Del. John Welch (R-Virginia Beach)

Photo of John Welch
21: City of Virginia Beach (part)
Took Office
January 2001
Left Office
January 2008
Copatroning Habits
93% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 98% of them are Republicans. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 88% of them are Republicans.
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  • HB836: Meals tax; referendum required in certain cities.
  • HB2315: Meals tax; referendum required in certain cities.
  • HB2316: Motor vehicle dealers; termination of franchises.
  • HB2317: Criminal history information; judicial officer to provide to court.
  • HB2318: Sentencing proceeding; victim impact testimony and prior convictions may be presented to jury.
  • HB2319: Children; parents' right to make medical decisions (Abraham's Law).
  • HB2320: Accident reports; increases amount of property damage reported by law-enforcement officers.
  • HJ652: Prisoner Reentry to Society, Joint Subcommittee Studying Program for; continued.
  • HJ656: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Fund and Transportation Trust Fund, etc. (first reference).
  • HJ814: Celebrating the life of Corporal Joshua Sticklen.
  • HB828: Animals; prohibits person or vendor at carnival midway from giving away any live animal as prize.
  • HB829: Self defense; justification of use of physical force against intruders if occupant of dwelling.
  • HB830: Concealed handgun permit; extends expiration date for those held by certain military personnel.
  • HB831: Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan; individuals in health maintenance organizations.
  • HB832: Health insurance; duties of Office of Managed Care Ombudsman.
  • HB833: License plates, special; eliminates fee for those bearing legend: United We Stand.
  • HB834: License plates, special; reduces number of days pre-paid application to be received by Commissioner.
  • HB835: Income tax, state; veterinarian pro bono tax credit.
  • HB836: Food and beverage tax; referendum required in certain cities.
  • HB1231: Real estate taxes; computation of deferral.
  • HB1394: Medical assistance services; implementation of online electronic & encrypted system.
  • HB1534: Adoption; one convicted of felony drug possession may adopt/foster provided 10 years have elapsed.
  • HB1535: Income tax, state; subtraction for certain death benefit payments.
  • HB5033: Highways; use of left-most lane on Interstate Highway System components for anything but passing.
  • HB5066: Environmental impact report; state agencies to submit to Sec. of Transportation & Natural Resources.
  • HB5067: Toll facilities; requires those controlled by VDOT to be fully automated electronically, report.
  • HJ180: Commending Percy Harvin.
  • HJ220: Commending Daniella Jones.
  • HJ336: Commending Bill Cochrane.
  • HJ498: Commending Leslie Delima.
  • HJ5147: Constitutional amendment; funds for transportation purposes.
  • HR20: FairTax; urging Congress to enact national retail sales tax plan.