Sen. Steve Martin (R-Chesterfield)

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11: Chesterfield County (Part), Colonial Heights City (All), Amelia County (All) [map]
Took Office
January 1994
Left Office
January 2016
Copatroning Habits
64% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 65% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 57% of them are Republicans.
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These are all of the video clips of Steve Martin’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2009. There are 260 video clips in all.


  • SB619: Income tax, corporate; eliminates tax for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2015.
  • SB674: Virginia Information Technologies Agency; email archiving.
  • SB683: DUI blood or breath tests; eligibility for restricted license.
  • SB693: Feral cats; trapping, neutering, and returning to site activity.
  • SB697: Automobile and homeowners insurance policies; notices.
  • SB825: Digital impersonation; penalty.
  • SB826: State appropriations; limitations
  • SB834: Post-adoption services; listing of services available to families.
  • SB1058: Chiropractic schools; student training and practice.
  • SB1283: Certificate of public need; eliminates regional health planning agencies and adds an exception.
  • SB1285: Income tax, corporate; reduces tax rate by one percent for taxable years beginning January 1, 2016.
  • SB1293: Public elementary and secondary schools; student identification numbers.
  • SB1294: Board of Nursing; criminal history record check for applicants for licensure.
  • SB1310: Practitioner-owned distributorships; prohibits use of certain supplied medical devices.
  • SB1318: Application of foreign law in Virginia courts; domestic relations.
  • SB1321: Veteran Employment Grant Fund and Program; created.
  • SB1346: Virginia Public Building Authority; Military Mission Improvement and Expansion projects.
  • SB1403: Home instruction; evidence of progress requirement for students.
  • SB1445: Appraisal management companies; appraiser compensation.
  • SJ228: Higher education; endorsement of SCHEV's statewide strategic plan, report.
  • SJ229: Commending Willie and Sue Simpson.
  • SJ230: Commending Shirley Fowlkes.
  • SJ231: Commending Jimmy and Sondra Garnett.
  • SJ353: Commending Cabell F. Willis.
  • SR86: Commending the Reverend Jerome Hancock.
  • SB50: Endangered and threatened species; possession of such species as a personal pet.
  • SB77: Dead human bodies; absence of next of kin, disposition of remains, prerequisites for cremation.
  • SB535: Dead human bodies; establishes a process for the disposition for unclaimed bodies.
  • SB536: DHP; use of implantable medical devices distributed by physician-owned distributorships.
  • SB540: Confederate graves; disbursement of funds for care and maintenance at Skinquarter Baptist Church.
  • SB542: Health benefit exchanges; regulation of navigators.
  • SB619: Income tax, corporate; eliminates tax for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2015.
  • SB669: Higher educational institutions; educational programs for governing boards.
  • SJ11: Celebrating the life of O. E. Greene.
  • SJ26: Commending Julian C. Metz, Jr., D.D.S.
  • SJ27: Commending Zoe Romano.
  • SJ28: Commending World Pediatric Project.
  • SJ29: Commending the Rotary Club of South Richmond.
  • SJ60: Commending Carolyn S. Rauschberg.
  • SB6: VIEW; substance abuse screening and assessment of public assistance applicants and recipients.
  • SB659: Medicaid; DMAS to develop and implement long-term care system.
  • SB691: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption includes bullion and currency.
  • SB692: Income tax, corporate; eliminates tax for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2014.
  • SB1188: Career Pathways System Advisory Council; established, report.
  • SB1189: School boards; releases from state regulation.
  • SB1190: Criminal Justice Services, Department of; electronic security businesses and personnel
  • SB1191: Students residing on military or naval reservation; participation in interscholastic programs, etc.
  • SB1275: Medical data in an electronic or digital format; limitations on use, storage, sharing, & processing.
  • SB1312: Conditions of release; release of accused to pretrial services only when indigent.
  • SB1338: Tolls; General Assembly to approve for use on any component of Interstate Highway System, exception.
  • SB1376: Certain persons; immunity for those reporting, etc., individual posing credible danger of injury.
  • SJ325: United Nations Arms Trade Treaty; memorializes President of U.S. and U.S. Senate to not ratify.
  • SJ335: Commending the Virginia Emergency Management Association.
  • SJ336: Commending Thomas E. Poore.
  • SJ337: Commending Deputy Joseph Jones.
  • SJ338: Environmental regulation; need for reducing burden of EPA regulations.
  • SJ340: Commending Lee Randolph Harrison.
  • SJ357: Home Education Month; designating as February 2013, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • SJ365: Commending the Home Educators Association of Virginia.
  • SB1: Voter procedures; voter shall be offered provisional ballot, etc.
  • SB2: Claims; Melissa Scianna.
  • SB5: Claims; Kenneth and Leslie VanAuken.
  • SB6: VIEW; substance abuse screening and assessment of public assistance applicants and recipients.
  • SB252: Elections; party identification on ballots in local elections.
  • SB387: Mental health and developmental services; replaces certain terminology, technical amendments.
  • SB536: Absentee voting; unused, lost, and defaced ballots.
  • SB537: Elections; requires observers to respect area around voters and secrecy of ballot.
  • SB538: Presidential primary; allows a voter to vote uncommitted.
  • SB543: Surgery; definition and who may perform.
  • SB565: Uniform Military and Overseas Voters Act; administration of election laws for military voters.
  • SB566: Elections; administrative matters and duties of electoral board and general registrar.
  • SB659: Medicaid; DMAS to develop and implement long-term care system.
  • SJ51: Celebrating the life of C. Ann Sprouse.
  • SJ94: Celebrating the life of Michael D. Salster.
  • SJ95: Commending Pastor Victor Torres.
  • SB310: Income tax, state; long-term care insurance tax credit.
  • SB685: Statewide Fire Prevention Code; use of fireworks on residential property.
  • SB812: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; access to salary information, etc., of public employees.
  • SB813: Threats of death or bodily injury; penalty.
  • SB864: Elections; voting procedures and voter identification requirements.
  • SB866: VIEW work requirement; exemption for parent or caretaker-relative of child under 12 months of age.
  • SB886: Elections; clarifications related to absentee voting and identification required.
  • SB887: Special elections; adjusts various deadlines.
  • SB888: Temporary voter registration; provision for voters overseas, spouses, and dependents, etc.
  • SB889: Referendum petitions; voter who signs may provide last four digits of his social security number.
  • SB1267: Contraband and unstamped cigarettes; decreases threshold possession amount that triggers jail time.
  • SB1268: Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement; bond requirements and escrow payments by certain manufacturers.
  • SB1411: Bad checks; person writing for payment of rent is subject to criminal penalties.
  • SB1412: Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board; increases voting membership.
  • SB1471: Advisory boards, councils, and other advisory collegial bodies, certain; elimination.
  • SJ15: Constitutional amendment; two or more counties and cities may share one electoral board, etc.
  • SJ68: Voter registration and election system; joint subcommittee to study administration thereof.
  • SJ300: Constitutional amendment; two or more counties and cities may share one electoral board, etc.
  • SJ301: Constitutional amendment; right to a secret ballot (first reference).
  • SJ302: Celebrating the life of David Paul Randlett.
  • SJ303: Celebrating the life of James L. Guffey.
  • SJ304: Celebrating the life of Douglas Reed Oldham.
  • SJ305: Celebrating the life of Brian Anthony Carderelli.
  • SJ309: Celebrating the life of United States Army Corporal William Kyle Middleton.
  • SJ319: Celebrating the life of Russell E. Jones.
  • SJ419: Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Ronald Wilson Reagan.
  • SJ436: Celebrating the life of William Edward Taylor.
  • SJ482: Celebrating the life of the Honorable James Bernard Wilkinson.
  • SJ487: Celebrating the life of Colonel Horace Mann III, USA Ret.
  • SJ496: Celebrating the life of Keith Wayne Sprouse.
  • SB48: Absentee ballots; increases deadline for each electoral board to make available for all elections.
  • SB49: Handheld wireless communications device; authorized representative at polling place may use certain.
  • SB50: Officers of election; SBE to develop course and examination concerning training standards.
  • SB51: Absentee ballot; person designated by political party to represent inside polling place may cast.
  • SB52: Police dogs; authority to sell dogs trained therefor.
  • SB53: Registered voters; court clerks receiving notice of non-qualified juror to furnish list to SBE.
  • SB54: Capital murder; fire and emergency personnel added to capital murder statute.
  • SB55: Absentee ballots; procedure for various deadlines and ballot requirements.
  • SB56: Prayer at public events; governmental agency to have no authority to regulate.
  • SB57: RS&UT; dealers selling and installing countertops shall be deemed retailers for purposes thereof.
  • SB58: Certificate of public need; Commissioner of Health to issue addition of beds for nursing homes.
  • SB59: VIEW; screening and assessment for use of illegal substances.
  • SB60: Absentee ballot application; available for inspection by registered voter during office hours.
  • SB61: Officers of election; appointment.
  • SB62: Claims; Howard M. and Inez O. Berry.
  • SB301: Voter identification requirements; may vote a provisional ballot if cannot provide proof of id.
  • SB302: Voter registration application; proof of citizenship.
  • SB303: Provisional and paper ballots; information to be made available on the Internet.
  • SB304: Voter registration exchange; pilot program to determine number of duplicate registrations.
  • SB305: Voter registration applications; State Board of Elections to promulgate rules and regulations.
  • SB306: Political parties and candidates; copies of instructions or information provided by State Board.
  • SB307: Absentee voting; shall submit a copy of valid photo identification or current utility bill, etc.
  • SB308: Absentee ballot applications; general registrar may retain until electoral board has results.
  • SB309: Voter changes of address; retention of copies by general registrar.
  • SB310: Income tax, state; long-term care insurance tax credit.
  • SB311: Individual health insurance coverage; resident of State shall not be required to obtain a policy.
  • SB312: Tuition, in-state; provides for dependents of civilian Department of Defense employees.
  • SB313: Central absentee voter precinct; person may vote at polling place if didn't return absentee ballot.
  • SB314: Absentee ballot return; person must physically deliver.
  • SB625: Grass and weeds; adds City of Colonial Heights to list of localities authorized to require cutting.
  • SB640: Cash proffer guidelines; rate policy or guideline established by ordinance.
  • SB685: Statewide Fire Prevention Code; use of fireworks on residential property.
  • SJ15: Constitutional amendment; two or more counties and cities may share one electoral board, etc.
  • SJ16: Celebrating the life of Brenda Friend Briggs.
  • SJ17: State sovereignty; Congress urged to honor Tenth amendment of U.S. Constitution.
  • SJ67: Commending Lorraine Thompson.
  • SJ68: Voter registration and election system; joint subcommittee to study administration thereof.
  • SJ227: Commending Colonel, USA Ret., Van T. Barfoot.
  • SJ238: Commending World Help.
  • SJ241: Commending Linda Costanzo.
  • SB384: Firefighters and emergency rescue personnel; capital murder thereof, penalty.
  • SB387: Guardian ad litem; mandatory reporting of child abuse or neglect, exception.
  • SB783: Tax rates; locality to fix at least 30 days prior to approval of budget for ensuing year.
  • SB876: Voter identification provisions; revises in-person and absentee voting procedures.
  • SB877: Law-enforcement officers, retired; meets training and qualification standards to carry weapon.
  • SB878: Massage Therapy, Advisory Board on; created.
  • SB879: Uninsured motorist insurance; authorizes insurer to assume control of defense of a certain action.
  • SB1069: Fire marshals and assistant fire marshals; capital murder thereof.
  • SB1070: Absentee voting; firefighters and other first responders are entitled thereto.
  • SB1071: Charter; City of Colonial Heights.
  • SB1072: Prayer at public events; governmental agency shall have no authority to regulate religious content.
  • SB1276: Alternative on-site sewage systems; no locality shall prohibit use thereof.
  • SB1417: Claims; Howard M. and Inez O. Berry.
  • SB1423: Subdivision ordinances; requirement that each locality provide a checklist to potential developers.
  • SB1424: DUI; definition of substantially similar laws for determining number of prior offenses.
  • SB1443: Income tax, state; tax credit for health insurance premiums paid by small business employers.
  • SB1444: Wireless telecommunications devices; prohibits use of while operating commercial motor vehicles.
  • SB1525: Conflicts of Interests Act, State and Local; prohibited contracts.
  • SJ292: Cancer research; joint subcommittee to study benefits to State of appropriating additional funds.
  • SJ293: Commending Laura Marshall.
  • SJ323: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); Transportation Funds.
  • SJ363: False Identification cards; Crime Commission to study issues regarding apprehension and prosecution.
  • SJ418: Celebrating the life of George W. Cecil, Sr.
  • SB379: Concealed weapons; adds box cutters to list.
  • SB380: Incompetent defendants; dismissal of charges when charged with nonviolent misdemeanor.
  • SB381: Mental health and substance abuse treatment providers; background checks.
  • SB382: Firearms; sale to persons not lawfully present in United States.
  • SB383: Bicentennial of American War of 1812 Commission and Fund; created, report.
  • SB384: Firefighters and emergency rescue personnel; capital murder thereof, penalty.
  • SB385: Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) tax; applicants not to employ illegal worker.
  • SB386: Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act; redefines localities that are under jurisdiction.
  • SB387: Guardian ad litem; mandatory reporting of child abuse or neglect, exception.
  • SB388: License plates, special; issuance to active and retired members of United States Air Force.
  • SB389: Virginia State University; increases number of members of Board of Visitors
  • SB390: Emergency medical services; director may serve same function as chief of fire department.
  • SB391: DUI Court; establishing in City of Colonial Heights and Chesterfield County.
  • SB392: Retail Sales and Use Tax: exemptions for textbooks extended to students at institutions of learning.
  • SB393: Zoning ordinance; owner of residential building, etc. allowed to rebuild after natural disaster.
  • SB709: Mortgage lenders, etc.; prohibits making a mortgage that is more expensive than borrower qualifies.
  • SB783: Tax rates; locality to fix at least 30 days prior to approval of budget for ensuing year.
  • SJ67: Commending the Thomas Dale High School boy's volleyball team.
  • SJ145: Commending Doug Oldham.
  • SJ185: Celebrating the life of Sergeant Forrest Dane Cauthorn.
  • SJ186: Commending the United States Army Reserve on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • SJ222: Commending Robert B. Richardson.
  • SB736: Elections, Board of; restrictions for board members.
  • SJ121: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); exercise of eminent domain powers.
  • SJ415: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SJ416: Memorializing the Virginia Congressional Delegation and the Governor to urge Congress to timely reau
  • SJ444: General Assembly; confirming appointment of Director of Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.
  • SJ454: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SJ455: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SJ462: Celebrating the life of Staff Sergeant Darryl Demetrial Booker.
  • SJ492: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SB186: Roll-back taxes; local use value assessment ordinances.
  • SB189: Income tax, state; education tax credits.
  • SB190: Group homes and residential facilities; suspension of licenses under certain circumstances.
  • SB588: Preservation of order at elections; law-enforcement officer to maintain order at polling place.
  • SB589: General registrars; performance reviews.
  • SB590: State Board of Elections; training of local electoral board members and general registrars.
  • SB591: Charter; City of Colonial Heights
  • SB622: Criminal Justice Services, Department of; use of private security business fees.
  • SJ121: Constitutional amendment (first resolution); exercise of eminent domain powers.
  • SJ122: Medicaid; JLARC, et al., to monitor changes in federal restrictions on sheltering assets to qualify.
  • SJ125: Autism spectrum disorders; Board of Education, et al. to study education and treatment thereof.
  • SJ127: Confirming Governor's appointments; agency heads.
  • SJ128: Confirming Governor's appointments; administration.
  • SJ129: Confirming Governor's appointments; agriculture and forestry.
  • SJ130: Confirming Governor's appointments; commerce and trade.
  • SJ131: Confirming Governor's appointments; education.
  • SJ132: Confirming Governor's appointments; finance.
  • SJ133: Confirming Governor's appointments; health and human resources.
  • SJ134: Confirming Governor's appointments; natural resources.
  • SJ135: Confirming Governor's appointments; public safety.
  • SJ136: Confirming Governor's appointments; technology.
  • SJ137: Confirming Governor's appointments; transportation.
  • SJ138: Confirming Governor's appointments; miscellaneous positions.
  • SJ176: Confirming Governor's appointments made during the 2006 Session.
  • SJ186: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SJ220: Senate Committee on Rules; confirming appointment.
  • SJ221: Senate Committee on Rules; confirming appointment.
  • SJ241: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SJ283: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SJ305: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SJ5001: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SJ5020: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SJ5023: Celebrating the life of Gary J. Buro.
  • SJ5024: Commending The Virginians Barbershop Chorus.
  • SJ5045: Commending Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church on the occasion of its 150th anniversary.
  • SJ5053: Governor; confirming appointments.
  • SJ5056: Appointments; 2006 Sp. Session I shall not consider any communicated by Governor after 9-15-06.
  • SR13: Senate Ethics Advisory Panel; confirming appointment.