Sen. John Chichester (R-Fredericksburg)

Photo of John Chichester
28: Fauquier County (Part), Fredericksburg City (Part), King George County (All), Lancaster County (All), Northumberland County (All), Prince William County (Part), Richmond County (All), Stafford County (All), Westmoreland County (All)
Took Office
January 1978
Left Office
January 2008
Copatroning Habits
58% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 63% of them are Republicans. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 63% of them are Republicans.
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  • SB750: Budget Bill.
  • SB770: Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 2007; created.
  • SB771: Treatment works; reimbursement to localities of funds for upgrades thereof.
  • SB1105: Internal Revenue Code; conforms State's system of taxation thereto.
  • SB1106: Freedom of Information Act; exempts personal information in constituent correspondence.
  • SB1333: Aquaculture; sets guidelines for placement of temporary shellfish enclosures in state waters.
  • SB1426: Clients' Protection Fund; Supreme Court to adopt rules assessing members of VA State Bar fee.
  • SJ468: Commemorating the centennial of United Parcel Service of America, Inc..
  • SB28: Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 2006; created.
  • SB29: Budget Bill. Relating to the appropriation of funds for the 2004 - 06 biennium.
  • SB30: Budget Bill. Appropriations for 2006 - 2008 biennium.
  • SB68: Literary Fund; distribution of punitive damages thereto and not to be used for attorneys' fees.
  • SB69: Taxation; conformity thereof with Internal Revenue Code.
  • SB226: Retail sales and use tax; repealing provisions of state sales tax on food.
  • SB5001: Budget Bill.
  • SB5002: Budget Bill.
  • SB5019: Estate tax, and land preservation tax credit; changes in provisions therefor, report.
  • SB5020: Budget Bill.
  • SJ74: Enactment clauses; Code Commission directed to make recommendations thereof.
  • SJ151: Commending Susan Clarke Schaar.
  • SJ207: Commending William M. Anderson, Jr.
  • SJ240: Commending Stephen H. Manster.
  • SJ295: Commending Dr. Frank S. Turnage.
  • SR14: Commending Thomas Carlyle Gilman.
  • SR15: Commending Dorothy Jeanette Crouch Moore.
  • SR20: Commending Tara Hamilton Perkinson.
  • SR29: Commending Mark Musick.