Del. Keith Hodges (R-Urbanna)

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98: Counties of Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, King William (part), Mathews, and Middlesex [map]
Took Office
January 2012
Next Election
November 2019
Counties, Cities and Towns, Health, Welfare and Institutions, Communications, Technology and Innovation
Copatroning Habits
81% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 59% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 68% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
60% in 2019
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These are all of the video clips of Keith Hodges’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2012. There are 51 video clips in all.


  • HB1258: Coordinator of emergency services; West Point.
  • HB1259: Parking; regulation by certain counties and towns.
  • HB1260: Athletic Training, Advisory Board on; membership.
  • HB1261: Athletic trainers; naloxone or other opioid antagonist.
  • HB1262: Transient occupancy tax; certain counties.
  • HB1263: Drug Control Act; adds certain chemicals to Schedule I of Act.
  • HB1264: Nonpublic service companies, certain; conveyance of right-of-way usage.
  • HB1266: Septic system inspectors; requirements to perform a septic system inspection.
  • HB1267: Land bank entities; planning district commissions.
  • HB1271: Nonpublic service companies, certain; conveyance of right-of-way usage.
  • HB1282: License to hunt, trap, or fish; exemption for member of federally recognized Indian tribe.
  • HB1290: Pharmacy benefits managers; licensure and regulation.
  • HB1291: Medical assistance services; managed care organization contracts with pharmacy benefits managers.
  • HB1292: Health insurance; carrier contracts with pharmacy benefits managers.
  • HB1304: Pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technician trainees; registration.
  • HB1313: Chief Resilience Officer; Governor to designate.
  • HB1314: Chief Resiliency Officer; Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security to designate.
  • HB1364: Resource Protection Areas; improvement plans.
  • HB1366: Resource Protection Areas; program to remediate septic systems in recurrently flooded areas.
  • HB1373: Flood Resiliency Clearing House Program; developed by Department of Conservation and Recreation.
  • HB1375: Living shorelines; resiliency.
  • HB1674: Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Area; provisional surface water withdrawal permit.
  • HB1675: Solar energy facilities; definitions, siting agreement with host locality.
  • HB1715: Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Programs; administration by DEQ.
  • HB5094: Health insurance; certain prescription drugs used for treatment of COVID-19.
  • HB5095: COVID-19; impact of distance learning, Department of Health to develop criteria and information.
  • HB5149: Personal protective equipment; prohibited from dumping on public or private land w/o authorization.
  • HJ102: Coastal Flooding, Joint Subcommittee on; continued, appropriations.
  • HJ150: Commending Sherrin Cherrell Alsop.
  • HJ151: Commending Charles Ingram.
  • HJ153: Commending Edwina J. Casey.
  • HJ154: Commending Margaret Hundley Davis.
  • HJ155: Commending Priscilla J. Davenport.
  • HJ159: Commending Megan Watson.
  • HJ169: Commending Andrew James, Jr.
  • HJ194: Commending Kevin Wilson.
  • HJ195: Commemorating the life and legacy of Dr. Robert Russa Moton.
  • HJ198: Commending Betty Bray.
  • HJ224: Commending C.W. Miller.
  • HJ228: Commending Camille Thomasina Schrier.
  • HJ230: Commending the Tappahannock-Essex Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
  • HJ243: Commending Scoot's BBQ.
  • HJ305: Commending James Ellis Hall.
  • HJ422: Celebrating the life of Shirley Carter Olsson, M.D.
  • HR585: Celebrating the life of John William Hasty.
  • HR611: Commending Norton W. Hurd.
  • HR625: Celebrating the life of Dorothy N. Latimore Scott.
  • HB2313: Comprehensive highway access management standards; highway access projects.
  • HB2314: Local enterprise zone; development of a traffic plan.
  • HB2315: Transportation, Department of; at-risk infrastructure, report.
  • HB2316: Voluntary boundary; agreement between Counties of Caroline and Essex.
  • HB2322: Onsite sewage treatment systems; VDH shall develop a plan for oversight and enforcement.
  • HB2403: Wetlands; impact, permit requirements for compensation.
  • HB2404: Transient occupancy tax; adds various counties that may impose.
  • HB2482: Land preservation tax credits; operation of facility on donated land, third party agreements.
  • HB2483: Income tax, state; credit for donation to public access authority.
  • HB2484: Credit cards; offenses, venue.
  • HB2485: Industrial development authorities; legislative intent.
  • HB2506: Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas; filling low-lying areas.
  • HB2516: Health insurance rate reviews; pharmacy benefit price spread.
  • HB2783: Living shorelines; loans to businesses.
  • HB2784: Robert O. Norris Bridge and Statewide Special Structure Fund; created.
  • HJ887: Commending the Gloucester High School field hockey team.
  • HJ932: Commending Lani Ashberry.
  • HJ960: Commemorating the life and legacy Thomas Calhoun Walker.
  • HJ1027: Commending Stanley S. Clarke.
  • HR319: Commending Robert Mawyer.
  • HR450: Celebrating the life of Eldridge N. Cook.
  • HB493: Stormwater Local Assistance Fund; recipient of grants to use portion to pay administrative costs.
  • HB494: Land development; replacement of trees, locality within Chesapeake Bay watershed.
  • HB495: Secrecy of tax information; local officials to disclose information to non-governmental entities.
  • HB500: Veteran Entrepreneur and Capital Resources Program and Fund; established.
  • HB501: Home hospice programs; disposal of drugs.
  • HB508: Solar facilities; local regulation.
  • HB509: Comprehensive plan; solar facilities.
  • HB520: Nonresident warehousers and nonresident third-party logistics providers; Board of Pharmacy.
  • HB572: Pharmacy contracts; disclosures by pharmacists.
  • HB573: Health insurance rate reviews; pharmacy benefit price spread.
  • HB574: Va. Public Procurement Act; cooperative procurement, stream restoration & stormwater management.
  • HB675: Alternative onsite sewage systems; Board of Health to review regulations.
  • HB732: Contractors; work without valid Va. license, prohibited acts.
  • HB1035: Virginia Water Supply Revolving Fund; loans for regional projects.
  • HB1036: Eastern Virginia groundwater management; Department of Environmental Quality to convene a forum.
  • HB1091: Virginia Resources Authority; dredging projects.
  • HB1092: Dredging projects; tax increment, financing.
  • HB1093: Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority; duties.
  • HB1094: Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas; regulations, local permit to raise land.
  • HB1095: Chesapeake Bay public water access authorities; regional dredging.
  • HB1096: Dredged material siting; fast-track permitting program.
  • HB1307: Stormwater management; rural Tidewater, tiered approach to water quantity technical criteria.
  • HB1308: Stormwater management; local plan review, acceptance of signed and sealed plan in lieu of review.
  • HB1566: Stormwater; local plan review, acceptance of plan by professional engineer in lieu of review.
  • HB1567: Watercraft; optional county fee.
  • HJ142: Recovery Sunday; designating as third Sunday of September 2018, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HB1080: Onsite sewage systems; designs for treatment works from professional engineers.
  • HB1302: Charitable gaming; conduct of bingo games, prohibited practices.
  • HB1405: Trooper Chad Phillip Dermyer Memorial Bridge; designating as Rt. 143 bridge over Interstate 64.
  • HB1686: Planning district commissions; permits Indian tribes recognized by federal government to join.
  • HB1774: Stormwater management; work group to examine ways to improve.
  • HB1775: Persons with developmental disabilities; terminology.
  • HB2008: Stormwater; erosion and sediment control, 10,000 square foot minimum disturbance.
  • HB2009: Stormwater and erosion management; administration of program by certified third party.
  • HB2012: Stormwater; failed best management practice.
  • HB2055: Rural Coastal Virginia Community Enhancement Authority; created, report.
  • HB2176: Charitable gaming; conduct of instant games, etc., number of sessions.
  • HB2177: Administrative Process Act; exemption for Charitable Gaming Board.
  • HB2178: FOIA; proprietary records and trade secrets, charitable gaming supplies.
  • HB2454: Onsite treatment works; effluent quality standards and maintenance requirements.
  • HB2455: Personal property tax, tangible; list of uncollected balances.
  • HB2456: Administrative Process Act; schedule of review of regulations, report.
  • HB2463: Highways, Commissioner of; commercial establishment entrances.
  • HR300: Commending Rose Yvonne Lewis.
  • HR301: Commending the Mathews Ruritan Club.
  • HR388: Commending Harry Maxwell Healy.
  • HR410: Commending Bethel Baptist Church.
  • HR412: Celebrating the life of Susan Laurie Mickens.
  • HR434: Commending Eva Elizabeth Coates Guthrie.
  • HB453: Northern Neck-Middle Peninsula Public Education Consortium; regional boundaries and governing board.
  • HB470: Middle Peninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority Act; legal advice.
  • HB498: TPA-certified optometrists; prescription of certain Schedule II controlled substances.
  • HB526: Living shorelines; tax exemption from local property taxes.
  • HB527: Nonresident medical equipment suppliers; registration with Board of Pharmacy
  • HB528: Prescription drugs; manufacture and distribution in the Commonwealth.
  • HB629: Prescription drugs; pharmacies may participate in voluntary drug disposal programs.
  • HB1023: Alcoholic beverage control; limited distiller's licenses.
  • HB1024: Court costs; collection by DMV.
  • HB1048: Chief Resiliency Officer; Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security to designate.
  • HB1080: Onsite sewage systems; designs for treatment works from professional engineers.
  • HB1260: Declaration of local emergency; increases time in which localities call a session.
  • HB1300: Mathews County; appointment of members to economic development authority.
  • HB1301: Pharmacy benefits administrators; explanation of benefits.
  • HB1302: Charitable gaming; conduct of bingo games, prohibited practices.
  • HB1340: Stormwater management programs; DEQ to operate.
  • HJ87: Advance Care Planning Month; designating as April 2016, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ308: Commending Baylands Federal Credit Union.
  • HJ331: Commending Barry Foskit.
  • HR180: Commending the Gloucester High School girls' field hockey team.
  • HR191: Commending George G. Belfield, Jr.
  • HR208: Commending Deputy Chris Sigley.
  • HR209: Commending the Lower King and Queen Volunteer Fire and EMS Department.
  • HB53: Medicine and other healing arts; unprofessional conduct, purchase of prescription drugs.
  • HB60: Enterprise Zone Grant Program; designation of noncontiguous areas.
  • HB506: Littering; penalty.
  • HB1103: Drug analogs, prohibited; Board of Pharmacy may regulate, prohibition on sale, civil penalty.
  • HB1732: Naloxone or other opioid antagonists; dispensing and administration.
  • HB1733: Prescription drug orders; delivery to PACE program facility.
  • HB1734: Living shorelines; loans for creation.
  • HB1735: Optometrists, TPA-certified; administration of certain Schedule II drugs.
  • HB1736: Wholesale distributors; notice to Board of Pharmacy when ceasing distribution of certain drugs.
  • HB1737: Outsourcing facilities; new regulatory framework created for permitting.
  • HB1738: Hospices; notice to dispenser of patient's death within 48 hours.
  • HB1739: Landlord and tenant laws; applicability to campgrounds.
  • HB1740: Enterprise Zone Grant Program; zones limited in county/city to an aggregate of 10 square miles.
  • HB1914: Pharmacists; possession of epinephrine and oxygen for emergencies.
  • HB1924: Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Advisory Committee; established, report.
  • HB2283: Virginia-recognized Indian tribes; enforcement of Uniform Statewide Building Code.
  • HJ623: Water resource and planning management; JLARC to study Virginia's resources.
  • HJ642: Recurrent flooding from outfall ditches; VDOT to conduct a one-year study.
  • HJ748: Celebrating the life of Thomas Stewart Belcher.
  • HJ749: Commending Sterling N. Ransone, Jr., M.D.
  • HJ780: Commending the Virginia Institute of Marine Science/School of Marine Science of The College of Wil
  • HR255: Commending the winners of the Pete Shepherd Volunteer Public Water Access Service Award.
  • HB53: Medicine and other healing arts; unprofessional conduct, purchase of prescription drugs.
  • HB54: Livestock or poultry; compensation owner is entitled to receive for those killed or injured by dogs.
  • HB58: Stormwater management programs; clarifies appeals process for persons subject to permit requirement.
  • HB60: Enterprise Zone Grant Program; designation of noncontiguous areas.
  • HB115: Enterprise Zone Grant Program; redesignation of certain joint enterprise zones.
  • HB505: Dextromethorphan Distribution Act; penalty for distributing or selling Dextromethorphan to a minor.
  • HB506: Littering; penalty.
  • HB507: Alcoholic beverage control; mixed beverage special event lecenses for art education & exhibition.
  • HB512: Elections; form of ballot.
  • HB528: Drainage ditch maintenance, etc.; use of revenue-sharing highway funds.
  • HB534: King William County and Town of West Point; localities to govern allocation of revenues for schools.
  • HB539: Prescription Monitoring Program; delegation of authority.
  • HB563: School Safety, Virginia Center for; name change.
  • HB1094: Uniform Statewide Building Code; enforcement on Indian tribal lands.
  • HB1103: Drug analogs, prohibited; Board of Pharmacy may regulate, prohibition on sale, civil penalty.
  • HB1173: Stormwater management programs; State Water Control Board to establish procedures and regulations.
  • HB1249: Prescription Monitoring Program; registration with Program for prescriber treating human patients.
  • HJ68: Viral hepatitis; Joint Commission on Health Care to study.
  • HJ338: Commending RockTenn West Point Mill.
  • HJ374: Commending John D. Miller.
  • HJ434: Commending the Reverend Dr. Chauncey Mann.
  • HJ435: Commending the Honorable R. Bruce Long.
  • HJ5244: Commending Olivia Gillett.
  • HB1446: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Rosewell Foundation.
  • HB1447: Littering; increased specificity as to what constitutes and provides an alternative penalty.
  • HB1448: Septic systems, failed; contracts with property owners to provide loans for repairs.
  • HB2117: Foster care; time to conduct hearings, etc.
  • HB2136: Methasterone and prostanozol; added to list of Schedule III controlled substances.
  • HB2181: Medical equipment suppliers; delivery of sterile water and saline.
  • HB2189: Home care organizations; proof of initial reserve operating funds.
  • HJ580: Commending Kaitlin Eriksen.
  • HJ581: Commending the Mathews High School girls' volleyball team.
  • HJ582: Commending James Pavik, Jr.
  • HJ738: Commending Fred S. Crittenden.
  • HJ739: Commending Dr. Hugh M. Bryan III, M.D.
  • HJ740: Commending West Point High School.
  • HJ752: Commending the Gloucester Rotary Club.
  • HJ771: Commending Danny Joyce.
  • HB119: Golf carts; allows governing body of Town of Urbanna to authorize operation on highways.
  • HB120: Tappahannock-Essex County Airport Authority; removes Tappahannock's name from Authority.
  • HB757: Town of Urbanna; liens for water charges.
  • HB758: Littering; defines and provides for penalties based on gravity of offense.
  • HB759: Public libraries; adds County of Middlesex to localities that are not required to have boards.
  • HB760: Water and sewer system connections; adds Gloucester County to those counties that may require.
  • HB885: Nurses; licensure exemption.
  • HB1140: Carisoprodol; added to list of Schedule IV controlled substances.
  • HB1141: Ezogabine; added to list of Schedule V controlled substances.