Del. Jackson Miller (R-Manassas)

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50: County of Prince William (part); City of Manassas [map]
Took Office
January 2007
Left Office
January 2018
Copatroning Habits
78% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 79% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 66% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
50% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)
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These are all of the video clips of Jackson Miller’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 162 video clips in all.


  • HB2033: Landlord and tenant law; residential tenancies, landlord and tenant obligations and remedies.
  • HB2034: Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act; adds two new disclosures.
  • HB2035: Electronic filing of land records; fee for paper filing.
  • HB2036: Tow truck drivers; exempts registration with DCJS, exceptions.
  • HB2037: Health insurance; calculation of cost-sharing provisions.
  • HB2039: Child pornography; discretionary sentencing guideline midpoints for possession.
  • HB2043: Law-enforcement officer; public release of identifying information, etc.
  • HB2045: Property Owners' Association Act; designation of authorized representative by seller.
  • HB2231: Ignition interlock system; period of time which person is prohibited to drive, etc.
  • HB2238: DUI manslaughter; ignition interlock.
  • HB2240: Victims of crime; right to nondisclosure of certain information.
  • HB2336: Law-enforcement officer; report of officer involved in accident.
  • HB2424: Concealed weapons; carrying of firearms by former attorneys for the Commonwealth, etc.
  • HB2468: VWC; permits commissioners and deputy commissioners to carry a concealed weapon.
  • HR446: Commending Donna L. Snellings.
  • HR447: Commending the Osbourn High School Student Council Association.
  • HR448: Commending Robin R. Perkins.
  • HR449: Commending Robin M. Albrecht.
  • HB31: Automobile, commercial liability, and homeowners insurance policies; notices.
  • HB51: Weapons other than handguns; purchase by certain officers.
  • HB70: Warrants; issuance of arrest warrants against law-enforcement officers.
  • HB332: Concealed handgun permits; judge, etc., may carry wherever he travels in the Commonwealth.
  • HB341: Passing stopped school bus; video-monitoring system.
  • HB567: Real Estate Board; duties of real estate licensees, exemption, etc., of continuing education hours.
  • HB735: Landlord and tenant laws; responsibility of landlord to pay certain costs, etc.
  • HB741: Asbestos, Lead, and Home Inspectors, Virginia Board for; licensing of home inspectors.
  • HB775: Fantasy Contests Act; created, registration required, conditions of registration, civil penalty.
  • HB815: Execution; if lethal injection is not available, electrocution shall be used.
  • HB844: Insurance agents; continuing education program changes.
  • HB1126: DCJS; training standards and model policies for law-enforcement personnel, powers and duties.
  • HB1228: Boxing and wrestling events; provisions for sanctioning organizations.
  • HB1305: Solar and wind energy equipment, etc.; tax exemptions.
  • HB1368: Statewide Fire Prevention Code; State Fire Marshal; consumer fireworks; penalties.
  • HB1371: Local government; prohibition on certain mandates upon employers.
  • HJ4: Celebrating the life of Emily Elizabeth Selke.
  • HJ5: Celebrating the life of Yvonne Marie Ciarlo Selke.
  • HJ98: Commending Robert Fisher.
  • HJ114: Celebrating the life of Clyde F. Jackson.
  • HJ306: Commending the Washington Redskins.
  • HJ430: Celebrating the life of Officer Ashley Marie Guindon.
  • HR2: Commending the Greater Manassas Baseball League 8U All-star softball team.
  • HR47: Celebrating the life of Terence Jerome Boulden.
  • HR64: Commending the Prince William County Bar Association, Inc.
  • HR67: Commending Arthur P. Bushnell.
  • HR172: Celebrating the life of Jay Cochran, Jr.
  • HR175: Commending the Greater Manassas Volunteer Rescue Squad.
  • HB57: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption includes gold, silver, and platinum bullion.
  • HB1052: Method of execution; Director of DOC certifies that lethal injection isn't available, electrocution.
  • HB1357: Automobile and homeowners insurance policies; notices.
  • HB1368: A-F school grading system; repeals system created in 2013 and 2014.
  • HB1450: Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act; representations related to special flood hazard area.
  • HB1451: Landlord and tenant laws; notice to terminate tenancy.
  • HB1452: Landlord and tenant law; who may recover rent or possession.
  • HB1453: Stalking; penalty.
  • HB1455: DPOR; promoters of boxing, martial arts, and wrestling events.
  • HB1493: Enticing another into a dwelling house; person who commits certain violations, Class 6 felony.
  • HB1611: Assault and battery; felony when committed against certain persons.
  • HB1638: Felony homicide; violation of felony drug offenses, penalty.
  • HB1639: DUI; persons convicted under laws of other states or federal law.
  • HB1647: Drug overdoses; reporting of medical aid or treatment.
  • HB1648: Sales