Sen. Ryan McDougle (R-Mechanicsville)

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4: Caroline County (All), Essex County (All), Middlesex County (All), Spotsylvania County (Part), Lancaster County (All), Northumberland County (All), Richmond County (All), Hanover County (Part), King George County (Part), Westmoreland County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2006
Next Election
November 2019
Commerce and Labor, Courts of Justice, Finance, Rehabilitation and Social Services, Rules (Chair)
Copatroning Habits
71% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 53% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 58% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
60% in 2017
Campaign Contributions
cash on hand (December 1969 report)
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These are all of the video clips of Ryan McDougle’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 292 video clips in all.


  • SB306: Alcoholic beverage control; sales by brewery on licensed premises.
  • SB396: Libraries, local and regional; boards not mandatory in Caroline County.
  • SB398: Driving under influence of alcohol; conviction of fourth offense, penalty.
  • SB402: Driving under influence of alcohol; secure transdermal alcohol monitoring.
  • SB403: Marijuana possession, etc.; expungement of certain charges and convictions.
  • SB404: Biennial appropriations; changes appropriations to start July 1 in an odd-numbered year, etc.
  • SB405: Wireless communications infrastructure; zoning.
  • SB406: Unclaimed personal property; disposal of property in possession of the Division of Capitol Police.
  • SB407: Government Data Collection & Dissemination Practices Act; exemption for Division of Capitol Police.
  • SB408: Hashish oil; definition.
  • SB409: Teacher licensure; waiver of professional teacher assessments.
  • SB410: Law-enforcement vehicles; vehicles equipped with steady-burning blue or red warning lights.
  • SB411: Higher Education; governing boards, appointment.
  • SB413: Schedule VI; delivery of prescription devices on behalf of medical equipment supplier.
  • SB414: Micro Market Act; registration required for operation of micro markets, effective clause.
  • SB415: Jurisdiction of claim; plaintiff's motion to amend claim amount, transfer of matter.
  • SB416: Venue in criminal cases; concurrent jurisdiction, obsolete provisions.
  • SB420: Witness testimony; accompanied by certified facility dogs.
  • SB489: Capitol Square Preservation Council; changes title of the chief officer.
  • SB490: Pocahontas Building; temporary General Assembly Building.
  • SB823: Wireless support structures; public rights-of-way use fees established.
  • SB884: Alcoholic beverage control; increases general license application fee.
  • SB885: Capitol Police; concurrent jurisdiction.
  • SB888: Marine Resources Commission; conveyance of easement and rights-of-way across Rappahannock River.
  • SB959: Disposition of unclaimed dead body; final orders of transportation and disposition.
  • SJ85: Virginia Women's Monument; dedication of Monument.
  • SJ246: Regular Session; extension.
  • SJ247: Regular Session; extension.
  • SJ248: General Assembly; special session.
  • SR7: Senate; 2018 operating resolution.
  • SR28: Commending the Virginia Capitol Police.
  • SR29: Commending the Hanover High School girls' tennis team.
  • SR30: Commending Mulberry Baptist Church.
  • SR31: Celebrating the life of Barbara S. Klotz.
  • SR34: Celebrating the life of Elton Jefferson Wade, Sr.
  • SR46: Commending Charlotte A. Mary.
  • SR63: Celebrating the life of John D. Miller, Jr.
  • SR76: Celebrating the life of Timothy Scott Edwards.
  • SB617: Virginia Law Officers' Retirement System; certain members of enforcement division of DMV.
  • SB796: Police and court records; expungement of certain charges and convictions.
  • SB797: Competency to stand trial; evaluations.
  • SB843: Biennial appropriation act; Commonwealth's appropriations shall start on July 1 of odd-numbered yrs.
  • SB1270: Ohio River Basin Commission; repeals sections relating to participation by the Commonwealth.
  • SB1272: Nonresident Violator Compact of 1977; codification.
  • SB1273: City of Richmond general district court; concurrent criminal jurisdiction.
  • SB1274: License taxes, local; exemption for certain defense production businesses.
  • SB1276: Traffic violations, certain; dismissal for proof of compliance with law.
  • SB1278: Child pornography; discretionary sentencing guideline midpoints for possession.
  • SB1279: Flashing amber lights; vehicles used to collect and deliver packages.
  • SB1281: Substance abuse treatment upon conviction of a crime; recovery community organization.
  • SB1282: Wireless communications infrastructure; procedure for approved by localities.
  • SB1287: Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority; changes effective date for creation of Authority.
  • SB1288: Juvenile Justice, Department of; confidentiality of records.
  • SB1293: State agencies; criminal background checks for certain positions.
  • SB1308: Sales and use tax; collection of taxes from consuming contractors.
  • SB1313: Regional jails; reimbursement of capital costs of construction, etc., to locality.
  • SB1333: Garnishment; form of summons, maximum portion of disposable earnings subject to garnishment.
  • SB1555: Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation; duties of board of trustees.
  • SB1588: General Assembly Building replacement project; sale of surplus property.
  • SR102: Senate of Virginia; 2017 Operating Resolution.
  • SR105: Confirming nomination to the Senate Ethics Advisory Panel.