  • SB172: Learning Technology, Office of; created within Council of Higher Education.
  • SB173: Port Authority; allows police thereof to provide security for private terminal operators.
  • SB216: Court Reporting, Board of; created.
  • SB217: Conservators, guardians and administrators; nonprofit organization can be named that of an estate.
  • SB218: Identity theft; authorized security freezes by certain consumers who live in nursing facility, etc.
  • SB219: Revenue-neutral tax rate; locality to calculate and publish in its budget.
  • SB220: Child support; revises guidelines for monthly obligations.
  • SB221: Child support; provides a self-support reserve for parents with incomes of a certain amount.
  • SB222: Interstate 264; VDOT provide signage directing motorists to Sports Hall of Fame & Children's Museum.
  • SB223: Law-enforcement officer, etc.; persons using abusive language towards guilty of misdemeanor.
  • SB224: Environmental site assessments; localities to adopt ordinances requiring.
  • SB225: Impact fees; add City of Suffolk to localities authorized to impose for roads.
  • SB488: Certified nurse midwives; clarifies relationship with licensed physicians.
  • SB489: Child support orders; specifies date that support orders are effective and payment due dates.
  • SB490: Sexually transmitted infections; requires four-year colleges & univ. to provide free STI testing.
  • SB491: Dogs; penalty when recklessly controlling or handling.
  • SB613: Electric Utility Restructuring Act; excludes municipal utilities.
  • SB626: Water Quality Improvement Fund; revenues from lodging shall be deposited thereof.
  • SB636: Line of Duty Disability Fund; created.
  • SB637: Circuit court; issuance of warrants by judges.
  • SB724: Traffic impact analysis; localities to prepare and consider prior to approving zoning ordinances.
  • SB5010: Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; created.
  • SB5014: Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; created.
  • SB5022: Revenue-sharing funds; modifies program of state matching funds in certain localities.
  • SJ57: Landfills; memorializing Congress to take all action necessary to protect citizens of VA & NC.
  • SJ71: Income tax; study imposition of local tax instead of current tax source.
  • SJ72: Overhead utility lines; joint subcommittee to study feasibility & costs of placement underground.
  • SJ73: Utility distribution lines; SCC to study requiring underground placement in redevelopment areas.
  • SJ88: Transportation and land use planning; joint subcommittee to study integration thereof.
  • SJ187: Commending Planters on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • SJ5065: Commending India Meissel.