Senator Dick Saslaw (D-Springfield)

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35: Alexandria City (Part), Fairfax County (Part), Falls Church City (All) [map]
Took Office
January 1980
Next Election
November 2019
Commerce and Labor, Courts of Justice, Education and Health, Finance, Special Public Smoking Legislation
Copatroning Habits
75% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 64% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 55% of them are Democrats.
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0% in 2016
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)

Serves as the senate majority leader.

Recent Mentions in the Media

Falls Church News Press: Senator Dick Saslaw's Richmond Report

January 4, 2017
Senator Dick Saslaw's Richmond Reportsaslaw-fcnp Happy New Year to all of the constituents of Virginia's 35th Senate district. 2016 is now in the books but there is much on the docket for the Commonwealth in 2017. The General Assembly will convene January 11 for the ?short session.Signs Executive Order - Governor - Newsroom - Commonwealth of VirginiaGovernor - Newsroom - Commonwealth of Virginiaall 131 news articles »

Falls Church News Press: FC Mother, Disabled Son Make Passionate Appeal at Town Hall

January 16, 2017
JUSTIN DOLAN (right) made an appeal to State Sen. Dick Saslaw (left) and Del. Marcus Simon (center) for a restoration of state funds for developmental disability support at a town hall meeting at the F.C. Community Center Saturday. (Photo: News-Press).

Henrico Citizen: Groups criticize panel for not hiking minimum wage

January 19, 2017
SB 978, proposed by Sen. Rosalyn Dance, D-Petersburg, would have raised the minimum wage to $10 an hour on July 1, to $13 an hour in 2018, and ultimately to $15 an hour in 2019. The committee voted 11-2, with one abstention, against the proposal.

WWBT NBC12 News: Committee Kills Proposals to Boost Minimum WageNBC12 ...

January 16, 2017
Bloomington Pantagraph - Two bills that sought to incrementally raise the minimum wage in Virginia were struck down by the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee on Monday.Groups criticize panel for not hiking minimum wage | Headlines ...Inside NoVACapital News ServiceLocalKicksall 8 news articles »

WJLA: Former Congressman Perriello making surprise run for Virginia governor

January 5, 2017
Washington PostState Sen. Dick Saslaw called it an ill-advised "suicide mission" that would only succeed in hurting his party's eventual nominee. "The only thing he's capable of doing is making Ralph spend some money," Saslaw said. Former state Del. Michael Futrell ...Unexpected Candidacy Upends Virginia Democrats' Plans for Key Governor RaceNew York Timesall 110 news articles »

These are all of the video clips of Dick Saslaw’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 617 video clips in all.


  • SB406: Consumer finance companies; open-end credit plans, sharing location with motor vehicle title lender.
  • SB429: Creation of the Commonwealth Genomics and Personalized Medicine Authority.
  • SB1109: State-level charitable contribution deductions; elimination of certain deductions.
  • SB1371: Virginia Research Investment Committee; expands role of Committee.
  • SB1372: Consumer finance loans; rate of interest.
  • SB1473: Electric utilities; undergrounding distribution lines.
  • SJ228: Commending Townley Haas.
  • SB326: Corporate income tax; rate of taxation.
  • SB406: Consumer finance companies; open-end credit plans, sharing location with motor vehicle title lender.
  • SB429: Creation of the Commonwealth Genomics and Personalized Medicine Authority.
  • SB430: Firearms; Terrorist Screening Database check prior to purchase.
  • SB440: Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program; eligibility; use of funds.
  • SB722: Income tax, corporate; apportionment of revenue.
  • SJ55: Celebrating the life of Chief Warrant Officer Joseph Bernard Wisniewski, Jr., USA, Ret.
  • SJ56: Celebrating the life of George Burke.
  • SJ139: Commending the 30th anniversary of elementary school counseling in Virginia.
  • SR88: Commending the Sleepy Hollow Citizens' Association.
  • SB522: Disabled American Veterans Highway; designating as entire length of I495 (Capital Beltway) in Va.
  • SB734: Higher education; reporting of sexual assault, penalty.
  • SB755: Falls Church, City of; amending charter, city boundaries.
  • SB1163: Natural gas utilities; recovery of system expansion infrastructure costs.
  • SB1319: Retail Sales and Use Tax; limited exemption for certain qualifying items, beginning in 2015.
  • SB1379: Higher educational institutions; sexual misconduct policies.
  • SB1393: Pharmacists; compounding of drugs for use in executions.
  • SB1449: Governor's Powering Economic Growth Program; created.
  • SR133: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Dudley J. Emick, Jr.
  • SB361: Elections; provisional ballots, meeting of electoral board following election, adjournment.
  • SB362: Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program; created.
  • SB363: Charter; City of Falls Church.
  • SB521: Suicide; abolishes common-law crime.
  • SB522: Disabled American Veterans Highway; designating as entire length of I495 (Capital Beltway) in Va.
  • SB584: Competitive telephone companies; regulation of local exchange companies, duties.
  • SB585: Electric utility regulation; recovery of costs of new underground distribution facilities.
  • SB611: Automated sales suppression devices; falsifying electronic records, penalties.
  • SJ88: Celebrating the life of Dr. Jerome Karle.
  • SJ89: Commending Dr. Isabella Karle.
  • SB601: Public procurement; requirement that American iron, steel, etc., be used in public works projects.
  • SB1195: Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program; created, sunset provision.
  • SB1197: Virginia Public Procurement Act; contracts for architectural or professional engineering services.
  • SB1198: Charter; City of Falls Church.
  • SB1199: Workers' compensation; injuries to public safety officers.
  • SB1228: Firearms; property or facilities owned or leased by localities.
  • SB1339: Electric utility ratemaking; revises certain incentives & other provisions applicable.
  • SB1340: Revenues and appropriations of State; changes specifically relating to transportation funding.
  • SB1341: Renewable energy facilities, certain; exemption from local zoning and land use regulations.
  • SJ328: Elementary and secondary schools; JLARC to study efficiency and effectiveness of school's spending.
  • SJ350: Celebrating the life of Myron Parsek Erkiletian.
  • SB86: Solicitation of contributions; registration of charitable organizations.
  • SB87: Charter; City of Falls Church.
  • SB488: Virginia Health Benefit Exchange; created, report.
  • SB502: Motor vehicle emissions inspections; privatizes services now provided by DEQ, etc.
  • SB503: Motor vehicle fuels sales tax; transfers administration and collection to DMV.
  • SB533: Virginia Petroleum Products Franchise Act; revises requirements for operation of retail outlets.
  • SB601: Public procurement; requirement that American iron, steel, etc., be used in public works projects.
  • SB643: Health information; Department of Health to establish work group to examine needs related to reform.
  • SB5001: Electric Utility Regulation, Commission on; postpones scheduled expiration date of existence.
  • SJ20: Commending Virginia R. Diamond.
  • SB753: Business, professional, and occupational license (BPOL) tax; administrative appeals process.
  • SB771: Remedies; increases cap on recovery in certain medical malpractice actions.
  • SB1366: Health benefits exchange; intent to develop.
  • SB1367: Motor vehicle title loans; loans to nonresidents.
  • SB1368: Telecommunications services; eliminates certain requirements.
  • SB1469: Medical malpractice; privileged communications of certain committees.
  • SJ361: Constitutional amendment; limitation on debt (first reference).
  • SJ396: Constitutional amendment; limitation on debt (first reference).
  • SJ399: FERPA and HIPAA, federal; urges Congress to restore in loco parentis, etc.
  • SJ439: Celebrating the life of Alan Ivan Kay.
  • SJ440: Celebrating the life of Francois R. Haeringer.
  • SJ492: Celebrating the life of Arthur W. Arundel.
  • SB439: Home service contract providers; exempts those that have certain worth from licensure regulation.
  • SB440: Credit unions; conversion to a state mutual savings institution.
  • SB441: Wireless E-911 charges; establishes rate and procedures for collection and remittance by dealers.
  • SB605: Virginia ports; requires approval of General Assembly before any sale or lease is permitted.
  • SB606: Motor vehicle title loans; establishes requirements, penalties.
  • SJ128: Commending Virginia Task Force 1.
  • SJ129: Commending Howard Kempter.
  • SJ212: Celebrating the life of Sidney A. Reyes.
  • SR8: State Corporation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SR9: Workers' Compensation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SB571: Telephone service; alternatives to regulation.
  • SB1157: Recordation and grantor taxes; penalty for misrepresentation.
  • SB1158: Workers' Compensation; pharmacist filling a prescription to dispense therapeutically equivalent.
  • SB1159: Vehicle safety inspection; extends to 5 business days amount of time person in armed forces has.
  • SB1160: Indoor Clean Air Act; prohibits smoking in all indoor restaurants and bar and lounge areas in State.
  • SB1161: Safety belts; makes non-use of a primary offense.
  • SB1470: Payday lenders; prohibits any person licensed under Payday Loan Act from making open end loan.
  • SB1471: Stormwater control and water or waste systems; allows Governor to disclaim rights, etc., of State.
  • SB1472: Wireless E-911; establishes procedure for collection and remittance of prepaid charges by sellers.
  • SB1532: Motor fuels tax; changes percentage in Northern Virginia.
  • SB1533: Special use permits; extension of expiration dates.
  • SB5003: Evidence, testimonial; procedure notifying defendant of introduction of certificate of analysis.
  • SR29: State Corporation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SR507: Workers' Compensation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SB567: Standards of Quality; increased positions for students having limited English proficiency.
  • SB568: Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program; increases annual assessment for physicians.
  • SB569: University of Virginia; appointments of Board of Visitors.
  • SB570: High-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes; revises procedures for enforcing violations.
  • SB571: Telephone service; alternatives to regulation.
  • SB572: Utility Transfers Act; acquisition or disposal of assets or of control of telephone companies.
  • SB573: Limited Liability Company Act; reorganizes provisions thereof.
  • SB574: Virginia's Future, Council on; extends sunset provision.
  • SB575: Electric Utility Restructuring, Commission on; renamed Commission on Electric Utility Regulation.
  • SB576: Credit reports; authorizes consumer to freeze access thereto.
  • SB577: Trademarks and service marks; registration and protection, penalties.
  • SB578: VirginiaShare Health Insurance Program; established, report.
  • SB579: Health, Department of; payment for medical care services.
  • SB713: Motor fuels tax; rate increase.
  • SB728: Motor vehicle dealers; collection of annual license and registration fees in certain localities.
  • SB729: Retail Sales & Use Tax; Northern Virginia Transportation Authority authorized to impose.
  • SB799: Move-over law; drivers must move to lane not adjacent emergency vehicle displaying emergency lights.
  • SB6009: Statewide and regional transportation funding.
  • SJ107: Uranium; joint subcommittee to study mining in State.
  • SJ125: Commending Fairfax County Future Problem Solvers.
  • SJ208: State Corporation Commission; election of member.
  • SJ241: Celebrating the life of Eugene C. Renzi.
  • SR507: Workers' Compensation Commission; nomination for election of member.
  • SB1006: Commonwealth Innovations Incentive Fund; created.
  • SB1007: Law-enforcement facilities; prohibits possession of weapons therein except by officers.
  • SB1008: High-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes; revises procedures and penalties involved therewith.
  • SB1009: Civil actions; docketing for trial.
  • SB1010: Line of Duty Act; definition of disabled person to include local employee.
  • SB1011: Business, professional, and occupational license tax (BPOL); motor fuels tax exemption.
  • SB1012: Planning & Budget, Department of; to include real estate costs for development in economic analysis.
  • SB1013: Workers' compensation; alternative dispute resolution systems agreed to in certain agreements.
  • SB1014: Payday Loan Act; SCC to contract with third party to develop Internet accessible database.
  • SB1220: Line of Duty Disability Fund; created.
  • SB1390: Eminent domain; definition of public uses.
  • SB1391: Pharmacy, Board of; membership.
  • SJ452: Commending Chief Michael P. Neuhard.
  • SJ530: Celebrating the life of Adelard Lionel Brault.
  • SB366: T.C. Williams High School; opening 2006 school year.
  • SB369: Domestic relations documents; certain required information be contained in separate addendum.
  • SB370: Cord Blood Bank Initiative; established.
  • SB371: Subdivision ordinance; optional provisions in Fairfax County.
  • SB372: Law-enforcement vehicle; penalty for impersonating or misrepresenting.
  • SB652: Passenger rail transportation liability; limitations.
  • SB666: Public-Private Transportation Act; allocation of concession payments.
  • SB680: Alcoholic beverage control; permissible conduct by manufacturers, and wine or beer wholesalers.
  • SB721: Highway improvements; expands present revenue-sharing fund program.
  • SB5008: Special Transportation Fund for Northern Virginia; established.
  • SJ86: Dulles Toll Road; joint sub. to study desirability of selling or leasing to private operator.
  • SJ239: Commending Inova Fairfax Hospital on the occasion of its 45th anniversary.
  • SJ253: Commending Inova Health System on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • SJ5039: Celebrating the life of Helen Lynch.
  • SR31: Resolution; commending the Virginia Union University men's basketball team.
  • SR32: Resolution; commending Peter M. Pufki.