Del. Phil Scott (R-Spotsylvania)

Photo of Phil Scott
63: Counties of Orange (part) and Spotsylvania (part)
Took Office
January 2022
Next Election
November 2025
Copatroning Habits
91% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 88% of them are Republicans. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 67% of them are Republicans.
Bills Passed
0% in 2024


  • HB83: Comprehensive community colleges and school boards; dual enrollment agreements, parameters.
  • HB283: Commonwealth, Secretary of the; ad hoc committee to evaluate executive bodies, etc.
  • HB422: Personal property tax; removes sunset date.
  • HB480: Health care; life-sustaining treatment for minors, exceptions.
  • HB1160: Independent contractors; establishes portable benefit accounts and nonrefundable tax credit.
  • HB1164: Education Excellence for All Program; established, report.
  • HB1180: Home instruction and private education; creates a tax credit for taxable years 2024 through 2028.
  • HB1184: Abortion; based on the sex or ethnicity of unborn child prohibited, penalties.
  • HB1188: Certificate of public need program; phased elimination.
  • HB1189: Elections; ascertainment of results, random hand count audits.
  • HB1192: State debt collection; establishes statute of limitations.
  • HB1198: Resident concealed handgun permits; elimination of fees.
  • HB1200: Absentee voting in person; available beginning on the fourteenth day prior to election.
  • HB1202: Killing the fetus of another; guilty of manslaughter, penalties.
  • HB1204: Mobile food units; VDH to amend regulations and guidance documents.
  • HB1206: Obscene materials; modifies restrictions on purchase, distribution, exhibition, or loan.
  • HB1212: Standards of Learning assessments; virtual assessment administration.
  • HB1213: License plates, special; decreases prepaid applications related to military service.
  • HB1220: State Corporation Commission; insurance coverage regulations.
  • HB1507: Taxes; penalties and interest associated with the filing of returns or payment.
  • HJ207: Celebrating the life of Stanley William Roberts.
  • HJ324: Commending Brodie Farm.
  • HB981: Health professions, certain; licensure by endorsement.
  • HB1371: Education Savings Account Program; established, Education Improvement Scholarships tax credits.
  • HB1431: Contributory negligence bar; abolished.
  • HB1432: Trespass; service of process.
  • HB1433: Counseling Compact; licensure of professional counselors.
  • HB1863: Taxation in the Commonwealth; numerous changes to tax structure, report.
  • HB1864: State agency employees; vaccine requirements, creates exemption.
  • HB1865: Abortion; based on a disability or sex or ethnicity of the unborn child prohibited, penalty.
  • HB1866: Alcoholic beverage control; suspension or revocation of certain retail licenses, reinstatement.
  • HB1867: Virginia Retirement System; prior service or membership credit.
  • HB1868: License plates, special; military service, unremarried surviving spouses.
  • HB1869: Bills creating certain boards and commissions; required sunset provision.
  • HB1871: Concealed handgun permit; extends period of validity.
  • HB1872: Professional counselors; licensure without examination.
  • HB1877: Absentee voting; limits availability of absentee voting in person.
  • HB2251: Dentists and dental hygienists; DHP shall convene workgroup to analyze licensure requirements.
  • HJ510: Trisomy Awareness Month; designating as March 2023 and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ598: Commending Lake of the Woods Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company.
  • HJ644: Commending the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank.
  • HJ645: Commending the Friends of Wilderness Battlefield.
  • HR292: Celebrating the life of Lieutenant Commander Kevin Raynard Williams, Sr., USN, Ret.
  • HR299: Celebrating the life of Clint Clifton.
  • HR300: Celebrating the life of Kenneth Wayne Blevins, Sr.
  • HB39: Absentee voting in person; available beginning on the fourteenth day prior to election.
  • HB40: Disabled veteran special license plate; transferral to surviving spouse.
  • HB41: Early childhood care and education; publicly funded providers, assessment of children.
  • HB981: Health professions, certain; licensure by endorsement.
  • HB982: Education Savings Account Program; established.
  • HB983: Abortion; basis of genetic disorder, sex, or ethnicity prohibited, penalty.
  • HB1007: Sexually explicit instructional material; Board of Education to establish policy.
  • HB1038: Emergency rules, regulations, and orders; prohibition on mask mandates.
  • HB1039: Emergency Services and Disaster Law; limitation on duration of executive orders.
  • HB1040: Minimum wage; small employers.
  • HB1046: Over-the-counter medications, etc.; DMAS to study plan for a process to allow direct purchase.
  • HB1048: Death of parent or guardian of a child resulting from driving under the influence; child support.
  • HB1051: Protective orders; possession of firearms.
  • HB1067: Enhanced Nutrient Removal Certainty Program; Fredericksburg waste water treatment facility.
  • HB1239: Personal property; other classifications of tangible property for taxation.
  • HB1240: Counseling, Board of; licensure of professional counselors without examination.
  • HJ159: Commending Carol L. Summers.
  • HJ336: Celebrating the life of James Arthur Mann.
  • HR15: Commending the Honorable Mark Cole.