Del. Karrie Delaney (D-Centreville)

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67: Counties of Fairfax (part) and Loudoun (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2018
Next Election
November 2019
Courts of Justice, Health, Welfare and Institutions, Transportation
Copatroning Habits
86% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 92% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 73% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
53.3% in 2019
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  • HB407: Virginia Public Procurement Act; failure to pay unemployment taxes.
  • HB408: Green Job Creation Tax Credit; extends sunset date.
  • HB409: State plan for medical assistance services; orthotic devices.
  • HB410: Parental notice; literacy and Response to Intervention screening and services.
  • HB411: Veterans; DMV to offer information on services available to any person.
  • HB412: Family or household member; adds to existing definition.
  • HB413: Subdivision ordinance; energy efficiency and renewable energy provisions.
  • HB414: Virginia Energy Plan; covenants regarding solar power, reasonable restrictions.
  • HB415: Discipline; suspension, access to graded work.
  • HB547: Virginia Energy and Economy Transition Council; established, report.
  • HB548: FOIA; exempts DBHDS records of active investigations.
  • HB798: Employment; prohibited retaliatory action.
  • HB800: Employment; disclosure of terms.
  • HB801: Worker classification; penalties.
  • HB802: Employment; wage inquiries, prohibited retaliatory action.
  • HB803: Mandatory student activity fees; campus referendum.
  • HB806: Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund; uncompensated medical costs, victims of sexual assault.
  • HB807: Health care services; explanation of benefits.
  • HB808: Survivors of sexual assault.; every hospital to provide treatment or transfer services.
  • HB809: Child abuse and neglect; valid report or complaint, alleged abuser.
  • HB983: Traffic incident management vehicles; equipped with certain lights.
  • HB984: Misclassification of workers; cause of action.
  • HB1524: Prostitution; touching the intimate parts of another; penalty.
  • HJ73: Study; Interstate 66 Corridor Improvement Plan.
  • HB1659: Child abuse and neglect; mandatory reporters.
  • HB1660: Landlord and tenant; landlord may obtain certain insurance for tenant, notice to tenant.
  • HB1677: Motor vehicles, certain; expands mileage for driving distance for testing, etc.
  • HB1713: Employment; prohibited retaliatory action.
  • HB1817: Prostitution; promoting travel, penalty.
  • HB1818: Parking ordinances; enforcement by locality with a population of at least 40,000.
  • HB1819: Child support enforcement; fees.
  • HB1820: Nondisclosure or confidentiality agreements; sexual assault, condition of employment.
  • HB1821: Virginia Public Procurement Act; debarment for nonpayment of unemployment taxes.
  • HB1969: School boards; unexpended local funds.
  • HB2240: Virginia Energy Plan; covenants restricting solar energy collection devices.
  • HB2241: Green job training; creates tax credit.
  • HB2613: Maternity care patients; adds information about perinatal anxiety.
  • HB2633: Commonwealth Transportation Board; funding, congestion mitigation.
  • HB2643: Interstate 66; limits to $15 the tolls collected on the tolled portion.
  • HJ614: Forensic nursing in the Commonwealth; Virginia State Crime Commission to study.
  • HJ656: Virginia Resources Authority; transitioning Virginia's workforce.
  • HJ771: Commending the National Automated Clearing House Association.
  • HJ783: Commending the Chantilly High School field hockey team.
  • HJ784: Commending the Chantilly High School volleyball team.
  • HJ795: Celebrating the life of Leslie Bain Lord.
  • HJ796: Celebrating the life of John H. Chenard.
  • HJ797: Celebrating the life of Mary Barbara Kirk Hoge.
  • HJ798: Celebrating the life of Earl V. Karl.
  • HJ799: Celebrating the life of Thomas Francis Byrne.
  • HJ800: Celebrating the life of Robert Joseph Coniglio.
  • HJ801: Celebrating the life of Cleonia B. Ramsey Agee Olson.
  • HJ802: Celebrating the life of Edna Bounds.
  • HJ803: Commending the Chantilly High School boys' tennis team.
  • HJ804: Commending Girl Scout Troop 3173.
  • HJ833: Commending Locally Poured.
  • HJ912: Commending Girls on the Run of NOVA.
  • HJ913: Commending Safe Space NOVA.
  • HJ914: Commending the Westfield High School football team.
  • HJ915: Celebrating the life of Colonel Robert B. Mason, USMC, Ret.
  • HJ1040: Commending the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services.
  • HJ1041: Commending Fairfax County.
  • HR455: Celebrating the life of Joshua Wayne Bell.
  • HB106: Kinship Guardianship Assistance program; established.
  • HB109: School divisions, certain; development of plan to fund and phase in full-day kindergarten.
  • HB700: School readiness; tax credits established for five categories of expenditures.
  • HB703: Lethality assessment program; Department of Criminal Justice Services to establish.
  • HB704: Arbitration agreements; unconscionable and unenforceable provisions, sexual harassment and assault.
  • HB727: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; exclusion of records relating to public safety.
  • HB1237: Assault and battery against a family or household member; first offense.
  • HB1293: Unemployment compensation; increases penalty for failure to file reports.
  • HB1419: Public schools; instructional time for elementary school.
  • HB1561: Settlement agreements; indemnification provision declared void & waiver of sexual harassment claim.
  • HJ81: Fall Prevention Awareness Week; designating as third full week of September 2018.
  • HJ237: Commending the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.
  • HJ238: Commending the Westfield High School field hockey team.
  • HJ513: Commending Training Futures.
  • HJ514: Commending Madeleine LeBeau.