Del. Mark Levine (D-Alexandria)

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45: Counties of Arlington (part) and Fairfax (part); City of Alexandria (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2016
Next Election
November 2019
Health, Welfare and Institutions, Militia, Police and Public Safety
Copatroning Habits
87% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 90% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 73% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
5.3% in 2017
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These are all of the video clips of Mark Levine’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2016. There are 32 video clips in all.


  • HB39: Minimum wage, local alternative; establishes procedure by which wage may be imposed in any locality.
  • HB40: Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program; established, effective clause.
  • HB41: Firearms; mechanical devices designed to increase rate of fire, penalty.
  • HB136: Alcoholic beverage control; annual mixed beverage special events licenses for museums.
  • HB137: Marijuana; possession or distribution for medical purposes.
  • HB138: Fornication; repeals crime.
  • HB140: Firearm transfers; criminal history record information checks, penalty.
  • HB401: Discrimination; sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • HB402: Law-enforcement agencies, local; body-worn camera systems.
  • HB403: Voter registration; automatic voter registration.
  • HB404: Open-end credit plans; prohibits a creditor from extending credit at an annual rate exceeding 36%.
  • HB405: Firearms; possession and transport following certain convictions, penalty.
  • HB406: Guardianship; communication between incapacitated persons & others, notification of relatives.
  • HB424: Animal shelters; administration of Schedule VI biological products.
  • HB425: Cruelty to animals; treatment for violations, ownership of animals.
  • HB426: Careless driving; cause of injury to vulnerable road user, penalty.
  • HB699: Motor vehicle fuels; sales tax in certain transportation districts.
  • HB701: General Assembly; streaming and recording every committee and subcommittee meeting.
  • HB702: Libraries; assessment for costs in civil actions, disbursement for law libraries.
  • HB807: Custody and visitation agreements; best interests of the child, definition of other violent abuse.
  • HB814: Firearms; control by localities, lawful demonstrations and protests.
  • HB815: Individuals receiving services; right to unmonitored communication and access to 911.
  • HB1097: War veterans; removal of certain monuments or memorials.
  • HB1098: Monuments and memorials, certain; removal to prominently display in outdoor location of museum.
  • HB1099: Historical Statues in the United States Capitol, Commission on; established, report.
  • HB1100: Involuntary admission order; person may not possess, purchase or transport firearms.
  • HB1269: Electronic Identity Management Act; federated digital identity systems.
  • HB2126: Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program; established.
  • HB2127: Victims of sexual assault; rights of victims, physical evidence recovery kits.
  • HB2128: Custody and visitation agreements; best interests of the child.
  • HB2129: Virginia Human Rights Act; prohibits discrimination in employment.
  • HB2130: Motor vehicles; motor fuel sales tax in certain transportation districts.
  • HB2131: Libraries; assessment for costs in civil actions, disbursement for law libraries.
  • HB2132: Towing advisory board, local; membership.
  • HB2133: Recount procedures; initial audit of ballot scanner machines.
  • HB2134: Law-enforcement agencies, local; body-worn cameras.
  • HB2135: Medical marijuana; written certification.
  • HB2444: Presidential candidates; required statement regarding disclosure of federal tax returns.
  • HB2445: Open-end credit plan loans; establishes requirements for loans.
  • HB2446: Immunity of persons; defamation, statements regarding matters of public concern, sanctions.
  • HJ699: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); Governor's term of office.
  • HJ700: Study; Broadband Advisory Council; broadband availability and the most cost-effective coverage.
  • HJ973: Commending Jennifer Burgin.
  • HJ983: Commending Beulah Baptist Church.
  • HJ1009: Commemorating the life and legacy of Captain Humbert Roque Versace.
  • HJ1036: Commemorating the lives and legacies of Jewish victims of the Holocaust.
  • HB995: Minimum wage; establishes a procedure by which a local alternative wage may be imposed.
  • HB996: Police and court records; expungement of certain misdemeanor drug offenses.
  • HB997: Marijuana; decriminalization of simple marijuana possession.
  • HB998: Law-enforcement agencies, local; body-worn cameras.
  • HB999: Family and Medical Insurance Leave Program; review of eligibility and benefit payments.
  • HB1000: Online firearm sale; criminal history record information check, penalties.
  • HB1001: Terrorist Screening Database; check of Database required prior to purchasing firearm from dealer.
  • HB1002: Voter registration; automatic voter registration.
  • HB1003: Voting systems; voter-verifiable paper record.
  • HB1004: Provisional voting; voter photograph taken at polling place.
  • HB1005: VA Human Rights Act; public employment, public accommodation, & housing, prohibited discrimination.
  • HB1006: Marriage; persons other than ministers who may celebrate rites.
  • HB1007: Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact; created.
  • HB1008: Motor vehicle fuels; sales tax in certain transportation districts, price floor.
  • HB1009: Custody and visitation agreements; court to consider best interests the of child.
  • HB1154: Electronic communications; contents; admissibility.
  • HB1278: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Compact of 1966; membership.
  • HJ135: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); Governor's term of office.
  • HJ380: Celebrating the life of Dana McLeod.