Del. Michael Webert (R-Marshall)

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18: Counties of Culpeper (part), Fauquier (part), Rappahannock, and Warren (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2012
Next Election
November 2019
Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources, Labor and Commerce, Communications, Technology and Innovation
Copatroning Habits
80% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 88% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 67% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
40% in 2019
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These are all of the video clips of Michael Webert’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2013. There are 29 video clips in all.


  • HB131: Professional Football Team Franchise Facility Incentives; Interstate Compact on Washington Area.
  • HB132: Profane swearing in public; removes the crime from Code.
  • HB937: Alcoholic beverage control; wine and beer licenses, creates farm store license.
  • HB938: Courthouse; relocation or expansion.
  • HB939: Public schools; firearm safety education program.
  • HB940: Speed limits for certain large vehicles; U.S. Route 17.
  • HB941: VDOT; electronic speed indicator signs on U.S. Route 17.
  • HB945: Alcoholic beverage control; distillers' licenses, remote stores and tasting rooms.
  • HB946: Speeding fines; doubled on certain roads in Fauquier County.
  • HB947: Green development zones; investments in green technologies.
  • HB948: License taxes; prohibition on rate increases, prohibition on new taxes.
  • HB949: Alcoholic beverage control; privileges of local special events licensees.
  • HB963: Bears; kill permit for those damaging crops.
  • HB982: Professions and occupations; licensure by endorsement.
  • HB1310: Environmental Quality, Department of; notice of disposal of certain fill materials.
  • HB1358: Income tax, state; eliminating liability.
  • HB1360: Utility bills; statement of environmental law compliance.
  • HB1527: Conflict of Interests Act, State & Local Gov't, and FOIA; training requirements for ex. directors.
  • HB1528: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; disclosure by executive directors & members.
  • HB5011: In-person instruction; education vouchers, etc.
  • HB5017: Va. Law Enforcement Professional Standards Commission Accreditation Grant Fund & Program; created.
  • HB5018: Public health emergency; reports of suspected violations of orders and regulations, penalty.
  • HB5080: Projecting laser at another person unlawful; penalties.
  • HJ81: Commending the Eastern View High School cheerleading squad.
  • HJ5003: Constitutional amendment; special sessions, states of emergency (first reference).
  • HR126: Commending The Flying Circus Aerodrome and Airshow.
  • HR127: Commending Ross W. D'Urso.
  • HR135: Commending the Fauquier High School wrestling team.
  • HR136: Celebrating the life of Helen Siegfried Bolger.
  • HB1872: Motorcycles and autocycles; protective helmets, organ donor exemption.
  • HB1886: Professional Football Team Franchise Facility Incentives; Interstate Compact on Washington Area.
  • HB1894: Dog previously found dangerous; owner's failure to comply, disposition of dog.
  • HB1939: Regulatory boards; adjustment of fees, distribution of excess fees to regulants.
  • HB1949: Rainwater harvesting; water for human consumption.
  • HB1950: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption, nonprofits, limited liability companies.
  • HB2237: Economic development incentives; disclosure to public.
  • HB2272: Limited liability companies; Protected Series Act.
  • HB2273: Handheld personal communications devices; use while passing stopped school bus.
  • HB2274: Meat; food labeling, misbranding.
  • HB2275: Passing stopped school bus; certain local ordinances.
  • HB2334: Professional and Occupational Regulation, Department of; enforcement, authority of investigators.
  • HB2637: Loans and grants for agricultural best management practices; riparian buffers.
  • HB2733: Personal property tax; exemption for agricultural vehicles.
  • HB2811: Tax-exempt pollution control facilities; adds Va. Dept. of Health as a certifying authority.
  • HJ643: Composite index of local ability to pay; DOE to study effect of local use value assessment.
  • HJ765: Commending the Little Fork Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company.
  • HJ767: Celebrating the life of Elizabeth Carter Lineweaver.
  • HJ921: Commending Louis G. Zindel III.
  • HJ922: Commending the Warrenton-Fauquier Joint Communications Center.
  • HJ924: Celebrating the life of Ursula Landsrath.
  • HJ1094: Commending the Reverend Jay Lawson.
  • HR285: Commending Howard Lee Grove.
  • HR342: Commending the Warrenton Pony Show.
  • HR343: Commending Rappahannock Rapidan Community Services.
  • HB23: Red Tape Reduction Commission; created, review of regulatory requirements, report.
  • HB31: Profane swearing or cursing in public; eliminates crime.
  • HB49: Health benefit plans; sale by authorized foreign health insurers.
  • HB70: Immunity of employers; employees and independent contractors convicted of a nonviolent offense.
  • HB114: Golf carts and utility vehicles on public highways; equine events.
  • HB115: Reckless driving; penalty.
  • HB116: Distracted driving; authority of local government.
  • HB242: Professional sports teams; prohibition of public funding.
  • HB876: Washington Area Prof. Football Team Franchise Facility Incentives, Interstate Compact on; establish.
  • HB880: Professional and occupational regulatory analyst; establishes position within DLS.
  • HB883: Regulatory reduction pilot program; Department of Planning and Budget to implement, report.
  • HB890: Switchblade knife; person who has a valid concealed handgun permit authorized to carry, etc.
  • HB891: Upholsterers; licensure, repeals licensing requirement for persons manufacturing, etc., any bedding.
  • HB892: Barbering, cosmetology, etc.; deregulates practice, abolishes Board of Barbers and Cosmetology.
  • HB893: Language development for children who are deaf or hard of hearing; assessment resources.
  • HB894: Real property tax; exemption for single member limited liability company.
  • HB1347: Controlled substances; reporting overdoses.
  • HB1348: Cattle Industry Board; assessment from sale of cattle.
  • HB1423: License plates, special; FIRST IN WINE.
  • HB1574: Iron Gate, Town of; amending charter, amends provisions related to time of council elections.
  • HB1609: Horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering; definition of 'historical horse racing.'
  • HJ91: Composite index of local ability to pay; DOE to study effect of local use value assessment.
  • HJ199: Commending Jennifer Hoysa.
  • HJ200: Commending Mary Lou Trimble.
  • HJ201: Commending Bradley Kilby.
  • HJ250: Celebrating the life of Louise Fletcher King Eastham.
  • HR67: Celebrating the life of Virginia Howard Farrar.
  • HR81: Commending Robert C. Wilcox.
  • HR114: Commending the Eastern View High School wrestling team.
  • HB130: Limited liability companies; series.
  • HB1564: Planning & Budget, Department of; establishment of Div. of Regulatory Management & Red Tape Comm.
  • HB1565: Local tax and regulatory incentives; green development zones.
  • HB1566: Professions and occupations; active supervision of regulatory boards, definitions, report.
  • HB1596: Virginia Public Procurement Act; public works contracts, prevailing wage provisions.
  • HB1597: Stormwater management utility, local; waiver of charges when stormwater retained on site.
  • HB1954: Farm products; crime to maliciously damage or destroy.
  • HB1978: Profane swearing in public.
  • HB1984: Limited Liability Company Protected Series Act; establishment of protected series.
  • HB1985: Health benefit plans; sale by authorized foreign health insurers.
  • HB1989: Excusable or justifiable self-defense; costs and attorney fees in civil or criminal cases.
  • HB1990: Concealed handgun permits; age requirement for persons on active military duty.
  • HB1991: Local composite index; supplemental basic aid payments.
  • HB2081: General Services, Department of; central electronic procurement website.
  • HJ50: Composite Index of Local Ability to Pay; DOE to study effect of local use value assessment
  • HJ663: Commending the Afro-American Historical Association of Fauquier County.
  • HJ664: Commending the Fresta Valley Christian School Robotics Club.
  • HJ665: Commending John W. McCarthy III.
  • HJ666: Commending Ursula Beverley Baxley.
  • HJ676: Study; Department of Education; effect of local use value assessment of certain real estate.
  • HJ681: Commending the Rappahannock County High School volleyball team.
  • HJ683: Commending John P. Molie.
  • HR464: Celebrating the life of the Honorable H. Dudley Payne, Jr.
  • HB119: Virginia National Guard; possession of handguns by members.
  • HB130: Limited liability companies; series.
  • HB145: Virginia Public Procurement Act; public works contracts, prevailing wage provisions.
  • HB205: Election day program; permitted activities of participants.
  • HB206: Firearms, certain; identification requirement.
  • HB207: Workers' compensation; recovering damages from other party.
  • HB840: Possession of handguns by members of the Virginia National Guard.
  • HB841: Interstate 66; prohibits tolls on any component.
  • HB893: Profane swearing or cursing in public; eliminates crime.
  • HB1094: Commodity boards; member nominations and terms, assessments, report.
  • HB1096: Firearms; regulation by state entities prohibited.
  • HB1108: Virginia Public Procurement Act; contracting generally, use of experience modification factor.
  • HB1163: Concealed handgun permits; recognition of out-of-state permits.
  • HB1385: Land preservation tax credit; application for credits prior to any donation.
  • HJ14: Commending Lois King.
  • HJ15: Commending the Kettle Run High School boys' soccer team.
  • HJ16: Commending Sean Broderick.
  • HJ19: Commending Laurie Enright.
  • HJ20: Commending the Kettle Run High School competition cheer team.
  • HJ21: Commending Molly Michael.
  • HJ50: Composite Index of Local Ability to Pay; DOE to study effect of local use value assessment
  • HJ359: Commending the Virginia Urological Society.
  • HJ400: Commending Bluemont Concert Series.
  • HJ436: Commending the John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District.
  • HR20: Commending Marisa Pappas.
  • HR27: Commending Patricia Lee Ramey.
  • HR51: Commending Ed Moore.
  • HR52: Commending Jacob Clopton.
  • HR53: Commending Joseph Stribling.
  • HR54: Commending Neil Stribling.
  • HR55: Commending Eddie Payne.
  • HR56: Commending Brenda Payne.
  • HR57: Commending Hilleary Bogley.
  • HR58: Commending Amelia Stansell.
  • HR59: Celebrating the life of Samuel Murray Butler.
  • HR79: Celebrating the life of Virginia Marie Dodson.
  • HR102: Commending Abram Baer.
  • HR103: Commending Sean Hardy.
  • HR104: Commending Sam Oravec.
  • HR251: Commending the Fauquier High School academic team.
  • HR252: Commending the Rappahannock County High School wrestling team.
  • HB1371: Rural Rustic Roads; designating certain streets discontinued for maintenance prior to July 1,1992.
  • HB1372: Motor vehicle accidents; not-at-fault accidents.
  • HB1373: License plates, special; issuance for members and supporters of Arc of North Central Virginia.
  • HB1655: Highway logo sign program; revision by VDOT, et al.
  • HB2180: Grading system for individual school performance; delays full implementation of A-F.
  • HB2227: Stormwater management; small agricultural structures, impervious cover.
  • HB2286: Firearms or ammunition; possession by convicted felons, restoration of rights, etc.
  • HB2331: Fur-bearing animal; defines fisher in hunting and trapping provisions.
  • HB2394: Local composite index; appeal of computation.
  • HJ514: Composite Index of Local Ability to Pay; DOE to study effect of local use value assessment.
  • HJ543: Commending the Liberty High School marching band.
  • HJ548: Commending Fauquier High School marching band.
  • HJ549: Commending Kettle Run High School marching band.
  • HJ773: Celebrating the life of George B. Fitch.
  • HJ847: Commending Marshall Ford.
  • HJ901: Commending the Inn at Little Washington.
  • HJ915: Commending Patricia Ann Keller Douglas.
  • HR281: Commending the Fauquier High School wrestling team.
  • HB50: Search warrants; examination of object, thing, or person seized may be done in any jurisdiction.
  • HB52: Workers' compensation insurance; use of experience rating, loss limitation not-at-fault accidents.
  • HB169: Commonwealth Transportation Board; increases membership, terms of members.
  • HB337: Active Shooter Local Law-Enforcement Training Grant Fund; created.
  • HB402: Virginia Racing Commission; steeplechase race meetings, simulcast horse racing.
  • HB409: Health, Department of; onsite sewage system design, report.
  • HB849: Senate and House of Delegates districts; technical adjustments.
  • HB1066: Industry certification and state licensure examinations; substitution for S.O.L. assessments.
  • HB1193: State Water Control Board; Governor to try to ensure that membership is geographically balanced.
  • HB1241: Driver's licenses; issuance of original licenses to minors, etc.
  • HJ7: Commending Kathy Crane.
  • HJ24: General registrars; State Board of Elections to study current rate of compensation in Commonwealth.
  • HJ39: Adult abuse; Department of Social Services to study.
  • HJ287: Commending Niles Ribeiro.
  • HJ289: Celebrating the life of Roland Irvin Tapscott.
  • HJ388: Commending Wilson Clatterbuck.
  • HJ389: Celebrating the life of Eldridge Bryan Smith.
  • HJ391: Commending Carl Bailey.
  • HJ392: Commending the Fauquier Heritage and Preservation Foundation, Inc.
  • HJ442: Commending Roger Sites.
  • HJ5122: Commending Pamela Graves.
  • HJ5221: Commending The Inn at Little Washington.
  • HJ5222: Celebrating the life of Lorin Maazel.
  • HJ5223: Celebrating the life of John W. Wine.
  • HJ5224: Commending the Marshall Community Center.
  • HJ5225: Commending the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce.
  • HJ5241: Celebrating the life of Melvin Poe.
  • HR2: Celebrating the life of Nannie Vierenda Williams Dodson.
  • HR508: Commending Eddie Payne.
  • HB1382: Unemployment compensation; disqualification from benefits due to loss of license or certification.
  • HB1387: License plates, special; issuance for supporters of Washington Nationals baseball team.
  • HB1462: Land preservation tax credit; assessments of additional tax.
  • HB1572: Workers' compensation insurance; experience modification factor.
  • HB1575: Child care services and facilities; regulation in certain counties and cities.
  • HB1627: Real property; VDOT to convey a parcel of property owned by Department in Fauquier County, etc.
  • HB2036: Hunting with bow and arrow or crossbow; allows persons to hunt birds or animals on Sunday.
  • HB2037: Hunting; lawful to hunt or kill nuisance species on Sunday.
  • HB2039: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Implementation Plan; added to list to receive contributions of refunds.
  • HB2050: Search and seizure of computer and contents.
  • HB2051: Charter; Town of Front Royal.
  • HB2058: Conservators of the peace, special; State-owned museums to apply for appointment by circuit court.
  • HB2200: Property Owners' Association Act; lot owner permitted to operate home-based business, etc.
  • HB2205: Virginia Public Procurement Act; qualified Virginia businesses afforded opportunity to bid.
  • HB2215: Charles K. 'Pete' Estes Memorial Bridge; designating newly replaced U.S. Route 522 bridge.
  • HJ560: Commending Ebonee Sanders.
  • HJ566: Commending the Fauquier High School Falcon Marching Band.
  • HJ612: Commending the Rose Hill Veterinary Practice.
  • HJ701: Celebrating the life of Robert Wayne Rice.
  • HJ809: Commending Lee Sherbeyn.
  • HJ810: Celebrating the life of John H. Smedley, Sr.
  • HJ862: Celebrating the life of Robyn Dobson Yovanovich.
  • HJ863: Commending Wyatt Teller.
  • HJ930: Commending the Fauquier County Sheriff's Office.
  • HJ931: Commending James P. Fisher.
  • HR151: Celebrating the life of Jackson Newbill Miller.
  • HR164: Commending Alvin Queen, Jr.
  • HR219: Commending the Fauquier County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.
  • HB368: Neighborhood Assistance Act tax credits; eligibility of certain mediators.
  • HB369: Hunting; allows any person to hunt on private lands on Sunday with permission of owner.
  • HB800: Speed limits; shall be 35 miles per hour on nonsurface treated highways.
  • HB1143: Public records; retention and destruction of original records by clerk of circuit court.
  • HB1178: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; offenders.
  • HJ82: Commending Frances Atkins Foster.
  • HJ83: Commending Peter Holland Luke.
  • HJ204: Commending the Liberty High School girls' basketball team.
  • HJ274: Commending the Virginia Wine Industry on the occasion of its 250th anniversary.
  • HJ283: Celebrating the life of W. Todd Benson.
  • HJ284: Celebrating the life of George Linwood Beavers, Sr.
  • HJ289: Commending Joseph Servideo, M.D.
  • HJ367: Commending Dr. Norris Royston, Jr.
  • HJ370: Commending the Fauquier Livestock Exchange, Inc.
  • HJ444: Celebrating the life of James Willard Lineweaver.