Del. Glenn Oder (R-Newport News)

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94: City of Newport News (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2002
Left Office
January 2012
Copatroning Habits
72% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 76% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 64% of them are Republicans.
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From the Legislator’s Website

These are all of the video clips of Glenn Oder’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 99 video clips in all.


  • HB1156: Protective orders; minor may petition.
  • HB1426: Taxicabs; markings and roof signs.
  • HB1427: Marijuana, synthetic; penalties for possession, intent to sell, distribute, etc.
  • HB1441: Motor vehicle title loans, payday loans, and open-end credit plans; caps interest rate.
  • HB1584: Illegal gambling; amends definition.
  • HB1610: Defective Chinese drywall; disclosure of information, real estate tax exemption.
  • HB1611: Landlord and tenant laws; service of process may be accomplished by a sheriff, etc.
  • HB1612: Patriots Crossing project; requires VDOT to accept for review unsolicited proposal for construction.
  • HB1823: Sexual offenses; prohibits convicted adult from residing in proximity to children, penalty.
  • HB1824: Commonwealth, Secretary of the; authentication of certain documents executed or issued in State.
  • HB1825: Commissioner of Highways; changes title from Transportation Commissioner, report.
  • HB1826: Virginia Housing Development Authority; loan servicing agreements.
  • HB2221: Aircraft sales and use tax; exemption for qualified companies headquartered in Virginia.
  • HB2222: Transportation funding and administration; funding in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, etc.
  • HB2223: Tobacco products; wrappings may be sold in places not open to public and not accessible to minors.
  • HB2522: Virginia Home Solicitation Sales Act; form of notice.
  • HJ511: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Funds.
  • HJ632: Shaken Baby Syndrome and abusive head trauma; Joint Commission on Health Care to study.
  • HJ806: Commending the Virginia Tech Lumenhaus team.
  • HJ903: Commending Christopher Newport University on the occasion of its semicentenary.
  • HJ952: Commending Dr. Harry D. Simpson.
  • HR69: Commending Tommy Garner.
  • HR70: Celebrating the life of Raymond Pegram DuVal.
  • HB42: Transportation programs; JLARC to administer a performance audit, report.
  • HB43: VPI&SU; authorizes rector and board of visitors to lease titled real estate.
  • HB44: Fire or homeowners insurance policy; coverage for damages or replacement of Chinese drywall.
  • HB45: Homeowners insurance; prohibits insurance company from canceling due to Chinese drywall.
  • HB46: Virginia Defective Drywall Correction and Restoration Assistance Fund; created.
  • HB402: Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel; VDOT to accept for review unsolicited proposals to add capacity.
  • HB403: Move over law; drivers to move left when approaching certain vehicles displaying flashing lights.
  • HB404: Transportation funding and administration; provides funding in certain localities.
  • HB405: Fair Housing Board; establish program for persons subject to Fair Housing Law.
  • HB406: Contractors, Board for; certification of accessibility mechanics.
  • HB407: Landlord and tenant laws; landlord and tenant obligations.
  • HB408: Real Estate Appraiser Board; regulation of appraisal management companies, penalty.
  • HB409: Contractors, Board for; prerequisite for obtaining business license.
  • HB410: Certificate of public need; Commissioner of Health to accept for relocation of certain beds.
  • HB411: Shaken baby syndrome; Department of Social Services to develop information, its effect, etc.
  • HB412: Payday and open-end credit lenders; local regulation and limits number thereof.
  • HB413: Lending activities; locality to adopt ordinance requiring special exception or special use permit.
  • HB414: Motor vehicle equity loans; establishes requirements, penalties.
  • HB415: Certificate of public need; relocation of nursing home beds from one facility to another facility.
  • HB416: Contractors, Board for; adds certified water well systems provider.
  • HB417: Exchange Facilitators Act; established.
  • HB418: Transportation Board; rules and regulations.
  • HB1156: Protective orders; minor may petition.
  • HB1158: Primary & secondary road projects; establishment & use of regional accounts by Transportation Board.
  • HB1159: Move over law; drivers to move left when approaching stationary vehicles displaying warning lights.
  • HB1240: Taxicab; shall bear roof sign & markings permanently affixed to exterior, etc., identifying vehicle.
  • HB1241: Metropolitan planning organizations; membership.
  • HJ5: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); Transportation Funds.
  • HJ81: Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel; VDOT to implement recommendations of Independent Review Panel.
  • HJ161: Nonprofit employment service organizations; recognizing services thereof vended through DRS.
  • HJ251: Celebrating the life of Michael E. Mares.
  • HJ254: Commending Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.
  • HJ255: Commending the Christopher Newport University men's soccer team.
  • HJ256: Commending the Christopher Newport University women's volleyball team.
  • HJ257: Commending Hilton Elementary School.
  • HJ286: Commending Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University's landscape architecture program in t
  • HJ368: Celebrating the life of John M. DeMaria, Sr.
  • HB405: Interstate Routes 64 & 664; prohibits imposition & collection of tolls for use of certain portions.
  • HB406: BPOL tax; proof of state licensure for contractors.
  • HB1579: Transportation funding, etc; certain revenues attributable to economic growth in Hampton Roads, etc.
  • HB1580: Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; abolished, disposition of revenues, etc.
  • HB1706: T&M trailer & motorcycle dealers; provides for collection of purchaser's on-line filing fee thereby.
  • HB1707: Energy performance-based contracts; Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy to provide advice.
  • HB1708: Elevator mechanics; Board of Contractors to delegate certification in event of emergency.
  • HB1709: Payday lenders; prohibited from making an unsecured loan, etc., with interest rate in excess of 36%.
  • HB1710: Contracts; certain indemnification provisions in construction contracts declared void.
  • HB1711: Civil immunity for charitable food donation & distribution; exemption from civil liability in cases.
  • HB2076: Tolls; prohibits imposition & collection of tolls for use of portions of I-64 & I-664.
  • HB2077: Land use actions; extension of approvals to address housing crisis.
  • HB2078: Uniform Statewide Building Code; authority of local building officials to issue summons.
  • HB2079: Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel; VDOT to accept unsolicited proposals to add capacity thereto.
  • HB2080: Landlord and tenant laws; landlord to give same notice to tenant for application of insecticides.
  • HB2597: Alcoholic beverage control; ABC Board to adopt regulation that require off-premise retail licensees.
  • HJ620: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Fund, Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund, etc.
  • HJ780: Commending the American Cancer Society.
  • HJ806: Commending the shipbuilders of Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding.
  • HJ940: Commending Canon Virginia, Inc.
  • HJ976: Commending Nicole Guggenheim Yancey.
  • HB12: Payday Loan Act; requires SCC to contract with one or more parties to develop, etc. database.
  • HB23: License plates, special; eliminates fee to family of persons who have died in military service.
  • HB35: Credit reports; authorizes consumer to freeze access thereto.
  • HB300: Higher educational institutions; sexual violence prevention.
  • HB404: Wells, private; prohibition on construction of certain.
  • HB405: Interstate Routes 64 & 664; prohibits imposition & collection of tolls for use of certain portions.
  • HB406: BPOL tax; proof of state licensure for contractors.
  • HB407: Freedom of Information Act; exemptions for certain records of public institutions of higher ed.
  • HB408: Consumer Protection Act; prohibited practices involving residential real property.
  • HB720: Landlord and tenant; definition of application fee, etc. and manner of serving notice to tenants.
  • HB721: Plats; approval process by local planning commission.
  • HB1303: Residential Property Disclosure Act; property located within historic district.
  • HB1304: Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; procedures to be followed.
  • HB1398: Tire recycling fee; extended until July 1, 2011.
  • HB1444: Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; abolishes Authority, taxes, etc., dedicated to operation.
  • HB6005: Transportation, Department of; independent audit required.
  • HB6008: Hampton Roads Transportation Authority; abolishes Authority & taxes, fees, etc. dedicated thereto.
  • HB6052: Commonwealth Transportation Capital Projects Bond Act of 2007.
  • HJ325: Commending Margaret Lucille Waggoner Young.
  • HJ454: Celebrating the life of Sergeant Bruce E. Horner.
  • HJ455: Celebrating the life of Roy F. Pritchard, Jr.
  • HJ6001: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Funds (first reference).
  • HB523: Antifreeze bittering agent; engine coolant that is manufactured or sold within State to contain.
  • HB908: Enterprise zones; real property investment grants.
  • HB1621: Payday loans; requires SCC to contract w/third party to establish database through Internet.
  • HB2188: Landlords; notice of termination of lease for substantial rehabilitation of building.
  • HB2189: Charter; City of Newport News.
  • HB2463: Regional transportation authorities; created.
  • HB2689: Smoke Free Air Act; created.
  • HB3071: Odometer readings; exempts certain vehicles therefrom.
  • HJ603: Personal rapid transit; Sec. of Transp. to study benefits, etc. thereof as public transp. option.
  • HJ773: Hampton Roads: America's First Region; recognizing as brand for Southeast Virginia.
  • HJ869: Commending Melissa Nehrbass.
  • HJ907: Commending Pat Taylor.
  • HB521: Landscape architects; acceptance of plans by state and local authorities.
  • HB522: Tire recycling fee; extension of time.
  • HB523: Antifreeze bittering agent; engine coolant that is manufactured or sold within State to contain.
  • HB524: Criminal history record information; dissemination thereof to shipyards.
  • HB556: Pesticide & fertilizer, applicator license; Dept of Agr & Consumer Serv to issue license for both.
  • HB557: Public Procurement Act; expands prohibited contracts.
  • HB558: Condominium Act; actions for breach of warranty and notice of declarant.
  • HB906: Pet trust; created.
  • HB907: Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; confidentiality of tenant records.
  • HB908: Enterprise zones; real property investment grants.
  • HB909: Enterprise zone job creation grants; deletion of terms from definition of grant eligible position.
  • HB910: Higher educational institutions; programs to promote awareness of sex crimes upon students.
  • HB911: Urban Highway Congestion Mitigation Fund; created.
  • HB912: Payday loans; requires SCC to contract w/third party to establish database through Internet.
  • HB913: Motor fuel establishment; presumption that owner or lessee of vehicle failed to pay, penalty.
  • HB914: Vacant & abandoned buildings; Newport News require screening, landscaping, etc. for properites.
  • HB915: Automobile graveyards & junkyards; adds Newport News to localities that may require screening.
  • HB916: Real estate tax; assessments for open space property for golf courses.
  • HB917: Fog lights; not more than two may be illuminated at any time.
  • HB918: Zoning ordinances; modification and provision.
  • HB919: Cable television operator; easement conveyed by developer within 30 days after request.
  • HB1286: Taxicab operators; criminal history background checks for licensure.
  • HB1431: Special conservator of peace; authority to arrest.
  • HB1478: Textbook sales at public institutions of higher education.
  • HB1602: Early Childhood & Day-care Providers & Prof'ls Day; changes from Oct. 22 to Fri. before Mothers Day.
  • HB5061: Height of vehicles; increases penalty.
  • HJ282: Celebrating the life of Svein Jarl Lassen.
  • HJ286: Commending Mothers Against Drunk Driving on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.
  • HJ334: Commending Patricia Morrell.
  • HJ440: Commending Tom Olaisen.