Senator Siobhan Dunnavant (R-Henrico)

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12: Henrico County (Part), Hanover County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2016
Next Election
November 2019
Education and Health, Finance, Local Government, Public Education, Health Licensing (Chair), Special Public Smoking Legislation
Copatroning Habits
74% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 67% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 57% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
22.7% in 2016

An OB/GYN, she is the sister of Del. Chris Stolle.

Recent Mentions in the Media Siobhan Dunnavant column: Passport Credits will ensure fewer higher-ed hoops to jump through

February 16, 2017
I believe that one means by which we can help accomplish this goal is through building upon a policy first initiated by my predecessor in the state Senate, Sen. Walter Stosch. Stosch successfully passed the legislation that created the Two-Year College ... As women clamor to get IUDs, Virginia's budget won't include coverage

February 19, 2017
As women clamor to get IUDs, Virginia's budget won't include coverageThe $6 million was chopped entirely from the House's proposed budget. But Sen. Siobhan S. Dunnavant, R-Henrico, took up the mantle, managing to retain $3 million in the Senate's budget for the program, but to do that she excluded what some claim are ...and more »

Daily Press: Small committee shoots down medical marijuana oil expansion

February 15, 2017
Narduzzi and others, including state Sen. Jill Vogel, who sponsored Senate Bill 1298, thought they had the votes on this subcommittee to get cancer and Crohn's disease added to that list. Supporters supplied committee members with binders of research ...

WSLS: Virginia Senate Approves Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood

February 15, 2017
And so those services will continue,? said Senator Siobhan Dunnavant, R-12th District. Dunnavant is also an OBGYN. McAuliffe held a high-profile veto signing event at the Planned Parenthood headquarters in Richmond last year. His spokesman confirms the ...Gov. Terry McAuliffe Expected to Veto Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood in VirginiaBreitbart Newsall 296 news articles »

Roanoke Times: Policy on long-term contraceptives removed from state budget proposals

February 13, 2017
When the Senate's budget amendment to cut the funding to $3 million and remove IUDs as an option was discussed on the Senate floor Thursday, Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant, R-Henrico, referred to the IUD as a device that can cause abortions. She is an ...Northam Asking General Assembly to Allow Funding for IUD Program - NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports ...NBC 29 Newsall 13 news articles »

These are all of the video clips of Siobhan Dunnavant’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2016. There are 4 video clips in all.


  • SB1009: Telemedicine, practice of; prescribing controlled substances.
  • SB1024: Doctor of medicine, etc.; reporting disabilities of drivers to DMV, not subject to civil liability.
  • SB1025: Payment of estimated taxes by certain public service corporations; repeal.
  • SB1026: Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program; Expected Family Contribution.
  • SB1028: Immunizations; posting of reports on individual school's website.
  • SB1029: Virginia taxable income; deduction for personal exemptions.
  • SB1229: Driver's license or learner's permit; issuance, minimum standards for vision tests.
  • SB1230: Opiate prescriptions; electronic prescriptions.
  • SB1232: Opioids; limit on amount prescribed, extends sunset provision.
  • SB1234: Higher educational institutions, public; SCHEV to develop a passport credit program.
  • SB1240: Virginia Virtual School established.
  • SB1241: Female genital mutilation; criminal penalty and civil action.
  • SB1242: Advance directives; persons authorized to provide assistance in completing, training programs.
  • SB1243: Va. Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established, definitions, report, effective clause.
  • SB1244: Glucagon; administration by emergency medical services providers.
  • SB1245: Public education; economics education and financial literacy.
  • SB1401: Virginia Property Owners' Association Act; lot owner representation on association board.
  • SB1403: Cannabidiol; Board of Pharmacy to deschedule or reschedule upon certain publication.
  • SB1561: Emergency Department Care Coordination Program; established.
  • SB1562: Medicaid Supplemental Rate Fund, created.
  • SB1566: Certificate of Public Need program; established, report.
  • SJ258: Commending Northstar Academy.
  • SJ282: Substance-Exposed Infant Awareness Week.
  • SJ321: Commending the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation.
  • SR124: Celebrating the life of David A. Kaechele.
  • SR141: Commending the Glen Allen 10-Year-Old All-Stars baseball team.
  • SR143: Celebrating the life of Richard W. Glover.
  • SR146: Celebrating the life of Juan Dip.
  • SR147: Commending Meredith Polk.
  • SB201: Division of fees among physicians.
  • SB212: Health regulatory boards; membership and terms.
  • SB399: Practitioners of healing arts; temporary authorization to practice.
  • SB455: Social Services, Department of; information sharing.
  • SB513: Prescription Monitoring Program; requirements of prescribers of opiates.
  • SB622: Military medical personnel; pilot program for personnel to practice medicine.
  • SB679: General Services, Department of; shall provide dashboard of purchase order reports from eVa.
  • SB680: General Assembly; JLARC to review fiscal impact statements for executive orders when requested.
  • SB685: Virginia taxable income; deduction for personal exemptions.
  • SB773: Medical Assistance Services, Department of; asset location and recovery.
  • SB774: DMAS; Request for Proposal.
  • SB775: DMAS; Medicaid eligibility and application.
  • SJ96: College readiness; State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, et al.
  • SJ122: Commending Henrico High School.
  • SJ123: Commending Douglas S. Freeman High School.
  • SJ124: Commending Deep Run High School.
  • SJ125: Commending Mills E. Godwin High School.
  • SJ177: Commending St. Marys Hospital.
  • SJ184: Commending the Virginia Urological Society.
  • SJ208: Commending the Virginia Urological Society.
  • SR31: Commending the James River Association.
  • SR57: Commending James D. Campbell.