Del. Greg Habeeb (R-Salem)

Photo of Greg Habeeb
8: Counties of Craig, Montgomery (part), and Roanoke (part); City of Salem [map]
Took Office
January 2011
Left Office
August 2018
Commerce and Labor, Courts of Justice, Privileges and Elections, Rules
Copatroning Habits
68% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 80% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 67% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
29.4% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)

Habeeb, an attorney, holds a BS in political science and a JD from Wake Forest. He is married, with three children.

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These are all of the video clips of Greg Habeeb’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2011. There are 131 video clips in all.


  • HB38: School calendar; opening day of school year.
  • HB77: Venue in criminal cases; concurrent jurisdiction, obsolete provisions.
  • HB82: Workers' compensation; Uninsured Employer's Fund, financing tax.
  • HB153: Revolutionary War cemeteries and graves; disbursement of appropriated sums to maintain.
  • HB170: Businesses; central filing of assumed or fictitious name, etc.
  • HB246: Virginia Code Commission; duties.
  • HB259: Payment of wages; remedies, penalties.
  • HB378: Electronic case papers; transmission between district and circuit courts.
  • HB379: Chief Medical Examiner, Office of; collection of fees.
  • HB383: Missing-heir search firms; void contracts.
  • HB385: Health care providers; meeting, trial, and deposition charges.
  • HB451: Virginia Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; board of directors.
  • HB531: Workers' compensation; proof of coverage information.
  • HB558: Workers' Compensation; employer's liability for medical services provided outside the Commonwealth.
  • HB571: Alcohol; unlawful consumption, purchase, or possession.
  • HB611: Certificate of public need; issuance for new neonatal care services in Planning District 5.
  • HB612: Learner's permits; issuance to delinquent children.
  • HB613: Child and spousal support; access to case files.
  • HB780: Nonconfidential court records; clerk of court shall make records available to public upon request.
  • HB782: Electric utilities; battery deployment pilot programs.
  • HB895: Statute of limitations; discovery rule.
  • HB1304: Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance policies; bad faith.
  • HB1305: Punitive damages; eliminates limitation of total amount that can be awarded in an action.
  • HB1306: Statewide e-filing system; creating for civil case filings.
  • HB1320: Division-level performance assessments; DOE to develop and distribute resource guide.
  • HB1336: Spoliation of evidence; jury instruction.
  • HJ242: Celebrating the life of Edna Ware Taylor.
  • HR19: Commending the Salem High School football team.
  • HR47: Commending the Hidden Valley High School app team.
  • HR48: Commending Mike Bryant.
  • HR73: Commending Eastern Montgomery High School.
  • HR102: Commending the Christiansburg High School wrestling team.
  • HR109: Commending Cody Keen.
  • HR117: Commending Janae Blakeney.
  • HR177: Commending Allyson Courtney Hart.
  • HB1130: Medical records; fee limits and penalty for failure to provide.
  • HB1406: Firearms; restoration of right to person convicted of a nonviolent felony to possess, etc.
  • HB1407: Voters, qualified; definition of violent felony.
  • HB1607: High school graduation; verified credit, locally selected, recognized academic assessments.
  • HB1617: Legal malpractice; estate planning.
  • HB1618: Nonexoneration of debts on property of decedent; notice to creditor and beneficiaries.
  • HB1630: Circuit court clerks; report of money kept by clerk.
  • HB1653: Virginia Code Commission; duties.
  • HB1659: Workers' compensation; employer's lien, third party actions.
  • HB1689: Medical records or papers; fee limits, penalty for failure to provide.
  • HB1766: Utility Facilities Act; associated facilities of an electrical transmission line.
  • HB1787: Libraries, local and regional; boards not mandatory.
  • HB1992: Lien priority; inserts 'real estate' in several places related to priority of tax liens.
  • HB1993: Interstate pipeline construction; Department of Transportation oversight.
  • HB1994: Zoning appeals, board of; clarifies provisions referring to appeal costs, includes governing body.
  • HB2409: Driver's licenses; suspension for failure to pay court fines and costs.
  • HJ542: Constitutional amendment; qualification of voters, executive clemency (first reference).
  • HR365: Commending the Cave Spring High School tennis team.
  • HR366: Commending Cave Spring High School.
  • HR367: Commending the Hidden Valley High School boys' tennis team.
  • HR368: Commending the Hidden Valley High School volleyball team.
  • HR369: Commending the Salem High School forensics team.
  • HR370: Commending James Baron.
  • HR371: Commending Shawn McNeill.
  • HR372: Commending Ben Kennedy.
  • HR373: Commending Page Moir.
  • HR374: Commending David T. Goodman.
  • HR375: Commending Spencer R. St. Cyr.
  • HR376: Commending the Salem High School football team.
  • HR377: Commending Brandon Alterio.
  • HR467: Commending the Christiansburg High School wrestling team.
  • HR468: Commending the Hidden Valley High School boys' swim team.
  • HR469: Commending Cassie Wheeler.
  • HR470: Commending Madilyn Wheeler.
  • HB25: Firefighting equipment or emergency medical services vehicle; penalty for tampering with, etc.
  • HB44: Workers' compensation; injuries or deaths presumed to be in course of employment.
  • HB107: Restoration of civil right to vote; eligibility for persons convicted of nonviolent felonies.
  • HB287: Mediation; fee paid to mediators appointed in certain cases.
  • HB388: Uninsured motor vehicle fee payment plan; DMV may establish.
  • HB637: Medical malpractice actions; extends limitations period.
  • HB871: Virginia Security for Public Deposits Act; adds credit unions as a qualified public depository.
  • HB874: Credit unions; voluntary mergers.
  • HB883: Telecommunications towers; in accordance with comprehensive plan.
  • HB1127: Forest fire protection compacts; codification.
  • HB1128: Spouse's liability for medical care; exemption for principal residence.
  • HB1130: Medical records; fee limits and penalty for failure to provide.
  • HB1232: Recalled motor vehicles; disclosures by and compensation of dealers.
  • HB1261: State Corporation Commission; interstate gas pipeline safety program.
  • HB1266: Guardianship appointments, modifications, and terminations; notice sent to DMAS.
  • HB1267: Guardianship or conservatorship; orders prior to the respondent's 18th birthday.
  • HB1290: Timber cutting; unlawful removal, determination of damages.
  • HJ6: Commending the Salem High School forensics team.
  • HJ35: Celebrating the life of Adam Ward.
  • HJ62: Commending the Salem High School football team.
  • HJ172: Celebrating the life of Caroline Jean Stalker.
  • HJ383: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Madison Ellis Marye.
  • HR21: Commending Regina Meredith.
  • HR24: Commending Natalie DiFusco-Funk.
  • HR25: Commending the Cave Spring High School girls' tennis team.
  • HR40: Commending the Archer family.
  • HR41: Commending Heidi Ketler.
  • HR48: Commending Mikey Flint.
  • HR49: Commending Woody Henderson.
  • HR137: Commending Jeff Dudley.
  • HR138: Commending Tim Guthrie.
  • HR139: Celebrating the life of Harold Lloyd Johnston, Sr.
  • HR156: Commending Nancy Stafford.
  • HR157: Commending Alexander Perdue.
  • HB1119: Compounding of drug products; notice.
  • HB1350: Personal injury or wrongful death; appointment of an administrator for prosecution of action.
  • HB1486: Workers' compensation; exclusivity of remedy.
  • HB1487: Depository institutions; authority to sponsor savings promotions.
  • HB1489: Local taxes; payment by a third party.
  • HB1490: Standards of Learning; eligibility for retake of test, exception.
  • HB1491: Graduation; verified units of credit, locally developed alternative assessments.
  • HB1609: Severability; removes clauses by repeal or amendment throughout Code of Virginia.
  • HB1610: Punitive or exemplary damages; consistency provided by changing references to damages.
  • HB1620: DUI; person cannot be found guilty if in vehicle that is parked on private residential property.
  • HB1935: Motor vehicle dealers; prohibits coercion by any manufacturer, distributor, or any affiliate.
  • HB1942: Health insurance; carrier business practices, prior authorization provisions.
  • HB2217: Bank franchise tax; changes tax by allowing affiliated banks to file a combined return, etc.
  • HB2263: Roanoke Regional Airport Commission; may establish police department with law-enforcement powers.
  • HB2332: Roadside safety devices; certain shall be equipped with Identification numbers, etc.
  • HJ491: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); qualifications to vote; executive clemency;restoration.
  • HJ671: Commending the Glenvar High School football team.
  • HJ672: Commending the Hidden Valley High School golf team.
  • HJ759: Celebrating the life of E. Cabell Brand.
  • HR282: Commending the Hidden Valley High School boys swim team.
  • HB7: Restoration of civil right to vote; person convicted of nonviolent felony, eligibility to register.
  • HB24: Contracts; recording requirements.
  • HB25: Public service companies; updates citation to federal Public Utility Holding Company Act, etc.
  • HB33: Pediatric oral health; essential health benefits.
  • HB42: School calendar; local school boards responsbile for setting and determining opening day.
  • HB85: Discovery rule; statute of limitations.
  • HB91: Persons not guilty by reason of insanity; court-appointed counsel fees.
  • HB118: Virginia Regional Industrial Facilities Act; appointments.
  • HB269: Cases under advisement; circuit court judge in civil action holding decision for unreasonable time.
  • HB582: Motor vehicle dealers; amends definition of franchise.
  • HB772: Real property tax liens; assignment to third party.
  • HB1119: Compounding of drug products; notice.
  • HJ149: Commending the Cave Spring High School softball team.
  • HJ150: Commending the Cave Spring High School debate team.
  • HJ151: Commending the Salem Red Sox baseball team.
  • HJ152: Commending the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra.
  • HJ153: Commending the Hidden Valley High School volleyball team.
  • HJ162: Commending Sally Southard.
  • HJ163: Commending Arielle Rosmarino.
  • HJ5025: Commending Salem High School Laconian staff.
  • HJ5028: Commending the Salem High School forensics team.
  • HJ5144: Commending Susan Dunagan.
  • HJ5145: Celebrating the life of the Honorable James Clinton Turk.
  • HJ5156: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Joseph M. Clarke II.
  • HJ5157: Commending Doug Doughty.