Del. Mike Mullin (D-Newport News)

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93: Counties of James City (part) and York (part); Cities of Newport News (part) and Williamsburg [map]
Took Office
January 2017
Next Election
November 2019
Commerce and Labor, Counties, Cities and Towns, Courts of Justice
Copatroning Habits
63% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 70% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 64% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
11.1% in 2018

A criminal prosecutor, Mullin is married and has three children. He holds an undergraduate degree from Christopher Newport University, and got his law degree from Catholic University.

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These are all of the video clips of Mike Mullin’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2017. There are 5 video clips in all.


  • HB1671: Child abuse and neglect; investigation of an individual by local boards of social services.
  • HB1672: Income tax, state; tax credit for paid leave for organ donors.
  • HB1673: Protective orders, preliminary; full hearing date if an act of God causes closure of a court, etc.
  • HB1674: Abuse and neglect of incapacitated adults; informed consent.
  • HB1688: Elementary school, etc.; students not guilty of disorderly conduct, school property or school bus.
  • HB1771: Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act; prevention of juvenile crime prior to intake.
  • HB1772: Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council; advisory opinions, evidence in civil proceeding.
  • HB1773: Pawnbrokers; amends definition to only include natural persons.
  • HB1774: Pawning goods; unexpired government-issued identification card required.
  • HB1775: Protective services for adults; multidisciplinary teams to assist local depts. of social services.
  • HB2117: Electric utilities; retail competition, renewable energy.
  • HB2118: Forensic Science, Department of; accrediting bodies.
  • HB2200: Voter referendum; independent redistricting commission.
  • HB2438: Juvenile correctional officers; training standards.
  • HJ646: First Responders Day.
  • HJ734: Commending William M. Kelso.
  • HJ889: Commending the Jamestown High School Envirothon team.
  • HJ890: Commending The College of William & Mary.
  • HJ891: Commending service dogs Liberty and Justice.
  • HJ892: Commending the Newport News Fall Festival.
  • HJ893: Commending the Newport News Police Department's Young Adult Police Commissioners program.
  • HJ894: Commending the Virginia Beer Company.
  • HJ895: Commending Community of Faith Mission.
  • HJ896: Commending Colonial Williamsburg.
  • HJ897: Commending Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg.
  • HJ898: Commending Jimmye Laycock.
  • HJ899: Commending the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank.
  • HJ900: Commending the 3 Amigos Mexican Restaurant.
  • HJ901: Commending Jay BeVille.
  • HJ902: Commending Laura Seltzer-Duny.
  • HJ903: Commending Naval Weapons Station Yorktown.
  • HJ904: Commending the United Way of the Virginia Peninsula.
  • HJ907: Celebrating the life of Ronnie Lee McCray.
  • HJ1024: Commending the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists.
  • HR401: Commending Bertram Aaron.
  • HB4: Case management system; public accessibility.
  • HB15: Student discipline, alternative; assault and battery without bodily injury.
  • HB197: Prescription monitoring program; definitions, requirement for filling prescriptions.
  • HB201: Restitution; enforcement.
  • HB202: Court fines and costs; community service.
  • HB203: Sentence reduction; substantial assistance to prosecution.
  • HB207: Motor vehicles; operating with accumulated snow or ice, penalty.
  • HB208: Sexual battery; penalty.
  • HB209: Duty to take reasonable precautions; criminal conduct of a third party.
  • HB210: Juvenile and domestic relations district; pretrial appeals by the Commonwealth.
  • HB213: Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council; formal advisory opinions, immunity.
  • HB502: Criminal street gang; predicate offenses, penalty.
  • HB503: Prescription Monitoring Program; disclosure of information, fitness to work evaluations.
  • HB504: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; definition of 'custodian.'
  • HB506: Improper driving; use of handheld communication device while driving vehicle.
  • HB507: Standards of Quality; instructional programs and positions, dual language teachers.
  • HB510: Handheld personal communications device; prohibition on use while driving.
  • HB641: Prescription Monitoring Program; recipients of dispensed Schedule II drugs.
  • HB1260: Admission to bail; human trafficking.
  • HB1443: Concealed handguns; retired law-enforcement officers may carry without a permit, etc.
  • HB1511: Service of process; investigator employed by an attorney for the Commonwealth.
  • HB1528: Electric utilities; retail competition.
  • HJ211: Commending the Virginia Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs.
  • HJ396: Celebrating the life of Benjamin O. Moore, Jr.
  • HJ397: Commending An Achievable Dream.
  • HJ398: Commending The College of William and Mary.
  • HJ399: Commending the Historic Triangle Covenant.
  • HJ400: Commending Newport News Public Schools.
  • HJ401: Commending Ashby C. Kilgore.
  • HJ543: Commending the Peninsula Elder Abuse Forensic Center.
  • HJ545: Commending the Williamsburg Winery.
  • HJ546: Commending Kevin Harrison.
  • HJ547: Commending Ken Felix.
  • HJ548: Commending The College of William and Mary.
  • HR151: Celebrating the life of the Honorable James H. Harvell III.
  • HR152: Commending Phyllis Mather.
  • HB1843: Principals; student discipline, alternatives to referring incidents.
  • HB1976: Inoperable vehicles; James City County authorized to prohibit any person from keeping, etc.
  • HB1977: Williamsburg, City of; amending charter, expands membership on redevelopment and housing authority.
  • HB2062: Law-enforcement officer; definition, municipal park rangers training.
  • HB2063: Pretrial appeal; expands appeal by an attorney for the Commonwealth.
  • HB2064: Assault and battery against a family or household member; eligibility for first offender status.
  • HB2065: Sexual battery; surprise, penalty.
  • HB2066: National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact of 1998; criminal history record information.
  • HB2067: Law-enforcement officers; decertification, notification.
  • HJ999: Commending the Summer Training and Enrichment Program.
  • HJ1024: Commending the Summer Program for Arts, Recreation, and Knowledge.
  • HJ1063: Commemorating the life and legacy of Ella Jane Fitzgerald.
  • HJ1065: Commending George Joseph Hillow III.