Del. Kelly Fowler (D-Virginia Beach)

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21: Cities of Chesapeake (part) and Virginia Beach (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2018
Next Election
November 2019
Privileges and Elections, Science and Technology
Copatroning Habits
84% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 93% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 81% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
0% in 2018
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  • HB1823: Virginia Fair Housing Law; unlawful discriminatory housing practices.
  • HB1876: Barbers and Cosmetology, Bd. for; license by endorsement, issuance of license to spouse of military.
  • HB1877: Adult education programs; requires year-round operation of programs by local school divisions.
  • HB1879: Stormwater management facilities; private residential lots, disclosure.
  • HB1901: Virginia Property Owners' Association Act; rights of lot owners.
  • HB1990: Barbers and cosmetologists; exemptions.
  • HB2175: Va. Residential Property Disclosure Act; disclosure of special flood hazard area.
  • HB2176: Real Estate Board; powers, license reciprocity.
  • HB2728: Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act; required disclosures for buyer to beware.
  • HJ739: Commending Virginia is for Lovers.
  • HJ856: Commending Oanh Pham Kim Dang.
  • HJ940: Celebrating the life of Bellamy Malaki Gamboa.
  • HR292: Commending Stop the Flooding NOW.
  • HR298: Celebrating the life of Bellamy Malaki Gamboa.
  • HR328: Commending Salem High School.
  • HR329: Commending Green Run High School.
  • HR330: Commending New Castle Elementary School.
  • HR331: Commending Indian Lakes Elementary School.
  • HR332: Commending Centerville Elementary School.
  • HR333: Commending JoAnn Falletta.
  • HR334: Commending the Council of United Filipino Organizations of Tidewater, Virginia, Inc.
  • HR335: Commending Oanh Pham Kim Dang.
  • HR356: Commending the Virginia Stage Company.
  • HR358: Commending the Virginia Opera.
  • HB1028: Real estate settlement; choice of settlement service provider.
  • HB1032: Real estate settlements; prohibition against kickbacks, rebates, or other things of value.
  • HB1037: Abortions; performance, eliminates certain requirement.
  • HB1038: Virginia Property Owners' Association Act; maintenance of stormwater management facilities.
  • HB1039: Nonstock corporations; instructed proxies.
  • HB1040: Common Interest Community Board; complaints from association members and other citizens.
  • HB1041: Virginia Property Owners' Association Act; lot owner rights.
  • HB1043: Virginia Property Owners' Association Act; meetings of association boards of directors.
  • HB1120: Common Interest Community Board; powers and duties concerning associations.
  • HB1121: Property owners' association; subject to provisions of Va. Nonstock Corporation Act, etc.
  • HB1122: Property Owners' Association Act; access to association records.
  • HB1123: Property Owners' Association Act; minutes of meetings of association boards of directors.
  • HB1143: Handguns; transfer permit required, penalties.
  • HB1145: Firearms magazines, certain; prohibition of sale, transfer, etc., fine.
  • HB1147: Sealing of court and police records; nonviolent misdemeanor offenses.
  • HB1585: Property Owners' Association Act; operation of association, requirements.
  • HB1586: Public school buses; seat belts.
  • HB1587: Redistricting; State Board of Elections to ensure correct district assignments of voters.
  • HB1588: Virginia Consumer Protection Act; notice of data breach.
  • HB1589: Recount procedures; questioned ballots.
  • HJ297: Commending women who ran for public office in Virginia in 2017.
  • HR14: Day of Women; designating as January 22, 2018, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HR119: Commending Cecile Richards.