Sen. Phil Puckett (D-Tazewell)

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38: Bland County (All), Buchanan County (All), Dickenson County (All), Russell County (All), Tazewell County (All), Smyth County (Part), Wise County (Part), Pulaski County (All), Norton City (All), Radford City (All), Montgomery County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 1998
Left Office
June 2014
Copatroning Habits
59% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 57% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 51% of them are Republicans.
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These are all of the video clips of Phil Puckett’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 182 video clips in all.


  • SB293: Reckless driving; causing death or injury of certain persons, Class 5 felony.
  • SB334: Virginia Disaster Relief Fund; established.
  • SJ55: Corrections, Department of; JLARC to study staffing levels and employment conditions.
  • SB703: Concealed handgun permit fees; provides an exemption for certain retired correctional officers.
  • SB704: Workers' compensation; disease presumption, corrections officers.
  • SB788: Charter; Town of Clintwood.
  • SB817: Property tax exemption; adds Historic Pocahontas, Inc. to list of organizations.
  • SB818: Prisoners; establish compact for control of those receiving emergency medical care outside of VA.
  • SB819: Tourist Train Development Authority; created.
  • SB820: Billboards; establishes conditions under which certain signs may be adjusted or relocated, etc.
  • SB821: Bristol Virginia Utilities Authority; grants Authority 'quick take' condemnation powers.
  • SB822: Statewide Fire Prevention Code; fees charged by State Fire Marshal.
  • SB876: Pharmacies; declaration of rights during audit.
  • SB877: Practitioners, licensed; continuing education required for those prescribing controlled substances.
  • SB878: Prescription Monitoring Program; required checks prior to dispensing certain controlled substances.
  • SB879: Employee Misclassification Task Force; created, report.
  • SB918: Coal severance taxes, local; establishes gross income for certain purposes. Emergency.
  • SB980: Transient occupancy tax; adds Dickenson County to list of counties authorized to levy.
  • SB1014: Coal; repeals an obsolete chapter that regulates surface mining.
  • SB1250: Prescription Monitoring Program; Board of Pharmacy to identify 'drugs of concern'.
  • SB1261: Health benefit exchange; regulation of navigators, report.
  • SB1314: Local boundaries for law-enforcement; organizing for purpose of 911 dispatch and response.
  • SB1347: Southwest Virginia Health Authority; clarifies definition of hospital, etc., powers, report.
  • SB1366: Electric utility regulation; schedule for biennial reviews, authority to petition.
  • SJ257: Celebrating the life of Andrew David Fox.
  • SJ334: Celebrating the life of Roger Powers.
  • SJ339: Celebrating the life of Donald Edwin Neal.
  • SJ371: Commending William D. Mullins.
  • SR22: Celebrating the life of Staff Sergeant Guy Stanley Hagy, Jr.
  • SR42: Commending Rose Rush.
  • SB140: Fire policy; shall provide coverage for cost charged by volunteer fire department, etc.
  • SB141: St. Paul, Town of; authority to prohibit use of compression release engine brakes.
  • SB142: Charter; Town of Pocahontas.
  • SB143: Mining permit; use of mine voids.
  • SB144: Virginia Gas and Oil Act; production of plats or maps.
  • SB145: Coalbed methane drilling; pooling orders.
  • SB146: Dental hygienists; remote supervision by a public health dentist.
  • SB147: Bear hound training; allows training of dogs to hunt bears to occur from 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.
  • SB148: Methamphetamine lab cleanup costs; localities may charge for reimbursement .
  • SB149: Charter; Town of Bluefield.
  • SB150: Mineral rights; presumption of ownereship.
  • SB151: Hunting; allows person to hunt wild bird or wild animal on Sundays.
  • SB152: Virginia Gas and Oil Act; penalties for operating without permit, disregarding orders, etc.
  • SB153: Gas or oil wells; records of pooled operations income and costs.
  • SB154: License tax; uniform ordinances.
  • SB155: Repairable vehicles; definition, exemption from certain provisions, exceptions.
  • SB295: Virginia Employment Commission; Office of Attorney General may represent interests of State.
  • SB590: Bristol Virginia Utilities (BVU) Authority; purchase of private cable system.
  • SB591: MEWA; increases number of residents employed at bank who may receive accident & sickness benefits.
  • SB592: Tramadol; added to list of Schedule IV controlled substances.
  • SB593: Back of Dragon; designates portion of Route 16 in Tazewell and Smyth Counties.
  • SB616: Coalfield employment enhancement tax credit; eliminates sunset date.
  • SB617: Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center; adds King College to Board of Trustees.
  • SB618: Domestic tobacco; incentive payments for use by nonparticipating manufacturers.
  • SB658: License tax, local; ordinances for severance oil, coal, or gas from earth, report.
  • SJ162: Commending John Henry Anderson Smith IV.
  • SJ163: Commending Clyde W. Bowling.
  • SJ188: Commending Donnie Keene.
  • SJ189: Celebrating the life of Charles Curtis Grindstaff.
  • SJ197: Celebrating the life of William Andrew Patton.
  • SJ237: Commending the Grundy High School wrestling team.
  • SJ238: Commending Allison R. Lineberry.
  • SJ242: Celebrating the life of Larry J. Saunders.
  • SJ243: Celebrating the life of Susie Beatrice Nickens James.
  • SB367: Workers' compensation; employer liability for medical services.
  • SB374: Alternative onsite sewage systems; waiver from examination applicants for licensure as an installer.
  • SB377: Workplace Fraud Act; established.
  • SB1011: Low-income residential customers; investor-owned electric utilities to offer reduced rates.
  • SB1012: Marijuana plants; when seizure of 10 or more, law-enforcement agency may destroy.
  • SB1013: License plates, special; eliminates fee for issuance or renewal of Purple Heart license plates.
  • SB1014: Dental hygienists; extension of educational and preventive care protocol.
  • SB1015: Insurance policies; exemptions of large commercial risks.
  • SB1016: Public Procurement Act; establishment of historically underutilized business zones (HUB zones).
  • SB1017: Game & Inland Fisheries, Board of; to introduce new species of game, approval by local government.
  • SB1018: Vehicle race; raises penalty for causing death of another person while engaging.
  • SB1019: Fire Prevention; transfers to Fire Services Board authority for approving fee structure.
  • SB1020: Driver's license reinstatement fees; additional fees for persons with multiple suspensions, etc.
  • SB1021: Virginia Water Protection Permit; state agencies asked to review to provide comments within 45 days.
  • SB1022: Retirement System; creditable compensation of teachers.
  • SB1023: Game and Inland Fisheries, Department of; authority to create damage stamp compensation program.
  • SB1024: Drinking water community confidence reports; publication.
  • SB1025: Coal surface mining operations; authority to issue pollutant discharge elimination permits.
  • SB1026: Agricultural animals; care by owner, penalty.
  • SB1027: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; tax credit for hiring recipients thereof.
  • SB1028: Drug treatment courts; established in various counties.
  • SB1029: Health records; health care providers who prescribe or dispense controlled substances.
  • SB1310: Coal Mine Safety Act; updated to reflect current federal law and industry standards, penalty.
  • SB1392: Electric generation facilities; incentives for construction of using coalbed methane gas.
  • SB1398: Coalbed methane gas; conflicting claims to ownership.
  • SB1461: Universal Broadband Deployment Act; establishes process for SCC to certify priority suppliers.
  • SB1462: VDOT; review and adopt revisions to certain regulations applicable to transportation planning.
  • SJ345: Independent contractors; JLARC to study misclassification of employees.
  • SJ394: Commending Bland County on the occasion of its 150th anniversary.
  • SJ469: Commending Fran Rooker.
  • SJ486: Commending Fort Gibson United Methodist Church on the occasion of its 225th anniversary.
  • SJ517: Celebrating the life of Earl Eugene Dellinger.
  • SJ518: Commending E. Kenneth Wysor.
  • SJ521: Commending Bahjet "Bob" J. Nassif.
  • SR29: Greenhouse gas emissions; urging Congress of United States to address proposed regulations of EPA.
  • SB367: Workers' compensation; employer liability for medical services.
  • SB368: Retirement System; creditable compensation of teachers.
  • SB369: Buchanan County Public Service Authority; membership.
  • SB370: Social services, local board of; county supervisors may choose board consisting of five citizens.
  • SB371: Route 711; Buchanan County may enter into an agreement with Pike County, Kentucky to improve.
  • SB372: Roadways; authorizes Buchanan County Board of Supervisors to maintain those within right-of-way.
  • SB373: Off-road recreational vehicles; localities to allow on certain highways within their boundaries.
  • SB374: Alternative onsite sewage systems; waiver from examination applicants for licensure as an installer.
  • SB375: Title loans; establishes a system for regulating.
  • SB376: Coalbed methane gas; presumption of ownership, report.
  • SB377: Workplace Fraud Act; established.
  • SB378: Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUB Zones); established.
  • SB379: Southwest Regional Recreation Authority; localities may allocate portion of civil penalties.
  • SB380: Southwest Regional Recreational Authority; board to establish ranger police division.
  • SB381: Communications sales and use tax; Tazewell County shall receive its share of tax revenues.
  • SB554: Governor's Development Opportunity Fund; authority of Governor to award grants.
  • SB555: Tobacco Indemnification & Community Revitalization Commission; excludes grant application records.
  • SB558: Coal mining; increases license fee.
  • SB559: Mineral mining; increases license fee.
  • SB560: Gas and oil wells; increase annual permit fee.
  • SB561: Coal mine safety; requirements for surface foreman certification.
  • SB562: Unemployment benefits; eligibility of individuals part-time employed and in training programs.
  • SB680: Electric utility regulation; SCC to regulate rate for services of investor-owned electric utilities.
  • SJ181: Commending Abbs Valley-Boissevain Elementary School.
  • SJ197: Celebrating the life of Samuel Morgan Church, Jr.
  • SJ215: Celebrating the life of Kelly Noel Combs Necessary.
  • SJ242: Celebrating the life of Thomas Alan Reid.
  • SJ243: Celebrating the life of William McGarvey Dudley.
  • SJ273: Commending Diana Wallace.
  • SB400: Deputy sheriffs; certain retired under disability retirement.
  • SB402: Law Officers' Retirement System; supplemental allowance paid until Social Security retirement age.
  • SB407: Tractor-trailer combinations; local ordinances prohibiting use of certain highways.
  • SB408: Literary Fund; distributions.
  • SB412: Fire Programs Fund; increases rate of assessment.
  • SB417: Sickness and Disability Program; open-enrollment period.
  • SB421: Bland County; State to convey an easement across certain property therein along Route 665.
  • SB1189: Law libraries, local; authorized to use space at public libraries, which may include flat rate.
  • SB1190: Local exchange telephone service; SCC to sustain levels of intrastate access rates.
  • SB1191: Process and service fees; increases certain sheriffs' fees.
  • SB1192: Voter registration drives; must register with Board of Elections and fulfill training requirements.
  • SB1193: Law Officers' Retirement System; reemployment after break in service not exceeding 12 months.
  • SB1194: Renewable energy projects; DEQ develop a permit by rule for construction of electrial facilities.
  • SB1195: Prescription Monitoring Program; disclosure of information.
  • SB1196: Behavioral Correction Program; created.
  • SB1197: Identity theft; relieves victim thereof of any fees for filing petition to expunge.
  • SB1198: State parks; establishes a Disabled Veterans Passport for disabled persons for free entry, etc.
  • SB1199: Prisoner keep; increases amount locality may charge inmate to defray costs associated therewith.
  • SB1200: Vehicle license fees and taxes; localities to exempt veterans and surviving spouses of veterans.
  • SB1201: Home Energy Assistance Program; report effectiveness of low-income energy assistance programs.
  • SB1202: Dental hygienists; those who hold a license, etc., may provide educational and preventative care.
  • SB1203: Public Procurement Act; prequalification for certain transportation contracts.
  • SB1204: Royalty payments from gas or oil drilling; property owners whose interest has been force-pooled.
  • SB1205: Officials and officers, local; retirement benefits for certain.
  • SB1206: Reciprocal agreements with other states; guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor if not in compliance.
  • SB1207: Unused Pharmaceutical Disposal Program; created.
  • SB1208: Commercial goods or services; obtaining or attempting to obtain without payment, penalty.
  • SB1209: License plates, special; Appalachian School of Law and University of Appalachia College of Pharmacy.
  • SB1210: Real Estate Board; waiver of broker education requirements.
  • SB1334: Certificate of Public Need; increases maximum amount for fees for an application therefor.
  • SB1336: Broadband Advisory Council; established, report.
  • SB1337: Coal and gas road improvement tax; revenues generated designated for local water or sewer projects.
  • SB1459: Manufactured Housing Licensing and Transaction Recovery Fund Law; raises maximum claim amount.
  • SB1460: Replacement of water by gas well operators; replace water supply contaminated, etc. by an operation.
  • SB1461: Southwest Regional Recreation Authority; governing body to appoint members thereto.
  • SB1462: Drug treatment courts; authorized for County of Tazewell.
  • SB1473: Forestry permits; State Forester require person who fishes, rides mountain bikes, etc., to obtain.
  • SB1507: Gas wells and related improvements; may be assessed on an annual basis in Buchanan County.
  • SB1508: Breaks Regional Airport Authority Act; created.
  • SJ386: Celebrating the life of Staff Sergeant Jesse A. Ault.
  • SJ419: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Wade St. Clair Coates.
  • SJ420: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Gregory Stephen Matney.
  • SJ448: Commending the Virginia Economic Bridge on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.
  • SJ449: Commending Food City.
  • SJ450: Celebrating the life of Thomas A. Colley.
  • SJ451: Celebrating the life of Sergeant James Howard Altizer.
  • SJ468: Celebrating the life of Dorothy Buck Boucher.
  • SJ502: Commending Franklin Delano Robertson.
  • SJ5008: Celebrating the life of June Oblinger Shott.
  • SB398: Security of Public Deposits Act; eligible collateral & amends definition of public depository.
  • SB399: Investment of Public Funds Act; authorized through Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service.
  • SB400: Deputy sheriffs; certain retired under disability retirement.
  • SB401: Income tax exemption for launch services and payload.
  • SB402: Law Officers' Retirement System; supplemental allowance paid until Social Security retirement age.
  • SB403: Pharmacy benefits; claims and payments submitted electronically.
  • SB404: Substance abuse screening; person become ineligible for public assistance if using illegal drugs.
  • SB405: Controlled substances; nonresident pharmacies reporting and approval requirements.
  • SB406: Prescription drug benefits; penalty for conviction of certain drug-related crimes.
  • SB407: Tractor-trailer combinations; local ordinances prohibiting use of certain highways.
  • SB408: Literary Fund; distributions.
  • SB409: Conservator of the peace, special; disqualification for appointment.
  • SB410: State Police dogs; provision of care.
  • SB411: Motor fuels tax; funding for transportation-related alternatives.
  • SB412: Fire Programs Fund; increases rate of assessment.
  • SB413: Mining operations; permit fees to be submitted from applicants that discharge waters.
  • SB414: Nonemergency medical transportation; creates new DMV permit for providers.
  • SB415: Industrial Development and Revenue Bond Act; officers of Buchanan County may serve as directors.
  • SB416: Insurance agent license examinations; demographic data.
  • SB417: Sickness and Disability Program; open-enrollment period.
  • SB418: Real Estate Board; waiver of broker education requirements.
  • SB419: Cable television services; provision by localities in certain planning districts.
  • SB420: Telephone utilities; cable service for those locally operated .
  • SB421: Bland County; State to convey an easement across certain property therein along Route 665.
  • SB422: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Appalachian Trail.
  • SB423: DEQ; authority to issue and enforce permits, etc. related to air and water pollution.
  • SB586: Gas and Oil Act; notification of interested parties.
  • SB587: Local Government Manager Retention Program; retirement benefits for chief local executive employee.
  • SB588: Payday Loan Act; requires SCC to contract with one or more parties to develop, etc. database.
  • SB677: Criminal jurors; disqualifications.
  • SB678: Drug Treatment Court Act; authorized drug treatment court for Tazewell County.
  • SB740: Southwest Regional Recreation Authority; established.
  • SB797: Mortgage lenders or servicers; notice and additional time before foreclosure on high-risk loans.
  • SJ198: Celebrating and remembering the life and career of Kenneth McNabb Hicks.
  • SJ224: Celebrating the life of J. Trigg Fields.
  • SJ259: Celebrating the life of Beulah Boothe Owens.
  • SJ5008: Celebrating the life of June Oblinger Shott.
  • SR10: Commending Dr. Ralph Stanley.
  • SB517: Practice of naturopathy; establishes licensure requirements.
  • SB611: Therapeutic Incarceration Program; created, report.
  • SB1079: Therapeutic Incarceration Program; creates sentencing alternative for certain defendants.
  • SB1080: Prisoner Reentry Fund; created.
  • SB1081: Communications sales and use tax; distribution formula for localities.
  • SB1082: Courthouse security; increases costs in each criminal or traffic case in district or circuit courts.
  • SB1083: State Police Headquarters, former; State to convey property on Rt. 83 to Buchanan County.
  • SB1084: Pharmacy benefits management; payment for clean claims submitted electronically.
  • SB1085: Cable television services; provision by localities in certain districts.
  • SB1086: Revenue-sharing funds; distribution systems in certain counties, cities, and towns.
  • SB1087: Retirement System; creditable compensation of teachers.
  • SB1088: Pregnant Women Support Fund; created.
  • SB1089: Public Procurement Act; prequalification for certain transportation contracts.
  • SB1090: State Firefighter's Association; created.
  • SB1091: Coal miner certification; requires pre-employment substance abuse testing & suspension.
  • SB1092: American Former Prisoners of War Memorial Highway; designating as portion of Route 19 in Russell Co.
  • SB1093: Real Estate Board; applicants for initial licensure as real estate broker.
  • SB1094: Vehicle warning lights; allows chaplains to equip their vehicles therewith.
  • SB1095: Voting equipment; certification thereof to be required.
  • SB1221: Community-based corrections programs; credit toward completion of community service.
  • SB1222: Self defense; person is justified using physical force when person enters dwelling unlawfully.
  • SB1318: Emergency management plans; local and interjurisdictional agency to review.
  • SB1319: Conservators of peace, special; conviction of Class 1 misdemeanor to prevent person from becoming.
  • SB1340: Appalachian Region Interstate Compact and Commission; created.
  • SB1402: Discharges into Levisa Fork; prescribes size of mixing zone for discharge of salty mine water.
  • SB1403: Environmental Quality, Department of; consolidation of various boards, increase of authority.
  • SJ381: Abortion; Joint Commission on Health Care to study reasons women obtain.
  • SJ441: Commending the Richlands High School marching band.
  • SJ447: Commending Billy Wagner.
  • SJ471: Commending the Virginia Department of State Police.
  • SR55: Celebrating the life of Catherine M. Cox.
  • SR56: Celebrating the life of William F. Neel.
  • SB496: ABC Board; issuance of mixed beverage licenses.
  • SB497: Fraud crimes; venue for prosecution thereof.
  • SB498: Fire Programs Fund; revising allocations to eligible localities.
  • SB499: Home instruction; requires persons providing home instruction to hold a high school diploma.
  • SB500: Corrections, Board of; membership and powers.
  • SB501: Residential community programs; nonviolent criminals opportunity to participate.
  • SB502: School board; members to appoint a tiebreaker in case of a tie vote.
  • SB503: Town of Honaker; charter.
  • SB506: Coal and gas road improvement tax; localities to use revenue to repair existing water & sewer lines.
  • SB507: Sewage treatment facilities; establishing a governing board.
  • SB508: Retirement System; state police and state and local law-enforcement officers.
  • SB509: Real property; special damages for intentional injury thereto.
  • SB510: Sex crimes against children; mandatory minimum term of confinement for certain offenses.
  • SB511: Regional industrial facilities authority; may create with two or more localities.
  • SB512: Low-water bridge; VDOT to reimburse Dickenson County for expenses in reconstructing thereof.
  • SB513: Coalbed methane well-pooling orders; interests in drilling units, conflicting claims.
  • SB514: Private roads; Counties of Dickenson & Tazewell added to provision allowing maintenance thereof.
  • SB515: Line of Duty Act; disabled state employees.
  • SB516: Motor vehicles; use of warning lights, etc. while operating in emergency situations.
  • SB517: Practice of naturopathy; establishes licensure requirements.
  • SB518: License plates, special; issuance to members of State Defense Force.
  • SB519: Hospitals; if designated Medicare dependent then considered rural.
  • SB520: Sickness and Disability Program; open-enrollment period.
  • SB611: Therapeutic Incarceration Program; created, report.
  • SB612: Prisoner Reentry Fund; created, rates for telephone services.
  • SB642: Route 610; bridge in Wythe County to be repaired and maintained.
  • SB651: Air emissions control; Department of Environmental Quality shall promulgate regulations.
  • SB674: Criminal records; disclosure of those expunged.
  • SJ228: Celebrating the life of Second Lieutenant Donald Ryan McGlothlin.
  • SJ229: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Frederick Harmon Combs II.
  • SJ259: Commending Doyle Rasnick.
  • SJ260: Celebrating the life of Glynn Carlock, Sr.
  • SJ268: Celebrating the life of Joseph Keene.
  • SJ277: Commending the Lebanon Baptist Church on the occasion of its 150th anniversary.
  • SJ284: Celebrating the life of Harold S. Tatum.
  • SJ5046: Celebrating the life of Tom Fletcher.
  • SR30: Celebrating the life of Kelly D. Cecil.