Sen. John Chichester (R-Fredericksburg)

Photo of John Chichester
28: Fauquier County (Part), Fredericksburg City (Part), King George County (All), Lancaster County (All), Northumberland County (All), Prince William County (Part), Richmond County (All), Stafford County (All), Westmoreland County (All) [map]
Took Office
January 1978
Left Office
January 2008
Copatroning Habits
58% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 63% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 63% of them are Republicans.
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  • SB750: Budget Bill.
  • SB770: Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 2007; created.
  • SB771: Treatment works; reimbursement to localities of funds for upgrades thereof.
  • SB1105: Internal Revenue Code; conforms State's system of taxation thereto.
  • SB1106: Freedom of Information Act; exempts personal information in constituent correspondence.
  • SB1333: Aquaculture; sets guidelines for placement of temporary shellfish enclosures in state waters.
  • SB1426: Clients' Protection Fund; Supreme Court to adopt rules assessing members of VA State Bar fee.
  • SJ468: Commemorating the centennial of United Parcel Service of America, Inc..
  • SB28: Higher Educational Institutions Bond Act of 2006; created.
  • SB29: Budget Bill. Relating to the appropriation of funds for the 2004 - 06 biennium.
  • SB30: Budget Bill. Appropriations for 2006 - 2008 biennium.
  • SB68: Literary Fund; distribution of punitive damages thereto and not to be used for attorneys' fees.
  • SB69: Taxation; conformity thereof with Internal Revenue Code.
  • SB226: Retail sales and use tax; repealing provisions of state sales tax on food.
  • SB5001: Budget Bill.
  • SB5002: Budget Bill.
  • SB5019: Estate tax, and land preservation tax credit; changes in provisions therefor, report.
  • SB5020: Budget Bill.
  • SJ74: Enactment clauses; Code Commission directed to make recommendations thereof.
  • SJ151: Commending Susan Clarke Schaar.
  • SJ207: Commending William M. Anderson, Jr.
  • SJ240: Commending Stephen H. Manster.
  • SJ295: Commending Dr. Frank S. Turnage.
  • SR14: Commending Thomas Carlyle Gilman.
  • SR15: Commending Dorothy Jeanette Crouch Moore.
  • SR20: Commending Tara Hamilton Perkinson.
  • SR29: Commending Mark Musick.