Del. Kathy Byron (R-Lynchburg)

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22: Counties of Bedford (part), Campbell (part), and Franklin (part); City of Lynchburg [map]
Took Office
January 1998
Next Election
November 2019
Commerce and Labor, Finance, Science and Technology
Copatroning Habits
82% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 76% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 67% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
57.1% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)
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These are all of the video clips of Kathy Byron’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 138 video clips in all.


  • HB993: Sales tax revenue allocation; increase amount allocated to discretionary spending for airports.
  • HB994: Parental leave benefits; DHRM to implement and administer.
  • HB995: Dogs; licensed hunter may track a wounded bear, turkey, or deer with certain weapon.
  • HB998: Parental or legal custodial powers, temporary delegation; child-placing agency.
  • HB999: Telework Promotion & Broadband Assistance, Office of, & Broadband Advisory Council; expiration.
  • HB1001: Health care shared savings; incentive programs.
  • HB1002: Medical care facility projects; permits for certain projects in Planning District II, civil penalty.
  • HB1003: Health care data reporting; penalty for failure to report.
  • HB1004: Stormwater; locality shall provide for full waiver of certain charges for public use airport runway.
  • HB1006: Labor market information; transfer of administration from VEC.
  • HB1007: Delegate Lacey E. Putney Memorial Highway; designating certain portion of U.S. Route 221.
  • HB1302: Health insurance; copayments for prescription drugs, disclosures.
  • HB1382: Agricultural best management practices tax credit; refundability for corporations.
  • HB1563: Electric utility regulation; rate review proceedings, Transitional Rate Period, etc.
  • HB1583: Commonwealth Broadband Chief Advisor; establishes position.
  • HB1584: Health insurance; balance billing for ancillary services.
  • HJ98: Business property; Department of Taxation to study appeals concerning valuation.
  • HJ527: Commending the Jefferson Forest High School boys' swim team.
  • HB350: Certificate of public need; changes to Medical Care Facilities Certificate of Public Need Program.
  • HB2101: Health care providers; data collection.
  • HB2102: Insurance regulation; corporate governance annual disclosures.
  • HB2103: Health insurance; benefit exchange.
  • HB2104: Machinery and tools tax; valuation, appeal of certain local taxes.
  • HB2105: Investment of Public Funds Act; investment of public funds in Virginia Investment Pool Trust Fund.
  • HB2106: Workforce Development, Virginia Board of; revises composition of Board.
  • HB2107: Health Insurance Reform Commission; assessment sent to Bureau of Insurance.
  • HB2108: Virginia Wireless Services Authority Act; rates and charges.
  • HB2347: Commonwealth's Development Opportunity Fund; limitation on use of moneys from the Fund.
  • HB2348: Women's right to vote; Va. Historical Society shall plan commemoration of centennial anniversary.
  • HB2411: Health insurance; reinstating pre-Affordable Care Act provisions.
  • HJ697: Const. amend.(first resolution); real property tax; exemption surviving spouse of disabled veteran.
  • HJ897: Celebrating the life of Eugene H. Farley, Jr.
  • HB58: Health benefit plans; large and small employers.
  • HB59: Certificate of public need; definition of medical care facility.
  • HB66: New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Fund & Program; established.
  • HB80: Property certified as tax exempt; effective date of tax exemption.
  • HB87: Health Insurance Reform Commission; assessments of legislation.
  • HB279: Career and technical education; three-year licenses.
  • HB307: Insurance companies; clarifies and updates provisions regarding notices to applicants, etc.
  • HB347: Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgery; certificate of public need not required.
  • HB348: Certificate of public need; exception for certain medical care equipment and services.
  • HB349: Certificate of public need; removes requirements for certain medical care facilities.
  • HB350: Certificate of public need; changes to Medical Care Facilities Certificate of Public Need Program.
  • HB820: Insurance policies; electronic delivery of information to policyholder, etc.
  • HB856: Women's Right to Vote, Commission for Commemoration of Centennial of; established.
  • HB1390: Neighborhood assistance tax credits; allocation of credits.
  • HJ7: Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority; JLARC to review Authority, report.
  • HJ45: Health insurance; coverage for abuse deterrent formulations for opioid medications.
  • HB1010: Emergency medical services providers; certification.
  • HB1522: Motor fuels; hauling during times of necessitous circumstances.
  • HB1523: Workforce Development, Virginia Board of; qualification for services related to WIA.
  • HB1629: Financial institutions; a bank may establish & operate automated teller machines, service facility.
  • HB1676: Postsecondary credential, etc.; local school board agreements with community colleges.
  • HB1677: Workforce development; grants for earning training credentials.
  • HB1986: Workforce Development, Virginia Board of; changes to Board requirements, annual report.
  • HB2026: Health Insurance Reform Commission; power and duties, upon request assess proposed mandated DLS.
  • HB2030: Certificate of public need; requirement, definition of project to qualify.
  • HB2033: Workforce development; coordination of statewide delivery of training programs & activities, report.
  • HB2034: Parental/legal custodial powers; temporary delegation, exemption from licensure for certain agency.
  • HB2035: Lynchburg, City of; establishment of an airport police department at Lynchburg Regional Airport.
  • HB2039: Higher educational institutions; establishment of pilot program.
  • HB2383: Child support; disabled child over the age of 18.
  • HB2384: Workers' compensation; electronic billing and payment.
  • HJ147: Affordable Care Act, federal; Bureau of Insurance to study effects on VA health insurance consumers.
  • HJ174: Tax restructuring; Department of Taxation to study.
  • HJ552: Celebrating the life of George E. Nolley.
  • HJ630: Opioid; mandating health insurance coverage for abuse deterrent formulations.
  • HJ795: Commending Kanika Davis.
  • HB106: Competitive telephone companies; establishes procedure for regulation.
  • HB1005: Health insurance policies; individual and group coverage, conversion policies.
  • HB1006: Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP); DCR to utilize storm-based approach in order to derive PMP.
  • HB1007: High school equivalency examinations; replaces references throughout Code.
  • HB1008: Voluntary apprenticeships; conforms provisions of Virginia's program to federal law.
  • HB1009: Workforce development; changes name of Va. Workforce Council to Va. Board of Workforce Development.
  • HB1010: Emergency medical services providers; certification.
  • HB1011: Local Government, Commission on; local mandates.
  • HB1043: Health benefit exchanges; regulation of navigators.
  • HJ132: Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP); DCR to study utilization of storm-based approach in updating.
  • HJ147: Affordable Care Act, federal; Bureau of Insurance to study effects on VA health insurance consumers.
  • HJ174: Tax restructuring; Department of Taxation to study.
  • HJ197: Recognizing the Honorable Lacey Edward Putney.
  • HJ272: Commending the Virginia Credit Union League.
  • HB463: Juveniles; legal custody transferred to Department of Juvenile Justice.
  • HB1112: Human papillomavirus vaccine; eliminates requirement of vaccination for female children.
  • HB2118: Insurance policies; required notice.
  • HB2128: Virginia Public Procurement Act; small procurements.
  • HB2137: Local governments; environmental impact reports, prohibits purchase of certain deicing agents, etc.
  • HB2138: Health Insurance Reform Commission; established, sunset provision, report.
  • HB2154: Virginia Workforce Council; powers and duties, change in membership.
  • HB2155: Insurance premiums license tax; technical corrections for administration.
  • HB2316: Virginia Public Procurement Act; multiple project contracts for architectural, etc., services.
  • HJ688: Workforce Investment Act; JLARC to update its 2003 report on State's implementation.
  • HJ758: Urban Agriculture Month; designating as October 2013, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HB460: Income tax, corporate; basis by which TAX shall assess manufacturing companies with additional tax.
  • HB461: Taxes, local; rate of interest capped at five percent annually, penalties.
  • HB462: Abortion; informed consent, shall undergo ultrasound imaging, exceptions.
  • HB463: Juveniles; legal custody transferred to Department of Juvenile Justice.
  • HB464: Virginia Health Benefit Exchange; created, report.
  • HB1061: Secondary school graduation requirements; diplomas.
  • HB1062: Virginia Employment Commission; Office of Attorney General may represent interests of State.
  • HB1112: Human papillomavirus vaccine; eliminates requirement of vaccination for female children.
  • HB1281: Wetland and dredge and fill programs, federal; authorizes State Water Control Board to regulate.
  • HB1295: State mandates; eliminating on local and regional government entities relating to education, etc.
  • HJ141: Unfunded federal mandates; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study.
  • HJ196: Celebrating the life of Warren Calvin Falwell.
  • HJ200: Commending Margaret A. Smith.
  • HJ202: Commending the Brookville High School football team.
  • HJ243: Wetlands; DEQ to study benefits and costs of seeking authority from USEPA to administer program.
  • HJ277: Commending Kevin Lunsmann.
  • HJ510: Commending the E.C. Glass High School boys' track team.
  • HB1037: Clean Energy Manufacturing Incentive Grant Fund; created.
  • HB1041: Workforce Council; reduces membership, Executive Committee shall review & recommend grant proposals.
  • HB1419: Human papillomavirus vaccination; eliminates requirement of vaccination for female children.
  • HB2315: Breach of medical information; adds private entities are required to provide notice.
  • HB2316: Clean Energy Manufacturing Incentive Grant Program; created.
  • HB2317: Information Technology Advisory Council; advise CIO on creation of technology application framework.
  • HB2318: Electronic notary; notary to notarize document if signer is not present if identity is established.
  • HB2319: State agency mandates; assessment imposed on local governments.
  • HB2320: Electronic tracking devices; placement on vehicle of person f