Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant (R-Henrico)

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12: Henrico County (Part), Hanover County (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2016
Next Election
November 2019
Education and Health, General Laws and Technology, Local Government
Copatroning Habits
63% of bills she copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of her bills, 55% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that she also copatroned, 52% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
44.8% in 2019

An OB/GYN, she is the sister of Del. Chris Stolle.

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These are all of the video clips of Siobhan Dunnavant’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2016. There are 10 video clips in all.


  • SB142: Virtual Virginia; availability to all public schools.
  • SB185: Nursing homes, hospices, etc.; possession and administration of cannabidiol or THC-A.
  • SB186: Individualized education program teams; Department of Education to develop guidelines.
  • SB362: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy; data collection.
  • SB363: Virginia Works Portal; created, report.
  • SB364: Commonwealth Care Health Benefits Program; association health plans for individual market.
  • SB365: Health care provider; SHHR to convene a work group related to credentialing.
  • SB366: Learning management system; Department of Education to obtain for public schools.
  • SB367: Student growth measurement system; Department of Education to obtain an individualized system.
  • SB400: Virginia Data Commission; established, report.
  • SB567: Disability insurance; coverage for disability arising out of childbirth, report.
  • SB568: Medical assistance services; managed care organization contracts with pharmacy benefits managers.
  • SB569: DBHDS and VSP; mobile applications, mental health and public safety.
  • SB571: Visitation; petition of grandparent for visitation of child.
  • SB573: Health plans; calculation of enrollee's contribution to out-of-pocket maximum requirements.
  • SB575: Prescription Monitoring Program; information disclosed to Emergency Department Information.
  • SB585: Guardianship; special education transition materials, etc.
  • SB586: Auditor of Public Accounts; duties, Commonwealth Data Point.
  • SB1012: Income tax, state; subtraction for certain low-income and middle-income students, effective clause.
  • SB1025: Kinship foster care; training and approval processes.
  • SB1026: Pharmacists; initiating treatment, dispensing, and administering of controlled substances.
  • SB1070: Cemeteries, special interments; pets.
  • SB5087: Telemedicine services; originating site.
  • SB5090: COVID-19 virus; Commissioner of Health shall make information available to public on a website.
  • SB5091: Student growth measurement system; VDE to create and maintain during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • SB5092: Income tax, state; credits and deductions for household and dependent care services.
  • SB5093: Virtual Virginia; community college dual enrollment courses.
  • SB5094: School boards; paid leave for teachers that have been exposed to COVID-19, etc.
  • SB5095: Rapid diagnostic testing; availability to all essential workers.
  • SB5096: Child care providers; PPE during certain declared states of emergency for essential workers.
  • SB5100: Public schools; COVID-19-related absences.
  • SB5101: Private school employees and volunteers; essential workers, personal protective equipment.
  • SJ81: Consumer data privacy; Joint Commission on Technology and Science to study.
  • SJ93: Commending the Richmond Academy of Medicine.
  • SJ111: Commending the Children's Home Society of Virginia.
  • SJ121: Commending Saint Benedict Catholic School.
  • SR23: Commending Lisa Specter-Dunaway.
  • SR24: Commending William H. Goodwin, Jr.
  • SR26: Commending the Virginia Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons.
  • SR32: Commending the Medical Society of Virginia.
  • SR33: Celebrating the life of William H. Napper, Jr.
  • SR60: Commending the adoption of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
  • SR78: Celebrating the life of Leonard H. Simpson III.
  • SR79: Celebrating the life of Henry J. Abraham.
  • SR527: Commending Lindsey Pantele.
  • SB634: All-Payer Claims Database; participation by certain insurance.
  • SB639: Health care shared savings; incentive programs.
  • SB713: Standards of Quality; mathematics intervention services.
  • SB731: Health insurance plans; prior authorization for drug benefits or surgical procedures.
  • SB845: Premium Security Plan; created, a state-based reinsurance program.
  • SB1258: Support services positions; includes licensed behavior analysts, etc., in local school division.
  • SB1313: Early childhood care and education; establishment, licensure.
  • SB1425: License tax, local; mobile food units.
  • SB1557: Pharmacy, Board of; cannabidiol oil and tetrahydrocannabinol oil, regulation of pharmaceutical.
  • SB1565: Travel insurance; establishes procedures and requirements.
  • SB1589: Virginia Works Portal; created.
  • SB1590: Virtual Virginia; availability to all public schools.
  • SB1591: School and Campus Safety, Virginia Center for; guidelines on information sharing.
  • SB1592: Small Business and Supplier Diversity, Department of; certification of a small business.
  • SB1593: SCHEV; financial aid award notification.
  • SB1594: Boundary agreement, local; locality allowed to attach to their petitions to circuit court a GIS map.
  • SB1595: Individualized education programs (IEPs); DOE shall establish guidelines.
  • SB1596: Health plans; calculation of enrollee's contribution.
  • SB1598: Corrections, Board of; minimum standards for health care services in local correctional facilities.
  • SB1607: Health insurance; carrier business practices, authorization of health care services.
  • SB1608: Virginia Fusion Intelligence Center; school safety mobile application.
  • SB1611: Health care shared savings; incentive programs.
  • SB1628: Innovative Internship Fund and Program; created and established.
  • SB1631: Income tax, state; advances conformity of Commonwealth's tax code with federal tax code.
  • SB1685: Health insurance; credentialing, mental health professionals.
  • SB1689: Group health benefit plans; bona fide associations, benefits consortium.
  • SB1690: Trooper Mark Barrett Memorial Bridge; designating as the bridge on Meadow Road over Interstate 64.
  • SB1717: Commonwealth Care Health Benefits Program; association health plans for individual market.
  • SB1773: Health regulatory boards; conversion therapy.
  • SJ310: Commending Hanover County.
  • SJ324: Celebrating the life of Bradford Turner Clark.
  • SJ325: Commending Voices for Virginia's Children.
  • SJ387: Celebrating the life of Jennifer Marable Stivers.
  • SJ424: Commemorating the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht.
  • SJ425: Commending the Deep Run High School golf team.
  • SJ468: Commending the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond.
  • SR118: Celebrating the life of Captain Andrew Patrick Ross, USA.
  • SR129: Commending the Honorable Susan Clarke Schaar.
  • SR130: Commending Meg Medina.
  • SR141: Commending Michael L. Wade.
  • SB268: Personal property tax; computer equipment and peripherals used in data centers.
  • SB328: Common Interest Community Board; disclosure packets, registration of associations.
  • SB329: Opioids; location of clinics for treatment of addiction in Henrico County or City of Richmond.
  • SB330: THC-A oil; dispensing, tetrahydrocannabinol levels.
  • SB335: Income tax, state; increases deduction for personal exemptions.
  • SB548: Teachers; extension of three-year provisional licenses.
  • SB549: Teacher licensure by reciprocity; grace period.
  • SB551: Teachers; prerequisites for licensure or renewal of license.
  • SB553: Education improvement scholarships tax credits; expands eligibility, payout penalty.
  • SB558: Teachers; provisional licensure, grace period.
  • SB631: Virginia Community College System; changes to ensure a standard quality of education.
  • SB632: Controlled substances; limits on prescriptions containing opioids.
  • SB633: Auditor of Public Accounts; employee compensation information.
  • SB634: All-Payer Claims Database; participation by certain insurance.
  • SB635: Prescribers; notice of administration of naloxone.
  • SB636: Kinship Guardianship Assistance program; established.
  • SB637: Virginia Longitudinal Data System; workforce data.
  • SB638: Virginia Community College System; renamed Virginia College System.
  • SB639: Health care shared savings; incentive programs.
  • SB713: Standards of Quality; mathematics intervention services.
  • SB719: Substance Abuse Data Sharing and Analytics Clearinghouse; established, report.
  • SB724: Online Va. Network Authority; adds Chancellor of Va. Community College System to board of trustees.
  • SB725: Human trafficking; posting hotline information, civil penalty.
  • SB726: CBD oil and THC-A oil; certification for use, dispensing.
  • SB728: Prescription Monitoring Program; prescriber and dispenser patterns, annual review, report.
  • SB731: Health insurance plans; prior authorization for drug benefits or surgical procedures.
  • SB735: Prescription Monitoring Program; DHP to disclose information.
  • SB781: Global reform waiver; Secretary of Health and Human Resources to apply.
  • SB782: Richmond, City of; State Water Control Board to report on discharges.
  • SB795: Cannabidiol oil and THC-A oil; certification for use, dispensing.
  • SB844: Health insurance; individual coverage, short-term policies.
  • SB845: Premium Security Plan; created, a state-based reinsurance program.
  • SB878: Correctional facilities, local and regional; standards for mental health.
  • SB915: Medical assistance; increase access to certain services.
  • SB923: Certificate of public need; establishing new ambulatory surgery center in Hampton Roads.
  • SB934: Benefits consortium; formation by a sponsoring association.
  • SB935: Group health benefit plans; bona fide associations.
  • SJ137: Commending the Heart of Virginia Healthcare Cooperative.
  • SJ161: Celebrating the life of the Most Reverend Francis X. DiLorenzo.
  • SJ162: Commending the Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, Inc.
  • SJ164: Commending St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church.
  • SJ165: Commending Verna Mildred Mills Hurtt.
  • SR70: Celebrating the life of Kermit Marshall Cook.
  • SB1009: Telemedicine, practice of; prescribing controlled substances.
  • SB1024: Doctor of medicine, etc.; reporting disabilities of drivers to DMV, not subject to civil liability.
  • SB1025: Payment of estimated taxes by certain public service corporations; repeal.
  • SB1026: Two-Year College Transfer Grant Program; Expected Family Contribution.
  • SB1028: Immunizations; posting of reports on individual school's website.
  • SB1029: Virginia taxable income; deduction for personal exemptions.
  • SB1229: Driver's license or learner's permit; issuance, minimum standards for vision tests.
  • SB1230: Opiate prescriptions; electronic prescriptions.
  • SB1232: Opioids; limit on amount prescribed, extends sunset provision.
  • SB1234: Higher educational institutions, public; SCHEV to develop a passport credit program.
  • SB1240: Virginia Virtual School Board; established, report.
  • SB1241: Female genital mutilation; criminal penalty and civil action.
  • SB1242: Advance directives; persons authorized to provide assistance in completing, training programs.
  • SB1243: Va. Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established, definitions, report, effective clause.
  • SB1244: Glucagon; administration by emergency medical services providers.
  • SB1245: Public education; economics education and financial literacy.
  • SB1401: Virginia Property Owners' Association Act; lot owner representation on association board.
  • SB1403: Controlled substances; use of FDA-approved substance upon publication of final rule, etc.
  • SB1561: Emergency Department Care Coordination Program; established.
  • SB1562: Medicaid Supplemental Rate Fund; created.
  • SB1566: Certificate of Public Need program; established, report.
  • SJ258: Commending Northstar Academy.
  • SJ282: Substance-Exposed Infant Awareness Week.
  • SJ321: Commending the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation.
  • SR124: Celebrating the life of David A. Kaechele.
  • SR141: Commending the Glen Allen 10-Year-Old All-Stars baseball team.
  • SR143: Celebrating the life of Richard W. Glover.
  • SR146: Celebrating the life of Juan Dip.
  • SR147: Commending Meredith Polk.
  • SB201: Division of fees among physicians.
  • SB212: Health regulatory boards; membership and terms.
  • SB399: Practitioners of healing arts; temporary authorization to practice.
  • SB455: Social Services, Department of; information sharing.
  • SB513: Prescription Monitoring Program; requirements of prescribers of opiates.
  • SB622: Military medical personnel; pilot program for personnel to practice medicine.
  • SB679: General Services, Department of; shall provide dashboard of purchase order reports from eVa.
  • SB680: General Assembly; JLARC to review fiscal impact statements for executive orders when requested.
  • SB685: Virginia taxable income; deduction for personal exemptions.
  • SB773: Medical Assistance Services, Department of; asset location and recovery.
  • SB774: DMAS; Request for Proposal.
  • SB775: DMAS; Medicaid eligibility and application.
  • SJ96: College readiness; State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, et al.
  • SJ122: Commending Henrico High School.
  • SJ123: Commending Douglas S. Freeman High School.
  • SJ124: Commending Deep Run High School.
  • SJ125: Commending Mills E. Godwin High School.
  • SJ177: Commending St. Marys Hospital.
  • SJ184: Commending the Virginia Urological Society.
  • SJ208: Commending the Virginia Urological Society.
  • SR31: Commending the James River Association.
  • SR57: Commending James D. Campbell.