Sen. Steve Newman (R-Forest)

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23: Campbell County (Part), Bedford City (All), Botetourt County (All), Craig County (All), Bedford County (Part), Roanoke County (Part), Lynchburg City (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 1996
Next Election
November 2019
Commerce and Labor, Education and Health (Chair), Finance, Rules, Transportation
Copatroning Habits
69% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 66% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 57% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
16.7% in 2018

Senate Republican caucus chairman.

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These are all of the video clips of Steve Newman’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 278 video clips in all.


  • SB364: Motor vehicle liability insurance; increases minimum liability coverage amount.
  • SB367: Stormwater; localities to provide for partial waiver of service charges for management at airports.
  • SB370: Prescription drugs; delivery of orders.
  • SB761: Law-enforcement officers; training, reimbursement of costs.
  • SB1212: Water improvement districts; assessment of service charge, referendum.
  • SB1213: School and Campus Safety, Virginia Center for; threat assessment, case management tool.
  • SB1214: School boards; local law-enforcement agencies, memorandums of understanding.
  • SB1215: School safety procedures; emergency situations, annual training.
  • SB1216: All-Payer Claims Database; penalty.
  • SB1217: Nursing homes; truth in advertising for inspections, surveys, and investigations.
  • SB1218: Public high schools; Standards of Learning assessments.
  • SB1219: Contractors, Board for; revision of regulations.
  • SB1220: School crisis, emergency management, and medical emergency response plans; development and review.
  • SB1346: Electric cooperatives; rates.
  • SB1347: Commercial vehicles; training and testing.
  • SB1348: Energy career cluster; Department of Education, et al., to establish, report.
  • SB1728: Standards of Learning Innovation Committee; repeals the Committee.
  • SB1739: Income tax, state; conformity of tax code to federal code.
  • SB1778: Counseling minors; certain health regulatory boards to promulgate regulations.
  • SB1787: Motor vehicle insurance; compliance verification by DMV.
  • SJ320: Commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
  • SJ321: Commending the Liberty University School of Aeronautics.
  • SJ337: Commending the recipients of the 2019 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Awards.
  • SJ353: Commending Michael J. Brown.
  • SR98: Commending Rodney A. Robinson.
  • SB363: Delegate Lacey E. Putney Memorial Highway; designating certain portion of U.S. Route 221.
  • SB364: Motor vehicle liability insurance; increases minimum liability coverage amount.
  • SB367: Stormwater; localities to provide for partial waiver of service charges for management at airports.
  • SB368: Education preparation programs; reading specialists, dyslexia.
  • SB369: All-Payer Claims Database; participation by certain insurers.
  • SB370: Prescription drugs; delivery of orders.
  • SB738: Public Elementary and Secondary Education, Commission on the Future of; established, report.
  • SB760: Online Va. Network Authority; adds Chancellor of Va. Community College System to board of trustees.
  • SB761: Law-enforcement officers; training, reimbursement of costs.
  • SB945: Operation of dealership or service facility; manufacturers.
  • SB965: Electric utility regulation; rate review proceedings, Transitional Rate Period, etc.
  • SB969: SOL; verified credit.
  • SJ59: Dyslexia; study for identification of & interventions in public schools.
  • SJ62: Public elementary and secondary education; joint committee to study the future in the Commonwealth.
  • SJ79: Commending the Liberty University School of Aeronautics.
  • SJ114: Commending Michelle Cottrell-Williams.
  • SJ136: Commending the recipients of the 2018 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Awards.
  • SJ154: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Lacey E. Putney.
  • SB561: Certificates of public need.
  • SB1097: James River; designating additional segment as a scenic river.
  • SB1098: Standards of Quality; standards for accreditation in public schools.
  • SB1099: Standards of Quality; assessments terms.
  • SB1100: New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Program; reporting by SCHEV on Program.
  • SB1101: Filing and application fees for transportation network companies.
  • SB1364: Property and bulk property carriers; regulation, combines authorities.
  • SB1366: Transportation network company partner; vehicle registration repeal.
  • SB1414: Students receiving home instruction; participation in AP and PSAT/NMSQT.
  • SB1416: Investment of Public Funds Act; investment of public funds in Virginia Investment Pool Trust Fund.
  • SB1417: Commercial air service plan; Virginia Aviation Board shall develop and review.
  • SB1551: Central Virginia Training Center; closure prohibited without General Assembly authorization.
  • SB1552: Ballots; number ordered to be printed.
  • SB1556: Education, Board of; graduation requirements.
  • SJ273: Commending Centra Rivermont Schools.
  • SJ300: Senate Committee on Rules; confirming appointments.
  • SJ351: Commending the recipients of the 2016 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Awards.
  • SJ433: Commending Nancy Oliver Gray.
  • SR129: Celebrating the life of Eugene H. Farley, Jr.
  • SB544: Concealed handgun permits; exemption includes any judge or justice of the Commonwealth.
  • SB561: Certificates of public need.
  • SB657: Lobbyist reporting; disclosure of certain persons attending entertainment events prohibited.
  • SB658: Motor vehicle registration; exemptions.
  • SJ97: Commonwealth's aerospace industry; Virginia Economic Development Partnership to study.
  • SJ161: Commending the recipients of the 2016 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Awards.
  • SB475: Court costs; collection at DMV customer service centers.
  • SB776: Physical therapy; certain experience and referrals required to practice.
  • SB777: General Assembly Conflicts of Interests Act; gift-free legislator, penalty.
  • SB778: Motor fuels; vehicles hauling certain fuels during times of necessitous circumstances, report.
  • SB959: Medicine Board of; supervised clinical training licensure.
  • SB1003: Off-road motorcycles converted to on-road use; titling and registration requirements, penalty.
  • SB1244: Chiropractors; expands scope of practice.
  • SB1259: Salvage, nonrepairables, and rebuilt vehicles; requirements and practices of certain dealers.
  • SB1262: Health insurance; carrier business practices.
  • SB1300: Northern Virginia Training Center; prohibition of closure.
  • SB1340: School board clerks; electronic maintenance of records.
  • SB1411: Court costs; agreement with DMV authorizing collection of payment.
  • SJ225: Celebrating the life of Major Michael Donahue, USA.
  • SJ349: Commending Courtney Paige Garrett.
  • SJ350: Commending Steve Farmer.
  • SB89: Virginia Retirement System; disability program for hybrid retirement plan participants.
  • SB126: Acute psychiatric bed registry; DBHDS to establish.
  • SB127: Hybrid electric motor vehicles; repeals annual license tax.
  • SB131: School calendar; continuing waivers.
  • SB135: License plates; repeals issuance to members of certain armed forces.
  • SB136: Training center residents; quality of care.
  • SB344: Senate districts; technical adjustment.
  • SB406: Insurance companies; permitted investments in foreign securities.
  • SB407: Local Mandate Review, Governor's Task Force for; task force to review state mandates.
  • SB465: Opportunity Educational Institution; supervision of schools.
  • SB475: Court costs; collection at DMV customer service centers.
  • SB477: Health benefit plans; exception for certain plans previously approved, waiver for navigator program.
  • SB624: Emergency care; school board employees that render certain care shall not be liable for negligence.
  • SB627: Training center residents; DBHDS to ensure resources available prior to transfer to another center.
  • SJ210: Celebrating the life of Lawrence Garnell Stamps, Sr.
  • SB336: All-terrain and utility vehicles; expands definition.
  • SB339: Advertising & advertisements; allows running animation on structures.
  • SB341: Income tax, state; increases long-term care insurance credit.
  • SB342: Dental laboratories; register with Board of Dentistry.
  • SB1037: Sex offender registry; prior convictions of person.
  • SB1038: Non-conventional vehicles; titling and registration of mopeds.
  • SB1039: Vital records; DMV authorized to access records and issue certified copies, fees, penalty.
  • SB1040: Charter; Town of Bedford
  • SB1041: Bedford, City of, reversion; taxation of real property in Town of Bedford and City of Bedford.
  • SB1042: Bedford,City of, reversion; special election for certain council members, census to be completed.
  • SB1044: Constitutional officers; evidence of payment submitted by locality, verification of information.
  • SB1045: Criminal justice training academies; sovereign immunity of trainers certified by DCJS, etc.
  • SB1047: Local police departments; cooperation agreements with private police departments certified by DCJS.
  • SB1165: Driver's licenses, provisional; person under age 18 certain restrictions.
  • SB1216: Insurance premiums license tax; technical corrections for administration.
  • SB1217: Corrections, Department of; exchange of medical and mental health records, etc.
  • SB1218: DMV; customer service.
  • SB1219: Motor carrier and commercial drivers; amends several licensing laws.
  • SB1283: Virginia Recreational Facilities Authority Fund; established.
  • SB1284: Escort vehicle drivers; certification and regulation in State.
  • SB1285: Interchangeable biosimilar biological products; permits pharmacists to dispense, etc.
  • SB1355: Revenues and appropriations of State; changes to revenues collected and distribution.
  • SJ315: Commending the Bedford County Sheriff Office.
  • SJ354: United Cherokee Indian Tribe of Virginia, Incorporated; State Recognition.
  • SJ355: Commending the Liberty Christian Academy High School football team.
  • SJ356: Commending the Brookville High School football team.
  • SJ408: Celebrating the life of Brigadier General George Murrell Snead, Jr., USA (Ret.).
  • SB336: All-terrain and utility vehicles; expands definition.
  • SB337: DMV; collection of fees.
  • SB338: Virginia Investment Partnership Act; definitions.
  • SB339: Advertising & advertisements; allows running animation on structures.
  • SB340: Occupational therapy; definition.
  • SB341: Income tax, state; increases long-term care insurance credit.
  • SB342: Dental laboratories; register with Board of Dentistry.
  • SB343: Motor carrier and commercial driver's licensing; amends several licensing laws.
  • SB486: Prisoners; harassment by use of computer, penalty.
  • SB487: Certificate of public need program; annual report.
  • SB598: Virtual school program; Standards of Quality per pupil funding transferred from school division.
  • SB653: Condemnation; proceedings generally.
  • SB679: State mandates; eliminating on local and regional government entities relating to education, etc.
  • SJ5001: Commending George Robert Hamlet.
  • SB1318: Sex offenders; prohibiting entry onto school grounds during school-related activities.
  • SB1319: Insurance companies; investments in derivative transactions, etc.
  • SB1321: Certificate of public need; relocation of nursing home beds.
  • SB1322: Virginia Research and Technology Investment Program; created, report.
  • SB1416: Vehicles damaged by water; increases threshold for reporting water damage, etc.
  • SB1452: Local Government, Commission on; shall assist a 5-member task force to review state mandates.
  • SB1453: Human trafficking; DCJS, etc., regarding identification, etc., of offenses using existing statutes.
  • SB1485: Investment in research and technology; expands Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund, etc.
  • SJ100: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Funds (first reference).
  • SJ362: Commending James Whitaker.
  • SR28: Natural right of an individual; memorializing Congress of United States to honor.
  • SB535: Mail order pharmacy; insurer not limited to a single provider for services.
  • SB536: Water quality analysis; adds Bedford County to list that may establish testing requirements.
  • SB537: Speed limits; increases on highways where it is presently 65 mph to 70 mph.
  • SB538: Physicians, license; DBHDS to require presence thereof in any state training center.
  • SB539: Water-damaged vehicles; obtaining salvage certificate.
  • SB540: Nursing homes; rights of patients.
  • SB541: Transportation Capital Projects Revenue Bonds; used for new road or highway construction projects.
  • SB602: Human infant; determining whether an infant has achieved an independent and separate existence.
  • SB673: School boards; salary in Amherst County.
  • SB736: College Partnership Laboratory Schools; established.
  • SB737: Charter schools, public; review & consideration of application by Board of Education & school board.
  • SB738: Virtual school programs; established.
  • SJ100: Constitutional amendment; Transportation Funds (first reference).
  • SJ103: Commending the Moose Lodge in Bedford, Virginia Moose and Moose International.
  • SJ149: General Assembly; support revocation of State's consent to transfer of Jens Soering.
  • SB656: Annexation; extends to 2018 temporary restriction on city authority on granting of city charters.
  • SB1277: Land records; may contain only last four digits of social security numbers therein on Internet.
  • SB1278: Income tax, state; school supplies expense tax credit.
  • SB1279: Economic Development Partnership Authority; powers of board of directors.
  • SB1280: Economic Development Partnership Authority; issuance of export documentation.
  • SB1281: Advertising structures; prohibition thereon within 660 feet of parkway except Jerry Falwell Parkway.
  • SB1282: Health Professions, Department of; prohibited from providing personal information of individuals.
  • SB1283: Motor fuels tax; change in tax basis.
  • SB1284: Compulsory training standards; courthouse and courtroom security.
  • SB1285: School budgets; local school divisions to publish on website.
  • SB1286: Health, Department of; extends sunset provision for certain certificates of free sale.
  • SB1287: Annexation; extends to 2018 temporary restriction on city authority on granting of city charters.
  • SB1288: Parkway; term used in 33.1-369 of Code does not include Jerry Falwell Parkway.
  • SJ349: Constitutional amendment; localities to cap annual increase in assessed values of real estate.
  • SJ350: Commending the Lynchburg Area Center for Independent Living 10th anniversary.
  • SJ380: Commending the Virginia Credit Union League.
  • SJ381: Commending the White Rock Baptist Church on the occasion of its 120th anniversary.
  • SJ412: Human trafficking; notes General Assembly's concern regarding and repudiation thereof in State.
  • SJ477: Celebrating the life of Terrell J. Reid.
  • SB654: Jerry Falwell Parkway; designating as portion of Route 460 between City of Lynchburg & Campbell Co.
  • SB655: Contractors; employees having direct contact with students on school property.
  • SB656: Annexation; extends current annexation moratorium to 2018.
  • SB657: Health care providers; those responding to disaster immune from liability.
  • SB664: Civil remedial fees; repeals provision for those imposed on certain drivers.
  • SB675: Credit unions; added to institutions that may be qualified public depositories.
  • SB765: Water safety enforcement; provide enhanced enforcement effort on Smith Mountain Lake in summer.
  • SB6018: Certificate of free sale; Department of Health.
  • SJ108: Children's Miracle Network Day; designating as October 2008, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • SJ226: Commending the William Campbell High School softball team.
  • SJ242: Commending Leland D. Melvin.
  • SB525: Health maintenance organization; may license insurance company, etc. plan that organizes & operates.
  • SB528: Boating; requires safety course and sets maximum speed limit for Smith Mountain Lake.
  • SB1241: Boating safety education; must complete to operate motorboat or personal watercraft, civil penalty.
  • SB1298: Criminal history record information; agency not required to collect when information is available.
  • SB1300: Sewage sludge; locality may adopt an ordinance that requires special use permit for routine storage.
  • SB1301: Water Quality Improvement Fund; Combined Sewer Overflow funding for Cities of Lynchburg & Richmond.
  • SB1302: Enterprise zone grants; allows businesses to apply for additional appropriations.
  • SB1303: Health maintenance organizations; conversions.
  • SB1304: Eminent domain; definition of public uses.
  • SB1305: Physical therapists; allows patients to seek treatment therefrom.
  • SB1306: Electric power and energy; purchase by Virginia Tech and municipal corporation.
  • SB1307: Senatorial districts; makes technical adjustment in Amherst County.
  • SB1308: Courthouse security; training of officers providing.
  • SB1322: Combined Sewer Overflow Fund; created.
  • SB1339: Land application of sewage sludge; regulation and management thereof.
  • SB1346: School boards; contractor to provide certification that employees have not been convicted of felony.
  • SJ390: Health care providers; joint subcommittee to study feasibility of offering liability protection.
  • SJ392: Celebrating the life of John C. Lester, Jr.
  • SJ414: Commending the Amherst High School football team.
  • SJ448: Celebrating the life of Dorothy Quarles Stamps.
  • SJ542: Celebrating the life of Roy O. Stevens.
  • SB521: Personal property, tangible; establishes separate class for certain aircraft.
  • SB522: License taxes, local; localities to select date to apply therefor.
  • SB523: Tractor-semitrailer combinations; exemption for certain from length limit.
  • SB524: Drug-free school zones; includes licensed child day centers.
  • SB525: Health maintenance organization; may license insurance company, etc. plan that organizes & operates.
  • SB526: Constitutional amendment; marriage may exist only between a man and woman.
  • SB528: Boating; requires safety course and sets maximum speed limit for Smith Mountain Lake.
  • SB529: Credit unions; charges on loans.
  • SB530: Credit union; notification to Commissioner of Financial Institutions of participation.
  • SB531: Credit unions; minors' accounts.
  • SB610: Physicians; extends sunset provision to purchase medical malpractice insurance.
  • SJ90: Physicians and Hospitals, Joint Subcommittee Studying Risk Management Plans for; continued.
  • SJ91: Incarcerated persons; joint subcommittee to study increasing access to higher education therefor.
  • SJ92: Constitutional amendment (second resolution); marriage.
  • SJ5026: Commending the Liberty University debate team.
  • SR35: Commending E. C. Glass boys' track team.
  • SR36: Commending Heritage High School boys' track team.