Sen. Lynwood Lewis (D-Accomac)

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6: Accomack County (All), Mathews County (All), Northampton County (All), Norfolk City (Part), Virginia Beach City (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2014
Next Election
November 2019
Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources, Education and Health, Local Government
Copatroning Habits
51% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 55% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 51% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
39.3% in 2018
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From the Legislator’s Website

These are all of the video clips of Lynwood Lewis’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 69 video clips in all.


  • SB217: Sale of dog or cat not obtained from releasing agency or animal rescue; prohibition.
  • SB689: Absentee voting; eligibility of persons whose polling place prohibits firearms.
  • SB1558: Onley, Town of; Amending charter, appointments and duties of town manger.
  • SB1559: C-PACE loans; shoreline resiliency improvements.
  • SB1560: Parking of certain vehicles; regulation in the Town of Cape Charles.
  • SB1561: Sixth grade science; Department of Education, et al., shall update curriculum.
  • SB1562: Eastville, Town of; new charter (previous charter repealed).
  • SB1563: School boards; local law-enforcement agencies, memorandums of understanding.
  • SB1564: Elections, State Board of; revision of regulations for reviewing and processing candidate petitions.
  • SB1569: Marine Resources Commission; grant of interest in subaqueous lands, etc.
  • SB1570: Adult protective services; creates central registry.
  • SB1571: Electronic voter registration; application by electronic means, U.S. Dept. of Defense-issued ID.
  • SB1588: Real property taxes; partial exemption for flood mitigation efforts.
  • SB1599: Ground water withdrawal; Eastern Shore Groundwater Management Area, incentives for use.
  • SB1666: Va. Coastal Protection Act; recasts Va. Shoreline Resiliency Fund.
  • SB1706: Lottery Board; regulation of casino gaming, limited operation, penalties.
  • SJ307: JLARC; costs of education, report.
  • SJ338: Designating July, in 2019 & each succeeding year, Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month.
  • SJ374: Commending Ghent in Norfolk.
  • SJ410: Celebrating the life of Mary E. Onley.
  • SJ411: Celebrating the life of Tony Robinson Washington, Jr.
  • SJ412: Celebrating the life of Kevin Glenn Wade.
  • SJ413: Commending Ohef Sholom Temple.
  • SJ456: Celebrating the life of Mary J. Barnett.
  • SJ457: Celebrating the life of Effie Marie Giddens Spady.
  • SB217: Sale of dog or cat not obtained from releasing agency or animal rescue; prohibition.
  • SB218: Recycling; clarifies definitions of beneficial use and recycling center, etc.
  • SB219: Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for flooding remediation, abatement, etc.
  • SB256: Norfolk, City of; amending charter, appointment of officers, record of ordinances, etc.
  • SB265: Coastal Adaptation and Protection, Special Assistant to the Governor for; position created.
  • SB397: Hampton Roads Coastal Resiliency Authority; created, report.
  • SB399: Drug overdose fatality review teams, local or regional; localities to establish.
  • SB400: Constitutional amendment; special funds for transportation purposes.
  • SB401: Sixth grade science; Department of Education, et al., shall update curriculum.
  • SB427: Redistricting process; new method for preparation of state legislative & congressional plans.
  • SB657: Va. FOIA; exclusion of information related to Va. Commercial Space Flight Authority.
  • SB689: Absentee voting; eligibility of persons whose polling place prohibits firearms.
  • SB693: Virginia Waterway Maintenance Fund and Grant Program; established, awarding a grant of funds.
  • SB695: Alcoholic beverage control; creates an Internet beer retailer license, definition.
  • SB696: Va. Alternative Energy & Coastal Protection Act; regulations to establish carbon dioxide cap, etc.
  • SB930: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; prohibited conduct relating to contracts.
  • SB931: Higher educational institution, public; crisis and emergency management plan, annual exercise.
  • SB932: Old Dominion University; board of visitors.
  • SB978: Redistricting; criteria for remedial plans.
  • SJ21: Constitutional amendment; property tax, exemption for flooding remediation, etc.
  • SJ35: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Funds (second reference).
  • SJ55: Working waterfronts; recognizing importance in Virginia.
  • SJ130: Celebrating the life of William Leslie Mariner.
  • SJ138: Celebrating the life of James Grover Eichelberger.
  • SJ139: Celebrating the life of Meriwether Lee Payne.
  • SJ156: Celebrating the life of Ruth Ann Rogers Wise Kellam.
  • SJ157: Commending Fred Matthews.
  • SR62: Commending the Virginia Aeronautical Historical Society.
  • SB290: Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act; required disclosures pertaining to NASA airfield.
  • SB330: Tuition, in-state; eligibility of members of Virginia National Guard.
  • SB1200: Voter identification requirements; repeal of photo identification requirements.
  • SB1201: Workers' compensation; suitably equipped automobile for incapacitated employee.
  • SB1202: Commercial Space Flight Authority; development of six-year strategic plan.
  • SB1203: Working waterfront development areas; establishment.
  • SB1204: Sale of dog or cat not obtained from releasing agency or animal rescue.
  • SB1205: Commercial fishing vessels; classifies vessels as a separate class of property.
  • SB1206: Redistricting process.
  • SB1349: Coastal Protection and Flooding Adaptation, Secretary for; creates position, effective clause.
  • SB1429: Onley, Town of; amending charter, shifts municipal elections from May to November.
  • SB1487: Public officers; automatic suspension upon conviction of felony.
  • SB1496: Virginia Alternative Energy and Coastal Protection Act; established, report.
  • SB1518: Recycling; beneficial use.
  • SB1531: Teachers, qualified; creates dependent care tax credit.
  • SB1532: Motor vehicle license fees; exemption of antique vehicles.
  • SJ280: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); apportionment; political considerations prohibited.
  • SJ281: Study; long-term economic viability of working waterfronts; report.
  • SJ331: Constitutional amendment; property tax, exemption for flooding remediation, abatement, etc.
  • SJ353: Celebrating the life of Elnora S. Branch.
  • SJ354: Celebrating the life of Warner Ray Hargis, Jr.
  • SJ355: Celebrating the life of Giles Crowder Upshur, Jr.
  • SJ361: Commending Shorter's Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • SB282: Virginia Shoreline Resiliency Fund; established, annual audit of Virginia Resources Authority.
  • SB283: Crab pots; recreational gear license, turtle excluder device.
  • SB284: Oysters; taking for recreational use.
  • SB290: Virginia Residential Property Disclosure Act; required disclosures pertaining to NASA airfield.
  • SB293: Virginia National Guard Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Program and Fund; established.
  • SB307: Beach restoration; expedited permit.
  • SB330: Tuition, in-state; eligibility of members of Virginia National Guard.
  • SB344: Sunday hunting; exempts any person who hunts rail (Rallidae) or other wetland birds.
  • SB345: Workers' compensation; employer's duty when employee incapable of work.
  • SB357: Court clerks; inclusion to obstruction of justice statute.
  • SB643: U.S. Department of the Interior; monitoring by VMRC, Assateague Island National Seashore.
  • SB652: State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act; prohibited contracts; exceptions.
  • SB672: Redistricting process; preparation and standards.
  • SB720: Environmental cleanup programs; localities may by ordinance establish.
  • SB721: Protective orders; assesses civil penalty.
  • SJ53: Commending NASA's Wallops Flight Facility.
  • SJ54: Commending first responders to the Cherrystone Campgrounds tornado.
  • SJ103: Celebrating the life of Vincent Johns Thomas.
  • SJ130: Commending Paul D. Fraim.
  • SR18: Commending the Reverend Anthony Curtis Paige.
  • SR19: Celebrating the life of Vincent Johns Thomas.
  • SR23: Commending Colley Avenue in Norfolk.
  • SR32: Celebrating the life of the Honorable N. Wescott Jacob.
  • SR34: Celebrating the life of Ann L. Dearsley-Vernon.
  • SR35: Celebrating the life of John Duffy.
  • SR59: Commending the Reverend Leonard Spady, Jr.
  • SR72: Commending Terry Howard.
  • SR73: Commending Jack Tarr.
  • SB880: Disposable plastic shopping bags; prohibits retailers from providing, local option.
  • SB931: Veterans identification card; definition of veteran.
  • SB950: Veteran Employment Grant Fund and Program; created.
  • SB956: Overheight vehicles; owner of vehicle to be fined for any damage.
  • SB958: Driving while intoxicated; mandatory minimum jail sentence, penalty.
  • SB962: Virginia Military Advisory Council (VMAC); reduces membership.
  • SB1000: Redistricting advisory commission, temporary; establishes commission, process of redistricting.
  • SB1070: Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority; dedicated revenues.
  • SB1115: Food and dairy products; sampling of seized products.
  • SB1189: Electronic communication service or remote computing service; obtaining records.
  • SB1312: Private roads; covenants, government maintenance and improvements.
  • SB1315: Nonhuman primates; acquisition prohibited, penalties.
  • SB1317: Virginia Shoreline Resiliency Fund; established.
  • SB1323: Study; Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; report.
  • SB1406: Workers' compensation; presumption of compensability for certain diseases.
  • SB1407: Paid sick leave for employees; civil penalties.
  • SB1464: Menhaden fishery; management.
  • SJ290: Governor's School for Innovation and Entrepreneurship; establishes in Hampton Roads.
  • SJ291: Flood resilience; DEQ to study potential for funding source to localities in coastal Virginia.
  • SJ368: Commending the Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.
  • SR38: Senate Committee to study safety of Route 13 in Northampton and Accomack Counties.
  • SR87: Commending the Mathews High School girls' volleyball team.
  • SR88: Commending Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.
  • SR111: Commending first responders to the Cherrystone Campgrounds tornado.
  • SJ147: Commending George M. Hudgins.
  • SJ170: Commending Carter Davis, Jr.
  • SJ187: Commending the City of Norfolk.
  • SJ5071: Commending Eastern Shore volunteer fire departments.
  • SR38: Senate Committee to study safety of Route 13 in Northampton and Accomack Counties.
  • SR39: Celebrating the life of Scott Harper.
  • SR40: Celebrating the life of Orris James Rowley III.
  • SR41: Celebrating the life of Calvin Leavenworth Brickhouse.
  • SR507: Commending C. Edward Vann.
  • SR508: Commending Lauren Campsen.
  • SR513: Celebrating the life of Brian Wayne Jones.
  • SR517: Commending the Reverend Kelvin F. Jones.
  • HB1195: Vehicle weight limits; increases tandem axle weight limit.
  • HB1506: Service firearms; minimum years of service.
  • HB1507: Deeds; circuit court clerk has authority to reject any deed or recordation for filing, etc.
  • HB1514: Golf carts and utility vehicles; adds Town of Wachapreague to list that may authorize.
  • HB1515: Widgeon, Randy Marshall; transfers his service pistol to his widow, Pamela Turlington Widgeon.
  • HB1516: Pharmacies; access to the Prescription Monitoring Program.
  • HB1517: Involuntary intoxication offense; notice by defendant to State of intention to present evidence.
  • HB1518: Sexual abuse of child; increases penalty for any adult who commits abuse with child under 15.
  • HB1799: Natural gas utilities; investments in qualifying projects.
  • HB1800: Land preservation tax credit; property conveyances for public use.
  • HB2014: Incarcerated individuals; notification of those ineligible for public assistance.
  • HB2173: Virginia Retirement System; retirees hired as school board security personnel.
  • HB2174: Workers' compensation; Commission may review any award of compensation, compensation benefits.
  • HB2176: Northampton County School Board; terms of members.
  • HJ226: Chincoteague, Town of; U.S. Department of Interior urged to oppose federal purchase of land.
  • HJ642: Celebrating the life of the Reverend David Raymond Chew, Jr.
  • HJ643: Commending Ballard Fish and Oyster Co., Inc.
  • HJ644: Commending William Leslie Mariner.
  • HJ656: Commending Dr. Billie M. Reed.
  • HJ700: Celebrating the life of Nicholas J. Covatta, Jr.
  • HJ757: Commending the Northampton County Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.
  • HJ945: Celebrating the life of Baxley Trower Tankard.
  • HB192: State facilities; reporting requirements of critical incidents involving consumers.
  • HB193: Property conveyance; DGS to convey to County of Accomack certain real property.
  • HB194: Driver's licenses, commercial; requires DMV to consider applicants' military experience.
  • HB195: Higher educational institutions; course credit for military service.
  • HB196: Haul seine nets; required to be anchored at one end to shore and other end mechanically drawn.
  • HB197: Grass, etc.; adds Town of Chincoteague to list authorized to require cutting on occupied property.
  • HB198: Voter registration; requires a receipt be given to person completing form at DMV office.
  • HB199: Town of Onancock; liens for water charges.
  • HB200: Assault and battery; any adult who commits on school grounds is guilty of Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • HB761: Recording deeds; statement of preparation.
  • HB762: License plates, special; changes those promoting tourism on Virginia's Eastern Shore.
  • HB763: Nonresident executors and testamentary trustees; conveyance of real estate located in State.
  • HB1195: Vehicle weight limits; increases tandem axle weight limit.
  • HB1214: Suspended license; when court may reduce charge.
  • HJ28: Celebrating the life of Bruce Samuel Paone.
  • HJ29: Celebrating the life of Suzanne Savedge Wescoat.
  • HJ30: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Dr. Charles F. Mapp.
  • HJ31: Celebrating the life of William Revell Lewis, Jr.
  • HJ226: Chincoteague, Town of; U.S. Department of Interior urged to oppose federal purchase of land.
  • HJ245: Commending Nottingham Enterprises, Inc.
  • HJ404: Commending Carlton W. Collins, Sr.
  • HR509: Celebrating the life of Dr. John Christopher Fiege.
  • HR510: Celebrating the life of William Clark.
  • HR515: Commending Fred Holland.
  • HR516: Commending L. Bruce Holland.
  • HB1467: Transient occupancy tax; adds Accomack County to those localities that may impose.
  • HB1702: Elections; member of local office, elected school board, etc., to take oath before first meeting.
  • HB1703: Alcoholic beverage control; mandated recycling at government stores.
  • HB1704: Retail Sales & Use Tax; exemption for spaceport activities.
  • HB1705: Workers' compensation; modifications to employee's home and automobile.
  • HB2185: Sewage systems; submission of onsite soil evaluations for permits or letters.
  • HB2186: Chesapeake Bay crab meat; containers should include at least 51% by weight, crab taken from Bay.
  • HB2187: Baylor Ground; removes certain area in waters of Crippen Creek from natural oyster beds, etc.
  • HB2188: Common interest communities; payment of resale disclosure packet fees.
  • HB2383: Freedom of Information Act; court review in cases of requester harassment.
  • HB2516: Income tax, state; allows taxpayer to transfer certain tax credits to another.
  • HB2517: Budget bill; basis for preparation.
  • HB2529: Life insurance; required disclosure.
  • HJ534: Celebrating the life of Charles E. Tull.
  • HJ535: Celebrating the life of William Clark.
  • HJ536: Celebrating the life of Sharone Denise White Bailey.
  • HJ589: Commending L. Bruce Holland.
  • HJ590: Celebrating the life of Donald J. Leonard.
  • HJ591: Celebrating the life of Frances Beatrice Bibbins Latimer.
  • HJ724: Celebrating the life of Jean Beaumont Merritt Mihalyka.
  • HJ900: Celebrating the life of C. Braxton Parks.
  • HB376: Service by publication; validates orders of those processed by a clerk or deputy clerk.
  • HB377: Equitable distribution; monetary award in divorce case may be enforceable same as judgment.
  • HB378: Golf carts; may cross at any intersection marked as a golf cart crossing in certain towns.
  • HB379: Credit line deeds of trust; under same statute of limitation as other deeds of trust and mortgages.
  • HB765: Communications sales & use tax; net revenue distributed according to each locality's pro rata.
  • HB766: Legal notices; failure by publisher of newspaper to properly publish shall not invalidate action.
  • HB1078: Charitable gaming; exempts volunteer fire departments & rescue squads from filing quarterly reports.
  • HB1079: Cemetery companies; exempt from reporting requirements for family burial plots.
  • HB1217: Firearm safety education program; school boards may offer in elementary grades.
  • HB1290: Nutrient trading; Eastern Shore facility to acquire credits in Potomac & Rappahannock tributaries.
  • HB1291: Harvester's license; prohibits Commission from issuing to certain nonresidents.
  • HB1356: License fees and taxes, local; exempts campgrounds and bed and breakfast establishments.
  • HB1371: Governor's Development Opportunity Fund; provides exception for locality to obtain grant or loan.
  • HJ74: State-owned submerged land; Institute of Marine Science to study management option on Eastern shore.
  • HJ75: Celebrating the life of Jeter Guy Lawson.
  • HJ76: Celebrating the life of Kenneth Fox Arnold.
  • HJ77: Commending the Wallops Flight Facility on the occasion of its 65th anniversary.
  • HJ78: Commending John H. Campbell.
  • HB1623: Marine tourism activity liability; uses similar language from Agritourism Activity Liability Act.
  • HB1681: Wells, private; requires site plan to be included in an application for permit to construct.
  • HB1682: Town of Nassawadox; charter.
  • HB1701: License plates, special; issuance of those bearing legend: SEAFOOD LOVER.
  • HB1924: Tuition grants; provide for commercial crab fishermen attending two-year educational institution.
  • HB1925: Clean Water Farm Award Program; identifies type of agricultural best management practices.
  • HB1926: Wallops Research Park; aerospace-related economic development.
  • HB1927: Commercial Space Flight Authority; increases membership of board of directors.
  • HB1928: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; registration requirements.
  • HB1929: Decedent's account balance; increases amount thereof to be paid to spouse or other distributees.
  • HB2223: Recreational saltwater license; authorizes Resources Commission to charge nonresidents higher fee.
  • HB2595: Charitable gaming; raises permit exemption threshold for volunteer fire department or rescue squad.
  • HJ786: Commending the Hoof Beats by the Beach 4-H Club of Accomack County.
  • HJ890: Celebrating the life of Edgar Kermit Wharton.
  • HJ891: Celebrating the life of Georgie Mae Drummond Taylor.
  • HJ984: Commending Trooper Kurt J. Johnson.
  • HB130: Death certificates; local health departments to have available upon request.
  • HB131: Child-restraint devices in motor vehicles; penalties if convicted two or more times.
  • HB151: Name change; proof that applicant is citizen of United States.
  • HB660: Manufactured homes; deemed real estate when equipment previously used for mobility removed.
  • HB661: Agritourism and marine tourism; activity liability.
  • HB662: Land preservation tax credit program; confidentiality of taxpayer information.
  • HB663: Zoning administrator; expands authority related to enforcement of residential occupancy limits.
  • HB1479: Real estate tax; relief for nonrelatives of owner or certain caregivers of elderly and handicapped.
  • HB1500: Aerospace Advisory Council, Directors of NASA Langley and NASA Wallops, etc.; appointments.
  • HB1879: Real estate tax relief for the elderly and handicapped.
  • HJ39: Commending the Eastern Shore Chapter of the Colonial Dames XVII Century on the occasion of its 40th.
  • HJ45: Commending Gail Lee.
  • HJ133: Celebrating the life of William Baldwin Bynum.
  • HJ142: Commending Downing's United Methodist Church on the occasion of its 225th anniversary.
  • HJ143: Commending the Edward H. Nabb Research Center.
  • HJ246: Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS); encouraging utilization thereof.
  • HJ326: Commending the Eastern Shore of Virginia Chapter of the National Society of the DAR.
  • HJ329: Commending NASA on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ338: Commending Jerusalem Baptist Church on the occasion of its 130th anniversary.
  • HJ339: Commending the Town of Chincoteague on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • HR1: Commending Steven E. Wilson.
  • HB67: Recordation tax; additional distribution to localities.
  • HB196: License plates, special; issuance to residents and supporters of Bay Creek community.
  • HB1713: Resources Authority; expands projects that can be financed to include land conserv. & preservation.
  • HB1714: Transient occupancy tax; increase thereof in Northampton County.
  • HB1719: Nurse, licensed; local school boards to employ for each school.
  • HB1870: Retirement System; clarifies purchase of prior service credit for National Guard.
  • HB1966: Sexual offenses; evidence of defendant's commission of another offense is admissible.
  • HB1967: Law Officers' Retirement System; agency heads not eligible except Chief of Capitol Police.
  • HB1968: Family subdivision; amends statute for conveyance of a lot.
  • HB2229: Impaired Waters Clean-up Plan Report; consolidation of various reports into.
  • HB2502: Donations; expands definition thereof to include provision of in-kind resources for event.
  • HB2720: Charter; Town of Cheriton.
  • HB3155: Electric power generation assets; State Corporation Commission's approval of divestiture.
  • HJ576: Open-space & Farmlands; Joint Sub. Studying Funding Sources for Purchase of Development Rights.
  • HJ660: Celebrating the life of John E. Worsley, Sr.
  • HJ695: Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport; joint subcommittee to study enhanced development of cargo, etc.
  • HJ760: Commending David B. Nichols.
  • HJ819: Commending Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority.
  • HJ889: Commending the Atlantic Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ976: Commending J. Robert Bray.
  • HR88: Commending the Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HB67: Recordation tax; additional distribution to localities.
  • HB95: Student, new; certain information required upon registration to public school.
  • HB103: Retirement System; purchase of prior service credit by members of National Guard.
  • HB106: Warning lights; use of red or red and white lights by NASA's Wallops Flight Facility vehicles.
  • HB125: Conservators of the peace; includes NASA's special agents.
  • HB175: Overweight farm vehicles; may operate at extended weights authorized.
  • HB196: License plates, special; issuance to residents and supporters of Bay Creek community.
  • HB651: Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act; gives authority to accept federal grant money.
  • HB652: Oyster tax; revenues to be deposited into Public Oyster Rocks Replenishment Fund.
  • HB653: Nonevidentiary substances or paraphernalia; disposal thereof.
  • HB981: Wildlife and fish restoration; Department of Game & Inland Fisheries to accept federal grant money.
  • HB982: Avian influenza; regulations to prevent & control in commercial and noncommercial poultry.
  • HB983: Animal or animal products; compensation for those destroyed to control disease outbreak.
  • HB1576: National Rural Transit Assistance Program; buses to be equipped with warning lights when stopped.
  • HJ11: Celebrating the life of Paul B. Merritt.
  • HJ12: Celebrating the life of Sergeant Tromaine K. Toy, Sr.
  • HJ21: Celebrating the life of Julia E. Major.
  • HJ133: Development rights; joint subcom. to study funding sources for purchase thereof to preserve land.
  • HJ224: Commending Alice Coles.
  • HJ252: Commending Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church on the occasion of its 140th anniversary.
  • HJ5059: Commending the Onancock Volunteer Fire Department and its historic firemen's carnival.
  • HJ5060: Celebrating the life of Thomas J. Matthews.
  • HJ5085: Commending Greenbackville Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.