Sen. Richard Stuart (R-Westmoreland)

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28: King George County (Part), Prince William County (Part), Spotsylvania County (Part), Stafford County (Part), Westmoreland County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2008
Next Election
November 2019
Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources (Chair), Commerce and Labor, Courts of Justice, Finance, Rules
Copatroning Habits
63% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 69% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 56% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
40.5% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)

Attorney for the Westmoreland County School Board. Former Westmoreland County commonwealth's attorney. Eight year Marine Corps Reserve veteran. Attended the T.C. Williams School of Law, Virginia Wesleyan College, and Cambridge. Married with three children.

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These are all of the video clips of Richard Stuart’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 294 video clips in all.


  • SB205: Children's Services Act; special education programs, expands eligibility for services.
  • SB206: Speed limits; maximum speed on certain highways.
  • SB207: Statewide prioritization process project selection; cost of project to be considered.
  • SB208: Impact fees; residential development.
  • SB209: Concealed handgun permits; sharing of information.
  • SB210: Virginia State Bar; Clients' Protection Fund, extends sunset provision.
  • SB211: Comprehensive plans; groundwater and surface water.
  • SB212: Animal Cruelty Conviction List; established.
  • SB259: Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program; eligibility.
  • SB260: Banks; stock ownership by directors.
  • SB308: Driving under the influence of alcohol; highways.
  • SB337: Autism, Commission on; established.
  • SB339: Criminal cases; deferred disposition.
  • SB366: School personnel; staffing ratios, school nurses.
  • SB587: Caledon State Park; DCR to convey certain property.
  • SB641: Firearms; purchase, etc., by persons admitted to an inpatient mental health facility.
  • SB683: Commuter Rail Operating and Capital Fund; established.
  • SB727: FOIA; exemptions for courts of record, courts not of records, and Office of the Executive Secretary.
  • SB880: Composite index; local ability to pay for certain counties.
  • SB900: Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for spouse of disabled veteran.
  • SB939: Judges; retired from circuit court, etc., qualifications.
  • SB940: Combined sewer overflow system; notice of discharge.
  • SB944: Cash proffers; impact fees.
  • SB952: Protective orders; issuance upon convictions for certain felonies, penalty.
  • SB988: License plates, special; THE AMERICAN LEGION.
  • SJ76: Constitutional amendment; real property tax exemption for spouse of disabled veteran.
  • SJ88: Celebrating the life of Ferris M. Belman, Sr.
  • SJ89: Commending C.O. Balderson.
  • SJ90: Commending the 10 River Basin Grand Winners of the Clean Water Farm Award.
  • SJ134: Celebrating the life of James Carlton Hudson.
  • SJ140: Celebrating the life of Charles Edward Reed.
  • SJ168: Commending Gladys West.
  • SJ174: Commending the Honorable William J. Howell.
  • SB528: Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program; eligibility.
  • SB530: Cable franchises; service availability in certain areas.
  • SB779: Electric utility regulation; net energy metering.
  • SB864: Electoral board appointments; chief judge of judicial circuit or his designee make appointment.
  • SB865: Furnishing certain weapons to minor; exemption.
  • SB866: Boating safety course; database listing operators who have passed course.
  • SB867: Lien against person whose negligence causes injury; emergency medical services agency.
  • SB870: Electronic filing of land records; fee for paper filing.
  • SB879: Retired circuit court judges under recall; qualification by Committees for Courts of Justice.
  • SB898: Combined sewer overflow outfalls; DEQ to identify owner of outfall discharging into Chesapeake Bay.
  • SB909: Menhaden; total allowable landings.
  • SB910: Virginia Oil and Gas Act; sampling and replacing contaminated wells.
  • SB911: Orphaned Well Fund; surcharge.
  • SB1023: Concealed handgun permits; sharing of information.
  • SB1054: Fire alarms; maliciously activating, penalty.
  • SB1055: Remaining at place of riot or unlawful assembly after warning to disperse; penalty.
  • SB1056: Crossing established police lines, perimeters, or barricades; penalty.
  • SB1057: Injuries to property or persons by persons unlawfully or riotously assembled; penalty.
  • SB1058: Riots; unlawful assembly, penalty.
  • SB1193: Contractors, Board for; exemptions, responsibility for contracting with unlicensed person.
  • SB1195: Produce safety; farm inspections, civil penalty.
  • SB1214: School health services; training in administration of insulin, etc.
  • SB1215: Public schools; possession of glucagon.
  • SB1224: Landowner liability; recreational access.
  • SB1246: At-Risk Youth and Families, Comprehensive Services for; special education programs.
  • SB1247: Regulation of private wells.
  • SB1248: Real property tax; Stafford County may adopt, by ordinance, to restrict deferral of taxes.
  • SB1249: Income tax, state; credit for certain disabled veterans, etc.
  • SB1486: Law-enforcement officer; report of officer involved in accident.
  • SB1491: Agritourism activity; definition to include rental of a single-family residence.
  • SB1492: Water utilities; retail rates of affiliated utilities, definitions, etc.
  • SJ236: Celebrating the life of Brian David McCarty.
  • SJ237: Celebrating the life of Richard Ernest Hendrix.
  • SJ238: Celebrating the life of Janet Lile Fray.
  • SJ283: Celebrating the life of Stuart H. McElroy.
  • SJ284: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); real property tax; exemption for surviving spouse.
  • SJ320: Commending the 10 River Basin Grand Winners of the Clean Water Farm Award.
  • SB175: Concealed handgun permits; sharing of information.
  • SB192: Automobile, commercial liability, and homeowners insurance policies; notices.
  • SB193: Unfair claim settlement practices; appraisal of automobile repair costs.
  • SB202: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; disclosure of salaries of public employees.
  • SB204: Real estate settlement agents; adds to provisions relating to agents, 'closing disclosure.'
  • SB527: Bomb threats; reimbursement of expenses incurred in emergency response.
  • SB528: Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program; eligibility.
  • SB529: Menhaden; increases total allowable landings.
  • SB530: Cable franchises; service availability in certain areas.
  • SB676: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; noncriminal incidents and reports.
  • SB729: Unmanned aircraft system; use during commission of a crime, penalty.
  • SB730: Driving while texting; involuntary manslaughter, maiming, etc., of another, penalties.
  • SB755: Violations of protective orders; penalty.
  • SB779: Electric utility regulation; net energy metering.
  • SJ100: Celebrating the life of Kathleen Flanagan McManus.
  • SJ110: Celebrating the life of Rudolph Prosser Crowther, Sr.
  • SJ111: Celebrating the life of Albert Stuart III.
  • SJ115: Celebrating the life of Paul C. Reber.
  • SJ117: Commending Charles E. Jett.
  • SJ126: Commending Robert C. Gibbons.
  • SJ159: Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Leedstown Resolutions.
  • SR15: Celebrating the life of Kathleen Flanagan McManus.
  • SR79: Judge; nomination for election to Supreme Court of Virginia.
  • SR93: Celebrating the life of Patricia Keys Fick.
  • SB355: Fire services and emergency medical services; revises terminology and reorganizes provisions.
  • SB483: Real property tax liens; assignment to third party.
  • SB938: Fire services and emergency medical services; revises certain terminology.
  • SB939: Private police departments.
  • SB940: Montross, Town of; amending charter, moves election date of town council.
  • SB941: Protective orders; compensation for required representation of respondents.
  • SB942: Virginia Retirement System; purchase of prior service credit.
  • SB948: Concealed handgun permits; sharing of information.
  • SB949: Hybrid vehicle registration; tax credit for certain vehicle owners.
  • SB994: Single-family dwellings; locality required to set standards for clustering.
  • SB995: Standards of Learning tests; expedited retake.
  • SB996: Boating safety education; exemption for motorboat operators born prior to July 1, 1972.
  • SB997: Emergency medical services personnel; background checks, process.
  • SB998: School divisions; concussion policies and procedures, establishing a management plan.
  • SB999: Deeds of trust or mortgages; calculation of tax shall be calculated using rate scale, etc.
  • SB1011: Cash proffers; purchase of development rights by locality.
  • SB1023: Mass transit; transit funding in statewide prioritization.
  • SB1099: Virginia Solar Energy Development Authority; created, report.
  • SB1109: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; expands open meeting exemptions.
  • SB1129: FOIA; expands record exemption for public safety, cybersecurity.
  • SB1146: Virginia Vegetation Program; established by Department of Environmental Quality.
  • SB1147: Median income taxpayers; creates a $250 nonrefundable tax credit.
  • SB1148: Restricted driver's license; activities related to seeking employment.
  • SB1149: Expanded access to investigational drugs, biological products, and devices.
  • SB1150: General Assembly; consideration of the conference committee report on the biennial budget.
  • SB1185: Admissions tax; extends expiration of tax in Stafford County.
  • SB1290: Criminal cases; venue for prosecution.
  • SB1292: Sanitary districts; boat ramps, shoreline management, and dredging.
  • SB1325: Nicotine Vapor products; prohibits purchase, etc., by minors, packaging, civil penalty.
  • SB1344: Interpreters; appointed for non-English-speaking defendant.
  • SB1439: Vessel operation; law-enforcement officers prohibited from stopping, etc., without probable cause.
  • SB1458: Cable franchises; service available to areas where density is not less 20 residential units.
  • SJ302: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); general warrants of search or seizure prohibited.
  • SJ348: Celebrating the life of Samuel Bryan Chandler.
  • SR82: Celebrating the life of R. David O'Dell, Jr.
  • SR98: Celebrating the life of Elaine Trimble Patterson.
  • SB6: DNA; adds certain crimes to list for which a sample must be taken upon arrest.
  • SB7: Clients' Protection Fund; extends sunset provision on Supreme Court's authority to adopt rules.
  • SB48: Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Area; prohibition on oil and gas drilling.
  • SB49: Menhaden fishery; extends sunset provision for management of fishery.
  • SB51: Agricultural operations; local regulation of certain activities, On-Farm Activities Working Group.
  • SB52: Boating safety course; persons age 45 or older on July 1, 2014, are exempted from passing.
  • SB53: Stormwater management; waiver of charges for places of worship.
  • SB59: Warrants; maintenance by clerks of court.
  • SB69: Pretrial appeals; transcript or written statement of facts.
  • SB71: Emergency protective orders; arrests for domestic assault, definition of law-enforcement officer.
  • SB145: Fox hunting; establishes special license for hunting on horseback with hounds but without firearms.
  • SB146: Felony sentence; suspension or modification.
  • SB147: Transportation, Department of; notice and public comment on projects on its website.
  • SB148: Appropriation act conference report; availability.
  • SB149: General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; disclosure requirements; gifts.
  • SB150: Patent infringement; assertions made in bad faith, exemptions, penalties.
  • SB151: Family abuse protective orders; allowable conditions.
  • SB152: Dams; disclosure of presence.
  • SB153: Comprehensive Services for At-Risk Youth and Families; special education programs.
  • SB172: Student-athletes; effects of concussions on academic performance.
  • SB173: Deferred disposition; persons with autism or intellectual disabilities.
  • SB185: Physician assistant; expert witness testimony.
  • SB241: Development rights; required to comply with any locality-adopted neighborhood design standards.
  • SB286: Arrest photos; placement and removal on Internet, penalty.
  • SB303: Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program; eligibility.
  • SB355: Fire services and emergency medical services; revises terminology and reorganizes provisions.
  • SB483: Real property tax liens; assignment to third party.
  • SB484: Pediatric oral health; essential health benefits.
  • SB528: Warrants; issuance by magistrate for arrest of certain persons.
  • SB532: Diabetes; certain students permitted to self-check blood glucose levels on school property, etc.
  • SB533: Statewide Fire Prevention Code; redefines permissible fireworks.
  • SB568: Land preservation tax credit; retention of qualified mineral interest.
  • SB569: Living shorelines projects; issuance of general permits.
  • SB570