Del. Bob Tata (R-Virginia Beach)

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85: City of Virginia Beach (part) [map]
Took Office
January 1984
Left Office
January 2014
Copatroning Habits
73% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 58% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 65% of them are Republicans.
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June 9, 2018 | 3:00 am
  Sports columnist Harry Minium played at Norview from 1968 through 1970. He recalls the now 88-year-old Bob Tata as a taskmaster in practice and a brilliant ...

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March 7, 2018 | 3:00 am
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November 28, 2017 | 3:00 am
  Martha Jeraldine Morris Tata went home to be with the Lord on Novem. She departed this life surrounded by the loving comfort of family and friends ...

NBC Washington: New Law Would Make Annoying Calls a Misdemeanor in Virginia

October 14, 2017 | 1:43 am
  Bill would make telephone stalking punishable with jail time.

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September 1, 2015 | 3:00 am
  The Kings Dominion Law was passed at the behest of the amusement park, and it legally prohibits school divisions from opening before Labor Day unless they ...

These are all of the video clips of Bob Tata’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 73 video clips in all.


  • HB40: Coastal primary sand dunes; standards for use, exemption.
  • HB1386: Overweight vehicle permits; allows court to invalidate standard permit in certain circumstances.
  • HB1543: Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program; Expected Family Contribution.
  • HB1626: Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; General Assembly may add certain full-time employees.
  • HB1645: Tradesmen; Board for Contractors shall evaluate continuing education requirements, report.
  • HB1740: Motor vehicle insurance; prohibits insurers from setting rates based on credit history or score.
  • HB1741: Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act; organ removal and Virginia Transplant Council.
  • HB1750: Students residing on military or naval reservation; participation in interscholastic programs, etc.
  • HB2088: Postsecondary schools; student records and closures.
  • HB2098: School boards; releases from state regulation.
  • HR134: Celebrating the life of V. M. Annas.
  • HB39: Telephones or digital pagers; second violation is a Class 2 misdemeanor.
  • HB40: Coastal primary sand dunes; standards for use, exemption.
  • HB41: Personal property tax; situs of certain motor vehicles.
  • HB42: Line of Duty Act; expands definition of a deceased person.
  • HB43: School calendar; local school boards responsible for setting and determining opening of school year.
  • HB432: Motor vehicle insurance; premiums based on credit information prohibited.
  • HB433: Real Estate Appraiser Board; shall develop continuing education curriculum for licensees, report.
  • HB434: School calendar; local school boards responsible for setting and determining opening of school year.
  • HB435: Juveniles; certain persons imprisoned for felony offense eligible for parole.
  • HB436: Juveniles; certain persons imprisoned for life eligible for parole.
  • HB437: Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program; Expected Family Contribution.
  • HB438: Virginia Retirement System; benefits for certain local law-enforcement employees.
  • HB439: Veterans; disposition and identification of unclaimed cremains.
  • HB440: Vessels; prohibits VDOT from making fast to or lying alongside certain bridges.
  • HB441: Uniform Certificate of General Studies; credits earned in academic subject area coursework.
  • HB791: Virginia Retirement System; technical changes to programs administered.
  • HB792: Virginia Retirement System; deferred compensation for local employees.
  • HB1063: School calendar; local school boards responsible for setting and determining opening of school year.
  • HB1221: Training center; a consumer shall only be discharged upon consent of consumer or representative.
  • HJ278: Commending Donna M. Blatecky.
  • HB1647: Higher educational institutions; military reinstatement guidelines.
  • HB1784: Defined contribution retirement plan, local; locality to establish in lieu of other retirement plan.
  • HB1785: Local treasurer; authorized to be compensated when collecting fines, costs, etc.
  • HB1786: School boards; funds appropriated by locality shall be reappropriated to board.
  • HB1787: Child custody, shared; establishes a presumption that award thereof is in best interests of child.
  • HB1788: Charitable gaming; winner-take-all games.
  • HB1789: Norfolk/Virginia Beach light rail project; clarifies extension of system.
  • HB1790: Discharge from a training center; consent of legal authorized responsible person required.
  • HB1791: Driver's license reinstatement fees; additional fees for persons with multiple suspensions, etc.
  • HB1792: Standards of Quality; flexibility to use funds for staffing related to math, reading, etc.
  • HB1793: Diploma seals; allows local school boards to award.
  • HB1794: Retirement System; collection of overpayments.
  • HB1795: Retirement System; difference in benefits for employee who becomes member on or after July 1, 2010.
  • HB1796: Retirement System; technical changes.
  • HB1797: Long-term care insurance; State employees in Sickness and Disability Program are to benefit.
  • HJ820: Commending LaTonya E. Waller.
  • HB7: Higher Education, Council of; duties.
  • HB557: School calendar; requirement that school begin after Labor Day may be waived by Board of Education.
  • HB558: Standards of Quality; changes in provisions.
  • HB559: Wrongful incarceration for felony conviction; individuals granted an absolute pardon.
  • HB560: Retirement System; changes to sickness and disability plan.
  • HB561: Retirement System; optional life insurance.
  • HB562: Retirement System; retirement supplement.
  • HB563: Decibel level of sound; authorizes a law-enforcement officer to use certain equipment to determine.
  • HB564: Norfolk/Virginia Beach light rail project; funds will be expended in accordance with FTA.
  • HB565: School calendar; local school boards to set first day of school.
  • HB566: Standards of Quality; local school board to include in its annual report.
  • HB794: Home access businesses; establish standards, penalty.
  • HB1154: Crimes against seniors; increases criminal penalties when victim is 60 years of age or older.
  • HB1292: Photo-monitoring system; may enter into agreement with DMV to obtain vehicle owner information.
  • HB1663: Higher Education, Council of; shall appoint certain students to advisory committee.
  • HB1664: Higher Education, Council of; eliminates requirement to develop crisis & emergency management plan.
  • HB1665: Higher Education, Council of; eliminates requirement to develop strategic statewide plan.
  • HB1688: Deed of trust; additional requirements applicable to foreclosures, notices, and reinstatement right.
  • HB1689: Illegal aliens; fraudulently assisting, penalty.
  • HB1690: Identification cards, special; allows persons at least 70 years old to exchange driver's licenses.
  • HB1691: Retail Sales and Use Tax; City of Virginia Beach entitled to certain.
  • HB1922: Civics Education, Commission on; move from executive to legislative branch, may seek other funding.
  • HB1923: Textbooks; local school boards may assess reasonable fee or charge for loss or damage to.
  • HB2068: Retirement System; removes requirement that certain forms be notarized.
  • HB2069: Retirement System; health insurance credits for retired teachers.
  • HB2514: Elder abuse; staff members of financial institutions to report.
  • HB2515: Workers' Compensation Act; increases maximum tax rate that may be assessed on uninsured, etc.
  • HB5008: Claims; Arthur Lee Whitfield.
  • HJ654: Higher Education, State Council of; to study establishing four year institution in Virginia Beach.
  • HJ678: Classroom teachers; SCHEV Community College System to study shortage thereof.
  • HJ775: Commending homeschoolers in Virginia on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of homeschooling.
  • HB2: License plates, special; eliminates fee to family of persons who have died in military service.
  • HB3: Screened Family Day Home Provider List; created.
  • HB4: Credit reports; authorizes consumer to freeze access thereto.
  • HB45: Illegal aliens; fraudulently assisting thereof, penalty.
  • HB765: Emergency custody or temporary detention order; payment of cost of transportation.
  • HB766: Fraudulent academic credentials; misdemeanor to use to obtain employment, promotion, etc.
  • HB767: Home instruction of children; eliminates certain requirements.
  • HB768: Freedom of Information Act; active investigations of teacher licensing.
  • HB769: Literary Fund; memorandum of lien.
  • HB770: Public schools; establishes technology as major classification of school funds.
  • HB771: Schools, joint and regional; may request waiver from any new regulation requirements.
  • HB772: Retirement System; exemption from liability for advisory committees appointed thereby.
  • HB773: Retirement System; prior service credit.
  • HB774: State Police Officers' Retirement System; time within which compulsory retirement shall occur.
  • HB775: State employees; cash match plan.
  • HB776: Higher Education Board Appointments, Commission on; removes sunset provision.
  • HB777: Civics Education, Commission on; extends sunset provision.
  • HB6028: Light rail system; proposal for extension from Norfolk to beachfront in Virginia Beach.
  • HJ247: International education; recognizing importance in higher educational institutions.
  • HJ480: Celebrating the life of Chief Warrant Officer Jackie L. McFarlane, Jr.
  • HJ481: Celebrating the life of Staff Sergeant Christopher S. Kiernan.
  • HR13: Commending Mary Elizabeth McElroy Weil.
  • HB2: Special license plates for immediate family members of persons who have died in military service.
  • HB3: Child Care Provider Registry.
  • HB4: Freezing access to credit reports; penalty.
  • HB416: Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program; includes certain provisions.
  • HB2090: Lingebach, Walter S.; amends previous legislation providing relief thereto for property purchase.
  • HB2091: Health insurance credits; state employees receiving long-term benefits are eligible.
  • HB2092: Tuition charges, in-state; clarifies requirements for children of deployed military parents.
  • HB2093: Standards of Quality; changes in provisions.
  • HB2094: School superintendents; retirement benefits.
  • HB2095: Retirement System; additional information to localities and authorized to assess fees.
  • HB2096: Retirement System; accumulated contributions includes all employer-paid, tax-deferred contributions.
  • HB2097: VRS; exempts purchase of disability determinition services thereby from Public Procurement Act.
  • HB2152: College Savings Program; eliminates requirement of annual report by State Council of Higher Educ.
  • HB2153: Public Broadcasting Board; decreases membership by removing chairman of Council of Higher Education.
  • HB2154: Higher educational institutions; defines continuing or professional education.
  • HB2350: Literary Fund; school board's application for loan must be signed by governing body & school board.
  • HB2351: Life, Accident & Sickness Insurance Guaranty Association; maximum amount of contractual obligation.
  • HB2370: Health insurance credits; increased for retired teachers.
  • HB2371: Joint school; management of funds therefor, selection of fiscal agent.
  • HB3018: Old Dominion University; certain undergraduate classes offered at Va. Beach Higher Ed. Center.
  • HJ625: Higher education; joint sub. to study feasibility of establising institution in City of VA Beach.
  • HJ627: Designating the third week in September as Civics Education Week in Virginia.
  • HJ628: Celebrating the life of Carl W. Smith.
  • HJ634: Retirement System; Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study benefit programs.
  • HB32: Child day programs; exemption from licensure for local recreation programs.
  • HB33: State employees; military leave of absence.
  • HB34: Credit reports; freezing access thereto, penalty.
  • HB35: Teachers; health insurance credits increased for those retired.
  • HB36: Higher educational institutions; violations of chapter on regulation thereof, penalty.
  • HB37: Retirement System; benefits for emergency medical technicians.
  • HB38: Vocational schools, out-of-state; accreditation of those operating within State.
  • HB39: Homestead exemption; increases for dependents.
  • HB40: Estate tax; conformity of state and federal statutes.
  • HB137: Standards of Learning; Board of Education to release assessments periodically.
  • HB213: Entertainment equipment in motor vehicles; any driver/passenger shall not operate in certain manner.
  • HB214: Treasurers' sales; relief for certain purchasers of property sold prior to designated date.
  • HB215: Comparative religion; Board of Education to authorize elective course in grades 9 through 12.
  • HB216: Standards of Learning assessments; student required to attend summer school for remediation program.
  • HB416: Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Program; includes certain provisions.
  • HB417: Birth-Related Neurological Injury Program; employee benefits in Retirement System.
  • HB451: Retirement System; forfeiture of eligibility.
  • HB452: Retirement System; allows a member to transfer his contributions to the optional plan.
  • HB453: Retirement System; optional life insurance to be reviewed by VRS.
  • HB454: Retirement System; reemployment shall not result in suspension of benefit payments.
  • HB455: Life insurance; clarifies the date when reductions in coverage for State disability retiree begins.
  • HB1408: Transportation services; provide to nonpublic school students for fee.
  • HB1483: Home instruction; requirements.
  • HB1516: Possession of certain weapons; expulsion for possession thereof on school property.
  • HJ13: Designating November as 'Lung Cancer Awareness Month' in Virginia.
  • HJ17: Commending the Virginia School Boards Association on the occasion of its 100th birthday.
  • HJ196: Commending Thomas C. Scott.
  • HJ207: Commending the Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals on the 100th anniversary.
  • HJ234: Commending the Kempsville High School softball team.
  • HJ244: Commending Barney Annas.
  • HJ274: Commending Dr. Jo Lynne DeMary, former State Superintendent of Public Instruction.