Sen. Lionell Spruill (D-Chesapeake)

Photo of Lionell Spruill
5: Chesapeake City (Part), Norfolk City (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 1994
Next Election
November 2019
Commerce and Labor, Local Government, Privileges and Elections, Rehabilitation and Social Services, Transportation
Copatroning Habits
61% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 77% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 56% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
66.7% in 2019

Spruill served from the House of Delegates from 1994–2017, when he joined the Senate.

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These are all of the video clips of Lionell Spruill’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 55 video clips in all.


  • SB43: Absentee voting; prohibiting release of absentee voter applicant list.
  • SB44: Public elementary and secondary school students; use of topical sunscreen, etc.
  • SB45: Absentee voting; no excuse required.
  • SB46: Absentee voting; application form contents.
  • SB47: Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, Va. Council on the; membership.
  • SB48: Nonpayment of wages; discriminatory actions prohibited, effective clause.
  • SB49: Nonpayment of wages; investigations.
  • SB50: Virginia Human Rights Act; racial discrimination, hair.
  • SB51: Carrying a concealed handgun; consumption of alcohol in a public park, penalty.
  • SB96: Norfolk, City of; amending charter, employees of officers, vagrants.
  • SB162: Virginia Personnel Act; hiring preference in state government for persons with disabilities.
  • SB163: Entitlement to sales tax revenues from certain public facilities; authorized localities.
  • SB164: Accident airtrip insurance; vending machine sales.
  • SB165: Life and annuities agents; report on examination passage rate.
  • SB227: Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission; review and adjust fee schedules annually.
  • SB228: Motorized skateboard or scooter; increases age requirement to operate.
  • SB555: Voting; restrictions on the basis of race.
  • SB559: Entitlement to sales tax revenues from certain public facilities; authorized localities.
  • SB560: War veterans; removal, relocation, or altering of monuments.
  • SB624: Geriatric prisoners; conditional release.
  • SB955: Celebration of marriage; fee.
  • SB992: Carbon trading program; allocation of allowances, new facility.
  • SB1030: Dangerous captive animal exhibits; definitions, penalty, effective date.
  • SR1: Norfolk Police Department; commending.
  • SB838: Virginia Conservation Police Review Board; created.
  • SB1025: Companion animals; adequate shelter and space.
  • SB1026: Absentee voting; no-excuse, in-person, beginning on second Saturday immediately preceding election.
  • SB1060: Lottery; disclosure of identity of winners.
  • SB1079: Minimum wage; exemptions.
  • SB1088: Chesapeake Hospital Authority; investment of funds.
  • SB1295: Public schools; tobacco products and nicotine vapor products.
  • SB1664: Absentee voting; prohibiting release of absentee voter applicant list.
  • SB1670: State Corporation Commission; pipeline facilities, inspection reports.
  • SJ256: Celebrating the life of William E. Ward.
  • SR134: Commending RevolutionaryVA250.
  • SR140: Commemorating the life and legacy of Victor J. Ashe.
  • SB18: Security freezes; fees.
  • SB23: Health insurance; coverage for limited drug refills.
  • SB24: Sex offenders in emergency shelters; notification registration.
  • SB25: Drug Control Act; dispensing drugs without a prescription.
  • SB26: Nominating party candidates; certain incumbents to determine method.
  • SB52: Juveniles; places of confinement.
  • SB53: Criminal street gang predicate offenses; penalty.
  • SB143: Mortuary science education; practical experience required.
  • SB144: Form of ballot; party identification of candidates.
  • SB286: Landlord and tenant law; transient lodging as primary residence.
  • SB361: Norfolk, City of; eliminates cap on salaries of appointed members of school board.
  • SB365: Certificate of public need; establishing a new ambulatory surgery center in Hampton Roads.
  • SB742: Firearms magazines and firearms, certain; prohibition of sale, transfer, etc., penalties.
  • SB838: Virginia Conservation Police Review Board; created.
  • SB872: Tethering animals; outdoor tethering of companion animals, definitions of adequate shelter and space
  • SB881: Funeral Directors and Embalmers, Board of; increases membership.
  • SJ29: Standards of Quality; JLARC to study cost to implement.
  • SR1: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Faye Delores Watford Mitchell.
  • SB881: Va Retirement System (VRS); receipt of retirement allowance while employed in a covered position.
  • SB882: Absentee voting; eligibility of any registered voter.
  • SB883: Expungement of police and court records; costs.
  • SB959: Va Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; landlord to inspect vacated dwelling for abandoned animals.
  • SB960: Absentee ballots; expediting counting of absentee ballots returned by mail prior to election day.
  • SB961: Absentee voting; processing of rejected absentee ballots.
  • SB1415: Virginia Port Authority; removal of members on Board of Commissioners.
  • SJ250: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Johnny S. Joannou.
  • SJ388: Commending Kenneth Mason Easley, Jr.
  • SR123: Celebrating the life of Thomas Edward Graves, Jr.
  • HB161: November elections; elections and terms for mayors, councils, and elected school boards.
  • HB371: Maritime cargo terminal owners or operators; vehicles owned or leased.
  • HB633: Standards of Learning; history and social science instruction.
  • HB1148: Recognizances; person subject to immigration detainer.
  • HB1149: Police & court records; if order of expungement, clerk of court shall refund petitioner costs paid.
  • HB1177: Bail bondsmen; licensure of nonresidents.
  • HJ218: Commending Angela West.
  • HB1165: Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; elimination of Department, etc.
  • HB1281: Kill switches for digital devices; definitions, civil penalty.
  • HB1282: Judges; limitation on election and appointment.
  • HB1337: Recordation tax; exemption for bail bondsmen.
  • HB1442: Police and court records; fees for expungement from record.
  • HB1801: Firearms; display or distribution of information at shows.
  • HB2396: Surety on a bond; discharge from liability, magistrates.
  • HJ805: Commending Dolores A. Moore.
  • HB1012: City of Suffolk; ordinance providing that charges for water and sewer shall be a lien on property.
  • HB1165: Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; elimination of Department, etc.
  • HB1185: Health insurance; coverage for mental health services.
  • HB5006: Judges; limitation on election and appointment of judges.
  • HJ5045: Celebrating the life of N. Duval Flora.
  • HJ5046: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Blanche Whitehurst McAllister.
  • HJ5114: Celebrating the life of Elizabeth Manning Paige.
  • HJ5227: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Vernon Thomas Forehand, Jr.
  • HJ5228: Celebrating the life of Don Alan Lee.
  • HR165: Celebrating the life of Joseph Albert Day.
  • HB2107: Absentee ballot procedures and count; requires prompt counting immediately after close of polls.
  • HB2119: Early voting; registered, qualified voter may vote in person from 10 to three days before election.
  • HB2129: Tolls; requires GA approval for tolling of any Interstate or state highway component.
  • HB2130: Nursing homes; implementation of voluntary electronic monitoring in residents' rooms.
  • HB2244: School Resource Officer Grants Program and Fund; proceeds may be disbursed to award matching grants.
  • HJ770: Celebrating the life of George Reid Swecker.
  • HB1019: Charter; City of Chesapeake.
  • HB1020: Precious metal dealers; retention of purchases for a minimum of 15 calendar days.
  • HB1292: Statewide Fire Prevention Code; grandfathering certain kitchens.
  • HB1293: Statewide Fire Prevention Code; local inspection fee in City of Chesapeake.
  • HB1294: Churches, synagogues, etc.; localities shall not charge any fee unless authorized by general law.
  • HJ161: Commending the Oscar Smith High School football team.
  • HJ247: Celebrating the life of Marion A. Boush.
  • HJ248: Celebrating the life of Charles Richard Foxx, Jr.
  • HJ249: Celebrating the life of Joseph Dixon, Jr.
  • HJ250: Celebrating the life of Alice R. Morris.
  • HJ251: Celebrating the life of Eunice White Terry.
  • HJ252: Celebrating the life of Addie Beatrice Weaver Christian.
  • HJ253: Celebrating the life of Shirley A. Freeman.
  • HJ254: Celebrating the life of Dr. Cynthia Patricia Chapman.
  • HJ255: Celebrating the life of Bishop Anthony E. Moses.
  • HJ258: Commending Earlie Blount, Sr., and Blanche Blount.
  • HB1489: Handheld personal communications device; texting while driving.
  • HB1490: Elections; acquisition of voting equipment by localities.
  • HB1896: School health services; school board to employ nurses to have ratio of one nurse per 1,000 students.
  • HB1897: Probationer; required to pay support to those legally responsible.
  • HJ766: Commending the Equipping Businesses for Success Institute.
  • HJ888: Commending Virginia Warren Garrett.
  • HB1211: Aboveground liquid fertilizer storage tanks; may require permit from local fire official.
  • HB1212: Norfolk State University, Visitors of; with approval of Governor, to lease titled real estate.
  • HB1251: State employees; restoration of health insurance plan options in Hampton Roads area.
  • HB1275: Real estate tax; localities to grant higher percentages of tax relief to elderly.
  • HB1281: License plates, special; persons convicted of DUI third or subsequent time to use.
  • HB2109: Economic Development Authority; allows City of Chesapeake to increase size of board of directors.
  • HB2110: Early voting; any qualified voter may vote in person from 17-3 days before election, etc.
  • HB2111: Workers' Compensation; adds sworn Port Authority police officers to those entitled to presumption.
  • HB2112: Financial literacy education; school board to implement objectives in middle and high schools.
  • HB2113: Absentee voting; persons age 65 and older may vote absentee.
  • HJ715: Disability History and Awareness Month; designating as October 2009, & each year therafter.
  • HJ738: Commending the Oscar Smith High School football team.
  • HB1272: School boards; financial literacy education.
  • HB1273: Prisoners; health care costs.
  • HB1274: Real estate tax; exemptions for elderly and handicapped persons in certain cities and counties.
  • HB1275: Real estate tax; localities to grant higher percentages of tax relief to elderly.
  • HB1276: Absentee voting; adds persons age 65 and older to list of persons eligible.
  • HB1277: Firearms; possession prohibited on Capitol Square.
  • HB1278: Voters; those registered may vote prior to election day.
  • HB1279: Transportation district commissioners; raises per diem.
  • HB1280: Charitable gaming; regulation under Board and Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
  • HB1281: License plates, special; persons convicted of DUI third or subsequent time to use.
  • HB1452: Display of offensive objects or devices; prohibited on any vehicle.
  • HB1461: Assisted living facilities; exempting certain from requirement to have license.
  • HJ175: School boards; JLARC to study implications of granting fiscal autonomy to those elected.
  • HR9: House of Delegates; amends and readopts Rule 84, and adds Rule 85.
  • HB2900: Firearms; prohibits possession thereof on Capitol Square.
  • HB2901: Absentee voting, in-person; qualified voters may vote at sites provided in locality.
  • HB2903: School buses; requirement of safety belts.
  • HB2904: Retirement System; additional information to localities.
  • HB2905: Charter; City of Suffolk
  • HB2906: Community Action Act; revises process for designation of community action agency.
  • HB2907: License plates, special; those convicted of DUI to use yellow license plates.
  • HB2908: Motor vehicle insurance; prohibits rate increases for not-at-fault accidents.
  • HB2909: Real estate tax; exemption for elderly and disabled.
  • HB2910: Affordable housing; development for low- and moderate-income persons.
  • HB2911: Absentee voting and absentee ballot applications; persons 65 or older may vote absentee.
  • HB3043: Health Commissioner; required to designate licensed physician to oversee minority health efforts.
  • HJ843: Commending the New Frontier Church of God in Christ and its 40th anniversary Worker's Conference.
  • HB79: Vehicle impoundment; driving with a suspended operator's license.
  • HB80: Absentee voting and ballot applications; persons 65 or older may vote absentee.
  • HB81: Early voting; any qualified registered voter may vote at specified times and places.
  • HB82: Law Officers' Retirement System; adding juvenile probation and parole officers.
  • HB84: School buses; requiring safety belts.
  • HB282: Unemployment compensation; effect of failure to maintain employment records.
  • HB741: State agencies; Comptroller shall develop policies to reduce costs of collecting debts owed thereto.
  • HB1554: Residential Property Disclosure Act; seller of historic property to provide notice to purchaser.