Del. Matt Lohr (R-Harrisonburg)

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26: County of Rockingham (part); City of Harrisonburg [map]
Took Office
January 2006
Left Office
June 2010
Copatroning Habits
86% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 81% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 68% of them are Republicans.
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These are all of the video clips of Matt Lohr’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 46 video clips in all.


  • HB392: Vehicles damaged by water; increases threshold for reporting water damage.
  • HB616: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Relay for Life.
  • HB111: Schools; delayed implementation of statutes and regulations upon which full accreditation is based.
  • HB391: Highways; payments to cities and towns for maintenance of certain.
  • HB392: Vehicles damaged by water; increases threshold for reporting water damage.
  • HB393: Abortion clinics; licensure and regulation.
  • HB394: Standards of Quality; requirements for standard, modified, or advanced studies diploma.
  • HB395: Helmet use; exempts operators and passengers riding on motorcycles with wheels of 8' or less.
  • HB396: Water and wastewater utilities; delinquent payment of rates and charges.
  • HB397: Statewide uniform grading policy; requires Board of Education to establish.
  • HB398: Virginia-grown food products by state agencies; DGS to establish procurement procedures to purchase.
  • HB399: Bear, deer, & wildlife kill permits; utilize bear, deer, & wildlife only for human consumption.
  • HB615: Public Procurement Act; small, women, minority, and service disabled veteran-owned businesses.
  • HB616: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Relay for Life.
  • HB617: House and Senate Ethics Advisory Panels; completion of inquiry once initiated.
  • HB964: Schedule II drugs; pharmacist shall require identification in filling prescriptions.
  • HB965: Consumer protection laws; transfers investigative and consumer complaint to OAG.
  • HB1215: General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; penalties.
  • HB1301: Short-term rental property; local government may tax or may impose tax.
  • HJ190: Teen Organ Donation Awareness Day; designating as April 9, 2010, and each succeeding year.
  • HJ209: Commending Scott and Mendy Sink.
  • HB887: Scrap metal processors; seller to provide his driver's license number.
  • HB892: Annexation; extends to 2020 temporary restriction on city authority on granting of city charters.
  • HB1697: Annexation; extends to 2018 temporary restriction on city authority on granting of city charters.
  • HB1698: Scrap metal processors; adds catalytic converters to list of proprietary articles.
  • HB1699: Biofuels; broadens Right to Farm Act to allow farmers to engage in small-scale production.
  • HB1700: Statewide uniform grading policy; Board of Education to establish.
  • HB2054: Novelty cigarette lighters; prohibiting purchase, distribution, etc. to persons under age of 18.
  • HB2055: Development rights; makes extensive changes to provisions for making transfer process more usable.
  • HB2162: Timberville, Town of; advisory referendum in on question of water fluoridation.
  • HB2163: Midwifery; regulations governing practice thereof.
  • HB2164: Mechanics' liens; standards & procedures for abandoned vehicle, storage and repair of motor vehicle.
  • HB2165: Zoning; locality shall not require special use permit for certain small-scale conversion of biomass.
  • HB2166: Schools; delayed implementation of certain statutes, etc. upon which accreditation is based.
  • HB2167: Midwives, professional; reimbursement of services of those certified.
  • HB2517: Standards of Learning; directs Board of Education provide option of industry certification, etc.
  • HB2602: Conservation and Recreation, Department of; power to establish non-competitively procured contracts.
  • HJ655: Commending the Virginia Farm Bureau's Young Farmers.
  • HJ970: Commending the Town of Timberville on the occasion of its 125th anniversary.
  • HB886: Bear hunting; clarifies time of day during hound training season.
  • HB887: Scrap metal processors; seller to provide his driver's license number.
  • HB888: Oversize trucks; permits issued by DMV for operation.
  • HB889: Learner's permits; certification statement required for persons under age 18.
  • HB890: Emergency vehicles; flashing warning lights.
  • HB891: Driver's license; discretionary arrest for third offense of driving on suspended license.
  • HB892: Annexation; extends from 2010 to 2020 temporary restriction on city annexation authority, etc.
  • HB893: Juvenile detention facility employee; assault and battery against, penalty.
  • HB894: Abortion; licensure of clinics.
  • HB895: Uniform Statewide Building Code; definition of amusement devices.
  • HB896: Students, first-time; preadmission physical examinations.
  • HB897: Credit reports; authorizes consumer to freeze access thereto.
  • HB1396: Agritourism; Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services to promote.
  • HB1424: Avian influenza; requires importer of poultry to test therefor.
  • HJ114: Public's right to float, fish, and navigate waters of State; joint subcommittee to study.
  • HJ137: Celebrating the life of Nelson Showalter Gardner.
  • HJ149: Commending Charles W. Ahrend.
  • HJ150: Commending Donald J. Ford.
  • HJ151: Commending the Turner Ashby High School baseball team.
  • HJ195: Development rights; joint subcommittee to study transfer thereof.
  • HJ221: Celebrating the life of Lester P. Fitzwater, Jr.
  • HJ491: Commending Nielsen Builders, Inc., on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • HJ492: Commending John Kidd.
  • HB1655: Learner's permits; required driving hours for holders.
  • HB1656: Interpreters; fee for non-English-speaking defendants.
  • HB1726: Protective orders; enforcement thereof.
  • HB1727: School boards; policies concerning noncurriculum-related student organizations.
  • HB1728: Novelty cigarette lighters; sale or purchase by persons under age 18 years of age, penalty.
  • HB1729: School buses; maximum speed limit therefor.
  • HB1978: Standards of Quality; school boards to report number of career & technical education completers.
  • HB1979: Annexation; extends temporary restriction thereof.
  • HB1980: Alcoholic beverage control; creates a mixed beverage limited caterer's license.
  • HB1981: Hunting fees; Board of Game & Inland Fisheries to increase or decrease for residents & nonresidents.
  • HB1982: Protective orders; increases penalty for second offense for violation thereof.
  • HB1983: Dealer's license plates; repeals prohibition on use thereof on trailers.
  • HB1984: Alcoholic beverage control; definition of public place and local authority.
  • HB2791: Onsite sewage disposal system; permit for installing in certain counties.
  • HB2792: Life insurance policies; clarifies trustee has insurable interest therein & makes same retroactive.
  • HB3095: Support orders; purging civil contempt.
  • HB3096: Interpreters for non-English speaking persons; imposition of local fee.
  • HJ562: Celebrating the life of Lance Corporal Jourdan L. Grez.
  • HJ563: Commending the Turner Ashby High School baseball team.
  • HJ564: Commending Jo Ellen Emswiler.
  • HJ755: Commending the Harrisonburg Electric Commission on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HB591: High school graduation rates; Bd. of Education to collect, analyze, etc. using standardized formula.
  • HB592: Law-enforcement officers; DCJS to assist agencies to develop programs for languages besides English.
  • HB593: English as a Second language Grant Program; created.
  • HB594: Emergency medical services; allows certain vehicles to carry oxygen, required training on handling.
  • HB762: Speed limit; exceeding lawful limit on Interstate Route 81.
  • HB905: Literary Fund; raises the maximum limit for any loan thereof.
  • HB1071: Child pornography; mandatory minimum terms of confinement for possession thereof.
  • HB1308: School boards; authority to block use of school facilities by certain groups.
  • HB1386: Securities Act; agent registration exemption.
  • HJ81: Celebrating the life of Bonnie Neff Hoover.
  • HJ178: Commending Judy Ritchie.
  • HJ194: Commending the Turner Ashby High School football team.
  • HJ204: Commending the students and faculty of Expedition Chesapeake from Turner Ashby High School.
  • HJ5049: Commending Kristi Toliver.