Delegate Jimmie Massie (R-Richmond)

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72: County of Henrico (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2008
Next Election
November 2015
Appropriations, Education, Rules
Copatroning Habits
81% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 72% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 66% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
27.3% in 2014
Campaign Contributions
$75,423.16 cash on hand (May 2013 report)

Private equity investor. Graduate of the University of Virginia. Married with four children.

Top 10 Donors
R. Clayton Allen attorney Richmond $2,500
Dominion PAC energy Richmond $2,500
Virginia Bank PAC financial Glen Allen $2,000
Federal Express PAC Delivery transportation TN $1,000
UPS PAC Delivery transportation GA $1,000
Genworth Financial financial Lynchburg $1,000
Virginia Automobile & Truck Dealers PAC Auto & Truck Sales and Service Richmond $1,000
Dominion PAC energy Richmond $1,000
Retail Services & Systems, Inc. wine distribution MD $1,000
Universal Leaf Tobacco Company PAC Tobacco manufacturing Richmond $1,000

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Recent Mentions in the Media

Daily Press: House, Senate churn through bills, negotiations

February 25, 2015
WINA AM 1070That's to make sure any school a student might transfer to is aware of the investigation, said Del. Jimmie Massie, R-Henrico, who was shepherding the Senate bill through the House. Massie noted that the man accused of killing University of Virginia ...House of Delegates passes bill targeting sexual assaults on college campusesWDBJ7all 53 news articles »

Virginia Connection Newspapers: Dead or Alive: Virginia General Assembly Lawmakers Pick Their Legislative ...

February 19, 2015
Filler-Corn's bill was rolled into Del. Jimmie Massie III's (R-72) HB1785. HB1552 and 2046: Provide for fingerprinting, background checks and other regulations for child care providers. These bills were folded into a larger omnibus bill from Del ...and more »

WWBT NBC12 News: Amount of gifts to VA politicians dropped in 2014

February 18, 2015
Out of our local lawmakers, Henrico County Del. Jimmie Massie took the eighth most gifts in the state, valued at $4,360. He did not shy away from taking UVA football and basketball tickets, going to a Virginia Tech Football game, or tickets the ...and more »

Washington Post: Virginia House panel advances bill addressing sexual assaults on campuses

February 3, 2015
?This is the Jesse Matthews bill,? said Del. Jimmie Massie III (R-Henrico). Matthews was charged in the recent abduction of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, an 18-year-old from Fairfax County. Police say Matthews is also linked to the case ...Campus Sexual Assault Legislation Moving Through Va. HouseNBC4 WashingtonHouse panel advances 2 campus sexual assault billsRichmond.comHouse passes bills to make college more affordableAugusta Free Pressall 125 news articles »

RVANews: House passes sexual assault bills

February 13, 2015
Delegates on Tuesday unanimously approved House Bill 1785, introduced by Del. Jimmie Massie, R-Henrico. It would require campus police to notify the local commonwealth's attorney of a victim-initiated investigation of a sexual assault case within 48 ...


  • HB1784: Virginia Port Authority; capital projects.
  • HB1785: Campus police departments; sexual assault reporting.
  • HB1786: Higher education; reporting of sexual assault, penalty.
  • HB1787: Virginia Port Authority; gubernatorial appointments to the Board of Commissioners.
  • HB1788: Higher educational institutions; frequency of reporting six-year plans.
  • HB1789: Virginia Economic Development Authority; compensation of employees.
  • HB1790: State agency or official; prohibition on payments without an appropriation, prohibition on IOUs.
  • HB1791: Higher educational institutions; removal of members of board of visitors, etc.
  • HB2311: Education improvement scholarships tax credit; reporting requirement.
  • HJ602: Commending Mills E. Godwin High School girls' tennis team.
  • HJ716: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Thomas H. Tullidge.
  • HJ717: Commending Andrew Charles Koebler.
  • HR218: Celebrating the life of William Caleb Wharton.
  • HB464: Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits Program; claiming credits.
  • HB465: University of Virginia Board of Visitors; increases number of members on executive committee.
  • HB466: Insurance companies; permitted investments in foreign securities.
  • HB467: Higher Education for Virginia, State Council of; interstate agreements.
  • HB468: Child day programs; licensure exemptions.
  • HB690: Condominium & Property Owners' Association Acts; merger of developments, reformation of declaration.
  • HB1191: Economic development incentive programs; SCT to develop & issue report on effectiveness of program.
  • HB1192: Attorney General; prosecution of certain criminal cases in circuit courts.
  • HJ158: Commending William R. Bell.
  • HJ159: Commending John E. Forrest.
  • HJ305: Commending the Virginia members of the National Football League's Super Bowl XLVIII.
  • HJ5072: Commending the University of Virginia men's basketball team.
  • HJ5209: Celebrating the life of Richard L. Sharp.
  • HJ5210: Commending the Coal Pit Learning Center.
  • HJ5211: Commending the Mills E. Godwin High School girls' tennis team.
  • HJ5212: Celebrating the life of Rives Fleming, Jr.
  • HR16: Celebrating the life of Guy Raymond Friddell, Jr.
  • HR17: Commending the Tuckahoe Little League American All-Star team.
  • HR84: Celebrating the life of Dr. Calvin Sampson Garrett, Sr.
  • HR85: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Joseph Earl Blackburn.
  • HR112: Celebrating the life of Frances Diane Phillips.
  • HR187: Commending Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.
  • HB1993: Motor vehicle rental tax; exclusions from gross rental proceeds.
  • HB1994: Virginia Public Procurement Act; contract pricing arrangements.
  • HB1995: Condominium Act; convertible land.
  • HB1996: Nonprofit organizations; tax credits for donations to those assisting low-income families, etc.
  • HB2218: Condominium Act; convertible land.
  • HJ910: Richmond Ballet, The State Ballet of VA, Leap Week; designating as third full week in March 2013.
  • HR147: Celebrating the life of Raymond Wilson Tolleson.
  • HR148: Celebrating the life of Richard Watkins Wiltshire.
  • HR155: Commending the Mills E. Godwin High School golf team.
  • HR218: Commending the Richmond Ballet, The State Ballet of Virginia.
  • HB321: Income tax, corporate; tax credits for donations to non-profit organizations, etc.
  • HB322: Motor vehicle rental tax; exclusions from tax.
  • HB323: Bank franchise tax; apportionment.
  • HB324: Tax-supported debt; method of calculating total principal amount issued by any state agency, etc.
  • HB325: Students with autism spectrum disorders; school board to require training of personnel.
  • HB326: Proffered conditions; amendments or variations.
  • HB629: University of Virginia; increases size of board of visitors.
  • HB1152: Threat assessment teams; authorized to receive health and criminal history records of students.
  • HB1153: Income tax, state; conformity with federal law.
  • HB1235: Virginia Public Procurement Act; contract pricing arrangements.
  • HJ58: Commending the Reverend Dr. Robert D. Friend.
  • HJ5010: Commending Geline Bowman Williams.
  • HJ5011: Commending the Joseph W. Bliley Company.
  • HB597: Signing death certificates; continuing education upon receipt of three or more complaints.
  • HB1719: Vital records; certified copies for veterans or his survivor, free of charge.
  • HB1720: Autism spectrum disorder; training of teachers and aides.
  • HB1730: State Corporation Commission; moratorium on filing fees for business entities.
  • HB2314: Education Improvement Scholarships; tax credit for donations by business entities.
  • HJ776: Commending the Mills E. Godwin High School girls' tennis team.
  • HJ889: Commending Christine Loveday Hall.
  • HB581: Paraprofessional training; person seeking licensure to obtain certificate in autism disorders.
  • HB594: Revenue Stabilization Fund; establishes a mechanism to provide tax relief to taxpayers.
  • HB595: Business Assistance, Department of; transfer duties to Economic Development Partnership Authority.
  • HB596: State Corporation Commission; filing fee moratorium for new business entities.
  • HB597: Signing death certificates; continuing education upon receipt of three or more complaints.
  • HB598: Cemetery Board; exemptions.
  • HB599: Income tax, state; Public/Private Education Investment Tax Credit, created.
  • HB1395: Public-Private Acts of 1995 and 2002; certain grant agreements.
  • HJ169: Celebrating the life of Louise Hope Pitt Miller.
  • HJ187: Commending the Mills E. Godwin High School boys' tennis team.
  • HJ188: Commending the Mills E. Godwin High School girls' tennis team.
  • HB1520: Sentencing order; guilty of Class 1 misdemeanor for failing to comply.
  • HB1966: Business Assistance, Department of; eliminates Department & transfers its duties.
  • HB1967: Taxpayer Surplus Relief Fund; established to provide tax relief.
  • HB1968: Sentencing order; failing to comply.
  • HB1969: Administrative Process Act; required review of feasibility of electronic submission.
  • HB2258: Organ and tissue donation; funeral homes receiving body following donation, immune from liability.
  • HB2601: Real estate tax; notice of change in assessment.
  • HJ681: Corporate income tax system; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study.
  • HJ693: Celebrating the life of Malcolm Upshur Pitt, Jr.
  • HJ696: Commending the Mills E. Godwin High School girls' tennis team.
  • HJ757: Celebrating the life of Nancy P. Thalhimer.
  • HJ818: Commending the Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital nursing team.
  • HB1520: Sentencing order; creates a Class 1 misdemeanor for failing to comply.
  • HB1521: Embalmers and funeral directors; continuing education
  • HB1522: Business Assistance, Department of; abolish & transfer duties to Economic Development Partnership.
  • HJ388: Commending the Mills E. Godwin High School girls' tennis team.