Del. Nick Freitas (R-Culpeper)

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30: Counties of Culpeper (part); Madison, and Orange [map]
Took Office
January 2016
Next Election
November 2019
Finance, Militia, Police and Public Safety, Science and Technology
Copatroning Habits
84% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 72% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 65% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
26.3% in 2017
Recent Mentions in the Media

Stewart wins Va. GOP Senate primary in narrow victory over Freitas:

June 13, 2018
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Del. Nick Freitas wins Fauquier County:

June 12, 2018
  Fauquier TimesUPDATED: It was close, but the third time was the charm for Corey Stewart.  Prince William TimesFull coverage

FERGUSON: The case for Nick Freitas:

June 11, 2018
  University of Virginia The Cavalier DailyWebert says Freitas would make commonwealth 'proud' in Senate  Fauquier TimesMeet the candidates: Republican Primary for US Senate  WSETFull coverage

Victory in Arlington not enough to get Freitas over GOP finish line:

June 18, 2018
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Americans for Prosperity endorses Nick Freitas in Virginia Senate GOP primary:

June 5, 2018
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These are all of the video clips of Nick Freitas’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2016. There are 30 video clips in all.


  • HB532: Hemp, industrial; research programs.
  • HB533: Veterans; acceptance of substantially equivalent military training, etc.
  • HB534: Method of nominating party candidates; repeal of incumbent selection.
  • HB535: Higher educational institutions, public; dual enrollment course credit.
  • HB536: Alcoholic beverage control; sales conducted at government stores established.
  • HB537: SOL; DOE to make available to school divisions assessments in advance of each school year.
  • HB538: Taxpayers; TAX and VEC to consider feasibility of filing tax reports and payments electronically.
  • HB539: Primary elections; costs of elections, payment by the proper political party.
  • HB540: Elections; changes definition of 'party' or 'political party.'
  • HB541: Veterans, certain; alternative treatment options.
  • HB542: Dual enrollment agreements; scope.
  • HB543: General Services, Department of; lease or sublease of surplus property to charitable organizations.
  • HB544: High School to Work Partnerships; establishment, exemptions.
  • HB545: Child care licensure; forfeiture of eligibility for religious exemption.
  • HB546: Grand larceny; first offender sentence reduction.
  • HB547: Alcoholic beverage control; brewery licensees.
  • HB548: Spotsylvania and Orange, Counties of; boundary agreement, attachment of GIS map to petitions.
  • HB549: State agency; legislation requiring an agency to adopt regulations.
  • HB550: Alcoholic beverage control; expands privileges of bed and breakfast licensees.
  • HB552: Bed-and-breakfast operations; definition of restaurant.
  • HB553: Elections for certain offices; ranked choice voting.
  • HB554: Broker's licenses; bed and breakfast establishments.
  • HB555: Professions and occupations; hair braiding.
  • HB658: Higher educational institutions; campus housing.
  • HB900: Forfeiture of property used in connection with commission of crimes; finding of guilt required.
  • HB901: Expedited land use permit process; Dept. of Transportation shall develop and submit for approval.
  • HB902: Sex Offenders and Crimes Against Minors Registry; removal of name from Registry.
  • HB903: Transportation, Department of; real property owners can request evaluation of completed projects.
  • HB1330: Daylight saving time; exempts Virginia from observing.
  • HB1331: Child support; review of guidelines federal compliance.
  • HB1387: Zoning; aquaculture in agricultural zone, preexisting use.
  • HB1479: Equine liability; execution of waiver.
  • HB1548: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome; results of an autopsy of an infant.
  • HJ61: Celebrating the life of Seaman Dakota Kyle Rigsby, USN.
  • HJ62: Celebrating the life of Sergeant Cameron H. Thomas, USA.
  • HJ63: Commending the Madison County High School softball team.
  • HJ64: General Thaddeus Kosciuszko Day; designating as October 15, 2018, & each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ65: Commemorating the life and legacy of Captain Andrew Maples, Jr., USA.
  • HJ67: Commemorating the life and legacy of Sergeant Clinton Greaves, USA, Ret.
  • HJ130: Commending the Free Burma Rangers.
  • HJ156: Celebrating the life of Master Sergeant George Allen Bannar, Jr., USA.
  • HJ205: Commending Mount Calvary Baptist Church.
  • HJ206: Commending Brian D. Duncan.
  • HJ207: Commending the Museum of Culpeper History.
  • HJ254: Commending the March for Life.
  • HJ255: Commending the Free Clinic of Culpeper.
  • HJ256: Celebrating the life of Martha Alice Wright.
  • HJ305: Commending the Reverend Michael Hirsch.
  • HJ325: Commemorating the life and legacy of Peter Francisco.
  • HR150: Celebrating the life of Howard Mark Holmes.
  • HB1770: Teacher licensure; career and technical education, certain local waivers.
  • HB1896: Victim and witness assistance programs; DCJS to develop guidelines.
  • HB1897: Aquaculture; protection of use in an agricultural zone.
  • HB2024: Condemnation powers and proceedings; notice to owner or tenant.
  • HB2025: Religious freedom; solemnization of marriage.
  • HB2027: Adoption fees and expenses, certain; creates income tax deduction and credit.
  • HB2028: Industrial hemp; removes all restrictions on production, including licensing and regulations.
  • HB2029: Alcoholic beverage control; privileges of licensed distillers appointed as agents of ABC Board.
  • HB2030: Food products; sale at farmers market, farm, or home.
  • HB2315: Instant runoff voting; provided in elections for statewide offices.
  • HB2352: Teacher licensure by reciprocity; professional teacher's assessments, report.
  • HB2377: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption of certain textbooks and other educational materials.
  • HB2439: General Assembly; regulatory penalty statement in legislation.
  • HJ748: Celebrating the life of John Joseph Quinn, Jr.
  • HJ868: Commending the James Madison Museum of Orange County Heritage.
  • HJ1061: Commending Oakland Heights Farm.
  • HJ1062: Commending Belmont Farms Distillery.
  • HR299: Commending the Green Beret Foundation.
  • HR399: Commending Vincent Edward Scully.
  • HB459: Teacher licensure; industry certification credential, local waiver.
  • HB758: Auditor of Public Accounts; Commonwealth Data Point, incorporation of graphs, charts, etc.
  • HB759: Taxes for certain local improvements; Orange County.
  • HB760: Auditor of Public Accounts; Auditor to incorporate in Commonwealth Data Point.
  • HB761: Concealed handguns; possession by females on campus.
  • HB762: Electric Transmission Line Planning Association; political subdivisions to form and maintain.
  • HB763: Law enforcement, local, and State Police; enforcement of federal regulations.
  • HB1183: Party candidates; method of nominating, incumbent selection.
  • HB1341: Veterans Services Foundation; membership.
  • HB1349: Resettlement of refugees; review process.
  • HB1350: Alcoholic beverage control; spirits tastings by distiller licensee.
  • HB1375: Alcoholic beverage control; privileges of distillery licensees.
  • HJ212: Commending the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe Expedition.
  • HJ213: Commending Martha Boneta.
  • HJ242: Commending Mike and Mary Dale.
  • HJ243: Commending the Orange County High School robotics team.
  • HJ249: Commending Mary Jo Browning.
  • HJ294: Commending the Gordonsville Volunteer Fire Company.
  • HJ323: Commending Catherine Reames.
  • HJ409: Commending Sergeant First Class Charles Martland, USA.
  • HJ503: Commending Preddy Funeral Home.
  • HR46: Commending Doug and Ann Farmer.