Sen. Frank Wagner (R-Virginia Beach)

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7: Virginia Beach City (Part), Norfolk City (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2001
Next Election
November 2019
Commerce and Labor (Chair), Finance, Rehabilitation and Social Services, Rules
Copatroning Habits
61% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 61% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 55% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
23.8% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)

Senate Republican party whip, sharing the duty with Sen. Mark Obenshain.

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These are all of the video clips of Frank Wagner’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 401 video clips in all.


  • SB658: Literary Fund; application for loans by regional and joint schools.
  • SB659: Security freezes; elimination of fees.
  • SB660: Youth Employment Solutions apprenticeship program; feasibility of implementation.
  • SB661: Wages; removes exemptions that exclude newsboys, shoe shine boys, etc., from Va. Minimum Wage Act.
  • SB662: Electric utilities; competition.
  • SB852: Commonwealth Transportation Board; increases membership.
  • SB853: Insurance agents; continuing education requirements.
  • SB890: Juvenile offenders; eligibility for parole.
  • SB891: Assisted living facility administrator; exempt from licensure if licensed practical nurse.
  • SB894: Virginia Energy Efficiency Revolving Fund; created.
  • SB896: Motor vehicle fuels; sales tax in certain regions of the Commonwealth.
  • SB936: Standards of Achievement Career and Technical Education Committee; established.
  • SB966: Electric utility regulation; grid modernization, energy efficiency.
  • SB985: Hurricane and Flooding Risk Reduction and Bond Rating Protection Act of 2018; report.
  • SB989: Virginia Antitrust Act; exemption for hospitals.
  • SJ131: Celebrating the life of Martha Jeraldine Morris Tata.
  • SJ143: Commending James S. Utterback.
  • SJ208: Commending Darnell Dozier.
  • SR14: State Corporation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SR15: Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SB742: Motor vehicles; fuels sales tax in certain transportation districts.
  • SB934: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exempts legal tender coins.
  • SB1388: Electric utilities; margin on solar energy power purchase agreements.
  • SB1392: Geothermal heat pump property expenditure; establishes a tax credit for taxable years 2017-2021.
  • SB1393: Electric utilities; community solar pilot programs.
  • SB1394: Small agricultural generators; establishes parameters of a program.
  • SB1395: Small renewable energy projects; eligibility for permits by rule.
  • SB1396: Norfolk Southern Railway right-of-way; public transit or multimodal transportation projects.
  • SB1423: Electric utilities; viewshed mitigation payments.
  • SB1456: Motor vehicle fuels; definitions, sales tax in certain transportation districts, price floor.
  • SB1513: Health insurance; assignment of benefits.
  • SB1515: Existing buildings; manual entry door hardware.
  • SB1565: Higher educational institutions; tuition increases.
  • SB1573: Appraisal management companies; compensation of appraiser within 30 days of delivery of report.
  • SB1575: Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Board; appraisal management companies, compensation of appraisers.
  • SB1590: Health insurance; coverage for autism spectrum disorder.
  • SJ294: Commending Naval Station Norfolk.
  • SJ297: Coastal flooding adaptation and resiliency report; JLARC to study.
  • SJ417: Celebrating the life of Louis Edward McKinney.
  • SR103: Commending Frederick J. Napolitano.
  • SR114: Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SB466: Guardianship; communication between incapacitated person and others.
  • SB467: Child day programs; exemptions from licensure.
  • SB468: Local stormwater utility; waiver of charges where stormwater retained on site.
  • SB469: Local stormwater utility; payment to best management practice (BMP) operator accepting runoff.
  • SB470: Motor vehicle fuels sales tax; increased in Hampton Roads.
  • SB471: Commonwealth Transportation Board; increases regional membership.
  • SB472: Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission; local representation.
  • SB473: Amateur radio vehicles; allowed to use flashing, blinking, or alternating amber lights.
  • SB474: Workers' compensation; recovering damages from other party.
  • SB475: Clean Fuel Fleet Voucher Program; established.
  • SB476: Hampton Roads Transportation Fund; distribution of moneys.
  • SB477: Motor vehicle fuels; sales tax in certain transportation districts, price floor.
  • SB631: Workers' compensation; fee schedules for medical services.
  • SB742: Motor vehicles; fuels sales tax in certain transportation districts.
  • SB743: Division of Energy; state certifying authority for solar energy projects.
  • SB744: Electric utilities; recovery of cost of line extensions to serve megasites.
  • SB745: Notice to customers of renewable electric power options.
  • SB746: Recovery of attorney fees from agency; actions brought in violation of law or for improper purpose.
  • SB747: Promotion of cybersecurity in the Commonwealth.
  • SB748: Economic Development Infrastructure Act of 2016; acquisition of utility right of way.
  • SJ5: Commending Julian B. Jacobs.
  • SJ74: Celebrating the life of Dennis M. Gronka.
  • SJ168: Celebrating the life of Edward E. Brickell, Jr.
  • SR29: State Corporation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SR30: Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SR94: Commending the Princess Anne High School girls' basketball team.
  • SB505: Natural gas; incentives for expanded use as transportation fuel, report.
  • SB1198: Administrative Process Act; legislative review of regulations.
  • SB1199: Acts of violence on schools and other property; penalties.
  • SB1200: Golden bamboo; designation as a noxious weed.
  • SB1201: Stormwater; procedure for approval of dredging operations in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
  • SB1202: Clean Power Plan; preparation of state implementation plan.
  • SB1203: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan; Little Creek watershed removed from James River Basin.
  • SB1204: Secondhand building materials; exemption for donation of certain materials.
  • SB1205: Recyclable materials; changes tax credit by extending expiration date to January 1, 2020.
  • SB1206: Higher educational institutions; six-year plan to include intellectual property interests, etc.
  • SB1207: Securities Act; Crowdfunding Virginia Exemption.
  • SB1208: Urban system construction projects; City of Norfolk may receive funds for projects.
  • SB1209: New Economy Industry Credential Assistance Training Grants; established.
  • SB1336: Sales and use tax; exemption includes gold, silver, & platinum whose sales price exceeds $1,000.
  • SB1343: Joint Rules Committee of General Assembly; employment of legal counsel.
  • SB1349: Electric utility regulation; suspension of regulatory reviews of utility earnings.
  • SB1442: Clean Power State Implementation Plan; DEQ prohibited from expending funds, etc., federal ruling.
  • SB1461: Waterfowl blinds; expiration and renewal of licenses in Virginia Beach, late fee, etc.
  • SB1462: Va. Offshore Wind Development Authority; converted to Va. Offshore Energy Development Authority.
  • SB1463: Voter registration; electronic signatures.
  • SJ72: Transportation; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study equity of funding.
  • SJ74: Constitutional amendment; nomination of candidates for elective office (first reference).
  • SJ273: Clean Power Plan; DEQ to compare projected health benefits with those of existing regulations.
  • SJ274: Virginia's manufacturing sector; JLARC to update 2006 study.
  • SJ308: Joint Rules Committee; to employ counsel to challenge federal rules carbon emission guidelines.
  • SJ318: Celebrating the life of Lieutenant J. Wesley Van Dorn.
  • SB504: Watercraft titling certificates; amendments to uniform act.
  • SB505: Natural gas; incentives for expanded use as transportation fuel, report.
  • SB506: Hybrid electric motor vehicles; eliminates annual license tax.
  • SB507: Candidates for office; party nomination methods.
  • SB508: Real and personal property tax exemption; aviation museum.
  • SB511: Commonwealth Transportation Board; composition.
  • SB512: Solar equipment; certified pollution control equipment and facilities.
  • SB513: Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission; created.
  • SB514: Virginia Energy Plan; postpones due date for quadrennial updates.
  • SB515: Domestic international sales corporations (DISC); exempt from income taxation.
  • SB516: Private employment; preference for veterans and spouses of certain veterans.
  • SB517: Banks; minimum capital stock requirement.
  • SB518: Highway systems; funding.
  • SB519: Natural gas utilities; upstream supply infrastructure projects.
  • SB571: Va.Beach arena; if Va. Beach issues bonds for a facility, it shall create an Arena Financing Fund.
  • SJ72: Transportation; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study equity of funding.
  • SJ73: Commending Bruce Thompson.
  • SJ74: Constitutional amendment; nomination of candidates for elective office (first reference).
  • SJ75: Recycled material; Manufacturing Development Commission to study benefits in manufacturing process.
  • SJ85: Commending Jack G. Travelstead.
  • SJ5080: Celebrating the life of Jimmy Mills Hargrove.
  • SR52: Celebrating the life of Armand James DeBellis.
  • SB505: Combined heat and power facilities; incentives.
  • SB516: Motor vehicle insurance; medical expense benefits, assignments.
  • SB518: Mandated health insurance; not applicable if exceed essential benefits package.
  • SB766: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption includes hurricane preparedness equipment.
  • SB767: Retail sales and transient occupancy taxes; taxes on room rentals based upon charges for use, etc.
  • SB768: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan; directs state agencies to remove Lynnhaven River.
  • SB769: Credit unions; limit on authorized investments in certain property, retained earnings.
  • SB770: Driver improvement clinics; increases fee that clinics may charge for courses.
  • SB771: License plates; display of a single plate on registered vehicles.
  • SB772: Virginia Real Estate Time-Share Act; developer control in time-share estate program, etc.
  • SB814: Nursing education programs; minimum examination passage rates.
  • SB815: Driver training schools; length of daily instruction.
  • SB946: Public beaches; sand dredging and beach replenishment.
  • SB1053: Boating safety education; exempts certain U.S. Navy surface warfare officers, etc.
  • SB1059: Dental and optometric services plans; applicability of certain provisions.
  • SB1117: Virginia Uniform Certificate of Title for Watercraft Act; adoption of Act, technical amendments.
  • SB1260: Candidates in elections; party nominating methods for statewide or General Assembly district office.
  • SB1305: Virginia Port Authority; reform by adding Chief Executive Officer to Board of Commissioners, etc.
  • SB1306: Neighborhood Assistance Act; tax credits to eligible neighborhood organizations.
  • SB1307: DPOR; Director authorized to purchase information technology and telecommunication goods & services.
  • SB1328: Revenues and appropriations of State; changes to revenues collected and distribution.
  • SB1329: Medicaid; expands class of recipients in State.
  • SB1365: Tax administration; monetary awards for detection of tax underpayments, development of guidelines.
  • SJ359: Commending Boys Home, Inc.
  • SB504: Air quality, water quality or solid waste permits; facilities upgrading and requiring new permit.
  • SB505: Combined heat and power facilities; incentives.
  • SB506: Defined contribution retirement plan; permits any locality or school board to establish.
  • SB507: Real Estate Appraiser Board; shall develop continuing education curriculum for licensees, report.
  • SB508: Tuition, in-state; members of Virginia National Guard.
  • SB509: State Water Control Board; powers and duties.
  • SB510: Primary elections; allows write-in votes.
  • SB511: Natural gas utilities; qualified projects.
  • SB512: Hunting; allows person to hunt wild bird or wild animal on Sundays.
  • SB513: Career and technical education; substitution for required credits.
  • SB514: High school accreditation; Board of Education to adopt regulation adjusting formula for calculating.
  • SB515: Alcoholic beverage control; no retail licensee shall employ as manager any unauthorized alien.
  • SB516: Motor vehicle insurance; medical expense benefits, assignments.
  • SB517: Nursing education programs; requires Board of Nursing to implement certain due process requirements.
  • SB518: Mandated health insurance; not applicable if exceed essential benefits package.
  • SB519: Consumer utility tax; exemption for public utilities, etc. on natural gas used to make electricity.
  • SB520: Property and casualty insurance; provides for SCC licensing and regulation of public adjusters.
  • SB521: Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage license for certain motor sports facilities.
  • SB522: Group health insurance; small employer is one who employs between 2 and 50 employees.
  • SB549: Machinery and Tools Investment Grant Program; created.
  • SB576: Workers' compensation; uninsured employer's fund financing tax.
  • SB577: VWC; majority of members constitutes a quorum for purposes of exercising functions of Commission.
  • SB578: Virginia Port Authority; amends several provisions governing conduct of business.
  • SB597: Retail Sales and Use Tax; presumption of sufficient activity to require dealer to register.
  • SB639: Transportation; provides revenues for construction, maintenance, and funding.
  • SB680: Neighborhood Assistance Act tax credits; at least 40 percent of those served are impoverished.
  • SJ86: Machinery and tools, local; TAX to study impact of income tax credit for taxes paid by manufacturer.
  • SJ87: Manufacturing sector; JLARC to study measures to eliminate disparity of tax burden on State.
  • SJ158: Commending Joey Layton.
  • SJ194: Commending Officer Candidate Joshua Moore and Midshipman Jason Benning.
  • SJ223: Celebrating the life of J. Curtis Fruit.
  • SJ253: Commending Steven G. Bowman.
  • SB601: Offshore drilling; royalties to be deposited in Transportation Trust Fund, etc.
  • SB854: Sales of secondhand building materials; police chief may refuse to issue permit if a felon.
  • SB855: Courthouse assessments; localities to raise fee assessed for courthouse construction, etc.
  • SB856: Patriots Crossing project; requires VDOT to accept unsolicited proposals for development, etc.
  • SB857: Misdemeanor; maximum fine is raised each July 1, starting July 1, 2012.
  • SB858: Vehicles; right turns by those facing left green arrow signals.
  • SB859: Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Infrastructure Development Compact; repealing Compact.
  • SB860: Real property tax; classification of certain historical buildings.
  • SB861: Defined contribution retirement plan, local; locality to establish in lieu of other retirement plan.
  • SB862: Commonwealth Energy Policy; local renewable energy facility siting ordinances.
  • SB863: Neighborhood Assistance Act Tax Credit; amends definition of impoverished people.
  • SB1133: Filled subaqueous bottomlands; Marine Resources Commission to convey title if lawfully deposited.
  • SB1134: Offshore Wind Development Authority; membership.
  • SB1135: Transportation Board; powers and duties.
  • SB1136: Income tax, state; international trade facility tax credit.
  • SB1137: Virginia Fuels Tax Act; definition of commercial watercraft.
  • SB1375: Contractors, Board for; regulation of building analysts.
  • SB1376: Hunter safety education; requires 18 year old or younger to pass before obtaining hunting license.
  • SB1404: Income tax, state; clean fuel vehicle job creation tax credit.
  • SB1431: Retailers of motor vehicle tires; sufficient activity to require collection of certain state taxes.
  • SB1481: Income tax, corporate; Virginia port volume increase tax credit.
  • SB1482: Virginia Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; surplus funds.
  • SJ92: Constitutional amendment; conference committee report for general appropriation bills.
  • SJ308: Engineering curriculum; Department of Education to development in public schools, report.
  • SB392: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for production of electricity from offshore winds.
  • SB393: Offshore Wind Project Development Commission; established.
  • SB394: Offshore energy resources; production and development permitted 50 miles off Atlantic shoreline.
  • SB395: Stormwater management regulations; changes effective date that establishes local program criteria.
  • SB396: Courthouse assessments; localities may raise fee for construction, etc., above current amount.
  • SB397: Misdemeanor fines; maximum fine is raised each July 1 by amount approximately equal to inflation.
  • SB398: Water safety zones; authorizes marine patrol divisions of police in Tidewater localities to patrol.
  • SB399: Motor vehicle insurance; premiums based on credit information.
  • SB442: Administrative Rules, Joint Commission on; authority to suspend regulation with concurrence of GOV.
  • SB600: Transportation Trust Fund; increases amount of general fund surplus.
  • SB601: Offshore drilling; royalties to be deposited in Transportation Trust Fund, etc.
  • SB612: Workers' Compensation Commission; repeals requirement of sending copies of awards by priority mail.
  • SB627: Nutrient reduction credits; nonpoint nutrient offsets to be credited against a nutrient allocation.
  • SB628: Mixed beverage licensees; ABC Board to prescribe terms under which licensees may infuse spirits.
  • SB629: Standards of Quality; requirement for standard diploma.
  • SB630: Standards of Quality; local school board to include in its annual report.
  • SB659: Outer Continental Shelf; air pollution control regulations.
  • SJ82: Commending Jacqueline and Frederick J. Napolitano, Sr.
  • SJ92: Constitutional amendment; conference committee report for general appropriation bills.
  • SJ125: Commending the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.
  • SB318: Wind Underwriting Association; established.
  • SB323: Alcoholic mixed beverages; restaurant licensee food sale requirement.
  • SB324: Utility Facilities Act; renewable energy facilities.
  • SB712: Cap and trade system for NOx and SO2; nonattainment areas.
  • SB980: Manufacturing Development Commission; repeals July 1, 2009, sunset date.
  • SB981: Manufacturing Development Commission; increases size to 14 members by adding a representative.
  • SB982: Stormwater; requires localities to regulate.
  • SB983: Alcoholic mixed beverages; exception for certain spirits that licensee cannot deliver to consumer.
  • SB984: Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act; stormwater regulations.
  • SB1299: Administrative Process Act; certain requirement for agencies that submit documents or payments, etc.
  • SB1345: Energy efficiency in state government; goal of reducing annual cost nonrenewable energy purchases.
  • SB1346: Coastal Energy Research Consortium; makes certain technical corrections to membership.
  • SB1347: Small renewable energy projects; DEQ to develop procedure permitting construction and operation.
  • SB1348: Electricity; SCC to conduct proceeding to determine appropriate energy conservation, etc.
  • SB1349: Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy Infrastructure Development Compact; established.
  • SB1350: Marine Resources Commission; authority to lease subaqueous lands for generating electrical energy.
  • SB1351: Health insurance plan; insurance mandate for accident, etc. apply to plans for state employees.
  • SB1352: Insurance holding companies; SCC to approve any ordinary dividend by a registered insurer.
  • SB1353: Bank franchise tax; deductions from gross capital.
  • SB1355: Trusts, state and local; created to fund costs for providing postemployment public benefits.
  • SB1449: Towing and recovery licensure; extends date which a person engaging in, etc. towing needs license.
  • SJ366: Commending Mary Russo.
  • SJ437: Commending Bruce Smith.
  • SB317: Income tax, state; Certified EarthCraft House tax credit.
  • SB318: Wind Underwriting Association; established.
  • SB319: Technology Research Fund; adds sensor sciences to eligible research programs.
  • SB320: Solar energy collection devices; covenants restricting.
  • SB321: Energy electric generating facilities; DEQ to consult with others to consider environmental impact.
  • SB322: Electric Utility Restructuring Act; defines municipal solid waste as source of renewable energy.
  • SB323: Alcoholic mixed beverages; restaurant licensee food sale requirement.
  • SB324: Util