Del. Joe May (R-Leesburg)

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33: Counties of Clarke (part), Frederick (part), and Loudoun (part) [map]
Took Office
January 1994
Left Office
January 2014
Copatroning Habits
63% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 74% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 62% of them are Republicans.
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These are all of the video clips of Joe May’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 135 video clips in all.


  • HB807: Electronic tracking devices; person who uses without consent to track location of another, penalty.
  • HB1384: Transportation Accountability, Joint Commission on; removes obsolete provision.
  • HB1979: Dulles Greenway; authorizes Commonwealth Transportation Board to issue bonds to acquire.
  • HB1980: Dulles Greenway Authority; created.
  • HB1981: Electronic tracking devices; person who installs, etc., without consent, Class 3 misdemeanor.
  • HB1982: Local tax bills; permits treasurers to convey access online from database on treasurer's website.
  • HB1983: Loudoun County; DGS to convey by quitclaim deed, certain real property of former Town of Waterford.
  • HB1984: Non-conventional vehicles; titling and registration of mopeds, etc.
  • HB1985: Vehicle weight limits and overweight permits; technical changes.
  • HB2032: Virginia FOIA; allows regional public bodies to conduct electronic meetings.
  • HB2042: DMV; customer service.
  • HB2064: Virginia Uniform Trade Secrets Act; protection of trade secrets, penalties.
  • HB2071: Business Assistance, Department of, et al.; marketing campaign.
  • HB2243: Escort vehicle drivers; certification and regulation in State.
  • HB2285: Alternative fuels; establishes tax rate for biodiesel fuel, etc., used in operating highway vehicle.
  • HJ834: Celebrating the life of Richard Louis Storch.
  • HJ835: Celebrating the life of George L. Barton IV.
  • HB252: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; changes in composition.
  • HB801: Equalization, Board of; Loudoun County board of supervisors to appoint members.
  • HB802: Virginia Pump Toll; established.
  • HB803: Charter; Town of Hillsboro in Loudoun County.
  • HB804: Charter; Town of Purcellville.
  • HB805: Motor vehicles; authorized on-road clean screen program and emissions inspection.
  • HB806: Overweight and oversize vehicle permits and fees; provides a method of assigning cost-based fees.
  • HB807: Electronic tracking devices; person who uses without consent to track location of another, penalty.
  • HB808: Senate and House of Delegates Districts; technical adjustments in boundries.
  • HB809: Insurance; employees of political subdivisions of State may receive from a locality.
  • HB810: Transportation Accountability, Joint Commission on; admin. staff support by House Clerk's Office.
  • HB811: Corporate tax credit; taxes paid in another state.
  • HB812: Historic district; notice of public hearing on designation of district.
  • HB813: Commercial space flight; funding and oversight.
  • HB1186: Telecommunications service provider or cable television system; rates for pole attachments.
  • HB1243: Charter; Town of Middletown.
  • HB1245: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; changes in composition.
  • HJ352: Celebrating the life of Hal P. Demuth.
  • HJ360: Commending A.R. Dunning, Jr.
  • HJ412: Commending Warren A. Arthur.
  • HJ5024: Commending the Millbrook High School girls' basketball team.
  • HB665: Budget bill; Governor to provide for additional appropriations to Transportation Trust Fund.
  • HB675: Transmission lines; SCC to establish certain conditions to minimize adverse environmental impact.
  • HB1323: Tolls; provided at Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel & Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel.
  • HB2019: Town and county treasurers; reciprocal agreements.
  • HB2020: Freedom of Information Act; definition of public records.
  • HB2021: Allocation of revenue-sharing funds; removes priority structure to localities.
  • HB2022: Overweight vehicles; Commissioner of DMV to develop comprehensive, tiered schedule for fees, etc.
  • HB2023: Elections; acquisition of voting equipment by localities on or after July 1, 2011.
  • HB2024: Electrical transmission lines; to assist in approval of lines applicant to minimize adverse impact.
  • HB2025: Noise abatement practices; use of noise reducing design and pavement materials for highway projects.
  • HB2026: Commercial vehicles; person required to register with Sex Offender & Crimes Against Minors Registry.
  • HB2027: Underground transmission lines; extends scheduled expiration date of pilot program.
  • HB2028: Motor vehicle registration; federal and state safety requirements.
  • HB2029: Vehicle emissions inspection program; provides for an on-road clean screen program, etc.
  • HB2030: Strategic Manufacturing and Job Repatriation Act; created, report.
  • HB2031: Charter; Town of Purcellville.
  • HB2032: Electronic tracking devices; prohibits person from placing in or on vehicle, penalty.
  • HB2259: Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act; identity credentials.
  • HJ621: Cell phone; Virginia Tech Transportation Institute to study disincentives for use in motor vehicles.
  • HJ701: Commending Stephen L. Oesch.
  • HJ735: Manufacturing jobs; Manufacturing Development Commission directed to develop plan for repatriating.
  • HB665: Budget bill; Governor to provide for additional appropriations to Transportation Trust Fund.
  • HB666: Transportation Capital Projects Revenue Bonds; used for new road or highway construction projects.
  • HB667: Residential Property Disclosure Act; seller required to disclose presence of wastewater system.
  • HB668: Electric transmission line verification costs; applicant to pay SCC or third-party consultant.
  • HB669: Triennial census; eliminates three-year requirement, distribution of sales & use tax.
  • HB670: Electronic tracking devices; unauthorized installation or placement in motor vehicle, penalty.
  • HB671: Electrical Utility facility; requires SCC to conduct public hearing for approval of construction.
  • HB672: Virginia Infrastructure Project Loan Fund; created.
  • HB673: State Corporation Commission; increases number of members.
  • HB674: Radar detectors; use thereof considered traffic infraction.
  • HB675: Transmission lines; SCC to establish certain conditions to minimize adverse environmental impact.
  • HB676: Aerospace Advisory Council; adds five members, powers and duties.
  • HB677: Specialized Biotechnology Research Performance Grant Program; established.
  • HB678: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Investment Authority & Commonwealth Research & Commercialization Fund.
  • HB679: Social security numbers; no state or local agency may collect under certain circumstances.
  • HB680: Recordation fees; increases every deed, deed of trust, etc., conveying an interest in real property.
  • HB1323: Tolls; provided at Monitor Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel & Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel.
  • HJ96: Transportation Needs, Commission on; established, report.
  • HJ175: Celebrating the life of Dr. Everette Lee May.
  • HJ176: Celebrating the life of Robert N. Twigg.
  • HJ180: Commending the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ181: Commending the Town of Boyce on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • HJ454: Commending Bruce Lemmert.
  • HB628: Antique, vintage, and collectible items; designating items, penalty.
  • HB636: Insurance notices; electronic delivery.
  • HB638: Voting equipment; acquisition and securing by localities.
  • HB1511: Changeable electronic variable message signs; imposes a moratorium on erection of advertisements.
  • HB2421: Freedom of Information Act; definition of public record.
  • HB2422: Voting equipment; locality that acquired DREs prior to 7-1-07 may temporarily conduct election..
  • HB2423: Broadband Advisory Council; established.
  • HB2424: Graffiti; restitution for abatement costs.
  • HB2425: Highways, primary and secondary; transfer roads, bridges, etc., therefrom to local system of roads.
  • HB2426: Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act; extends implementation of prohibition.
  • HB2427: Protection of Social Security Numbers Act; first five digits to be confidential from disclosure.
  • HB2428: Distribution of handbills, etc. on highways; grants Loudoun County power to regulate.
  • HB2429: Land development plans; adds Town of Leesburg to localities that may develop procedure for review.
  • HB2430: Electronic delivery of insurance notices; authorizes insurers to electronically transmit.
  • HB2576: Solid waste; electricity generated therefrom.
  • HB2577: Highway noise abatement; Transportation Board or VDOT to plan therefor when constructing.
  • HB2665: Broadband Infrastructure Loan Fund; created.
  • HJ770: Virginia's Transportation Needs, Commission on; created, report.
  • HJ779: Commending Lucas Brown.
  • HJ864: Commending Johnny Rocca.
  • HJ969: Commending the Honorable Jean Harrison Clements.
  • HB625: Personal property tax; extends sunset provision for separate classification for tax purposes.
  • HB626: Investment of Public Funds Act; investment of funds for volunteer fire & rescue squad pension prog.
  • HB627: PPTA; private entity to pay costs for independent audit of all traffic and cost estimates.
  • HB628: Antique, vintage, and collectible items; designating items, penalty.
  • HB629: VDOT regulations; fiber optic facilities.
  • HB630: VDOT regulations; placement of customer service drop cables.
  • HB631: Special license plates; sesquicentennial of the American Civil War.
  • HB632: Resources Authority; provisions of broadband services.
  • HB633: Personal Information Privacy Act; prohibits dissemination of another's social security number.
  • HB634: Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act; disclosure of personal information.
  • HB635: Impact fees; expands existing road impact fee provisions to include school improvements, etc.
  • HB636: Insurance notices; electronic delivery.
  • HB637: Campaign Finance Disclosure Act of 2006; applicability to town elections.
  • HB638: Voting equipment; acquisition and securing by localities.
  • HB639: Charter; Town of Purcellville.
  • HB640: Voting; extending hours polls are open in Northern Virginia.
  • HB1140: Tolls; State Corporation Commission authority to approve or revise rates charged.
  • HB1319: Underground transmission lines; pilot program established.
  • HB1320: Public road easements; maintenance of certain roads not abandoned.
  • HB1406: Rural rustic road program; increases maximum average daily traffic volume for roads.
  • HB1510: Gang-related criminal information; Department of State Police to include in Crime in Va. report.
  • HB1511: Changeable electronic variable message signs; imposes a moratorium on erection of advertisements.
  • HB1578: Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; refund of certain fees and taxes imposed thereby.
  • HB6051: Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability.
  • HJ308: Celebrating the life of W. Barry Lisagor.
  • HB2379: School bus stops; local governing bodies and VDOT to mark pavement of highways to indicate.
  • HB2380: Road improvements; use of cash proffers by localities.
  • HB2381: Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act; wireless broadband services.
  • HB2382: Consumer utility taxes, local; provider remains liable to appropriate taxing locality.
  • HB2383: Speed limits; provides maximum speed limit in Village of Lucketts.
  • HB2384: Uniform Environmental Covenants Act; created.
  • HB2385: Personal property tax; separate classification for wireless broadband service providers.
  • HB2386: Campaign finance disclosure; filings of candidate reports.
  • HB2387: Parking ordinances; local governments may prohibit parking of certain vehicles.
  • HB2388: License tax; exempt business providing electronic payment services for financial institutions.
  • HB2614: Electrical utility facilities; review of construction applications by State Corporation Commission.
  • HB2615: Electrical utility facilities; suspension of new construction in Loudoun and Fauquier Counties.
  • HB2616: Airports, private-use; those licensed not required to provide proof of financial responsibility.
  • HB2617: Aircraft; proof of financial responsibility with respect thereto.
  • HB3028: Driver's license, commercial; fee for failing to attend scheduled skills test appointment.
  • HB3115: Eminent domain; compensation for damage to viewshed.
  • HB3116: Private road easements; maintenance and improvements.
  • HJ881: Commending Memory Porter.
  • HB814: Uniform Environmental Covenants Act; created.
  • HB815: Standards of Quality; modify current funding formula and calculation of composit index.
  • HB816: Recording devices in motor vehicles; access to recorded data.
  • HB817: Affordable housing; dwelling unit program applicable in Town of Leesburg.
  • HB818: Public Procurement Act; design-build projects by local public bodies, methods of procurement.
  • HB819: Magistrates; retired is eligible to serve as substitute.
  • HB820: Public facilities impact fees; applicable in all localities.
  • HB821: Rural Rustic Road program; roads with certain average daily traffic volumes qualify therefor.
  • HB822: Libraries, local public; donations of materials to nonprofit organizations.
  • HB823: Speed limits; signs placed in residence districts without approval of county.
  • HB824: Signs; authorizes any town to request and pay for installation thereof.
  • HB825: Speed limits; certain restrictions in residence districts.
  • HB826: Tolls; failure to pay, penalty.
  • HB827: License plates.; prohibits use of any bracket, etc. that obscures or alters.
  • HB1120: Radar detectors; repeals prohibition on use thereof.
  • HB1121: Charter; Town of Purcellville.
  • HJ100: Underground transmission lines; JLARC to study criteria, etc. used by SCC in evaluating feasibility.
  • HJ305: Commending the Loudoun Medical Group.
  • HJ335: Commending Charles Beardsley.
  • HJ5006: Commending the Clarke County High School boys' basketball team.