Sen. Ralph Northam (D-Norfolk)

Photo of Ralph Northam
6: Accomack County (All), Mathews County (All), Northampton County (All), Norfolk City (Part), Virginia Beach City (Part)
Took Office
January 2008
Left Office
January 2014
Copatroning Habits
63% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 58% of them are Democrats. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 51% of them are Democrats.

Pediatric neurologist at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters. Eastern Shore native. VMI graduate. U.S. Army veteran.

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These are all of the video clips of Ralph Northam’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 131 video clips in all.


  • SB465: General registrars; shall serve on a full-time basis.
  • SB466: Menhaden management; authorizes Marine Resources Commission to adopt certain regulations.
  • SB547: Assault and battery; adds prison contractor to class of people victimized in prisons, penalty.
  • SB550: Oyster beds; adjustment of boundaries on Eastern Shore.
  • SB586: Felonies by prisoners; penalties.
  • SB975: Smoking; unlawful for person 18 years old to smoke in vehicle with minor present, civil penalty.
  • SB978: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of Eastern Shore business community.
  • SB979: General district court; retention of case records.
  • SB1082: Abortion; removes requirement that a woman undergo transabdominal ultrasound prior to procedure.
  • SB1252: Student-athletes; policies and procedures regarding identification, etc., of suspected concussions.
  • SB1253: Smoking; localities to ban in designated public parks, etc.
  • SB1254: Pharmacies; access to the Prescription Monitoring Program.
  • SB1255: Medical malpractice; expert witness certification, court may conduct an in camera review.
  • SB1330: Eastern Virginia Medical School; reduces minimum number of required meetings of Board of Visitors.
  • SB1332: Abortion; optional ultrasound.
  • SJ330: Autism and autism spectrum disorders; Joint Commission on Health Care to study service needs.
  • SJ331: Renewable energy; establishment of mandatory portfolio standard program for State, report.
  • SJ412: Commending Harry T. Lester.
  • SR46: Commending Michael and Doris Strickler.
  • SB464: Hunting; allows person to hunt wild bird or wild animal on Sundays, exceptions.
  • SB465: General registrars; shall serve on a full-time basis.
  • SB466: Menhaden management; authorizes Marine Resources Commission to adopt certain regulations.
  • SB467: Smoking; prohibition on public school grounds and public school administration building.
  • SB468: Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act; smoking in certain public buildings prohibited, penalty.
  • SB469: Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995; comprehensive agreements.
  • SB470: Sportfishing licenses, special combined; costs.
  • SB471: Physical education; Board of Education to promulgate regulations governing programs in schools.
  • SB524: Certificate of public need; establishing psychiatric service and addition of inpatient beds.
  • SB547: Assault and battery; adds prison contractor to class of people victimized in prisons, penalty.
  • SB548: Property conveyance; DGS to convey to County of Accomack certain real property.
  • SB550: Oyster beds; adjustment of boundaries on Eastern Shore.
  • SB585: Psychiatric hospital admissions; local inmates.
  • SB586: Felonies by prisoners; penalties.
  • SB587: License plates, special; changes those promoting tourism on Virginia's Eastern Shore.
  • SB588: Town of Onancock; liens for water charges.
  • SJ75: Atlantic Menhaden; Marine Resources Commission to study management plan requirements.
  • SJ76: Flooding; Institute of Marine Science to study strategies to prevent recurrent flooding.
  • SJ77: Commending the Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory.
  • SJ78: Celebrating the life of Richard Fuller Hall, Jr.
  • SJ79: Celebrating the life of Thomas R. Pellegrino, M.D.
  • SJ80: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Dr. Charles F. Mapp.
  • SJ81: Celebrating the life of Bruce Samuel Paone.
  • SJ142: Celebrating the life of Kenneth Vincent Geroe.
  • SJ143: Celebrating the life of Dr. James E. Etheridge, Jr.
  • SJ150: Celebrating the life of Virginius Harding Nusbaum, Jr.
  • SJ151: Celebrating the life of Herbert William Fink, M.D.
  • SJ152: Celebrating the life of Bernard Jaffe.
  • SB186: General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; House or Senate Ethics Advisory Panel investigations.
  • SB765: Menhaden fishery; directs MRC to adopt regulations to implement Interstate Fishery Management Plan.
  • SB766: Water well systems providers; definition.
  • SB959: Vital records; certified copies for veterans or his survivor, free of charge.
  • SB960: Children's hospitals; definition.
  • SB961: Virginia Water Protection Permit; fee exemption for U.S. Navy dredging projects.
  • SB962: Methamphetamines; possession of certain substances with intent to manufacture, penalty.
  • SB963: Aquaculture opportunity zones; removes authority of MRC to establish commercial shellfish zones.
  • SB964: Coastal resource management; Marine Resources Commission, et al., to develop integrated guidance.
  • SB965: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption for spaceport activities.
  • SB966: Public schools; physical education requirement, exception.
  • SB967: Family life education; requires school division to implement standards of learning program.
  • SB1116: Laboratory results; authority to provide directly to insurance carrier, etc.
  • SB1117: Death certificates; allows supervised nurse practitioners and physician assistants to sign.
  • SB1486: Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Trust Fund; administration of Fund, report.
  • SJ330: Subaqueous bottomland; VIMS and VMRC to jointly study ways to better utilize those on seaside.
  • SJ331: Light Rail Safety Day; designating as April 29, 2011, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • SB185: Menhaden fishery; Marine Resources Commission to adopt regulations.
  • SB186: General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; House or Senate Ethics Advisory Panel investigations.
  • SB187: Anti-epileptic drug; prohibits pharmacist from dispensing without prior notification from physician.
  • SB188: Limited service pregnancy centers; Department of Health to promulgate regulations for registration.
  • SB189: Space flight liability and immunity; repeals sunset provision.
  • SB190: Judicial retirement; publication of notice by Supreme Court or Committee on District Courts.
  • SB191: Privileged communications; exchanging health care-related information between committees, etc.
  • SB192: Harvester's license; prohibits Marine Resources Commission from issuing certain nonresident license.
  • SB193: Medicaid provider agreements; Director of Medical Assistance Services has authority to terminate.
  • SB194: Health professions; nothing shall prevent person performing state, etc., funded health care tasks.
  • SB195: Physical therapy; advertising prohibited if not a licensed physical therapist or assistant.
  • SB359: Statement of organization; fee for filing with State Board of Elections.
  • SB437: License plates, special; issuance to residents and supporters of Ocean View community.
  • SB438: Vital records; Board of Health shall prescribe fee for certified copy thereof.
  • SB652: Concussions; Board of Education to develop guidelines dealing with in student-athletes.
  • SB653: Certificate of public need; Commissioner of Health to accept & approve request to amend conditions.
  • SB654: Elections and electronic reforms; State Board of Elections to use various electronic systems.
  • SB668: Saltwater recreational fishing; licensing in conformance with national registry.
  • SJ34: Uniform grading policy; Department of Education to study impact in State.
  • SJ35: Tidal shoreline management; Virginia Institute of Marine Science to study.
  • SJ122: Celebrating the life of John Warren Cooke.
  • SJ123: Commending the Wallops Flight Facility on the occasion of its 65th anniversary.
  • SJ124: Healthy Youth Day; designating as January 20, 2010.
  • SJ155: Celebrating the life of Thomas Chandler Northam.
  • SJ179: Celebrating the life of Irving Filmore Truitt, Jr.
  • SJ226: Commending the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport
  • SJ237: Commending the Virginia Community Healthcare Association for 30 years of service to the Commonwealth
  • SB1104: Income tax, state; temporary protective enclosures for oysters tax credit.
  • SB1105: Indoor Clean Air Act; prohibits smoking in certain public buildings, restaurants, etc., exceptions.
  • SB1106: Smoking in cars; unlawful for a person thereto when minor is present, civil penalty.
  • SB1107: Exposure to communicable diseases; first responders.
  • SB1108: License plates, special; issuance to those bearing logotype Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS).
  • SB1109: Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Commission; extends sunset until July 1, 2014, etc.
  • SB1110: Town of Nassawadox; charter.
  • SB1111: Crab season; Marine Resources Commission to establish periods of time when crabs caught for resale.
  • SB1112: Tobacco Settlement Foundation; changes name to Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth.
  • SB1247: Human Rights Act; adds sexual orientation to definition of unlawful discriminatory practice.
  • SB1248: Electrical generation; base rates of return for certain types thereof.
  • SB1249: Eastern Virginia Medical School; alters manner in which Board of Visitors is appointed.
  • SB1250: Civil immunity; officers and directors of certain local civic league and community organizations.
  • SB1320: Electronic reforms; makes various amendments to Title 24.2 that authorize Board of Elections.
  • SB1492: Wallops Research Park; aerospace-related economic development.
  • SJ389: Celebrating the life of William E. Fears.
  • SJ397: Saltwater anglers; Marine Resources Commission to examine creation of comprehensive registry.
  • SJ407: Celebrating the life of John Julius Korte, Jr.
  • SJ408: Celebrating the life of Joan D. Gifford.
  • SJ445: Commending Farm Fresh Food and Pharmacy.
  • SB10: Real estate tax; exemptions and deferrals for certain residential or farm property.
  • SB495: Medicine, Board of; certain information to be made available thereto.
  • SB496: Real property tax; exemptions and deferrals for certain residential or farm property.
  • SB497: Abraham's law; definition of abused or neglected child.
  • SB498: Gas chambers; prohibits use thereof for euthanizing companion animals.
  • SB499: Inmates; permitting work on public or private property.
  • SB500: Infectious disease presumption; emergency declaration by Governor.
  • SB502: Income tax, state; subtraction for National Guard or Reserve personnel pay.
  • SB503: Emergency Medical Services, Department of; established.
  • SB508: Absentee ballot applications; may receive by electronic transmission.
  • SB509: Voting equipment; locking and securing after an election.
  • SJ79: Teacher salaries; joint subcommittee to study feasibility of creating dedicated revenue stream.
  • SJ80: Affordable housing; Housing Commission to study incentives for targeted development, etc.
  • SJ262: Commending Otis Taylor.