Del. Paul Krizek (D-Alexandria)

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44: County of Fairfax (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2016
Next Election
November 2019
Appropriations, Counties, Cities and Towns
Copatroning Habits
79% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 88% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 69% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
10% in 2018
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The Daily Progress: Senate committee kills bill to make Election Day a school holiday in Virginia

February 14, 2019
  Schools will continue to operate in Virginia on Election Day.

Delmarva Daily Times: Virginia lawmakers repeal ?Jim Crow? minimum wage exemptions

February 19, 2019
  A Virginia bill to repeal a Jim Crow era-law that legalized wage discrimination against many African-Americans is headed to the governor's desk.

Fort Hunt Herald: Krizek talks legislative crossover, budget bill and renews call for Northam to resign

February 9, 2019
  State Delegate Paul Krizek (44th). By State Delegate Paul Krizek (44th District). Now we are at the halfway mark in the 2019 legislative session known as ...

Fort Hunt Herald: Krizek's church littered with inflammatory flyers as abortion bill backlash continues

February 3, 2019
  Featured photo: A flyer picturing Democratic Party state delegates Paul Krizek (44th District) and Kathy Tran (42nd) (Credit: Unnamed). By .

Covering the Corridor: Krizek: Bills on sex trafficking, in-state tuition, lost wages move forward

February 1, 2019
  Del. Paul Krizek gives an update on the progress of his bills after the third week of the General Assembly.

These are all of the video clips of Paul Krizek’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2016. There are 1 video clips in all.


  • HB1676: Indigenous Peoples Day; renames the special Day of Appreciation for American Indians, etc.
  • HB1687: Nonpayment of wages; private cause of action by an employee.
  • HB1710: Public school buses; seat belts.
  • HB1724: Grow Your Own Teacher Pilot Programs Fund; created.
  • HB1752: Election day; school holiday.
  • HB1790: Absentee voting; certain absentee voters permitted to vote after close of absentee voting location.
  • HB1936: Higher educational institutions, public; in-state tuition, foreign service officer.
  • HB1937: Real property tax; exemptions for elderly and handicapped, computation of income limitation.
  • HB1938: Blind or vision impaired; definition.
  • HB2009: Virginia Land Conservation Foundation; project proposals.
  • HB2263: Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians Procedural Guarantee Act; breach of procedures.
  • HB2264: Safety belt system; all occupants of motor vehicles to utilize.
  • HB2498: Missing and endangered child; Endangered Missing Child Media Alert.
  • HB2576: Sex Trafficking Response Coordinator; created, duties, report.
  • HJ597: Litter; economic impacts on fishing, farming, and water quality in urban streams, report.
  • HJ1052: Commending River Bend Bistro.
  • HJ1103: Commending Not a Runaway, Inc.
  • HJ1104: Commending the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens' Associations.
  • HJ1105: Commending Richard Alderson.
  • HJ1106: Commending Greg Joachim.
  • HJ1107: Commending Gum Springs.
  • HJ1108: Commending United Community Ministries, Inc.
  • HJ1109: Commending Michael Bennett.
  • HR344: Commending Irma Becerra, Ph.D.
  • HR345: Commending RevolutionaryVA250.
  • HB8: Public procurement; agreements with labor organizations.
  • HB9: Safety restraints; all occupants of motor vehicles required to utilize.
  • HB46: Tuition, in-state; certain residents of United States territories.
  • HB47: Payday Lending Prohibition Act; penalties.
  • HB48: Charitable solicitations; registration statement.
  • HB80: Teacher licensure by reciprocity; third-party verification of application documents.
  • HB81: Division superintendents; vacancies appointment.
  • HB216: Guardians, licensed physician, etc.; annual reports.
  • HB223: Virginia Human Rights Act; limitations on causes of action.
  • HB224: School buses, public; requirement of seat belts.
  • HB245: Vested rights; nonconforming use may be continued so long as use is not discontinued more than 1 yr.
  • HB380: Grow Your Own Teacher Program Fund and Grow Your Own Teacher Programs; established.
  • HB381: Virginia State Police Electronic Summons System Fund; created.
  • HB551: Nonpayment of wages; private cause of action by an employee.
  • HB557: Virginia Public Procurement Act; public works contract requirements, apprenticeship utilization.
  • HB587: Consumer arbitration; private arbitration company, information reporting requirement.
  • HB633: Driver's licenses; suspensions for certain non-driving related offenses.
  • HB667: Wage; prevailing requirement for public works contracts, penalty.
  • HB1171: Construction contracts; liability for payment of wages.
  • HB1259: Minimum wage; exclusions, tips.
  • HB1593: Homestead exemption; bankruptcy exemptions.
  • HJ191: Commending Lee Wilson Palmer.
  • HJ219: Commending the Fort Hunt Little League Senior All Stars.
  • HJ233: Commending Neighborhood Health.
  • HJ307: Commending the Pinewood Lake Homeowner's Association.
  • HJ308: Commending Earl Flanagan.
  • HJ415: Celebrating the life of Mildred Leigh Shiver.
  • HJ486: Celebrating the life of William G. Somerville.
  • HJ568: Celebrating the life of Dorothy Ann McClelland.
  • HR183: Commending Embark Richmond Highway.
  • HB618: Distributed electric generation; establishment of community solar gardens.
  • HB1557: Temporary injunction of contract for services; rape, forcible sodomy, or object sexual penetration.
  • HB1558: Safety restraint use in motor vehicles.
  • HB1559: Special identification cards; fee for issuance of duplicate or reissuance, expiration of cards.
  • HB1560: Procedure when aliens convicted of certain felonies; forms.
  • HB1561: Public school buses; seat belts.
  • HB1673: Issuance of disabled parking placards by physician.
  • HB2049: Driver's license; suspension of license for nonpayment of fines and court costs.
  • HB2270: Spousal liability for emergency medical care; property held as tenants by the entireties.
  • HB2271: Custodial rights of person who committed sexual assault; clear and convincing standard.
  • HB2272: Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb recycling; local ordinances, civil penalties.
  • HB2275: Absentee voting; eligibility of persons age 65 or older.
  • HB2283: Wages; cause of action against an employer for nonpayment.
  • HJ575: Study; Department of General Services; Infrastructure investments that yield energy savings; report.
  • HJ636: Study; economic impacts of litter on fishing, farming, and water quality in urban streams; report.
  • HJ729: Commending New Hope Housing.
  • HJ910: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Frank Medico.
  • HB45: Payday loan offices and motor vehicle title loan offices; distance from casino facility.
  • HB135: In-state tuition charges; eligibility of members of state-recognized Virginia tribes.
  • HB144: Indigenous Peoples Day; designating as fourth Wednesday in November and each succeeding year.
  • HB391: Motor vehicle title loan offices; distance from military base.
  • HB392: Family and Children's Trust Fund; revenue matching for special license plates for supporters.
  • HB613: Rail and Public Transportation, Department of; acquisition of real estate and rights-of-way.
  • HB614: Organ donation; mandated choice.
  • HB618: Distributed electric generation; establishment of community solar gardens.
  • HB620: Elderly or disabled adults; financial exploitation.
  • HB623: Minimum wage; increases minimum wage from its current federally mandated level.
  • HB627: Vapor products; establishing state and local taxes.
  • HB1184: Social Services, Department of; increase of TANF benefits.
  • HJ41: Commending Pamela L. Michell.
  • HJ72: Minimum wage; effects of increasing the in the Commonwealth.
  • HJ204: Celebrating the life of Kenneth Earl Blunt.
  • HJ225: Celebrating the life of Ruth Ann Harvey.
  • HJ347: Indigenous Peoples Day.
  • HJ435: Commending Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services, Inc.
  • HJ494: Commending the West Potomac High School boys' basketball team.
  • HJ495: Commending Inova Mount Vernon Hospital.