Delegate Glenn Davis (R-Virginia Beach)

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84: City of Virginia Beach (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2014
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November 2017
Education, Militia, Police and Public Safety, Transportation
Copatroning Habits
68% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 55% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 59% of them are Republicans.
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13.3% in 2016
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Inside NoVA: Candidates for lieutenant governor hew party lane at joint forum

May 24, 2017
Richmond.comThe GOP's slate ? Del. Glenn Davis (R-Virginia Beach) and state Sens. Bryce Reeves (R-Fredericksburg) and Jill Vogel (R-Winchester) ? pledged activism. Reeves, a retired U.S. Army Ranger and former police detective, said he would serve as a fulcrum ...Soap operatic GOP race for Va. lieutenant governor to play out in courtroomThe Daily Progressall 3 news articles » Candidate puts focus on technology for rural areas during SoBo visit

May 9, 2017
Virginia Beach Delegate Glenn Davis, one of three Republican candidates for lieutenant governor, has a four-point plan to make Virginia a national leader in business and job growth, and it all begins with bringing high-speed bandwidth to rural areas ...GOP lieutenant governor candidate holds meet-and-greet lunch in DanvilleGoDanRiver.comall 3 news articles »

Bearing Drift (press release) (blog): Siobhan Dunnavant Withdraws Reeves Endorsement for LG

May 20, 2017
In referencing Senator Vogel in the singular as his only opponent, this ad is also disrespectful of Delegate Glenn Davis who is running a spirited campaign for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor. The ad singles out by reference Senator ...

Roanoke Times: Glenn Davis, GOP candidate for LG, asks state to investigate ads from rival Jill Vogel

May 12, 2017
Glenn Davis, the underdog Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, traveling the state in a recreational vehicle, spent weeks attacking GOP rival Jill Holtzman Vogel over taxes. Vogel, a well-funded state senator, mostly ignored the delegate from ...

Daily Press (blog): Spicer raises money for RPV

May 19, 2017
New York PostVirginia Republicans welcomed President Donald Trump's beleaguered press secretary, Sean Spicer, to a state party fundraiser Thursday that was held, of course, at a Trump property. Only one statewide Republican candidate attended: Del. Glenn Davis ...Trump weighs downsizing Spicer's public rolePoliticoTrump 'furious' at Guilfoyle's bid for Spicer's job, 'She's using us'Washington ExaminerMelania scours media to protect TrumpPoliticoDaily Mailall 103 news articles »

These are all of the video clips of Glenn Davis’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2014. There are 13 video clips in all.


  • HB362: Accident and sickness insurance; step therapy protocols, disclosure of information.
  • HB966: Income tax, corporate; apportionment of income to Virginia.
  • HB969: Virginia Retail Sales and Use Tax Act; conforms the Commonwealth's sales and use tax laws.
  • HB1499: Apportionment of income; corporate income tax.
  • HB1501: Virginia Retail Sales and Use Tax Act.
  • HB1502: Communications sales and use tax; sales price.
  • HB1503: Membership in Multistate Tax Commission.
  • HB1637: Possession or distribution of marijuana for medical purposes; Crohn's disease.
  • HB1752: Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority (VEDP); grants and other economic incentives.
  • HB1753: Local government; prohibiting certain practice requiring contractors to provide compensation, etc.
  • HB1754: Securities Act; regulation of federal covered securities.
  • HB1755: Step therapy protocols; disclosures.
  • HB1756: Education improvement scholarships tax credit; eligibility requirements.
  • HB2378: High school graduation requirements; substitution of computer coding for foreign language credit.
  • HB2436: Auditor of Public Accounts; online database, register of funds expended.
  • HB2437: Virginia Public Procurement Act; use of best value contracting.
  • HJ618: Study; the costs and benefits of assisting localities in alleviating pay compression.
  • HJ619: Study; Tax Commissioner to study disincentives to upgrade machinery and tools; report.
  • HJ621: Commending Matthew A. Gump.
  • HJ824: Commending Colonel Edward D. Shames, USA, Ret.
  • HR357: Commending Chantel Ray.
  • HB264: Local government; prohibiting certain practices requiring contractors to provide compensation, etc.
  • HB265: Charter schools, public; amount appropriated to local school boards.
  • HB266: Law libraries; assessment as part of cost in civil actions.
  • HB358: School security funds; certain private elementary and secondary schools.
  • HB359: Multistate Tax Commission; the Commonwealth to become associate member.
  • HB362: Accident and sickness insurance; step therapy protocols, disclosure of information.
  • HB365: Adaptive Learning Tools Grant Fund; established.
  • HB366: Disposition of unclaimed property; intangible property held by locality.
  • HB367: Nonconforming uses; uses that do not conform to zoning prescribed for district, etc.
  • HB368: Firearms; disposition of those acquired by localities.
  • HB454: Motor vehicles; vehicles not to be equipped with televisions and video within view of driver.
  • HB455: Virginia Employment Commission; work group, unemployment benefit charges.
  • HB929: Cybersecurity; promotion of industry in the Commonwealth.
  • HB930: Virginia Public Procurement Act; procurement of information technology goods and services.
  • HB964: Contractors, Board for; exemptions from licensure.
  • HB965: Public schools; organizations governing interscholastic programs.
  • HB966: Income tax, corporate; apportionment of income to Virginia.
  • HB967: School term; waiver of length of school term, early course mastery.
  • HB968: Mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers, licensed; posting license.
  • HB969: Virginia Retail Sales and Use Tax Act; conforms the Commonwealth's sales and use tax laws.
  • HB1227: Securities Act; registration exemptions.
  • HB1327: Local law-enforcement agencies; body-worn cameras.
  • HB1372: Autonomous vehicles and piloted vehicles; definitions.
  • HB1373: Virginia Public Procurement Act; design-build contracts, purchase of intellectual property.
  • HJ67: Commending SCORE Hampton Roads.
  • HJ450: Commending Macon and Joan Brock.
  • HJ453: Commending Dollar Tree, Inc.
  • HJ454: Commending The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception.
  • HJ502: Commending Janet J. Zitt.
  • HJ513: Commending Green Run Collegiate.
  • HB381: Income tax, state; tax credit for principal paid on business loans.
  • HB388: Charter schools; funding.
  • HB1278: Unemployment compensation; employer responsibility for benefit charges.
  • HB1313: School Performance Report Card; rankings.
  • HB1314: Student eligibility for in-state tuition at public institutions of higher education; state subsidy.
  • HB1415: Public schools; organizations governing interscholastic programs.
  • HB1608: Local government; prohibits practices that would require contractors to provide benefits.
  • HB1623: Securities Act; crowdfunding exemption.
  • HB1624: Multistate Tax Commission; Tax Commissioner to take steps for Va. to become an associate member.
  • HB1709: Offshore natural gas and oil; allocation of royalties.
  • HB1985: Virginia Science Technology Engineering and Applied Mathematics (STEAM) Academy, Inc.; established.
  • HB2220: Charter schools; per pupil funding to be allocated by local school board on a noncategorical basis.
  • HB2221: DUI; preliminary analysis of saliva.
  • HB2225: Income tax, state; tax credit for principal paid on business loans.
  • HB2233: Taxation, Commissioner of the Department of; working group to evaluate market-based sourcing.
  • HB2341: Unclaimed property; disposition, contents of reports, notice published by State Treasurer.
  • HJ947: Commending 360IT Partners.
  • HJ948: Commending Michael Torrech.
  • HB381: Income tax, state; tax credit for principal paid on business loans.
  • HB382: Charter schools; funding.
  • HB388: Charter schools; funding.
  • HB422: Local government; prohibit certain practices requiring contractors to provide certain benefits, etc.
  • HB442: Income tax, corporate; market-based sourcing.
  • HB443: Financial institutions; broadens definition.
  • HB589: Personal property tax; exemption for household goods.
  • HB617: Personal property tax; classification.
  • HB1082: School boards, local; unlawful hiring practices.
  • HB1271: School boards, local; required training for certain members.
  • HJ5253: Commending Betsy Doxey.