Del. Rob Bell (R-Charlottesville)

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58: Counties of Albemarle (part), Fluvanna (part), Greene, and Rockingham (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2002
Next Election
November 2019
Commerce and Labor, Courts of Justice (Chair), Health, Welfare and Institutions
Copatroning Habits
75% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 90% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 67% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
33.3% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)
Recent Mentions in the Media

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These are all of the video clips of Rob Bell’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 188 video clips in all.


  • HB480: Restitution; enforcement.
  • HB481: Jury service; deferral of service if full-time student.
  • HB482: Witness testimony; accompanied by certified facility dogs.
  • HB483: Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund; restitution owed to victims.
  • HB484: Restitution; probation.
  • HB485: Restitution; payments of defendant on supervised probation.
  • HB496: Students who receive home instruction; participation in interscholastic programs.
  • HB497: Students who receive home instruction; dual enrollment courses in local school division.
  • HB499: Nursing, Board of; regulations governing identification badges.
  • HB505: Traffic signs; people with disabilities, posting of signs on certain roadways.
  • HB511: Child abuse or neglect; sex offenders, investigations, reports to law enforcement.
  • HB514: Search warrants; unattended deaths.
  • HB515: Custody and visitation; rights of parents with a disability.
  • HB516: Food establishment inspections; exemptions for private homes where resident processes yogurt.
  • HB517: Involuntary commitment of a juvenile; notification of parents.
  • HB519: Violent felony; definition, assault and battery against a law-enforcement officer, etc.
  • HB521: Virtual Virginia; enrollment in online learning program during school year to be open, etc.
  • HB620: Prosecutions, limitation of; certain felonies.
  • HB621: Cobalt poisoning; notice to patients of risk.
  • HB622: Sex offenders; prohibited entry onto school property, penalty.
  • HB623: Law enforcement; false reports, penalty.
  • HB827: School buses, new; Board of Education to promulgate regulations requiring extended warning signs.
  • HB840: Victim telephone numbers and email addresses; confidentiality of information in criminal cases.
  • HB841: Criminal cases; admissibility of prior inconsistent statements.
  • HB1193: Persons acquitted by reason of insanity; commitment for inpatient hospitalization.
  • HB1546: County courthouse; provisions regarding removal.
  • HB1604: Health instruction; instruction to incorporate standards to recognize dimensions of mental health.
  • HJ118: Independent living communities; Department of Social Services to study regulation of communities.
  • HJ235: Commending Beth Laine.
  • HB602: Petit larceny; prior convictions, penalty.
  • HB625: Minors; abduction for purpose of prostitution.
  • HB754: Domestic violence-related misdemeanors; enhanced penalty.
  • HB1578: Students who receive home instruction; participation in interscholastic programs (Tebow Bill).
  • HB1782: Corrections, State Board of; membership, powers and duties, review of deaths of inmates.
  • HB1783: Prisoners; mental health screening upon admission to a local correctional facility.
  • HB1784: Forensic discharge planning services; local and regional correctional facilities.
  • HB1785: Emergency vehicles, privately owned volunteer; exemptions and requirements.
  • HB1855: Court-ordered restitution; form order, enforcement, noncompliance, etc.
  • HB1856: Restitution; supervised probation.
  • HB1922: Financial exploitation of adults; reporting to local law enforcement and State Police.
  • HB1928: Felony homicide; certain drug offenses constitute second degree murder, penalty.
  • HB2007: Students who receive home instruction; dual enrollment courses.
  • HB2338: Restitution; priority of payments.
  • HB2339: Probation violations; intermediate sanctions.
  • HB2343: Voter registration list maintenance; voters identified as having duplicate registrations.
  • HB2462: Inpatient psychiatric hospital admission; defendant found incompetent.
  • HB2467: Driving on a suspended or revoked license; period of suspension.
  • HJ629: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); charter schools.
  • HJ630: Study; study the efficacy of the sheriff of any locality supervising animal control officers.
  • HJ637: Mental Health Services in the Commonwealth in the 21st Century; Joint Subcommittee to study.
  • HB3: Constitutional amendment; charter schools (submitting to qualified voters).
  • HB131: Students who receive home instruction; participation in interscholastic programs.
  • HB602: Petit larceny; prior convictions, penalty.
  • HB604: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; receiving money from earnings of a prostitute.
  • HB605: Restitution; extension of probation.
  • HB606: Temporary detention order; voluntary admission.
  • HB607: Violent felony offenses; prostitution.
  • HB608: Immediate sanction probation programs; extends sunset provision.
  • HB609: Protective orders; assault and battery; penalty.
  • HB610: Protective orders; penalty.
  • HB611: Water and sewer utilities; regulation.
  • HB612: Diminished financial capacity; execution of revocable letter.
  • HB615: Felony homicide; certain drug offenses; penalty.
  • HB616: Discharge from involuntary admission; advance directive.
  • HB619: Home-produced or farm-produced food products; exempts certain foods from Board of ACS regulations.
  • HB621: Certificates of public need; requirements for certain projects involving mental hospitals, etc.
  • HB622: Entering occupied motor vehicle; interference with rights of owner, penalty.
  • HB624: Retention of court records; violent felonies and acts of violence.
  • HB625: Minors; abduction for purpose of prostitution.
  • HB626: Admission to bail; includes any offense of strangulation on list of crimes.
  • HB628: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act; public dissemination.
  • HB752: Stalking; penalty.
  • HB754: Domestic violence-related misdemeanors; enhanced penalty.
  • HB757: Local or regional public bodies; public comment.
  • HB811: Involuntary admission procedures; notification to family member about proceedings.
  • HB1054: Alcoholic beverage control; certain laws transferred to State Police.
  • HB1056: Family abuse protective orders; extension of orders.
  • HB1057: Separate court dockets; establishment, guidelines.
  • HB1059: Heroin possession; Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission to evaluate sentencing guidelines.
  • HB1105: Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission; recidivism rate for certain released federal prisoners.
  • HB1110: Temporary detention; notice of recommendation, communication with magistrate.
  • HB1112: Involuntary admission; contents of preadmission screening report, notice of hearing.
  • HB1160: Physical evidence recovery kits.
  • HJ1: Constitutional amendment; charter schools (second reference).
  • HJ215: Commending David Wallace.
  • HJ244: Commending Ken Boyd.
  • HB404: Investigation of cases involving alleged sexual abuse of a child; qualifications of investigator.
  • HB448: Firearms; restoration of rights, report to State Police.
  • HB659: Community services boards and behavioral health authorities; information about services available.
  • HB1290: Home food operations; certain exemptions for products.
  • HB1626: Students receiving home instruction; participation in public school interscholastic programs.
  • HB1627: Economics education and financial literacy; standard unit of credit, alternative assessment.
  • HB1693: Civil admission process; alternative transportation.
  • HB1927: Criminal cases; venue for prosecution.
  • HB1928: DNA; analysis upon conviction of certain misdemeanors.
  • HB1930: Higher educational institutions; review committees, reporting of acts of sexual violence, report.
  • HB1936: Virginia Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; limits on obligations.
  • HB2007: Protective orders; assault and battery, penalty.
  • HB2040: Prostitution, pandering, etc.; violation of certain provisions is punishable.
  • HB2043: Incarcerated persons; transfer to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • HB2048: General district court or circuit court; payment of funds.
  • HB2049: Preliminary hearing; certification of ancillary misdemeanor offenses.
  • HB2379: Voter list maintenance; SBE shall utilize data received through list comparisons with other states.
  • HB2380: Community services boards and behavioral health authorities; information for students.
  • HJ577: Constitutional amendment; Board of Education granted authority to establish charter schools.
  • HB63: Public school interscholastic programs; participation by students receiving home instruction.
  • HB135: Home-produced or farm-produced products; sale of products by certain farm operations.
  • HB232: Immediate sanction probation program; extends sunset provision on establishment of programs.
  • HB233: Sex offenders; requires circuit court to find good cause before accepting name change applications.
  • HB234: VIEW; screening and assessment for use of illegal substances.
  • HB235: Sex Offender & Crimes Against Minors Registry Act; amends to add solicitation of prostitution.
  • HB285: Emergency protective orders; arrests for domestic assault, definition of law-enforcement officer.
  • HB293: Temporary detention; determining facility for individual.
  • HB294: Emergency custody order; extension.
  • HB326: Unlawful dissemination or sale of images of another; person is guilty of Class 1 misdemeanor.
  • HB334: Multidisciplinary child sexual abuse response teams, local; attorney to establish to review cases.
  • HB335: Family abuse protective orders; motor vehicles.
  • HB336: Insurance joint underwriting associations; board of directors.
  • HB403: Child sex-crime cases; admission of prior sexual offenses into evidence.
  • HB404: Investigation of cases involving alleged sexual abuse of a child; qualifications of investigator.
  • HB405: Abuse or neglect of a child, suspected; reports to law enforcement.
  • HB448: Firearms; restoration of rights, report to State Police.
  • HB449: Student information; release to federal government agencies or authorized representative of agency.
  • HB450: Background checks; employment prior to receipt of results.
  • HB451: Elections; elected and certain appointed officers, removal from office.
  • HB452: Plea agreements; upon rejection of agreement in any delinquency or criminal matter, etc.
  • HB504: Child pornography; modifications to discretionary sentencing guidelines for possession.
  • HB656: Pretrial appeals; transcript or written statement of facts.
  • HB657: Victims of crime; testimony using two-way closed-circuit television for certain offenses.
  • HB659: Community services boards and behavioral health authorities; information about services available.
  • HB660: Crimes; seizure and forfeiture of property.
  • HB661: Falsifying patient records; statute of limitation on prosecutions increased.
  • HB745: Internet publication of personal information; prohibition, attorneys for the Commonwealth.
  • HB1144: Private roads; designation as highways for law-enforcement purposes in Greene County.
  • HB1172: Temporary detention; procedure for transferring person.
  • HB1215: Reckless driving; violation of right-of-way.
  • HB1216: DBHDS; evaluate qualifications and training of individuals performing evaluations of individuals.
  • HJ51: Constitutional amendment; grants Board of Education authority to establish charter schools.
  • HJ444: Commending the Virginia Association of Commonwealth's Attorneys.
  • HR137: Commending Rodney S. Thomas.
  • HR567: Commending the American Legion Post 74 baseball team.
  • HB1HB17: Polling places; identification required to vote.
  • HB966: Guardian ad litem; shall not be appointed to represent child, etc. if committed delinquent act.
  • HB1442: Public school interscholastic programs; participation of students receiving home instruction.
  • HB1682: Mentally incapacitated persons; financial exploitation, penalty.
  • HB1684: Identity theft; victim assistance, restitution, penalties.
  • HB1763: Arrest warrants; jail officer employed in regional jail or jail farm may execute.
  • HB1764: Virginia Voter Registration System; State Board of Elections to develop.
  • HB1765: Voters; list to State Board of all registered voters, notification to general registrar of felony.
  • HB1766: Child sexual abuse cases; admission of prior sex offenses into evidence, definition of sexual abuse.
  • HB1787: Polling places; identification required to vote.
  • HB1788: Elections; identification to register to vote and present at polls.
  • HB1789: VIEW; substance abuse screening & assessment of public assistance applicants and recipients.
  • HB1870: Multijurisdiction grand jury; adds offense of receiving money for procuring person.
  • HB2269: Mandatory minimum sentences; terms of confinement or imprisonment to be served consecutively.
  • HB2331: Election laws; Attorney General shall have full authority to enforce laws or prosecute violations.
  • HJ578: Commending the Albemarle High School boys' soccer team.
  • HJ826: Commending the Virginia Councils of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • HB5: Constitutional amendment; taking or damaging of private property for public use (voter referendum).
  • HB251: Congressional districts; changes in boundaries.
  • HB946: Political action committees; campaign finance filings.
  • HB947: Nonpublic school students; organizations governing participation in interscholastic programs.
  • HB948: Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund; crimes included.
  • HB949: Virginia Retirement System (VRS); optional defined contribution retirement plan for state employees.
  • HB950: Transcripts; provided to defendant in all felony cases.
  • HB951: DUI ignition interlock; required on first offense as a condition of a restricted license.
  • HB952: Carrying concealed weapons; correctional officers.
  • HB953: Assault and battery; adds prison contractor to class of people victimized in prisons, penalty.
  • HB954: Criminal law; redefinition of triggerman rule, penalty.
  • HB955: VIEW; screening and assessment of public assistance recipients for use of illegal substances.
  • HB956: Immediate sanction probation; removes two program limit.
  • HB957: Zero tolerance; shall continue for two years following restoration of driving privileges for DUI.
  • HB958: Citizenship of arrestee; if accused is not committed to jail, arresting officer to ascertain.
  • HB959: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption on certain tangible personal property.
  • HB960: Certificates of insurance; no person shall issue those with false or misleading information.
  • HB961: Shoplifting and employee theft; merchant allowed to recover damages under certain circumstances.
  • HB962: DUI; penalty for maiming shall include a mandatory minimum term of confinement of one year.
  • HB963: Child pornography; possession, distribution, solicitation, etc., penalty.
  • HB964: Child pornography or grooming video; person 18 years of age or older displaying to a minor, penalty.
  • HB965: Campus police; mutual aid agreements with local law-enforcement agencies and State Police.
  • HB966: Guardian ad litem; shall not be appointed to represent child, etc. if committed delinquent act.
  • HB967: Campus police officers; included in definition of law-enforcement officers.
  • HB968: Drug trafficking; 3 years shall be mandatory minimum term of imprisonment for subsequent offense.
  • HB969: Sexual assault response teams; State attorney to invite chiefs of campus police to annual meeting.
  • HB970: Child abuse and neglect; mandatory reporting, penalties.
  • HB971: Barrier crimes; adds extortion and felony violations of protective orders to statute.
  • HB972: Involuntary commitment; criteria for commitment.
  • HB973: Sex crimes; penalties for offender who is 18 or older for rape, etc. of child under age 13.
  • HB974: Campaign finance disclosure reports; requires SBE to replace residence address of certain voters.
  • HB975: Governmental utility corporation; acting as public service corporation or public service company.
  • HB1126: Sanctions with Unified Rapid Enforcement (SURE); created.
  • HB1299: Immediate sanction probation program; created.
  • HJ3: Constitutional amendment; taking or damaging of private property for public use (second reference).
  • HJ160: Commending Brad Kennedy.
  • HJ345: Celebrating the life of Sylvia Jennings Henderson.
  • HJ469: Celebrating the life of Chris Breiner.
  • HR567: Commending the East Rockingham High School girls basketball team.
  • HB905: Automatic dialing-announcing devices; prohibits calling if subscriber is on Do Not Call Registry.
  • HB910: Income tax, state; increases deduction for organ donation.
  • HB925: VIEW; screening and assessment for use of illegal substances.
  • HB926: Students, nonpublic school; participation in public school interscholastic programs, fees.
  • HB2059: Telecommunications devices; prohibiting use of obscene language including electronic messages.
  • HB2060: Bail; magistrate shall set in accordance with order of court that issued capias.
  • HB2061: Subordinate mortgage; increases maximum amount upon refinancing of primary mortgage.
  • HB2062: Concealed weapons; allows Department of Corrections correctional officer to carry without a permit.
  • HB2063: Protective orders; expands class of persons eligible to obtain.
  • HB2064: Assault and battery; penalty when against an employee of prison contractor.
  • HB2065: D N A samples; taken of those convicted of sexual battery when victim is a minor.
  • HB2066: Sex offenders; prohibiting entry onto school grounds or other property, penalty.
  • HB2067: Criminal proceedings; investigative costs of law-enforcement agency.
  • HB2068: Health Care Decisions Act; medically inappropriate treatment.
  • HB2394: State health insurance plan; state employees who are nonclassified, hourly employees to participate.
  • HB2395: Students, nonpublic school; participation in public school interscholastic programs, fees.
  • HB2396: Solicitation of children; unlawful for adult to entice minor to enter motor vehicle.
  • HB2521: Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act; relating to consumers.
  • HJ625: School divisions, local; DOE to study nature and effectiveness of antibullying policies.
  • HJ626: Defendants; VSCC to study disposition of those unrestorably incompetent.
  • HJ647: Constitutional amendment; taking or damaging of private property for public use (first reference).
  • HJ890: Commending Boy Scout Troop 1140 on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HB902: Financial exploitation of elderly or disabled; property taken by intimidation or deception, penalty.
  • HB903: Threat assessment teams; exempts certain records established at higher educational institutions.
  • HB904: Animal control officers; magistrate to issue arrest warrant for complaint for felony offense.
  • HB905: Automatic dialing-announcing devices; prohibits calling if subscriber is on Do Not Call Registry.
  • HB906: Security for Public Deposits Act; includes extracurricular public school activities funds.
  • HB907: Reports of certain acts to school authorities; local law-enforcement authorities to report.
  • HB908: Juveniles; loss of driving privileges for alcohol, firearm, and drug offenses.
  • HB909: Unclaimed property; storage fee for those in possession of sheriff or police.
  • HB910: Income tax, state; increases deduction for organ donation.
  • HB911: Juveniles; any transfer to circuit court shall include ancillary charges.
  • HB912: Sex offender registry; person to designate location where spending night if no legal residence, etc.
  • HB913: Victims of crime; may visit perpetrator in prison facility.
  • HB914: Barking dog ordinances; locality may require parties to use mediation in resolving dispute.
  • HB915: Towing and Recovery Operators, Board of; regulation exemptions.
  • HB916: Driver's license, commercial; disqualification of license if convicted of manslaughter.
  • HB917: Business entity fees; reductions for veterans.
  • HB918: Juvenile records; release of identifying information of juvenile who is a fugitive from justice.
  • HB919: Sex offender; prohibits proximity to children's museums.
  • HB920: Computer Crimes Act; definition of computer and computer network.
  • HB921: Retention of records; all records of Board of Social Services shall be retained for at least 25 yrs.
  • HB922: Charter; Town of Scottsville.
  • HB923: DUI; ignition interlock required to have on first offense as a condition of a restricted license.
  • HB924: DUI; post-arrest testing to determine drug or alcohol content of blood.
  • HB925: VIEW; screening and assessment for use of illegal substances.
  • HB926: Students, nonpublic school; participation in public school interscholastic programs, fees.
  • HB927: Immediate sanction probation program; established.
  • HB928: Virginia Universities Clean Energy Development and Economic Stimulus Foundation; created.
  • HB929: State Library Board; retention of certificates of occupancy.
  • HB930: Protective orders; allows petitioner to obtain extension of order for no more than two years.
  • HB931: Protective orders; coordination with other states.
  • HB932: Identity theft; distribution of information acquired through theft is a Class 4 felony.
  • HB933: General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; disposition of cases.
  • HB934: Capital murder; auxiliary police officers & deputy sheriffs added to statute.
  • HB935: Assault and battery; adult allows child to be present during assault, guilty of Class 6 felony.
  • HB936: Unlawful entry into a motor vehicle; penalties.
  • HB1382: Law-enforcement officers; prohibits public disclosure of personal information on Internet.
  • HJ114: Constitutional amendment; taking of private property for public use (first reference).
  • HJ203: Joint Rules Committee and Speaker of House of Delegates; confirming appointments.
  • HJ223: Commending Doug Tarring.
  • HJ224: Commending St. Anne's-Belfield School boys' lacrosse team.
  • HJ263: Commending Leonard W. Sandridge.
  • HB994: Motor fuels tax; exemption for waste vegetable oil that has been collected and purified.
  • HB996: Felony, violent; presumption of no bail upon conviction.
  • HB1004: Advance mental health directives; may set procedures or instructions with regard to treatment.
  • HB2391: Foreign service; search warrant for electronic communications.
  • HB2392: License plates, special; issuance to veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • HB2393: Animal control officers; inclusion thereof in classification of law-enforcement officers.
  • HB2394: Personal information privacy; prohibits sale of credit inquiry information to third parties.
  • HB2395: Pressure sores; requires nursing homes, etc., to report data on occurrence thereof among patients.
  • HB2396: Advance medical directives; revises Health Care Decisions Act to clarify process.
  • HB2397: Child pornography; venue for prosecution where unlawful act thereof is produced, stored, etc.
  • HB2398: Commonwealth Law-Enforcement Mutual Aid Agreement; established.
  • HB2399: License plates, special; issuance to Purple Heart recipients.
  • HB2400: Criminal sexual assault; establishment of a multidisciplinary response thereto.
  • HB2401: Fallen Heroes Memorial Bridge, etc.; designating as memorial bridges.
  • HB2402: Identity theft; obtaining money, credit, etc. without authorization is prohibited under statutes.
  • HB2403: Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund; electronic filing of claims.
  • HB2404: Virginia Universities Clean Energy Development and Economic Stimulus Foundation; created.
  • HB2650: Citizens' Right to Know: Pretrial Release Act; pretrial agencies keep detailed record & case record.
  • HJ725: Constitutional amendment; taking of private property for public uses (first reference).
  • HJ791: Rules, and Speaker of House of Delegates, Joint Committee on; confirming appointments
  • HJ850: Commending William L. Sterrett.
  • HJ902: Commending Monticello and Thomas Jefferson.
  • HJ998: Commemorating the life and accomplishments of Nathaniel B. Early, Jr.
  • HJ1042: Retirement System; confirming appointment by Joint Rules Committee for member to Board of Trustees.
  • HR48: House Ethics Advisory Panel; confirming nomination.
  • HB559: Emergency custody orders, temporary detention orders, and involuntary commitment; criteria.
  • HB560: Commitment hearing; community services board representative, treating physician, etc. to attend.
  • HB989: University of Virginia; appointment of board of visitors.
  • HB990: Pyramid promotional schemes; definition thereof, penalty.
  • HB991: Development rights; allows Albemarle County to enact an ordinance for severance and transfer.
  • HB992: Prostitution; definition thereof.
  • HB993: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Destination Imagination.
  • HB994: Motor fuels tax; exemption for waste vegetable oil that has been collected and purified.
  • HB995: Unlawful filming of another; guilty of Class 6 felony.
  • HB996: Felony, violent; presumption of no bail upon conviction.
  • HB997: Residential Property Disclosure Act; condition of real property to include evidence of mold presence
  • HB998: Line of Duty Act; definition of disabled person to include local employees.
  • HB999: Animals; posting of bond by owners of those abandoned or cruelly treated.
  • HB1000: Community College Education, Foundation for; contribution to be deposited for State residents.
  • HB1001: Bomb threat; restitution for cost of response.
  • HB1002: Condominium Act; notice of increased assessments.
  • HB1003: Nursing workforce information; publication on website.
  • HB1004: Advance directives; mental health directives follows same procedures as for medical.
  • HB1005: Higher educational institutions; notification to parent of mental health treatment for student.
  • HB1006: Emergency custody order and temporary detention order hearings; evidence.
  • HB1242: School employees; prohibits employment if subject of a founded case of child abuse and neglect.
  • HB1395: Sexual assault; Dept. of State Police, etc. establish policies for responding to crimes involving.
  • HJ125: Illegal immigration; memorializing Congress to pursue solutions.
  • HJ206: Commending the Monticello High School football team.
  • HJ266: Commending Jon Fried.
  • HJ312: Commending Hunter Walker.
  • HB1336: Law-enforcement officers; training related to sexual assault cases.
  • HB1348: Search and Rescue Training and Response Program, and Search and Rescue Advisory Council; created.
  • HB1358: Assisted living facilities; exempt from requirement to have staff member who is awake 24 hrs.a day.
  • HB1557: Sex offenders; prohibits certain employment or volunteer activity, penalty.
  • HB1559: Witnesses; civil immunity for those in criminal case.
  • HB2344: Sexual offenses; prohibiting entry of those convicted onto school property, penalty.
  • HB2345: Sex offender registry; nursing homes, etc. register with State Police to get notification thereof.
  • HB2346: Sex Offender Registry; notification in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  • HB2953: Administrative subpoena; issued for records of electronic communication service, etc.
  • HB2954: Eminent domain; definition of public uses and limitations thereon.
  • HB2955: Temporary detention orders; licensed physician to complete in-person evaluation.
  • HB2956: Retirement System; creates new defined contribution plan for employees who enter on/after 7/1/07.
  • HB2957: Child custody; presumption that joint legal and physical custody is in best interest of child.
  • HB2958: Criminal prosecution; civil actions arising therefrom, statute of limitations.
  • HB2959: Police and court records; expungement hearing to occur if person granted writ vacating a conviction.
  • HB2960: Hotel or restaurant services; failure to pay charges, penalty.
  • HB2961: Stock and nonstock corporations; authorizing notice and allowing voting by electronic transmission.
  • HB2962: Life-sharing communities; defines and establishes criteria for licensing and inspection thereof.
  • HB2963: Credit reports; authorizes any consumer to freeze access thereto.
  • HB2964: Motor vehicle; unlawful entry into.
  • HB2965: Certificates of analysis; notice by clerk to counsel regarding.
  • HB2966: Restitution for property damage or loss; State to be responsible for seeking for victim.
  • HB2967: Conflict of Interests Act, State and Local Government; disclosure requirements for local government.
  • HB2968: Child pornography cases; venue.
  • HB2969: Medical students; prohibition of unauthorized pelvic exams.
  • HB2970: Sex Offender Registry; clarifies that reregistration periods for those on registry are inflexible.
  • HB2971: Drug Treatment Court; restricts use thereof to cases involving possession of drugs or marijuana.
  • HB2972: Administrative license suspension; clarification thereof for DUI.
  • HB2973: Unsolicited bulk electronic messages; changes scope of State's spam law.
  • HB2974: Drug or alcohol content of blood; post-arrest testing.
  • HB2975: Personal Property Tax Relief Act of 1998; commissioner of revenue to rely upon DMV information.
  • HB2976: Property; release of deed of trust or other lien.
  • HB2977: Wrongful death action; award shall be distributed to decedent's estate.
  • HB2978: Watercraft; maiming of another resulting from operating thereof while intoxicated.
  • HB2979: Sexual offenses; raises penalty for use of communications systems when involving children.
  • HB2980: Child pornography; seizure and forfeiture of equipment.
  • HB3032: Vehicle safety inspections; not required to make appointment therefor.
  • HB3033: Development rights; permits severance and transfer thereof.
  • HB3034: DNA analysis; probation officer shall review Local Inmate Data System & report identity of offender.
  • HB3080: Medical examiner; to make an in-person investigation on scene or at morgue into cause of death.
  • HJ697: Family day homes; Bureau of Insurance of SCC to study availability of liability insurance.
  • HJ723: Constitutional amendment; taking of private property for public uses (first reference).
  • HJ801: Celebrating the life of Ralph Browning Johnson.
  • HJ804: Commending the St. Anne's-Belfield High School football team.
  • HJ805: Commending Keith Lynn Hammon.
  • HB1331: Retirement System; creates new defined contribution plan for employees covered thereby.
  • HB1332: Juvenile detention facilities; placement of adults.
  • HB1333: Sex Offender Registry; modifies registration of a person convicted of murdering a child.
  • HB1334: Motor vehicles; impoundment for eluding police.
  • HB1335: Explosives; photographs thereof as evidence in criminal prosecutions.
  • HB1336: Law-enforcement officers; training related to sexual assault cases.
  • HB1337: Law-enforcement officers; those retired have civil immunity for actions taken in emergency.
  • HB1338: Sexual offenses; additions and deletions of certain terms from definition of sexual battery.
  • HB1339: Peeping or spying; conviction of third offense
  • HB1340: Home instruction; requires persons providing home instruction to hold a high school diploma.
  • HB1341: Condemnation of property; definition of public uses by localities.
  • HB1342: College Savings Plan; deferment for military service.
  • HB1343: Driver's licenses; failure to return.
  • HB1344: Law-enforcement officer, etc.; persons using abusive language towards guilty of misdemeanor.
  • HB1345: Se