Del. Jeff Campbell (R-Marion)

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6: Counties of Carroll, Smyth (part), and Wythe [map]
Took Office
January 2014
Next Election
November 2019
Counties, Cities and Towns, Courts of Justice, Health, Welfare and Institutions, Science and Technology
Copatroning Habits
80% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 67% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 66% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
36.4% in 2018
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  I live in Carroll County. My Representative in the 6th District of the House of Delegates is Jeff Campbell. He represents Carroll, Wythe and part of Smyth County.

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These are all of the video clips of Jeff Campbell’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2014. There are 14 video clips in all.


  • HB1944: Civil actions; determination of indigency.
  • HB1945: No-fault divorce; waiver of service of process.
  • HB1946: Cigarette tax, local; authority of certain counties, use of proceeds for school construction.
  • HB1947: Elementary or secondary school, private or public; threats to bomb/damage, false info as to danger.
  • HB1948: Local salt severance license taxes; authorizes any county or city to levy.
  • HB1951: Southwestern Virginia Training Center; disposition of property in Carroll County.
  • HB1952: Patient care teams; podiatrists and physician assistants.
  • HB1953: Child abuse or neglect; appeals from founded complaints, concurrent criminal investigations.
  • HB1954: Uniform Power of Attorney Act; recovery of attorney fees.
  • HB1955: Appellate damages; specifies that when any judgment is affirmed, etc.
  • HB2262: Landlord; managing agent.
  • HB2710: Emergency custody orders and preliminary detention orders; transportation, reimbursement.
  • HJ809: Commending Robert Cellell Dalton.
  • HJ811: Celebrating the life of Edwin Burwell Jones Whitmore III.
  • HJ851: Commending David Boyer.
  • HJ920: Commending the Presbyterian Children's Home of the Highlands.
  • HR272: Celebrating the life of Jerry Allen Hurt.
  • HR421: Commending Forest Webb.
  • HR422: Commending Cameron Wooldridge.
  • HR423: Commending Ethan Martin.
  • HR424: Commending Jacob Turpin.
  • HR425: Commending Will Moss.
  • HB323: Personal injury; loss of consortium claims by certain relatives.
  • HB324: Southwestern Virginia Training Center; closure of Center prohibited.
  • HB325: Southwestern Va. Training Center & the Central Va. Training Center; closure prohibited.
  • HB326: Child abuse and neglect; venue may lie where alleged abuse or neglect occurred, etc.
  • HB369: Admissions tax; Wythe County authorized to impose.
  • HB1338: Cigarettes tax; counties authorized to hold referendum.
  • HB1392: Judges; eligibility to serve.
  • HB1403: Electronic wills; requirements.
  • HB1450: BVU Authority; powers.
  • HB1454: Civil immunity; programs for probationers, nonprofit corporation officials, worksite supervisors.
  • HJ416: Celebrating the life of Deputy Curtis Allen Bartlett.
  • HB75: Reckless driving; right to appeal.
  • HB1579: Defendants; transportation order from correctional facility.
  • HB1580: Child pornography; lawful possession by employees of Department of Social Services.
  • HB1581: Made in Appalachia Initiative; refundable tax credits.
  • HB1582: Concealed handgun permits; age requirement for persons on active military duty.
  • HB1583: Southwestern Virginia Training Center; delay closure.
  • HB1584: Solicitation of professional employment; person charged with traffic infraction or reckless driving.
  • HB1585: Housing authorities; approval for construction, etc.
  • HB1586: Court-ordered custody and visitation arrangements; transmission of order to child's school.
  • HB1587: Uniform Statewide Building Code; security of certain records.
  • HB1588: Baiting of deer.
  • HB1589: Order of publication; use of electronic medium.
  • HB1590: Duty of care to law-enforcement officers and firefighters; fireman's rule.
  • HB1925: Local cigarette tax.
  • HB1926: ABC; definition of municipal golf course, food sales exemptions.
  • HB1927: 'Song of the Mountains'; designating as state television series.
  • HJ759: Commending Jimmy Davidson.
  • HJ760: Commending Michael Robinson.
  • HJ761: Commending the Carroll County High School varsity softball team.
  • HJ762: Weekend of Prayer over Students.
  • HJ827: Commending the Northwood High School girls' basketball team.
  • HJ828: Commending the Marion High School girls' volleyball team.
  • HJ1002: Commending Ken Heath.
  • HJ1003: Commending Judy A. Brannock.
  • HJ1004: Celebrating the life of Andrew Fred Singleton.
  • HB74: Drug offenses, misdemeanor; expungement of records.
  • HB75: Reckless driving; right to appeal.
  • HB85: Cigarettes; levying of taxes by counties.
  • HB372: Arrests; issuance of warrants for felonies, written complaint.
  • HB443: Carrying a concealed handgun; permit not required.
  • HB496: Attorney-issued summons; proof of payment to clerk's office.
  • HB497: Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act; exclusive, continuing jurisdiction.
  • HB588: Protective orders; definition of 'physical presence,' authorization of emergency orders.
  • HB589: Social Services, Department of; filing of petitions by designated nonattorney employees.
  • HB1257: Personal injury and wrongful death actions; disclosure of address.
  • HB1364: Uniform Statewide Building and Statewide Fire Prevention Codes; revision.
  • HJ293: Commending Walter S. Crockett.
  • HJ411: Commending the Rural Retreat High School wrestling team.
  • HJ437: Commending the Carroll County High School girls' basketball team.
  • HJ438: Commending the Carroll County High School girls' junior varsity basketball team.
  • HJ487: Celebrating the life of Carl William Cardwell.
  • HJ491: Commending the Carroll County High School softball team.
  • HJ492: Celebrating the life of James Douglas Owens.
  • HB605: Localities; funds dedicated for economic development for those with high unemployment rates.
  • HB1317: Speeding; reckless driving.
  • HB1318: Absentee ballots; photo identification required for submission of application.
  • HB1330: Campaign finance; fundraising during legislative sessions.
  • HB1331: Sheriff's office; clarifies motor vehicle markings.
  • HB1332: House of Delegates districts; technical adjustment.
  • HB1333: Polling places; designation of authorized representatives of political parties.
  • HB1359: Concealed handgun permits; lifetime permits.
  • HB1365: Discharge from state hospitals or training centers; local departments of social services.
  • HB1366: Sex offenders; prohibiting entry onto school or other property, hearing.
  • HB1367: Temporary injunction; affidavit or verified pleading.
  • HB1613: Secondary state highway system construction projects; relocation or removal of utility facilities.
  • HB1614: Southwestern Va. Training Center & Southeastern Va. Training Center; closure prohibited.
  • HB1775: Medical malpractice proceedings; health care providers, expert testimony.
  • HB2206: Conservators of the peace, special; application for appointment.
  • HJ567: Commending the Hillsville Woman's Club.
  • HJ568: Celebrating the life of Jack Wayne Hunley.
  • HJ569: Commending Doug King.
  • HJ570: Commending the Carroll County Future Farmers of America.
  • HJ591: Commending Charlie White, Ph.D.
  • HJ605: Commending Carroll County.
  • HJ656: Celebrating the life of James Winfield Bowers.
  • HJ694: Commending the Max Meadows Volunteer Fire Department.
  • HJ695: Commending Dee Everhart.
  • HJ696: Commending the Carroll County Middle School eighth-grade class.
  • HJ697: Commending Wythe County.
  • HJ703: Commending Pam Durham Kline.
  • HJ921: Commending Robert Cellell Dalton.
  • HJ922: Commending Samir N. Saliba.
  • HJ923: Commending Carolyn Honeycutt.
  • HB489: House of Delegates districts; technical adjustment.
  • HB604: Red or red & white warning lights; VDOT vehicle allowed to use for certain service patrol functions.
  • HB605: Localities; funds dedicated for economic development for those with high unemployment rates.
  • HB636: Commonwealth, Secretary of the; centralized filing of disclosure statements, establish database.
  • HB637: Involuntary commitment; increases special justice and attorney fees.
  • HB639: Concealed handgun permits; residents of the Commonwealth.
  • HB640: Standards of Learning; assessments.
  • HB641: Campaign Finance Disclosure Act; candidates and campaign committees, electronic filing required.
  • HB642: VIEW; screening and assessment for use of illegal substances.
  • HB644: Concealed handgun; issuance of lifetime permits to Virginia residents.
  • HB645: Elections; party identification on ballots, constitutional officers.
  • HB646: Concealed handgun permits; no fees charged for replacement.
  • HB711: Human Resource Management, Department of; universal leave system for classified employees, report.
  • HB713: Conflict of Interests Acts, State and Local Government and General Assembly; database.
  • HB714: Concealed handgun permit; no fees required for renewal.
  • HB1013: District courts; record retention.
  • HB1195: Charter; Town of Rural Retreat.
  • HJ83: Child support enforcement system; JLARC to study.
  • HJ279: Celebrating the life of Samuel S. Burkett.
  • HJ5188: Commending the George Wythe High School girls' track and field team.
  • HJ5252: Commending Cindy Edwards.
  • HR109: Celebrating the life of Marshall Eugene Guy.
  • HR125: Celebrating the life of Henderson Patton Graham.
  • HR126: Celebrating the life of Samuel Creed Wagner.
  • HR140: Commending the Rural Retreat High School wrestling team.
  • HR510: Commending the Saltville Elementary School archery team.