Del. James Edmunds (R-South Boston)

Photo of James Edmunds
60: Counties of Campbell (part), Charlotte, Halifax, and Prince Edward
Took Office
January 2010
Left Office
January 2024
Copatroning Habits
80% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 73% of them are Republicans. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 66% of them are Republicans.
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These are all of the video clips of James Edmunds’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2010. There are 31 video clips in all.


  • HB1539: Farmville, Town of; new charter (previous charter repealed).
  • HB1540: Solid waste disposal; adds Prince Edward County to list of counties that may levy a fee.
  • HB1605: Local sales and use tax; construction or renovation of schools, Prince Edward County.
  • HB1662: High Bridge Trail State Park; conveyance of easement to Woodrow R. Jackson, Sr.
  • HB1663: High Bridge Trail State Park; DCR to convey property to Roy B. Stanton, Jr., etc.
  • HB2282: Forest crops; exemptions from Virginia Stormwater Management Program, etc., for harvesting.
  • HB2470: Hunting/fishing licenses; reimbursement to Dept. for lost revenue resulting from license exemptions.
  • HR357: Commending the Reverend Jack C. Stewart.
  • HB63: Sales and use tax, local; additional tax in Prince Edward County to support construction of schools.
  • HB64: Hunting on Sunday; wildlife management areas.
  • HB65: Live nutria; prohibition against sale, etc., does not apply to Dept. of Wildlife Resources, etc.
  • HB66: Secondary roads; use of certain utility vehicles.
  • HB67: Projecting vehicle loads; flagging.
  • HB111: Hunting on Sunday; wildlife management areas.
  • HB940: Illegal gambling; eliminates certain provisions from definition.
  • HB1154: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for aircraft parts, extends sunset provision.
  • HB1330: Companion animals; duty to identify submitted animal, scanning for microchip.
  • HB1331: Hunting dogs, falcons, hawks, or owls; retrieving on posted lands.
  • HB1344: Hunters, certain; right to go on lands of another.
  • HJ121: Commending Old Dominion.
  • HR93: Celebrating the life of William Morgan Miller, Jr.
  • HB76: Statute of limitations on written contract; missing persons declared dead, executor of estate.
  • HB1633: Education, Board of; school modernization loan interest rate subsidy payments, eligibility.
  • HB1799: Sunday hunting; allowed on public lands.
  • HB1801: Disposing of litter; penalty.
  • HB1801: Disposing of litter; penalty.
  • HB2323: Library aid; former regional library system.
  • HB2323: Library aid; former regional library system.
  • HR529: Commending the Reforestation of Timberlands program.
  • HR806: Celebrating the life of Aidan Davon Henderson.
  • HB76: Statute of limitations on written contract; missing persons declared dead, executor of estate.
  • HB387: Handheld personal communications devices; use in school zones and school property, penalty.
  • HB388: Hunting elk; special license created.
  • HB934: Firearms, certain; possession, purchase, etc., in certain localities.
  • HB1600: Volunteer firefighters and emergency medical services providers; leaves of absence from work.
  • HB1601: Staunton River; designating as State Scenic River.
  • HB1631: Charlotte County; additional sales and use tax imposed.
  • HB1632: Hunting on Sunday; public lands.
  • HB1633: Education, Board of; school modernization loan interest rate subsidy payments, eligibility.
  • HJ222: Commending The Woodland, Inc.
  • HJ321: Commending Robert W. Duncan.
  • HJ450: Celebrating the life of Robert Holt Evans, Sr.
  • HR118: Celebrating the life of Emma Carrington Edmunds.
  • HR119: Celebrating the life of Julius Hudson Reese, Jr.
  • HB1613: Wanton waste; penalty.
  • HB1634: Sales and Use Tax; additional local tax in Halifax County.
  • HB1663: Restaurants; certified food protection manager, exemption of certain establishments.
  • HB2340: Virginia resident hunting license; establishes tax deduction.
  • HB2341: Forester title; educational criteria.
  • HB2731: Lyme disease; disclosure of information to patients.
  • HB2779: Enterprise zones; designation.
  • HB2807: Keysville, Town of; amending charter, shifts municipal elections to November.
  • HJ589: Commending the Southside Virginia Wildlife Center.
  • HJ590: Commending Andrew Dalton Elder, Sr.
  • HJ596: Celebrating the life of Troy Everette Strickland.
  • HJ830: Celebrating the life of Sylvia Overton McLaughlin.
  • HJ831: Celebrating the life of Andrew Dalton Elder, Sr.
  • HR262: Commending Virginia's State Forests.
  • HR340: Commending Smokey Bear.
  • HR410: Celebrating the life of Dennis Wayne Nash.
  • HR427: Commending Lieutenant Karl P. Martin.
  • HB55: U.S. Route 501; increases max. speed limit between Town of South Boston & North Carolina state line.
  • HB564: Hunting apparel; hunting from an enclosed blind, displaying solid blaze orange or solid blaze pink.
  • HB1327: Pneumatic guns; Class 6 felony to possess on school property, etc.
  • HB1328: Hunting; disabled hunter exempt from local tree stand requirement.
  • HB1414: Bear; increases special license fee.
  • HB1415: Henrietta Lacks Commission; established.
  • HB1416: Teacher licensure; trade and industrial waiver and career and technical license.
  • HJ276: Commending the Virginia Children's Book Festival.
  • HJ277: Commending Machelle J. Eppes.
  • HJ377: Celebrating the life of Howard Franklin Simpson.
  • HJ421: Commending R.B. Clark.
  • HJ422: Commending the Wildlife Foundation of Virginia.
  • HJ493: Commending Chris Lumsden.
  • HJ502: Celebrating the life of Henry Louis Myers.
  • HR180: Celebrating the life of Jenny Osborne Wilkins.
  • HB1938: Slingbow hunting; authorizes use to hunt small and big game.
  • HB1939: Hunting apparel; blaze pink.
  • HB2172: Southern Virginia Higher Education Center; members of board of trustees, powers and duties.
  • HB2254: Tobacco Board; composition, increases excise tax on bright flue-cured & type 21 dark-fired tobaccos.
  • HB2255: Bear hunting; youth resident license.
  • HB2326: Specially constructed vehicles for general transportation purposes; registration.
  • HB2450: Hunting license; landowner to obtain a free license to hunt on own property.
  • HJ655: Commending the Halifax County Cancer Association.
  • HR383: Commending Barbara Haymes.
  • HR384: Commending Tri-County Community Action Agency.
  • HR451: Commending Virginia Department of Forestry tree seedling nurseries.
  • HB146: Jury commissioners; list of persons qualified to serve as jurors.
  • HB1299: U. S. of America and the Commonwealth of Virginia; purchase of flags by public bodies.
  • HB1311: Snakes; DGIF may authorize use of snake exclusion devices by public utilities.
  • HJ228: Commending the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
  • HJ329: Celebrating the life of Michael Dean Tuck.
  • HJ369: Commending the Polynesian Voyaging Society.
  • HJ419: Commending Thomas Jones.
  • HJ420: Commending Falkland Farms.
  • HJ440: Celebrating the life of C. H. Lafoon.
  • HJ441: Celebrating the life of the Honorable William Pierce Hay, Jr.
  • HJ442: Celebrating the life of Howard Meredith Campbell.
  • HJ479: Commending the Town of Farmville.
  • HR179: Commending Anthony J. Muz, M.D.
  • HB1050: Soil & water conservation district; exempts certain signs from regulation as outdoor structures.
  • HB1120: Warning lights on privately owned vehicles; requirements relating to emergency response vehicles.
  • HB1507: Dan River; designating certain segment as State Scenic River.
  • HB2193: Virginia Battlefield Preservation Fund; use of grant funds for battlefield preservation.
  • HB2226: State park master plans; update schedule.
  • HB2242: Hunting; requirement for person under age 12.
  • HB2300: Utility terrain vehicles; exemption from road-use restrictions when used in farming.
  • HB2319: Halifax County Board of Supervisors; election of an at-large member.
  • HJ873: Commending James Ronald Ennis.
  • HJ874: Commending Charles William McKay.
  • HJ891: Commending Nancy Pool.
  • HJ892: Celebrating the life of Robert Fielding Cage.
  • HR231: Commending the William Campbell Combined School golf team.
  • HB23: Warning lights on certain vehicles; members of fire depts., etc., may use no more than 2 systems.
  • HB1050: Soil & water conservation district; exempts certain signs from regulation as outdoor structures.
  • HB1102: Longwood University; removal of member of Board of Visitors.
  • HB1120: Warning lights on privately owned vehicles; requirements relating to emergency response vehicles.
  • HJ14: Commending the Virginia Department of Forestry.
  • HJ112: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Franklin Marshall Slayton.
  • HJ199: Commending Longwood University.
  • HJ201: Commending the Beaches to Bluegrass Trail initiative.
  • HJ257: Commending Heather Griles.
  • HJ358: Celebrating the life of Jack Leo Slagle.
  • HJ378: Commending Kenneth Hodges.
  • HJ5260: Commending the Halifax American Ponytails All-star softball team.
  • HJ5261: Commending North Halifax Volunteer Fire Department.
  • HR69: Celebrating the life of Donald David Snyder.
  • HR114: Commending Heather Griles.
  • HB8: Vessel accident; requires passengers 18 years of age or older to report, penalty.
  • HB2184: Hunting and fishing; authorizes Board of Game and Inland Fisheries to issue trip licenses.
  • HB2185: Water supply impoundment facilities; creates an exemption to existing provision.
  • HB2220: Banister River; designates a portion of as a component of Virginia Scenic Rivers System.
  • HJ785: Celebrating the life of John White Campbell, M.D.
  • HJ786: Commending Heather Griles.
  • HJ836: Celebrating the life of Lieutenant Steven Michael Cassada.
  • HJ845: Commending H. L. Myers.
  • HJ846: Commending Raymond Shelton.
  • HJ967: Celebrating the life of Major General Carroll Thackston, USA (Ret.).
  • HR157: Celebrating the life of Tucker Carrington Watkins IV.
  • HB7: Bicycles; riders approaching intersection controlled by traffic lights need not to wait two minutes.
  • HB8: Vessel accident; requires passengers 18 years of age or older to report, penalty.
  • HB12: Boating; operator of a vessel to report accident to law enforcement, notification to DGIF, penalty.
  • HB118: Vessel accident; requires operator who damages property in a collision, etc., to report, penalty.
  • HB1127: Charter; Town of Virgilina.
  • HJ483: Celebrating the life of Herbert W. Guthrie.
  • HJ493: Commending William R. Snead.
  • HJ494: Commending Annin Flagmakers.
  • HB1527: Firefighters; exemption from jury service.
  • HB2371: Real property tax assessment; notice to be published in newspaper 30 to 45 days prior.
  • HB2372: Flashing amber warning lights; state vehicles performing environmental functions to be equipped.
  • HB2406: Charter; Town of South Boston.
  • HB2407: Charter; Town of Halifax.
  • HJ548: Celebrating the life of William Alexander Williamson.
  • HJ894: Celebrating the life of Sarah Elizabeth Umphlette Bane.
  • HB380: Governor's Development Opportunity Fund; criteria for awarding grants and loans.
  • HB600: Criminal justice training academies; locality may eliminate requirement to contain word training.
  • HB1283: Shed antlers; allows a person to possess.