Del. Karen Greenhalgh (R-Virginia Beach)

Photo of Karen Greenhalgh
85: City of Virginia Beach (part)
Took Office
January 2022
Left Office
January 2024
Copatroning Habits
83% of bills she has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 89% of them are Republicans. Of all of her fellow copatrons of the bills that she copatroned, 76% of them are Republicans.
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November 8, 2023 | 3:00 am

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October 27, 2023 | 3:00 am


  • HB1375: Health insurance; tobacco surcharge.
  • HB1376: Amateur radio operators; amber lights.
  • HB1377: Voter registration; cancellation for persons known to be deceased or disqualified to vote, deadline.
  • HB1387: K-12 schools/higher ed. institution; designation of interscholastic, etc., sports based on sex, etc.
  • HB1685: Business local; taxes, penalties.
  • HB1686: Sales and use tax, local; exemptions for food purchased for human consumption.
  • HB1689: Patient visitation; request visitation from clergy members during declared public health emergency.
  • HB1690: Income tax, state; military benefits subtraction, age restriction.
  • HB1691: School Resource Officer Grants Program and Fund; awarding grants.
  • HB1953: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; closed meeting exemption, home instruction of children.
  • HB2269: Federal pandemic relief; funds for public education, certain conditions.
  • HB2270: Abortion; right to informed consent, civil penalty.
  • HB2440: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Commission; established, report, sunset provision.
  • HJ457: United States Constitution; application for a convention of the states.
  • HJ585: Commending Regent University.
  • HJ638: Commending Generation Joshua.
  • HJ681: Commending the Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club.
  • HB54: Absentee voting; ballots to be sorted and results to be reported by precinct.
  • HB55: Voter registration; list of decedent transmitted by St. Reg. of Vital Records to Dept. of Elections.
  • HB102: Prescriptions; off-label use.
  • HB103: Income tax, state; deduction for eligible educator qualifying expenses.
  • HB212: Abortion; right to informed consent.
  • HB873: Public elementary and secondary schools; threat assessment team membership, etc.
  • HB1094: Fair Repair Act; access to diagnostics, tools, service documentation, and firmware, penalties.
  • HB1163: Virginia Beach, City of; amending charter, expands board of equalization.
  • HB1332: Correctional facility; intentionally covering, removing, etc., a security camera, penalty.
  • HJ19: Public education; Department of Education to study purpose and goals.
  • HJ367: Commending Ryan Zimmerman.