Sen. John Watkins (R-Midlothian)

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10: Powhatan County (All), Chesterfield County (Part), Richmond City (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 1998
Left Office
January 2016
Copatroning Habits
56% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 63% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 55% of them are Republicans.
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These are all of the video clips of John Watkins’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 372 video clips in all.


  • SB422: Hybrid retirement program; local deferred compensation and cash match plans.
  • SB531: Contract passenger carriers; eliminates certain requirements.
  • SB606: Secondary highway system; withdrawal of county from system.
  • SB678: Real property tax; notice of assessments.
  • SB746: Absentee ballots; extends deadline for mailing to voters.
  • SB747: Absentee voting; application for ballot.
  • SB748: Insurance plans; provisions regulating hypothecation of assets.
  • SB752: State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act;prohibited conduct for Governor's Secretaries.
  • SB801: Clean energy; financing programs, development of underwriting guidelines.
  • SB811: Chemical storage in the Commonwealth; protection of human health and the environment.
  • SB812: Lobbyist disclosure; definition of executive action, procurement transactions.
  • SB813: Virginia Retirement System; technical amendments to the programs administered by System.
  • SB814: Electronic identity management; standards, liability.
  • SB815: Virginia-North Carolina Interstate High-Speed Rail Compact; chairmanship.
  • SB840: Congressional and state legislative districts.
  • SB1006: Virginia Marine Resources Commission; submerged lands, permit fees.
  • SB1007: Port of Virginia Economic & Infrastructure Development Grant Fund & Program; grants.
  • SB1012: Income tax, state; subtraction, sale of land for open-space use.
  • SB1019: Land preservation; tax credit.
  • SB1025: Transportation network companies.
  • SB1031: Real property tax exemption; certain leasehold interests.
  • SB1162: Hybrid retirement program; disclosure of services, etc., associated with voluntary contributions.
  • SB1164: Corrections, State Board of; transfers certain powers and duties to Department of Corrections.
  • SB1287: Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage licenses for certain establishments.
  • SB1288: General registrars; Russell County not required to have full-time assistant registrar in office.
  • SB1306: Battlefield property; authority to acquire.
  • SB1328: Virginia Health Benefit Exchange; created.
  • SB1365: Carbon dioxide emissions; DEQ to develop state plan to regulate emissions.
  • SB1370: Richmond City Public Schools Learning Excellence by Aligning Public Schools Commission.
  • SB1455: Commonwealth of Virginia Veterans Bond Act of 2015; created.
  • SB1465: U.S. savings bonds; establishes a procedure for the escheat of unclaimed bonds.
  • SJ235: Virginia Housing Trust Fund; revenue sources, report.
  • SJ307: Commending Robert P. Schultze.
  • SJ319: Commending the Virginia Cardinals baseball team.
  • SJ321: Commending the Trinity Episcopal School football team.
  • SJ323: Commending Dominion Resources, Inc.
  • SJ339: Commending John Henry Middleton, Jr.
  • SJ346: Virginia Hospital Week; designating as May 10 through May 16, 2015.
  • SJ347: Commending Sheldon M. Retchin, M.D.
  • SJ372: Commending John J. Accordino, Ph.D.
  • SB44: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local; disclosure of gifts by Governor and Attorney General.
  • SB45: Virginia Health Benefit Exchange; established and operated by new division within SCC.
  • SB46: Motion picture production; increases percentage of company's qualifying expenses for tax credit.
  • SB47: Southern States Energy Board; change in membership, alternate appointments.
  • SB85: Central station dispatchers; exempt from training requirement if station has certification.
  • SB86: Annuity contracts; interest on proceeds.
  • SB87: VRS; technical amendments to programs administered by System.
  • SB88: Risk management by insurance companies; Own Risk and Solvency Assessments.
  • SB116: Deeds, deeds of trust, and mortgages; correcting errors, affidavit.
  • SB117: Methadone clinics; location near schools and day care centers, exemptions for existing facilities.
  • SB118: Mortgage loan originators; transitional licensing.
  • SB119: State Corporation Commission; availability of records.
  • SB120: Benefits consortium; exemption and exclusions.
  • SB297: Medicaid enrollees; work search requirements for newly eligible.
  • SB298: Rail and Public Transportation, Department of; funding.
  • SB323: Dams; risk management plan for owners.
  • SB422: Hybrid retirement program; local deferred compensation and cash match plans.
  • SB430: Farm brewery licenses, limited; Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control may grant to certain breweries.
  • SB431: Voluntary remediation program; removes cap on registration fees.
  • SB464: Human Resource Management, Department of; state health plan.
  • SB466: Dams, certain; liability of owners.
  • SB531: Contract passenger carriers; eliminates certain requirements.
  • SB606: Secondary highway system; withdrawal of county from system.
  • SJ17: Commending M. Coleman Walsh, Jr.
  • SJ18: Celebrating the life of James Barksdale Timberlake.
  • SJ19: Celebrating the life of Nicholas Martin Bliley.
  • SJ20: Celebrating the life of Vernon M. Poe.
  • SJ21: Celebrating the life of United States Army Specialist Kyle Pascal Stoeckli.
  • SJ69: Master Rail Plan; develop to serve principal facilities of Port of Virginia.
  • SJ111: Celebrating the life of the Honorable William E. Maxey, Jr.
  • SJ126: Commending N. Jerry Simonoff.
  • SJ154: Celebrating the life of Carrie Monroe Roarty.
  • SJ189: Commending the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects.
  • SJ5007: Commending Boy Scouts of America Troop 840.
  • SJ5036: Commending Bryan D. Carr.
  • SJ5044: Commending Richard E. Tucker.
  • SJ5052: Celebrating the life of William Frank Mezger.
  • SR21: State Corporation Commission; nominating a person to be elected.
  • SR22: Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission; nominating a person to be elected.
  • SB494: Wastewater treatment facilities; Virginia Public Building Authority to issue an additional bond.
  • SB496: Virginia Health Benefit Exchange; created, report.
  • SB717: Sources of revenue; establishing and adjusting for appropriations of State and its localities.
  • SB775: Unemployment compensation; noncharging of overpayments, penalty for fraudulent claims.
  • SB776: Virginia New Hire Reporting Center; employer to submit information concerning newly hired employee.
  • SB777: Insurance; notice of lapse in coverage for certain life and accident and sickness policies.
  • SB778: State Corporation Commission; pro bono legal services.
  • SB779: Limited liability companies; assignment of interest.
  • SB780: Accident and sickness insurance, individual; open enrollment program.
  • SB919: Uranium; 3% state severance tax on receipts of any severed from earth in State, proceeds.
  • SB921: Health insurance reform; revises State's laws.
  • SB922: Health insurance; SCC, et al., to perform plan management functions, review of premium rates.
  • SB923: Open Education Curriculum Board; repeals Board.
  • SB924: Virginia Health Benefit Exchange; created, report.
  • SB994: Mortgage loan originators; conforms Virginia statutory law to federal regulations.
  • SB995: VRS; technical changes regarding retirement plans.
  • SB1034: Banks; derivative transactions.
  • SB1035: Unemployment compensation; collection of overpayments.
  • SB1057: Own Risk and Solvency Assessments; insurers required to maintain risk management framework.
  • SB1089: Health insurance; program for local government employees and other political subdivisions of State.
  • SB1236: Personal property tax; advertising signs.
  • SB1304: Alcoholic beverage control; creates annual mixed beverage performing arts facility license, etc.
  • SB1353: Uranium; establishes process for DMME to issue permits for mining of uranium ore, report.
  • SJ313: Commending Earl Hamner, Jr.
  • SJ314: Commending Dominion Resources, Inc.
  • SJ346: Celebrating the life of Roscoe Lee Timberlake.
  • SJ348: Celebrating the life of Nicholas J. Covatta, Jr.
  • SJ349: Commending the Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • SJ379: Commending William L. Dudley, Jr.
  • SJ385: Commending Flora of Virginia.
  • SR47: Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SB45: Open Education Curriculum Board; alters function from a policy board to an advisory board.
  • SB46: On-road clean screen program; vehicle emissions inspection.
  • SB47: Certificates of insurance; unfair insurance trade practices.
  • SB48: Residential rental properties; establishes criteria by which an assessor determines market value.
  • SB49: Income tax, corporate; requires retail companies to use single-sales factor apportionment formula.
  • SB50: Corporations and limited liability companies; conversions, dissolution, and procedures.
  • SB51: Uniform Commercial Code; secured transactions.
  • SB52: Environmental laboratory certification program; exempts certain laboratories.
  • SB53: Commonwealth Health Research Board; certain employees shall be entitled to state employee benefits.
  • SB54: Unemployment benefits; minimum earnings requirement, postpones scheduled increase.
  • SB73: Residential rental apartments; appeal of real property assessments, fair market value.
  • SB74: Roll-your-own cigarette machines; person who operates at a retail establishment is a manufacturer.
  • SB75: Mortgage loan originators; exempts from licensing employees of bona fide nonprofit organizations.
  • SB76: Owner financing for real property; licensing.
  • SB77: Nutrient credit certification; regulations, Nutrient Trading Act is established, penalty.
  • SB78: Income tax, corporate; taxes paid in another state.
  • SB79: Public Procurement Act; bid match preference for State businesses.
  • SB121: Bank-owned real estate; repeals provision that limits period that banks may hold.
  • SB122: Derelict and blighted buildings; authorizes locality to serve as receiver to repair.
  • SB123: Environmental covenants; compliance with Uniform Environmental Covenants Act, etc.
  • SB124: Mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers; criminal background checks.
  • SB125: Line of Duty Act; political subdivision, etc., irrevocable election to self-fund benefits.
  • SB126: Forestry, Department of; use of methyl bromide gas fumigation.
  • SB491: Senate Districts; technical adjustments in boundaries in City of Richmond.
  • SB492: Renewable energy; expands definition.
  • SB493: Electric and natural gas utilities; energy efficiency programs.
  • SB494: Wastewater treatment facilities; Virginia Public Building Authority to issue an additional bond.
  • SB495: Wireless E-911 Fund; distribution of funds on monthly basis to public safety answering point.
  • SB496: Virginia Health Benefit Exchange; created, report.
  • SB497: Virginia Retirement System; local government and school board employees, contributions.
  • SB498: Retirement System; hybrid retirement program created, optional defined retirement plan created, etc.
  • SB499: Health plan, state; makes changes to appeals process for complaints.
  • SB500: Interstate highway, etc.; fines and fees for violations of laws.
  • SB501: Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program; under authority of Criminal Justice Services Board.
  • SB631: Motor fuels tax; required to be indexed starting January 1 of year preceeding affected year.
  • SB632: Wireless E-911 Fund; distribution of funds.
  • SJ15: Electronic identity credentials; JCOTS to study and determine possible liability concerns therewith.
  • SJ16: Unemployment Compensation Act; Commission on Unemployment Compensation to study federal Act.
  • SJ36: Commending Captain Cathy Ann Harrison.
  • SJ105: Commending the Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station.
  • SJ106: Commending Tucker Pavilion.
  • SJ169: Commending Leland M. Nye.
  • SR10: State Corporation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SB238: Enhanced Public Safety Telephone Services Act; certain requirements for CMRS resellers.
  • SB647: Energy mandates; SCC and JLARC to prepare an assessment of economic impact on customers.
  • SB783: Zoning; cluster development subject to land use ordinance of locality.
  • SB784: Affordable housing; assessments of real property.
  • SB785: Real property tax assessment; partial exemption for certain improvements.
  • SB786: Mortgage loan originator for residential mortgage loan; allows for exception under definition.
  • SB787: Wireless E-911 Services Board; changes name to E-911 Services Board.
  • SB788: Wireless E-911 Fund; amends procedure by which Wireless E-911 Services Board distributes funds.
  • SB789: E-Verify program; requires Virginia Employment Commission to use.
  • SB790: Unemployment compensation bills; impact statement.
  • SB791: Extended unemployment benefits; clarifies expiration of provisions that expanded certain criteria.
  • SB792: Airport shuttle service; same treatment of carriers in Henrico County as for those in Norfolk.
  • SB793: Mercury switches; extends sunset provision that requires removal in certain motor vehicles.
  • SB1000: Alcoholic beverage control; definition o