Del. Mark Cole (R-Fredericksburg)

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88: Counties of Fauquier (part), Spotsylvania (part), and Stafford (part); City of Fredericksburg (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2002
Next Election
November 2019
Education, Finance, Privileges and Elections (Chair)
Copatroning Habits
77% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 76% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 65% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
24% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)
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These are all of the video clips of Mark Cole’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 274 video clips in all.


  • HB16: Motor vehicle and fire insurance; use of credit information.
  • HB20: Fair Repair Act; access to diagnostics, tools, services documentation, and firmware, penalties.
  • HB27: Vehicle inspection sticker; location on vehicle.
  • HB28: Voter registration list maintenance; due date of annual report.
  • HB103: Interstate 95; VDOT to commence project to add additional lanes.
  • HB122: Campaign finance; prohibited personal use, civil penalty.
  • HB127: Construction fraud; penalty.
  • HB133: Employees; exclusions for home healthcare workers and home adult day care service providers.
  • HB141: Police and court records; expungement of records, absolute pardon.
  • HB142: Police and court records; expungement of records, pardons.
  • HB143: Police and court records; expungement of records.
  • HB144: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; removal of name and information from Registry.
  • HB146: Va. National Guard, Va. Defense Force, etc.; employment protections.
  • HB158: House of Delegates and Senate districts; General Assembly authorized to make technical adjustments.
  • HB160: Building code; mutual assistance.
  • HB161: Service districts; general government facilities may be constructed pursuant to power of districts.
  • HB228: Virginia Public Records Act; records retained in electronic medium.
  • HB271: Dogs, dangerous and vicious; requirements of an owner.
  • HB336: Students with blindness or visual impairment; changes for special education programs.
  • HB408: Right to keep & bear arms; codifies opinion of Supreme Court of the U.S. in D.C. v. Heller.
  • HB1321: Higher educational institutions, public; articulation agreements.
  • HB1322: Dual enrollment agreements; scope.
  • HB1324: Privileges & Elections, joint subcommittee of House & Senate Committees on; to review appointments.
  • HB1325: Provisional voting; persons voting in split precincts.
  • HJ30: Victims of Communism Memorial Day; designating as Nov. 7, 2018, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ49: Interstate conventions; selection of commissioners and committee procedures.
  • HJ190: Commending T. Tyronne and Felicia Champion.
  • HJ193: Commending Joanne Leslie Webster.
  • HB1399: Elections, State Board of, and local electoral boards; appointments, proportion of political party.
  • HB1404: Fire alarms; maliciously activating, penalty.
  • HB1409: House of Delegates and Senate districts; General Assembly authorized to make technical adjustments.
  • HB1412: Weight limits; increases maximum gross weight of a motor vehicle eligible for an overload permit.
  • HB1413: Driver's licenses; expiration and renewal.
  • HB1424: Prescription drugs; purpose of labeling.
  • HB1425: President and Vice President electors; allocation of electoral votes by congressional district.
  • HB1431: Voter registration drives; compensation prohibitions.
  • HB1457: Part-time deputy sheriffs; compensation.
  • HB1459: Campaign finance; prohibited personal use, penalty.
  • HB1460: Private wells; Stafford County authorized to regulate.
  • HB1537: Active duty service; contract termination.
  • HB1562: Dam Safety, Flood Prevention and Protection Assistance Fund; grants from Fund.
  • HB1598: Voter registration; proof of citizenship required to register to vote in certain elections.
  • HB2285: Gubernatorial appointments to boards; membership and terms.
  • HJ543: Constitutional amendment; failure to pass an appropriation act (first reference).
  • HJ577: Constitutional amendment; reducing assessed value of real property (first reference).
  • HJ634: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); authority of elected school boards to impose taxes.
  • HJ635: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); top two primary election.
  • HJ687: Commending the Rappahannock Emergency Medical Services Council.
  • HJ730: Commending The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary of Fredericksburg.
  • HJ835: Commending Fredericksburg Academy.
  • HJ844: Commending Marci Bartley.
  • HJ950: Commending Mary's Shelter.
  • HR313: Nominating person to be elected as the Auditor of Public Accounts.
  • HB9: Voter registration; required information on application form.
  • HB10: Motorcycles; general illumination lights.
  • HB11: Gift certificates; prohibited practices by merchant issuing certificate issued in the Commonwealth.
  • HB42: Spousal support awards; limit duration.
  • HB48: Forfeiture of property used in connection with the commission of crimes; finding of guilt required.
  • HB49: Right to keep & bear arms; codifies opinion of Supreme Court of U.S. in D.C. v. Heller.
  • HB81: Foster care records; retention and destruction.
  • HB88: General registrars and members of electoral boards; annual training, office closures for training.
  • HB89: Unmanned aircraft system; use during commission of a crime, penalty.
  • HB92: Local taxes; interest on refunds.
  • HB97: Interstate 95; VDOT, et al., to evaluate traffic congestion in Stafford and Spotsylvania Counties.
  • HB98: License plates, special; issuance to family members of persons who have died in military service.
  • HB99: High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes; certain vehicles use of HOT lanes on Interstate 395, exceptions.
  • HB110: Income tax, state; deductions for H-1B visa employees.
  • HB140: Weight limits; increases maximum gross weight of a motor vehicle eligible for an overload permit.
  • HB166: Visually impaired students; each student to be evaluated and receive instruction in Braille.
  • HB167: School board employees; possession of firearms by employees who are former law-enforcement officers.
  • HB246: Discovery in criminal cases; duty to provide.
  • HB254: House of Delegates districts; technical adjustment.
  • HB269: Invasion of privacy; civil action, damages, attorney fees and costs.
  • HB270: Persons with disabilities; rights in public places, fraudulent representation of service dog.
  • HB663: Restroom facilities; use of facilities in public buildings or schools.
  • HB781: Restroom facilities; use of facilities in public buildings or schools, definition of biological sex.
  • HB1144: Local taxes; interest on refunds.
  • HB1145: Electoral boards, local; reassigning certain duties related to elections administration.
  • HB1156: Protective orders; expungement of order if denied or dissolved by court.
  • HB1221: Motor vehicle bumper heights; decreases from 14 inches to nine the distance must be from the ground.
  • HB1222: Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program; eligibility.
  • HJ9: Congress of U.S.; repeal of personal income taxes and enactment of national retail sales tax.
  • HJ163: Speaker of the House of Delegates; confirming appointments to certain boards and councils.
  • HJ180: Celebrating the life of H. William Greenup.
  • HJ324: Commending Chester W. Stribling.
  • HR73: House Ethics Advisory Panel; nominations by the Speaker of the House of Delegates.
  • HB1122: Service of process; social security numbers.
  • HB1131: Health care providers; regulation, prohibited acts, Class 4 misdemeanor.
  • HB1287: Forfeiture of property used in connection with commission of crimes; conviction required.
  • HB1292: Electoral boards; appointments.
  • HB1296: Elected offices; November or May general election.
  • HB1309: Local school boards; arming of school security officers.
  • HB1311: Civil contempt; limits on imprisonment.
  • HB1315: Jury commissioners; retention of information obtained from those not qualified to serve.
  • HB1324: Boating safety; exemption from education requirement.
  • HB1325: Visually impaired students; instruction in Braille, etc.
  • HB1328: Public schools; impact of student aliens not lawfully present in the United States, report.
  • HB1431: Truck weight limits; overweight permits.
  • HB1432: Health care providers; regulation, prohibited acts, Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • HB1433: General registrars; reassigning duties of the electoral board.
  • HB1579: Vehicle registrations; expiration and renewal on or after July 1, 2015.
  • HB1593: Parking in residential areas; localities may by ordinance permit in a public right-of-way.
  • HB1594: Outdoor advertising; regulation by county governing bodies.
  • HJ500: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); failure to pass an appropriation act.
  • HJ505: Reforming Virginia's state and local tax structure; report.
  • HJ508: Constitutional amendment; right to keep and bear arms (first reference).
  • HJ856: Commending the Faith Baptist School varsity men's basketball team.
  • HJ864: Commending Faith Baptist Church.
  • HJ885: Commending the Faith Baptist School ladies basketball program.
  • HJ914: Commending the National Federation of the Blind.
  • HB27: Vehicle weight limits; extensions apply also to interstates designated as state primary highways.
  • HB44: Va. Defense Force; creates personal property tax classification for vehicle owned by member.
  • HB45: General Assembly districts; technical adjustments to certain House of Delegates districts.
  • HB55: Voter registration; adds political party affiliation to information an applicant must provide.
  • HB87: Transportation; Commonwealth priority of projects and funding.
  • HB104: Chief and assistant chief election officers; appointment, qualifications and terms of officers.
  • HB105: Write-in votes; threshold amount required for certain actions by electoral boards.
  • HB114: Schools, private or religious; possession of firearm, etc., on school property.
  • HB133: Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program; eligibility criteria.
  • HB134: Diabetes; certain students permitted to self-check blood glucose levels on school property, etc.
  • HB227: Public water and sewer utilities and authorities; service contracts.
  • HB228: Visually impaired students; evaluation by certified Teacher of Visually Impaired.
  • HB229: Comprehensive Services for At-Risk Youth and Families; special education programs.
  • HB679: Voting equipment; technical amendments to reflect updates in equipment technology.
  • HB784: Virginia Geographic Information Network Advisory Board, etc.; membership and terms.
  • HB785: Reduced cigarette ignition propensity; penalties.
  • HB1122: Service of process; social security numbers.
  • HB1131: Health care providers; regulation, prohibited acts, penalties.
  • HJ432: Commending Tower of Deliverance Church.
  • HR185: Celebrating the life of George Gordon Dwyer.
  • HR541: Speaker of the House; authorization to employ legal counsel to represent the House of Delegates.
  • HR566: Speaker of the House; legal counsel.
  • HB10: BPOL tax; maximum fee and tax rates established by a locality.
  • HB55: Primary dates; presidential primary.
  • HB59: Elections; persons entitled to have name placed on ballot, etc.
  • HB259: House of Delegates Districts; technical adjustments in boundaries.
  • HB1132: Primary elections; allows write-in votes, etc.
  • HB1337: Polling place procedures; voter identification to be current, valid, and contain photograph.
  • HB1338: Circuit court judges; restricts appointment to office if General Assembly fails to elect.
  • HB1345: Rappahannock River Basin Commission; reduces number of members.
  • HB1346: Presidential electors; candidate petitions, required signatures, etc.
  • HB1348: House of Delegates Districts; technical adjustments in boundaries.
  • HB1377: Students; care of those who have been diagnosed with diabetes.
  • HB1378: Legal notices; locality to publish on its website instead of advertising in newspaper.
  • HB1401: Real property tax; collection of delinquent taxes, notice to taxpayer regarding payment agreement.
  • HB1402: Income tax, state; adjusts elements of Virginia's individual income tax to account for inflation.
  • HB1403: Retail Sales and Use Tax; increases amount of revenue dedicated to Transportation Trust Fund.
  • HB1404: Residential development; impact fees to defray costs of public facilities.
  • HB1582: Armed security officers; protection of schools and child day centers.
  • HB1730: Standards of Quality; full-time uniformed school resource officer.
  • HB2169: Grievance procedure, local; removes requirement.
  • HB2170: Public procurement; posting by local public bodies of procurement opportunities.
  • HB2344: School safety; threat assessment teams, model critical incident response training program, etc.
  • HJ884: Commending Bessie Ann Morefield.
  • HJ885: Celebrating the life of George Montgomery Van Sant.
  • HR128: Auditor of Public Accounts; nomination for election.
  • HR206: Commending the Rappahannock Choral Society.
  • HB9: Voting procedures; voter identification requirements, provisional ballots.
  • HB10: BPOL tax; maximum fee and tax rates established by a locality.
  • HB11: Transportation; bonds for specific project on northbound and southbound lanes of Interstate 95.
  • HB22: Firearms; disposition thereof acquired by localities.
  • HB23: Transportation Trust Fund; increases amount of sales and use tax revenue dedicated to Fund.
  • HB24: BPOL tax; certain localities required to assess on Virginia taxable income.
  • HB25: Concealed handgun permit; confidentiality of permittee information.
  • HB26: Concealed handgun permits; failure to produce upon demand of a law-enforcement officer, penalty.
  • HB35: State taxes; period of limitation on collection reduced to seven years.
  • HB36: Primary elections; political party shall pay costs of primary.
  • HB37: Officer of election; option to waive compensation and serve as an unpaid volunteer officer.
  • HB38: Absentee voting; duties of general registrar and electoral board.
  • HB55: Primary dates; presidential primary.
  • HB56: Voter registration applications; protection of certain residence address information.
  • HB57: Voter registration; registrars with respect to voter registration records.
  • HB58: Urban county executive form; filling vacancy on board of supervisors.
  • HB59: Elections; persons entitled to have name placed on ballot, etc.
  • HB60: Illegal voting and registrations; prohibition against voting more than once.
  • HB61: Absentee ballot applications; unlawful to solicit in person from individuals in any hospital, etc.
  • HB62: Abortion funding; repealed.
  • HB63: Provisional ballots; electoral board meeting opened only to authorized party to determine validity.
  • HB64: Elections; assistance to voters.
  • HB138: Public schools; impact of unlawful aliens, report.
  • HB139: Concealed handguns; persons who may lawfully carry hidden from common observation, penalty.
  • HB140: State Police Officers Retirement System (SPORS); mandatory retirement requirement exemptions.
  • HB141: Freedom of Information Act; exempts personal information in constituent correspondence.
  • HB259: House of Delegates Districts; technical adjustments in boundaries.
  • HB260: Health care providers; prohibited acts.
  • HB261: Abortion; ultrasound required at least 48 hours prior to undergoing procedure.
  • HB384: Virginia Personnel Act; hiring preference in state employment for members of National Guard, etc.
  • HB385: Industrial development authorities; removes prohibition for refinancing debt of organizations.
  • HB490: Executive branch boards and councils, certain; staggering of terms, etc.
  • HB531: Historic rehabilitation tax credit; certain income under federal law is not income for State tax.
  • HB623: Elections; administrative matters and duties of electoral board and general registrar.
  • HB1131: Elections; municipalities will pay expenses associated with May elections after June 30, 2009, etc.
  • HB1132: Primary elections; allows write-in votes, etc.
  • HB1133: Candidate petitions for primaries and general elections; requirements for petition circulators.
  • HB1151: Congressional districts; petition requirements for candidates for statewide offices.
  • HB1196: Zoning provisions; private schools and child day centers operated by religious institutions.
  • HJ52: Tax structure, State's; joint subcommittee to study reforming.
  • HJ366: Commending Grove Baptist Church.
  • HJ435: Commending the Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club.
  • HJ500: Commending Dr. Thomas G. Digges, Jr.
  • HB20: Disabled veteran; definition.
  • HB57: Business, professional, and occupational license (BPOL) tax; limits on rates and imposition.
  • HB110: BPOL tax; localities to decide to impose on business's gross receipts or its State taxable income.
  • HB573: Public nuisances; locality to include activity or conduct that causes annoyance, etc.
  • HB1437: BPOL tax; localities to decide to impose on business gross receipts or State taxable income.
  • HB1438: Goods; those produced or manufactured within State are not subject to federal law, regulation, etc.
  • HB1471: Homestead and other exemptions; exemption of real or personal property.
  • HB1472: License plates, special; fees for certain disabled veterans.
  • HB1507: Primary schedule in 2011; moves primary date to August 23, 2011, in anticipation of redistricting.
  • HB1508: Elections; certain prohibitions for local electoral boards.
  • HB1560: Elections; voting procedures and voter identification requirements.
  • HB1561: Zoning administrator; appeal of decisions.
  • HB1666: Veterans Services, Department of; duties of Commissioner, establishment of advisory committees.
  • HB1842: Boards, commissions, and councils; makes policy improvements and clarifications.
  • HB1843: Presidential primary; moves date to first Tuesday in March.
  • HB1864: Urban development areas; developable acreage is redefined to exclude certain lands.
  • HB1865: Transportation districts; membership by portions of counties, etc., collection of motor fuels taxes.
  • HB1866: Real estate tax relief; local government may cap taxes of elderly and disabled.
  • HB1867: Gang-free zones; expanded to include any school bus stop or public buildings, etc.
  • HB2433: Abortion; shall undergo ultrasound imaging and view image of her fetus.
  • HJ539: Constitutional amendment; imposition of taxes and fees by General Assembly or local governing body.
  • HJ540: Constitutional amendment; state and local budgets, limits on appropriations.
  • HJ556: Family life education; subcommittee to study fiscal impact of changing from an opt-out program, etc.
  • HJ613: Constitutional amendment; limitation on debt (first reference).
  • HJ915: Commending Pastor Don C. Forrester.
  • HB16: Constitutional amendment; localities to establish either income or financial worth limitations.
  • HB17: Taxes, state; reduces period of limitation for collection from 20 to 10 years.
  • HB18: Commerce; goods manufactured or made in State shall not be authority of U.S. Congress to regulate.
  • HB19: VRE; allows Potomac-Rappahannock Transportation Commission to charge higher fares.
  • HB20: Disabled veteran; definition.
  • HB50: Absentee ballots; duties of electoral board to send within three business days, penalty.
  • HB51: Comprehensive plan amendment; grants authority to local gov't to prepare & submit to public hearing.
  • HB52: Concealed handgun permit; failure to produce upon demand of a law-enforcement officer, penalty.
  • HB53: Human tracking devices; unlawful use thereof by insurer or employer.
  • HB54: Handgun; person with lawful possession may carry into courthouse.
  • HB55: Virginia Railway Express service; assessment of localities.
  • HB56: Testamentary trustees; relief of duty to file an inventory or annual accounts.
  • HB57: Business, professional, and occupational license (BPOL) tax; limits on rates and imposition.
  • HB106: Concealed handguns; person with valid permit allowed to carry in place of worship with permission.
  • HB107: Adult students; notifying schools when charged with certain crimes, etc.
  • HB108: Firearms; disposition of those acquired by localities.
  • HB109: Firearms; repealing requirement for sellers of pistols to send report to clerk of circuit court.
  • HB110: BPOL tax; localities to decide to impose on business's gross receipts or its State taxable income.
  • HB573: Public nuisances; locality to include activity or conduct that causes annoyance, etc.
  • HB574: Virginia Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; coverage.
  • HB575: School divisions, local; flexibility in meeting specific state education mandates.
  • HB576: Individual health insurance coverage; resident of State shall not be required to obtain a policy.
  • HB577: Real property tax; time to appeal assessments extended.
  • HB578: Trapping of rabbits; person may use box trap to transport for release onto other property in State.
  • HB579: Motorcycles; required to use muffler system in good working order that meets federal standards.
  • HB580: Vehicle license fees; allows localities to exempt members of certain sheriff's volunteer units.
  • HB1242: Voter lists; expands list of people & organizations who may purchase list of registered voters.
  • HB1386: Constitutional amendments; information provided to voters on State Board of Elections' website.
  • HJ11: Constitutional amendment; localities to establish either income or financial worth limitations.
  • HJ88: Federal budget; Congress to propose amendment to U.S. Constitution for balanced budget requirement.
  • HJ233: Commending Sheriff Charles E. Jett and the Stafford County Sheriff's Office.
  • HJ386: Commending Spotsylvania County Crime Solvers.
  • HJ411: Celebrating the life of William Eugene Gallahan, Jr.
  • HJ422: Commending the Faith Baptist School girls' basketball team.
  • HR29: Commending Friends of the Rappahannock.
  • HB356: Impact fees; assessment, collection, and imposition of certain.
  • HB395: Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children; established, report.
  • HB1577: Polling places; provides for extension of polling hours in emergency situations.
  • HB1627: Motor carrier liability insurance; reduces minimum amount thereof required of operator of trolleys.
  • HB1628: Contractor performance bonds; amount for locally administered transportation improvement projects.
  • HB1629: Pedestrians; grants counties same authority as cities & towns to prohibit loitering on bridges, etc.
  • HB1637: Boards of zoning appeals; when actions may be taken.
  • HB1666: Hunting permit, special; issued to patients from veterans or military hospitals.
  • HB1727: Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children; created, report.
  • HB1728: Road impact fees; allows localities to reduce or exempt fee for commercial development.
  • HB1729: Electric transmission lines; locality may request an electric utility to install underground, etc.
  • HB1730: Tax legislation; requires a sunset date of no more than four years on all.
  • HB1731: Vehicle license plates; provides for display of one license plate on vehicles.
  • HB1854: Grievance procedure; gives localities authority to use an administrative hearing officer.
  • HB2528: Disposition of firearms; no participation in program if individuals are given valuable in exchange.
  • HB2544: Election recounts; losing candidate may initiate when difference less than 5% of total vote cast.
  • HB2555: Development rights; permits Fauquier County to enact an ordinance for severance & transfer thereof.
  • HB2563: Street construction; allows locality to withhold acceptance of plat approval if street not complete.
  • HJ688: Constitutional amendment; real property tax relief for persons 65 years old, etc. (first reference).
  • HJ836: Commending Bishop George B. Quick.
  • HJ837: Commending Edith Fleming.
  • HJ838: Commending Richard Fleming.
  • HJ5011: Commending Mount Holly Baptist Church on the occasion of its 175th anniversary.
  • HR47: Auditor of Public Accounts; nomination for election.
  • HR63: Commending the Family Foundation of Virginia.
  • HB46: Campaign finance disclosure reports; identification of all contributors.
  • HB47: Illegal aliens; adds presumption, subject to rebuttal, against admitting to bail any alien charged.
  • HB48: Motorcycles; driving two abreast in a single lane.
  • HB49: Utility easements; conveyance thereof subject to condition is void if not used within 20 years.
  • HB50: Civil remedial fees; repeals provision for those imposed on certain drivers.
  • HB107: Public schools; grade placement test.
  • HB108: Reckless driving; drivers of certain heavy trucks exceeding posted speed limit guilty thereof.
  • HB109: Firearms; regulation thereof by state entities.
  • HB208: Public facilities; deferral of subdivision plats or site p