Del. Rob Bloxom (R-Accomack)

Photo of Rob Bloxom
100: Counties of Accomack and Northampton; City of Virginia Beach (part)
Took Office
February 2014
Next Election
November 2025
Copatroning Habits
64% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 79% of them are Republicans. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 60% of them are Republicans.
Bills Passed
33.3% in 2024
Recent Mentions in the Media

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These are all of the video clips of Rob Bloxom’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2015. There are 2 video clips in all.


  • HB1032: Photo speed monitoring device; establishes a default process for collection of civil penalties.
  • HB1033: School boards, certain; cost of competing adjustments, eligibility.
  • HB1034: Zoning ordinance; civil penalties for violations.
  • HB1036: Nicotine vapor products; localities by ordinance to impose a sales and use tax on products.
  • HB1037: Law-enforcement purposes; installation, etc., of devices in highway right-of-way.
  • HB1346: Campaign finance; exemption for candidates for certain office or directors.
  • HB1399: Potato Board; reduces membership.
  • HB1465: Interference with commercial fishing vessel; penalties.
  • HB1466: Mineral mines; farm pond construction or expansion.
  • HJ138: Celebrating the life of Laura Belle Gordy.
  • HR97: Commending the Women's Tidewater Golf Association.
  • HB847: Virginia Resiliency Authority; established, definitions, report.
  • HB1804: Tidal wetland mitigation bank; credits.
  • HB1805: Virginia Resources Authority; community development and housing projects.
  • HB1806: Farm use placards; permanent placards for any pickup or panel truck, etc.
  • HB1807: Flood plain management; state agency compliance with regulations.
  • HB1808: Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority; disbursement of funds for certain expenses.
  • HB1947: Absentee voting; annual absentee voter list.
  • HB1948: Absentee voting; removes witness requirement, required information on return ballot envelope.
  • HB1949: Oyster-planting grounds; fees.
  • HB1950: Wetlands; Virginia Marine Resources Commission to review certain guidelines.
  • HB1951: Chincoteague Pony; designated as the official pony of the Commonwealth.
  • HB2301: Presidential primaries; ranked choice voting.
  • HB2304: Motorcycles; rider safety training courses.
  • HB2325: Agricultural land; definitions, ownership by foreign adversaries prohibited, report.
  • HB2443: Certificates of election; persons elected by write-in votes, exception for certain localities.
  • HB2444: Offshore wind capacity; development, cost recovery.
  • HJ672: Commemorating the life and legacy of Arthur William Crudup.
  • HR342: Commending Audrey Furness.
  • HB174: Campaign finance; out-of-district contribution limits, civil penalty.
  • HB175: Absentee voting; applications for ballots, annual absentee voter list.
  • HB177: Absentee voting; witness requirement for absentee ballots.
  • HB178: Absentee voting in person; available beginning on the fourteenth day prior to election.
  • HB179: Permanent farm use placard; an owner or lessee to obtain for vehicle from DMV.
  • HB180: Forest Sustainability Fund; created.
  • HB182: Investor-owned water and water and sewer utilities; ratemaking proceedings, evaluation of utilities.
  • HB843: Income tax, state; housing opportunity tax credits.
  • HB845: Resilient Virginia Revolving Loan Fund; created.
  • HB847: Virginia Resiliency Authority; established, definitions, report.
  • HB1261: State environmental boards; appointment of members to various Boards.
  • HJ12: Celebrating the life of William Lee Allen, Sr.
  • HJ13: Celebrating the life of Peggy Gray Williams.
  • HJ14: Celebrating the life of Madison Taylor Wessells.
  • HJ15: Celebrating the life of Winter Calvert Cullen III.
  • HB1749: Nassawadox, Town of; amending charter, updates to reflect town's shift of municipal elections.
  • HB1749: Nassawadox, Town of; amending charter, updates to reflect town's shift of municipal elections.
  • HB2257: Hampton Roads Sanitation District; changes to the enabling act.
  • HB2257: Hampton Roads Sanitation District; changes to the enabling act.
  • HB309: Transient occupancy tax; taxes on room rentals, etc., in state parks.
  • HB564: Cheriton, Town of; amending charter, town elections.
  • HB565: Driver privilege cards; penalty.
  • HB1492: Parksley, Town of; amending charter, mayor and six members of council shall be elected in November.
  • HB1667: Marine Resources Commission; member occupations.
  • HB1668: Menhaden; adjusts the annual total allowable landings.
  • HJ106: Alternative onsite sewage systems; Department of Health to study the use of systems.
  • HB1722: Remote sales & use tax collection; sufficient activity by dealers/marketplace facilitators, waiver.
  • HB1777: Parking of certain vehicles; regulation in the Town of Cape Charles.
  • HB1778: Transient occupancy tax; taxes on room rentals, etc., in state parks.
  • HB1779: Riparian planting ground; assignment eligibility.
  • HB1780: Salvage vehicles; removes requirement that a vehicle be late model.
  • HB1781: Vehicle safety inspections; maximum charges.
  • HB1843: Driver privilege cards; penalty.
  • HB2614: Taxes administered by the Department of Taxation; statute of limitations for collections.
  • HB2704: Virginia taxpayers; providing income tax relief.
  • HB2705: Historic rehabilitation; limit on tax credit that may be claimed.
  • HJ858: Commending the Eastern Shore Area Agency on Aging/Community Action Agency.
  • HB56: Crab scraping; possession of hard crabs, characteristics of scrape.
  • HB575: Virginia Waterway Maintenance Fund and Grant Program; established.
  • HB577: Crab scraping; possession of hard crabs.
  • HB578: Neighborhood assistance tax credits; reduces amount of credit of value for certain donations.
  • HB579: Transient occupancy tax; taxes on room rentals, etc., in state parks.
  • HB580: Driver privilege cards; authorizes issuance of new cards by DMV.
  • HB581: Inspection stations; appointments.
  • HB582: Vehicle safety inspections; maximum charges.
  • HB583: Premium Security Plan; created, report.
  • HB584: Oyster-planting ground; Lynnhaven River and its tributaries.
  • HB585: Magistrates; additional compensation.
  • HB1340: Emergency services and disaster law; expedited inspections required for small businesses.
  • HB1341: Virginia Small Business Emergency Bridge Loan Fund; created.
  • HB1342: License plates, special; issuance to supporters of NASA facilities in Virginia.
  • HJ69: 2016 Virginia's Working Waterfront Master Plan; supporting Plan.
  • HJ70: Standards of Quality; JLARC to study cost to implement.
  • HJ179: Commending the Virginia Space Flight Academy.
  • HJ264: Commending Fred Matthews.
  • HB1680: Marine Resources Commission; advisory committees.
  • HB1681: Transient occupancy tax; state parks.
  • HB1682: Temporary driver's licenses; eligibility.
  • HB2460: Historic rehabilitation; limits amount of tax credits that may be claimed by each taxpayer.
  • HB2461: Neighborhood assistance tax credits; reduces amount of credit of value for certain donations.
  • HB327: Beach restoration; expedited permit.
  • HB1122: Commonwealth Space Flight Fund; transfer of funds.
  • HB1316: Driver's licenses, temporary; eligibility.
  • HB1331: Income tax, state; withholding taxes, penalties.
  • HJ517: Commending Paul F. Berge.
  • HR154: Commending Red Hart.
  • HR155: Commemorating the 240th anniversary of the Queen Annes Minutemen march.
  • HR181: Commending Jack Tarr.
  • HR182: Commending Terry Howard.
  • HR192: Commending Brooks Miles Barnes.
  • HB1811: Clams, cultured; use of handheld devices for harvesting.
  • HB1812: Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement; requirements of annual report.
  • HB1813: Veterinary medicine; practice.
  • HB2182: Criminal Justice Services, Department of; prescription drug abuse policy.
  • HB2386: Nonresident commercial harvester's license; increases fee range.
  • HJ736: Celebrating the life of Captain William E. West, Jr., USCG (Ret.).
  • HJ756: Commending Assateague Island National Seashore.
  • HJ950: Commending first responders to the Cherrystone Campgrounds tornado.