Senator Kenneth Alexander (D-Norfolk)

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5: Chesapeake City (Part), Norfolk City (Part) [map]
Took Office
September 2012
Next Election
November 2015
Commerce and Labor, Health, Welfare and Institutions, Commerce and Labor, Privileges and Elections, Rehabilitation and Social Services, Transportation
Copatroning Habits
63% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 55% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 52% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
26.3% in 2014
Campaign Contributions
$0.00 cash on hand (December 2012 report)
Top 10 Donors
Verizon Good Government Club of Va Telecommunications Richmond $1,500
Dominion PAC Utilities Richmond $1,500
Altria Client Services Inc Tobacco, Consumer products Richmond $1,000
Va Credit Union PAC Financial Lynchburg $500
Va Society of Anesthesiologists Medical Richmond $500
VEA Fund Education Richmond $500
Wawa, Inc. Convenience Store PA $500
Va Beer Wholesalers Assn PAC Food & beverage - wholesale Richmond $500
AT&T Telecommunications TX $500
Appalachian Power Co Energy Company Richmond $500

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Late last year, State Senator Kenneth Alexander from Norfolk asked Attorney General Mark Herring to investigate the legality of the $25 admin fee. A spokesperson from the AG office said there will be no comment while he's looking into the matter.and more »

Daily Caller: Virginia: Governor Terry McAuliffe Vetoes Several Pro-Gun Bills This Session

March 31, 2015
Senate Bill 948: Sponsored by pro-gun Senator Richard Stuart (R-28), SB 948 would prohibit the sharing of information on concealed handgun permit holders with law enforcement in states that do not have reciprocity agreements with Virginia. This ...and more »

WAVY-TV: Bill in General Assembly takes aim at PETA

February 3, 2015
A member of the committee, Senator William Stanley, a Republican from the 20th district, introduced Senate Bill 1381. It's cosponsored by Democratic Senator Kenneth Alexander from Norfolk. The bill aims to redefine the role of a private animal shelter ...and more »

Daily Press: Ethics reforms clear chambers, now to negotiate

February 10, 2015
Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment, Jr., R-James City, left, and Sen. Ryan McDougle, R-Hanover, right, confer before Norment presented SB1424, his bill dealing with ethics, during the floor session of the Virginia Senate at the State Capitol in ...and more »

Business Insider: Online gambling company GVC interested in 'something like' Bwin

March 23, 2015
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From the Legislator’s Website

Pilot on Politics

January 13, 2013

The State of Transportation

December 29, 2012

Better Health, Longer Life

August 16, 2012


  • SB616: Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; elimination of Department, etc.
  • SB729: Credit life and credit accident and sickness insurance; reports.
  • SB781: Passing with a double yellow line; drivers allowed to pass a pedestrian, bicycle, skateboard, etc.
  • SB838: Armed forces member; immediate family of a member of armed forces may obtain state resident license.
  • SB881: Safety and Health Codes Board; establishment of Voluntary Protection Program.
  • SB895: Funeral Directors and Embalmers, Board of; clarifies definition of embalming.
  • SB896: Child labor laws; appeal procedures.
  • SB951: Dead bodies; disposition of remains or burial of decedent.
  • SB1024: Apprenticeship-related instruction.
  • SB1106: Veterans; unclaimed cremains.
  • SB1145: Local school board members; professional development.
  • SB1332: Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission.
  • SB1333: Virginia Public Procurement Act; small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses.
  • SB1363: Virginia Health Benefit Exchange; created.
  • SB1364: Income tax, corporate; apportionment of income for manufacturers, exemptions.
  • SB1375: School boards; elections; City of Norfolk.
  • SJ87: Appalachian Cherokee Nation, Incorporated; General Assembly to extend state recognition.
  • SJ286: Commemorating the life and legacy of Benjamin Franklin Butler.
  • SJ314: Commending Thomas M. Little.
  • SJ315: Commending the Honorable Gwendolyn Jones Jackson.
  • SR79: Commending Palmer Stillman.
  • SR99: Celebrating the life of Bonnie Estelle McEachin.
  • SR105: Commending Frank Duke.
  • SB23: Conflicts of Interests Acts, State & Local Government and General Assembly; gifts, disclosures.
  • SB24: Downtown and Midtown Tunnels; use by law enforcement, school buses, emergency medical vehicles, etc.
  • SB26: Public comment and transparency; presentation of proposals to Committees of the General Assembly.
  • SB70: Insurer insolvencies; refunds of surplus funds.
  • SB90: Norfolk, City of; changes length of term for school board members.
  • SB91: Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995; comprehensive agreement.
  • SB198: Charter; City of Norfolk.
  • SB199: Service districts; different classifications of property may be taxed based on benefit received.
  • SB246: Funeral services; cremation.
  • SB304: Dead human bodies; establishes a process for disposition for unclaimed bodies.
  • SB403: Dead bodies; disposition.
  • SB404: Virginia Health Club Act; changes term health spa to health club throughout Act.
  • SB616: Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; elimination of Department, etc.
  • SJ6: Commending Andolyn Medina.
  • SJ87: Appalachian Cherokee Nation, Incorporated; extends state recognition.
  • SJ94: Commending the Norfolk Chamber Consort on its 45th anniversary.
  • SJ110: Celebrating the life of Kathryn Brown Bibbins.
  • SJ127: Celebrating the life of Joshua P. Darden, Jr.
  • SJ5039: Commending Donald R. Buma.
  • SB699: Medical malpractice; expert witness certification, court may conduct an in camera review.
  • SB700: Taxes on fuels; issuance of bonds.
  • SB823: Writ of actual innocence; joint motion for petitions.
  • SB836: Fraud; court may vacate judgment of criminal conviction.
  • SB1147: Cemetery Board; resale of interment rights by churches or religious organizations.
  • SB1194: Juveniles; alleged to be truant, development of truancy plan.
  • SB1374: Schools; interventions for those denied accreditation and failing to demonstrate progress.
  • SJ271: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Yvonne Bond Miller.
  • SJ286: Commending the Lake Taylor High School football team.
  • SJ294: Public schools; encouraged to promote ideals, heroes, and successes of nonviolence.
  • SJ301: Celebrating the life of Leeser Boone Howell.
  • SJ326: Appalachian Cherokee Nation of Virginia; State recognition.
  • SJ333: Celebrating the life of Dr. Virginia R. Armstrong.
  • SJ395: Celebrating the life of Athaline S. Fisher.
  • SJ396: Commending Divine Baptist Church.
  • SR39: Celebrating the life of the Reverend John R. Briggs, Sr.
  • HB886: Truancy; Board of Education shall promulgate regulations to address.
  • HB887: Student suspension or expulsion from school; requires superintendent to ensure continued education.
  • HB888: Companion animals, tethering of; allows any locality to regulate by ordinance.
  • HB889: Tolls; collected for use of Midtown or Downtown Tunnels between Norfolk and Portsmouth.
  • HB890: Mortgage foreclosure; right to reinstatement.
  • HB891: Mobile infrared transmitters; violation of prohibition on operation of nonemergency vehicles.
  • HB892: Highway Construction Projects Trust Fund; established.
  • HB1125: Dead bodies; requires court authorization for locality to pay reasonable expenses for disposition.
  • HB1190: Workers' compensation; injured employee's choice of pharmacy providers shall not be restricted.
  • HB1297: Tolls; use to fund other facility.
  • HJ123: School attendance; Board of Education to study causes of chronic school absenteeism, etc.
  • HJ368: Commending Mary Lettie Toodle Norman.
  • HJ369: Commending Dr. Deborah M. DiCroce.
  • HR29: Commending Jeryl Rose Phillips.
  • HR581: Commending Irene Saunders Hoffler.
  • HB207: Police lineups; establishes a uniform procedure to be used by all law-enforcement agencies.
  • HB1385: Cemetery Board; exemptions from licensure.
  • HB1659: Funeral services; prerequisites for cremation.
  • HB1660: Special elections; filling vacancies in certain local offices.
  • HB1661: Disposition of dead bodies; payment of expenses.
  • HB1662: Prisoners; mandatory testing for human immunodeficiency virus.
  • HB1663: Mental health services; conditions for licensure of providers.
  • HB1664: Products liability; when cause of action accrues.
  • HB1665: Mortgage foreclosures; notices and reinstatement right.
  • HB2017: Death certificates; organ procurement organizations to determine suitability of organs for donation.
  • HB2018: Cemetery Board; establish requirements for resale of interment rights in cemetery, exemptions.
  • HB2452: Virginia Tort Claims Act; abolishes sovereign immunity up to maximum limits of statutory cap.
  • HJ581: Commending Cheryl Mathis.
  • HJ582: Commending Sentara Healthcare.
  • HJ583: Commending Josephine Demmons McBride.
  • HJ584: Celebrating the life of Edith R. Jones.
  • HJ585: Celebrating the life of Raymond H. Norman, Sr.
  • HJ586: Producer licensing examination candidates; Bureau of Insurance within SCC to collect information.
  • HJ858: Commending WHRO on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HR68: Celebrating the life of Joseph Robert Brooks, Jr.
  • HB200: Service districts annual tax; shall only be levied upon specific classification of real estate.
  • HB201: Human remains; proper handling by funeral establishment.
  • HB202: Campaign finance disclosure; person filing to attach a copy of most recent bank statement.
  • HB203: Wrongful incarceration; definition, compensation.
  • HB204: Customer telecommunications services; authorization and verification for products on telephone bill.
  • HB205: Residential property insurance; duty of insurer to repair damages.
  • HB206: Aboveground liquid fertilizer storage tanks; requires localities to adopt ordinance that regulates.
  • HB207: Police lineups; establishes a uniform procedure to be used by all law-enforcement agencies.
  • HB215: Campaign telephone calls; prohibits campaign person from falsifying identification information.
  • HB318: Manufacturing facility; expands definition to include those used in creation of intangible property.
  • HB319: Funeral services; prerequisites for cremation.
  • HB937: Boiler and pressure vessels; fees for certification.
  • HB1385: Cemetery Board; exemptions from licensure.
  • HJ48: Hunger and malnutrition; joint subcommittee to study extent and cost thereof in State.
  • HJ231: Commending Irvin Lewis Powell.
  • HJ232: Commending Lester L. Burnett.
  • HR27: Celebrating the life of Lucias T. Mitchell.
  • HR28: Celebrating the life of Robert Ratliff.
  • HB215: Real estate tax; classification of residential property.
  • HB2219: Qualified voter; definition of residence.
  • HB2220: Animal control officers; localities may raise cap on salaries.
  • HB2221: Federal write-in absentee ballots; witness requirement.
  • HB2222: Limited liability companies; domestications and cancellations thereof.
  • HB2495: Child labor; permits children 17 years of age satisfying enumerated criteria to drive automobiles.
  • HB2496: Early voting pilot projects; State Board of Elections to establish for general elections in 2010.
  • HB2499: Aerospace Advisory Council; adds Director of Space Grant Consortium to serve as ex officio.
  • HB5009: Claims; Arthur Lee Whitfield.
  • HJ774: Celebrating the life of Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Emmanuel McNeal.
  • HJ1039: Celebrating the life of Levi E. Willis, Sr.
  • HB196: Accident and sickness insurance, group; coverage for full-time students.
  • HB215: Real estate tax; classification of residential property.
  • HB216: Organs and tissue, transplantable; consent to remove.
  • HB217: Tethering of animals; makes certain acts associated therewith Class 3 misdemeanor.
  • HB577: Campus police; report of certain incidents to local law-enforcement agency.
  • HB673: Animals; clarifies several standards of welfare.
  • HB674: Aging, Department for; four-year plan therefor, report.
  • HB1317: Subaqueous lands; Marine Resources Commission to convey parcels of previously filled lands.
  • HB1422: Cemeteries; access thereto located on private property.
  • HB1423: Cemeteries; purchasing property containing private cemetery shall not be moved, relocated, etc.
  • HB1545: Consumer Protection Act; advertising at price after rebate.
  • HJ222: Celebrating the life of John T. Fisher, Jr.
  • HJ226: Commending the Jewish families of Berkley, Virginia.
  • HJ342: Commending the Norfolk Botanical Garden on the occasion of its 70th anniversary.
  • HJ438: Commending Vandeventer Black LLP on the occasion of its 125th anniversary.
  • HJ453: Celebrating the life of Sergeant William R. Howdeshell.
  • HB155: Residential property; permits localities to tax at a lower rate.
  • HB1299: Preneed Funeral Contract Recovery Fund; created.
  • HB1300: Funeral services licensees, funeral directors, and embalmers; continuing education requirements.
  • HB1302: Life insurance; payment of benefits to designee of beneficiary.
  • HB1622: Accident and sickness insurance, group; student medical leave of absence.
  • HB1635: Workers' compensation; occupational disease presumption of police officers of Norfolk Airport Auth.
  • HB1642: Voter registration records; clarifies duties of general registrars and State Board of Elections.
  • HB1658: Real property; survey of property required when purchased by public bodies.
  • HB1730: Real property; establishes separate classes for purposes of taxation rates.
  • HB2098: Tethering of animals; certain acts associated therewith Class 3 misdemeanor.
  • HB3052: Election officers; appointment of high school students age 16 or older to serve as interns.
  • HB3123: Housing authorities; must hold at least one public hearing to receive views of citizens.
  • HJ567: SOL; Department of Education to include standards regarding instruction on animal safety, etc..
  • HJ759: Celebrating the life of Beatrice J. Jennings.
  • HJ839: Celebrating the life of Geneva Harper Revell.
  • HJ842: Commending the New Frontier Church of God in Christ and its 40th anniversary Convocation.
  • HB151: Resident trainee; name changed to funeral service interns.
  • HB152: Felony arrest warrants; magistrates to issue only under certain circumstances.
  • HB153: Halal food; regulation of sale, penalty.
  • HB154: Campus police; local law-enforcement agency to be notified of certain reports.
  • HB155: Residential property; permits localities to tax at a lower rate.
  • HB1299: Preneed Funeral Contract Recovery Fund; created.
  • HB1300: Funeral services licensees, funeral directors, and embalmers; continuing education requirements.
  • HB1301: Death benefits; definition excludes payments under a life insurance contract.
  • HB1302: Life insurance; payment of benefits to designee of beneficiary.
  • HB1303: Small Estate Act; modifies collection of personal property by affidavit provision.
  • HB1419: Housing authorities; requirements of public hearings.
  • HJ209: Humane treatment of animals; report.
  • HJ277: Celebrating the life of Edna Joyce.
  • HJ348: Commending Marie G. Young.
  • HJ414: Celebrating the life of Harry A. Snyder.
  • HJ456: Commending Franklin R. Bowers.
  • HJ5118: Commending Pastor E. James Eaddy.