Sen. Martin Williams (R-Newport News)

Photo of Martin Williams
1: Hampton City (Part), Newport News City (Part), Poquoson City (All), York County (Part)
Took Office
January 1996
Left Office
January 2008
Copatroning Habits
70% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 53% of them are Republicans. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 63% of them are Republicans.
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  • SB4: Outdoor advertising structures; adjustment or relocation thereof.
  • SB696: Reversion of certain land; Governor to convey interest thereof to locality in which located.
  • SB745: CRESPA; prohibits felons from acting as settlement agent thereunder.
  • SB746: All-terrain vehicles; amends statutes relating thereto.
  • SB751: Diploma seal; Board of Education to establish criteria for excellence in civics education.
  • SB752: Transportation Commissioner; salary and election thereof.
  • SB753: Transportation Board; election of non-at-large members thereof by majority vote of General Assembly.
  • SB1097: Records of DMV; eliminates fee to receive driving record abstracts therefrom.
  • SB1098: Alcoholic beverage control; tastings conducted by manufacturers or wholesalers.
  • SB1099: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Commission; change in membership.
  • SB1100: Toll facilities; operation of photo-monitoring or automatic vehicle identification systems.
  • SB1101: Hampton Roads Toll Facility Authority; created.
  • SB1102: Billboard signs; adjustment or relocation thereof.
  • SB1181: Subdivision streets; requirements for taking thereof into state secondary highway system.
  • SB1182: Charter; City of Hampton.
  • SB1183: False medical claim; increases civil penalty for attempt to defraud State.
  • SB1328: Airport Fund; distribution of revenues.
  • SB1329: Subdivision ordinance; provisions to adopt guidelines for design/construction of public facilities.
  • SB1366: Transportation funding; repeals motor fuels taxes and increases retail sales and use tax.
  • SB1367: Subaqueous land; Marine Resources Commission to convey certain S&S Marine Supply in Hampton.
  • SB1368: Transportation planning; excludes certain cities requiring submission of land use applications.
  • SB1383: Specially constructed, replica vehicles, etc.; revises procedures to be titled & registered by DMV.
  • SB1392: Fort Monroe; Governor to convey property to Fort Monroe Federal Development Authority.
  • SB1425: Hampton University; amending incorporation thereof to expand the purpose of the University.
  • SR58: Celebrating the life of Herbert Valentine Kelly, Sr.
  • SB2: Crab pot buoys and floats; regulations.
  • SB3: Transportation Commissioner; election by Transportation Board.
  • SB4: Outdoor advertising structures; adjustment or relocation thereof.
  • SB191: All-terrain vehicles and off-road motorcycles; owners must obtain title from DMV.
  • SB192: Hampton Roads Bridge and Tunnel Authority; created.
  • SB193: Highway construction funds; allocation for rail projects.
  • SB194: Motor vehicle registrations; dealer may issue temporary license plates & certificate of ownership.
  • SB195: Airports Revolving Fund; prepayment of loans from Fund.
  • SB196: Highways; allows local employees to build that are funded by State.
  • SB197: Driver's license; reinstatement fees.
  • SB198: Rail Advisory Board; members not subject to certain provisions.
  • SB199: Automobile graveyards & junkyards; adds City of Newport News to local. that may require screening.
  • SB302: Taxes, local; use of collection agents.
  • SB303: Motor vehicle renting companies; charge of vehicle licensing fee.
  • SB304: Commonwealth Transportation Board.
  • SB305: School buses; vehicle classifications and endorsements.
  • SB306: Motor vehicle dealers; increases bond requirements.
  • SB307: Urban Highway Congestion Mitigation Fund; created.
  • SB308: Motor fuel establishment; presumption that owner or lessee of vehicle failed to pay, penalty.
  • SB423: Highway construction districts; list of localities within, & membership of Transportation Board.
  • SB425: Interstate Public-Private Transportation Partnership Compact; created
  • SB634: Subaqueous permits; additional platform to serve as water-dependent use.
  • SB685: Alcoholic beverage control; permissible conduct by manufacturers, and wine or beer wholesalers.
  • SB696: Reversion of certain land; Governor to convey interest thereof to locality in which located.
  • SJ60: Road system; joint subcommittee to study role of State in meeting future transportation needs.
  • SJ68: Commending NASA's initiatives and Vision for Space Exploration.
  • SJ69: Commending the Virginia Choral Society on the occasion of its 75th anniversary.
  • SJ84: Study; redistricting process; report.
  • SJ112: Commending Edgar E. Maroney.
  • SJ202: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Howard W. Saunders III.
  • SJ210: Celebrating the life of Svein Jarl Lassen.