Senator Ralph Northam (D-Norfolk)

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6: Accomack County (All), Mathews County (All), Northampton County (All), Norfolk City (Part), Virginia Beach City (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2008
Left Office
January 2014
Copatroning Habits
63% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 58% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 51% of them are Democrats.
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Campaign Contributions
$200,606.39 cash on hand (December 2012 report)

Pediatric neurologist at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters. Eastern Shore native. VMI graduate. U.S. Army veteran.

Top 10 Donors
Medical Society of Virginia PAC PAC Richmond $7,684
Ralph S Northam Pediatric Neurologist Norfolk $2,639
Ralph S Northam Pediatric Neurologist Norfolk $2,547
Ralph S Northam Pediatric Neurologist Norfolk $2,498
Virginia Healthcare Association Trade Group Richmond $1,250
Amerigroup PAC/ Medicare Insurer Virginia Beach $1,000
Virginia Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatric specialist trade group Richmond $750
Republic Services Waste Services AZ $550
Virginia Healthcare Association Trade Group Richmond $500
Moody Stallings Attorney Virginia Beach $500

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These are all of the video clips of Ralph Northam’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 133 video clips in all.


  • SB465: General registrars; shall serve on a full-time basis.
  • SB466: Menhaden management; authorizes Marine Resources Commission to adopt certain regulations.
  • SB547: Assault and battery; adds prison contractor to class of people victimized in prisons, penalty.
  • SB550: Oyster beds; adjustment of boundaries on Eastern Shore.
  • SB586: Felonies by prisoners; penalties.
  • SB975: Smoking; unlawful for person 18 years old to smoke in vehicle with minor present, civil penalty.
  • SB978: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Eastern Shore business community.
  • SB979: General district court; retention of case records.
  • SB1082: Abortion; removes requirement that a woman undergo transabdominal ultrasound prior to procedure.
  • SB1252: Student-athletes; policies and procedures regarding identification, etc., of suspected concussions.
  • SB1253: Smoking; localities to ban in designated public parks, etc.
  • SB1254: Pharmacies; access to the Prescription Monitoring Program.
  • SB1255: Medical malpractice; expert witness certification, court may conduct an in camera review.
  • SB1330: Eastern Virginia Medical School; reduces minimum number of required meetings of Board of Visitors.
  • SB1332: Abortion; optional ultrasound.
  • SJ330: Autism and autism spectrum disorders; Joint Commission on Health Care to study service needs.
  • SJ331: Renewable energy; establishment of mandatory portfolio standard program for State, report.
  • SJ412: Commending Harry T. Lester.
  • SR46: Commending Michael and Doris Strickler.
  • SB464: Hunting; allows person to hunt wild bird or wild animal on Sundays, exceptions.
  • SB465: General registrars; shall serve on a full-time basis.
  • SB466: Menhaden management; authorizes Marine Resources Commission to adopt certain regulations.
  • SB467: Smoking; prohibition on public school grounds and public school administration building.
  • SB468: Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act; smoking in certain public buildings prohibited, penalty.
  • SB469: Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995; comprehensive agreements.
  • SB470: Sportfishing licenses, special combined; costs.
  • SB471: Physical education; Board of Education to promulgate regulations governing programs in schools.
  • SB524: Certificate of public need; establishing psychiatric service and addition of inpatient beds.
  • SB547: Assault and battery; adds prison contractor to class of people victimized in prisons, penalty.
  • SB548: Property conveyance; DGS to convey to County of Accomack certain real property.
  • SB550: Oyster beds; adjustment of boundaries on Eastern Shore.
  • SB585: Psychiatric hospital admissions; local inmates.
  • SB586: Felonies by prisoners; penalties.
  • SB587: License plates, special; changes those promoting tourism on Virginia's Eastern Shore.
  • SB588: Town of Onancock; liens for water charges.
  • SJ75: Atlantic Menhaden; Marine Resources Commission to study management plan requirements.
  • SJ76: Flooding; Institute of Marine Science to study strategies to prevent recurrent flooding.
  • SJ77: Commending the Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory.
  • SJ78: Celebrating the life of Richard Fuller Hall, Jr.
  • SJ79: Celebrating the life of Thomas R. Pellegrino, M.D.
  • SJ80: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Dr. Charles F. Mapp.
  • SJ81: Celebrating the life of Bruce Samuel Paone.
  • SJ142: Celebrating the life of Kenneth Vincent Geroe.
  • SJ143: Celebrating the life of Dr. James E. Etheridge, Jr.
  • SJ150: Celebrating the life of Virginius Harding Nusbaum, Jr.
  • SJ151: Celebrating the life of Herbert William Fink, M.D.
  • SJ152: Celebrating the life of Bernard Jaffe.
  • SB186: General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; House or Senate Ethics Advisory Panel investigations.
  • SB765: Menhaden fishery; directs MRC to adopt regulations to implement Interstate Fishery Management Plan.
  • SB766: Water well systems providers; definition.
  • SB959: Vital records; certified copies for veterans or his survivor, free of charge.
  • SB960: Children's hospitals; definition.
  • SB961: Virginia Water Protection Permit; fee exemption for U.S. Navy dredging projects.
  • SB962: Methamphetamines; possession of certain substances with intent to manufacture, penalty.
  • SB963: Aquaculture opportunity zones; removes authority of MRC to establish commercial shellfish zones.
  • SB964: Coastal resource management; Marine Resources Commission, et al., to develop integrated guidance.
  • SB965: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for spaceport activities.
  • SB966: Public schools; physical education requirement, exception.
  • SB967: Family life education; requires school division to implement standards of learning program.
  • SB1116: Laboratory results; authority to provide directly to insurance carrier, etc.
  • SB1117: Death certificates; allows supervised nurse practitioners and physician assistants to sign.
  • SB1486: Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Trust Fund; administration of Fund, report.
  • SJ330: Subaqueous bottomland; VIMS and VMRC to jointly study ways to better utilize those on seaside.
  • SJ331: Light Rail Safety Day; designating as April 29, 2011, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • SB185: Menhaden fishery; Marine Resources Commission to adopt regulations.
  • SB186: General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; House or Senate Ethics Advisory Panel investigations.
  • SB187: Anti-epileptic drug; prohibits pharmacist from dispensing without prior notification from physician.
  • SB188: Limited service pregnancy centers; Department of Health to promulgate regulations for registration.
  • SB189: Space flight liability and immunity; repeals sunset provision.
  • SB190: Judicial retirement; publication of notice by Supreme Court or Committee on District Courts.
  • SB191: Privileged communications; exchanging health care-related information between committees, etc.
  • SB192: Harvester's license; prohibits Marine Resources Commission from issuing certain nonresident license.
  • SB193: Medicaid provider agreements; Director of Medical Assistance Services has authority to terminate.
  • SB194: Health professions; nothing shall prevent person performing state, etc., funded health care tasks.
  • SB195: Physical therapy; advertising prohibited if not a licensed physical therapist or assistant.
  • SB359: Statement of organization; fee for filing with State Board of Elections.
  • SB437: License plates, special; issuance to residents and supporters of Ocean View community.
  • SB438: Vital records; Board of Health shall prescribe fee for certified copy thereof.
  • SB652: Concussions; Board of Education to develop guidelines dealing with in student-athletes.
  • SB653: Certificate of public need; Commissioner of Health to accept & approve request to amend conditions.
  • SB654: Elections and electronic reforms; State Board of Elections to use various electronic systems.
  • SB668: Saltwater recreational fishing; licensing in conformance with national registry.
  • SJ34: Uniform grading policy; Department of Education to study impact in State.
  • SJ35: Tidal shoreline management; Virginia Institute of Marine Science to study.
  • SJ122: Celebrating the life of John Warren Cooke.
  • SJ123: Commending the Wallops Flight Facility on the occasion of its 65th anniversary.
  • SJ124: Healthy Youth Day; designating as January 20, 2010.
  • SJ155: Celebrating the life of Thomas Chandler Northam.
  • SJ179: Celebrating the life of Irving Filmore Truitt, Jr.
  • SJ226: Commending the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport
  • SJ237: Commending the Virginia Community Healthcare Association for 30 years of service to the Commonwealth
  • SB1104: Income tax, state; temporary protective enclosures for oysters tax credit.
  • SB1105: Indoor Clean Air Act; prohibits smoking in certain public buildings, restaurants, etc., exceptions.
  • SB1106: Smoking in cars; unlawful for a person thereto when minor is present, civil penalty.
  • SB1107: Exposure to communicable diseases; first responders.
  • SB1108: License plates, special; issuance to those bearing logotype Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS).
  • SB1109: Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Commission; extends sunset until July 1, 2014, etc.
  • SB1110: Town of Nassawadox; charter.
  • SB1111: Crab season; Marine Resources Commission to establish periods of time when crabs caught for resale.
  • SB1112: Tobacco Settlement Foundation; changes name to Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth.
  • SB1247: Human Rights Act; adds sexual orientation to definition of unlawful discriminatory practice.
  • SB1248: Electrical generation; base rates of return for certain types thereof.
  • SB1249: Eastern Virginia Medical School; alters manner in which Board of Visitors is appointed.
  • SB1250: Civil immunity; officers and directors of certain local civic league and community organizations.
  • SB1320: Electronic reforms; makes various amendments to Title 24.2 that authorize Board of Elections.
  • SB1492: Wallops Research Park; aerospace-related economic development.
  • SJ389: Celebrating the life of William E. Fears.
  • SJ397: Saltwater anglers; Marine Resources Commission to examine creation of comprehensive registry.
  • SJ407: Celebrating the life of John Julius Korte, Jr.
  • SJ408: Celebrating the life of Joan D. Gifford.
  • SJ445: Commending Farm Fresh Food and Pharmacy.
  • SB10: Real estate tax; exemptions and deferrals for certain residential or farm property.
  • SB495: Medicine, Board of; certain information to be made available thereto.
  • SB496: Real property tax; exemptions and deferrals for certain residential or farm property.
  • SB497: Abraham's law; definition of abused or neglected child.
  • SB498: Gas chambers; prohibits use thereof for euthanizing companion animals.
  • SB499: Inmates; permitting work on public or private property.
  • SB500: Infectious disease presumption; emergency declaration by Governor.
  • SB502: Income tax, state; subtraction for National Guard or Reserve personnel pay.
  • SB503: Emergency Medical Services, Department of; established.
  • SB508: Absentee ballot applications; may receive by electronic transmission.
  • SB509: Voting equipment; locking and securing after an election.
  • SJ79: Teacher salaries; joint subcommittee to study feasibility of creating dedicated revenue stream.
  • SJ80: Affordable housing; Housing Commission to study incentives for targeted development, etc.
  • SJ262: Commending Otis Taylor.