Delegate Tom Rust (R-Herndon)

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86: Counties of Fairfax (part) and Loudoun (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2002
Left Office
January 2016
Copatroning Habits
65% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 62% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 61% of them are Republicans.
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Campaign Contributions
$169,369.04 cash on hand (May 2013 report)
Top 10 Donors
Cyberdata Technologies Inc. Information Technology Herndon $5,000
Dewberry Civil Engineering Fairfax $5,000
Gordon V. Smith Builder MD $2,507
John T. Hazel Retired Broad Run $2,500
Dominion Leadership Trust Speaker's Political Action Committee Fredericksburg $2,500
Bob Johnson Film Producer McLean $2,000
Northern Virginia Realtors Political Action Committee Realtors PAC Fairfax $2,000
Dominion Political Action Committee - VA Electric Utility Richmond $2,000
Gary D. Rappaport Development and Management McLean $1,000
Virginia Association of Health Plans PAC Health Insurance PAC Richmond $1,000

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February 25, 2015
RICHMOND ? Del. Thomas Davis Rust, facing a tough reelection fight, announced Wednesday that he will drop his bid for another term. Rust (R-Herndon), who was mayor of Herndon for almost 20 years, served 13 years in the House with a focus on ...Delegate Tom Rust retiringLoudoun Times-Mirrorall 28 news articles »

Washington Post: Soap operatic GOP race for Va. lieutenant governor to play out in courtroom

May 23, 2017
Along with then-Del. Tom Rust (R-Fairfax), in 2014 he was one of just two House Republicans in 2014 to back a plan to temporarily expand Medicaid as part of an overhaul. As a councilman in 2013, he supported the tax-laden transportation plan of then-Gov.and more »

Blue Virginia (press release) (blog): Since 2001, Only 7 Incumbent VA GOP Delegates Have Lost; Will 2017 Be Different?

September 7, 2017
2001: Chap Petersen (D) defeated incumbent Del. John Rust (R) by a 52%-48% margin in the 37th House of Delegates district. Note that this was a gubernatorial election year, in which Mark Warner (D) won the governor's race by a 5-point (52%-47%) margin ...and more »

These are all of the video clips of Tom Rust’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 149 video clips in all.


  • HB756: Nonconforming billboards; revises and updates statutory requirements pertaining to maintenance, etc.
  • HB1558: Adult fatality review teams, local and regional; established, penalty.
  • HB1559: Incapacitated adults; abuse or neglect, penalty.
  • HB1560: Electronic summons systems; towns may assess an additional sum.
  • HB1561: Hospitals; required notice to patients.
  • HB1562: Electronic identity management; standards, liability.
  • HB1563: Business entities; reserved names.
  • HB1657: Advance directives; directions about life-prolonging procedures during pregnancy.
  • HB1658: Property Owners' Association Act; procedures for amending declaration and bylaws.
  • HB1659: Virginia Retirement System; increase of retirement allowance.
  • HB1660: Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate Compact.
  • HB1661: Virginia Information Technologies; contracts for private educational institutions.
  • HB1662: Transportation network companies (TNCs); licensing process by DMV.
  • HB1965: Virginia Contractor and Real Estate Transaction Recovery Funds; conforms provisions.
  • HB1966: Local vehicle license fees and taxes; counties/towns to enter into reciprocal agreements to collect.
  • HB2235: HOT lanes; when law-enforcement vehicles may use.
  • HJ702: Day to Serve; designating as each day from September 11 to October 10, 2015.
  • HJ849: Commending the Council for the Arts of Herndon.
  • HJ850: Commending Lisa Lombardozzi.
  • HJ855: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Vincent F. Callahan, Jr.
  • HJ916: Commending Kwame Alexander.
  • HR204: Celebrating the life of Julie Fangming Ho Rao.
  • HR249: Commending John Mosesso.
  • HR270: Celebrating the life of Violet Kaleh Carmona Bateman.
  • HR294: Celebrating the life of David I. Meiselman.
  • HB747: Tuition, in-state; student eligibility, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.
  • HB748: VDOT commuter lots; parking violations, failure to appear in court.
  • HB749: Virginia Information Technologies Agency; private institutions of higher education.
  • HB750: Virginia Information Technologies Agency; clarifies definition of communications services.
  • HB751: Students; expulsion for certain drug offenses.
  • HB752: Student discipline; expulsion due to firearm or drug offenses.
  • HB753: Students; admissibility of certain statements.
  • HB754: Student discipline; modifying long-term suspensions and expulsions.
  • HB755: Nonresident public adjusters; licensure.
  • HB756: Nonconforming billboards; revises and updates statutory requirements pertaining to maintenance, etc.
  • HB757: Benefits consortia; benefits plans.
  • HB758: Teacher licensure; career and technical education endorsement.
  • HB759: Absentee voting and procedures; secure return of voted absentee military-overseas ballots.
  • HB760: Driver education programs; expands program in Planning District 8.
  • HB761: Fare enforcement inspectors; appointed to enforce payment of fares for use of mass transit facility.
  • HB975: Hybrid electric motor vehicles; repeals annual license tax.
  • HB977: Teachers; extends deadline to request hearing after receiving notice of dismissal.
  • HB978: Utility crossings; localities, etc., whose facilities are to be crossed shall cooperate with other.
  • HB1048: Highway systems; funding.
  • HB1244: Potomac River; VDOT to consider results of a demand study concerning crossings.
  • HB5008: Virginia Health Care Independence Act; established, report.
  • HJ92: Compulsory school attendance; religious exemption, report.
  • HJ161: Teen Cancer Awareness Week; designating as third week in January 2015, and each succeeding year.
  • HJ248: Commending the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission.
  • HJ336: Commending Leo Schefer.
  • HJ443: Commending the Honorable Joe T. May.
  • HJ5027: Commending Aubrey D. Tarkington.
  • HR91: Commending Doug Downer.
  • HR122: Commending Shidogakuin Kendo Dojo.
  • HR123: Commending Shidogakuin Washinkan Kendo Dojo.
  • HR138: Commending Friday Night Live!
  • HR139: Commending Jose A. Rodriguez, Jr.
  • HR173: Commending Montessori School of Herndon.
  • HR177: Commending Elma Mankin.
  • HR182: Celebrating the life of Louis Mikkelsen Petersen.
  • HR526: Commending Robert Lawrence Presgrave.
  • HR533: Commending the Rotary Club of Herndon.
  • HR557: Commending the Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad.
  • HR560: Commending C. Melissa Jonas.
  • HR561: Commending Connie Haines Hutchinson.
  • HR562: Commending Charlie D. Waddell.
  • HR563: Commending the Herndon Fortnightly Club.
  • HB862: Income tax, state; deduction for tolls.
  • HB864: Transportation Board; changes composition, Governor shall appoint or remove members, etc.
  • HB866: Fairfax County School Board; staggered elections.
  • HB1357: Handheld personal communications devices; texting while driving a primary offense.
  • HB1525: Tuition, in-state; undocumented persons.
  • HB1526: HOT lanes; emergency vehicles and law-enforcement vehicles cannot use when commuting to work place.
  • HB1527: Fire insurance; clarifies that excess insurance may be written on an endorsement, etc.
  • HB1528: Commercial insurance policies; only first named insured required to be given notice of cancellation.
  • HB1535: Town and county; joint powers.
  • HB1725: Absentee ballots; no individual, etc., shall mail 25 or more completed applications for voters.
  • HB1842: License plates, special; issuance for firefighters and auxiliaries, Fraternal Order of Police, etc.
  • HB1861: Residential property; certain notice of sale.
  • HB1900: Health insurance reform; revises State's laws.
  • HB2049: Commonwealth Transportation Board; increases total membership from 17 to 21 members.
  • HB2052: HOT lanes; allows state or local law-enforcement vehicles, etc., to enter.
  • HB2063: Sources of revenue; establishing and adjusting for appropriations of State and its localities.
  • HB2179: Sources of revenue; establishing and adjusting for appropriations of State and its localities.
  • HB2180: Electric utilities; renewable energy portfolio standard program, eligible energy.
  • HJ623: Commending the Virginia Education Association.
  • HJ624: Commending Arthur Nachman.
  • HJ856: Celebrating the life of William A. Hazel.
  • HR108: Celebrating the life of James Berry Ashwell.
  • HR139: Commending the Herndon High School co-ed cheer team.
  • HB657: Renewable energy portfolio standard program; adjusts mix of energy sources that qualify.
  • HB860: Towing ordinances; localities in Northern Virginia to require companies to submit to inspection.
  • HB861: Vehicle and trailer immobilization; subject to removal for outstanding parking violations.
  • HB862: Income tax, state; deduction for tolls.
  • HB863: Zoning; civil penalties constitute liens on real property.
  • HB864: Transportation Board; changes composition, Governor shall appoint or remove members, etc.
  • HB865: Taxicabs; local regulation.
  • HB866: Fairfax County School Board; staggered elections.
  • HB867: Certificates of insurance; unfair insurance trade practices.
  • HB868: Plug-in electric-drive vehicles; may park free of charge in certain parking spaces when recharging.
  • HB869: Urban development areas; makes designation optional rather than mandatory for all localities.
  • HB870: Repairable vehicles; definition, exemption.
  • HB871: Limited burial insurance authority; changes definition.
  • HB872: Property and casualty insurance; provides for SCC licensing and regulation of public adjusters.
  • HB873: Direct Aid to Public Education; amends by lowering maximum Composite Index rate.
  • HB874: Handheld personal communications devices; penalty if text messaging and emailing while driving.
  • HB875: Motor vehicle insurance; places time limits on appeals to DMV for suspension of driver's license.
  • HB876: Motor vehicle fuels sales tax; transfer administration and collection to DMV.
  • HB1184: Public education; dual enrollment for high school students.
  • HB1206: Preneed funeral contracts; requirements.
  • HJ149: Celebrating the life of James Warren Geurin.
  • HJ157: Commending George and Laura Price.
  • HJ158: Commending Holly Frost.
  • HJ178: Commending Dulles Chapter 1241 of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association.
  • HJ216: X & Y Chromosomal Variation Awareness Month; designating as May 2012, and each succeeding year.
  • HJ293: Commending Stephen J. DeBenedittis.
  • HJ339: Celebrating the life of Champlin Fletcher Buck III.
  • HJ342: Commending Patrick Hammes.
  • HJ416: Commending LINK, Inc.
  • HR576: Commending Herndon Elementary School.
  • HR608: Commending Jasbinder Singh.
  • HR609: Commending William B. Tirrell, Sr.
  • HB512: Lyme disease; allows a licensed physician to prescribe long-term antibiotic therapy.
  • HB971: Northern Virginia Transportation Authority Sales and Use Tax Fund; established.
  • HB1956: Trespassing vehicles; regulation of removal by localities.
  • HB1957: Transportation Board; powers and duties.
  • HB1958: Health insurance; federal market reforms.
  • HB1959: Administrative impoundment of vehicle; adds driving on suspended offenses to list of instances.
  • HB1960: Tuition Assistance Grant Program; amends criteria to be eligible to receive tuition assistance.
  • HB1961: Pharmacy, Board of; recusal requirement.
  • HB1962: Toll violations; sets out procedures for issuance of notices.
  • HB1963: Resident curator programs; locality may develop for managing, etc., historic areas owned or leased.
  • HB1964: Public employment; prohibits discrimination based on race, color, etc.
  • HB1965: Local capital improvement programs; adds life cycle costs to facilities estimates.
  • HB1966: Pharmacists; allows anyone to report to Board of Pharmacy those who may have substance abuse issue.
  • HB2220: Pharmacies; implement continuous quality improvement program for analysis of dispensing errors.
  • HB2404: State sales & use tax revenue; dedicates portion for transportation projects in Hampton Roads, etc.
  • HB2532: Charter; Town of Urbanna.
  • HJ528: Commending Herndon High School on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.
  • HJ619: Tolling of certain highways; Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability, et al., to study.
  • HJ622: Histiocytosis Awareness Month; designating as September 2011, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ670: Commending Nicole Mariarose Ferraro.
  • HJ686: Commending the Council for the Arts of Herndon on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.
  • HJ699: Commending Herndon Community Television Corporation.
  • HJ708: Commending Frying Pan Farm Park.
  • HJ814: Commending the Herndon Womans Club.
  • HJ815: Commending Carl I. Sivertsen.
  • HJ816: Commending Charlie D. Waddell.
  • HJ817: Commending David A. Kirby.
  • HJ917: Celebrating the life of Philip John Farley III.
  • HJ949: Commending Franklin Foster Smith.
  • HB350: Distribution of handbills, etc.; adds median & public roadway to places locality can regulate, etc.
  • HB351: Virginia School Construction Revolving Fund; created, report.
  • HB352: Group life insurance coverage; extended to persons mutually agreed upon by insurer and policyholder.
  • HB512: Lyme disease; allows a licensed physician to prescribe long-term antibiotic therapy.
  • HB513: Motor vehicles; administrative impoundment thereof when driving without an operator's license.
  • HB514: Long-term services; SHHR develop blueprint for livable communities for people with disabilities.
  • HB515: Wetlands and stream mitigation; prohibits localities from regulating location of projects.
  • HB516: Condemnations; highway construction.
  • HB517: Uniform Statewide Building Code; court may order violations on nonresidential buildings be abated.
  • HB518: Freedom of Information Act; public body shall remain responsible for retrieving public records, etc.
  • HB745: Income tax, state; telework expenses tax credit.
  • HB746: Tolls; installation of video-monitoring/automatic vehicle identification systems for toll facility.
  • HB970: Transportation Trust Fund; increases amount of general fund surplus.
  • HB971: Northern Virginia Transportation Authority Sales and Use Tax Fund; established.
  • HB972: Transient occupancy tax; Fairfax County limitations.
  • HB973: Line of Duty Death and Health Benefits Trust Fund; funding therefor.
  • HB1295: Dulles Access Highway; enforcement through use of photo-monitoring system in conjunction with usage.
  • HJ68: Highway; Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability to develop plan to place toll on certain.
  • HJ261: Commending the Asian American residents of Virginia on their celebration of the Lunar New Year.
  • HJ280: Commending Louise Rooney.
  • HJ281: Commending Ted Hochstein.
  • HJ282: Commending the Herndon Fortnightly Club on the occasion of its 120th anniversary.
  • HJ283: Commending The Closet of the Greater Herndon Area, Inc.
  • HJ284: Commending the Herndon Rotary Club on the occasion of its 70th anniversary.
  • HJ285: Commending Herndon Volunteer Fire Department on the occasion of its 80th anniversary.
  • HJ373: Celebrating the life of J. Michael Lunsford.
  • HJ444: Commending Patricia Macintyre.
  • HJ445: Commending Richard F. Downer.
  • HJ446: Commending Dennis D. Husch.
  • HJ447: Commending Jean Goldsby.
  • HB761: Charter; Town of Herndon.
  • HB923: School Construction Revolving Fund; created, report.
  • HB1724: Trespassing vehicle; local regulation of removal and immobilization thereof.
  • HB1725: Visitors, board of; College of William & Mary, VCU, & VPI&SU boards authorized to invest funds, etc.
  • HB1726: Group life insurance; allows coverage to be extended to insure any class of persons.
  • HB2017: Transient occupancy tax; Fairfax County limitations.
  • HB2018: School Construction Revolving Fund; created.
  • HB2019: Transportation corridors; Transportation Board to establish connection with Transportation Plan.
  • HB2020: Highway maintenance funds; provides method Transportation Board is to allocate additional funds.
  • HB2021: Driving without license; motor vehicle impounded if previously convicted of certain offenses.
  • HB2022: Technology Services, Council on; eliminates Council.
  • HB2023: Virginia Information Technologies Agency; to delegate powers & responsibilities.
  • HB2150: Notice of sale; locality in Planning District 8 to adopt ordinance to give notice to admin. officer.
  • HB2151: Retention of energy savings; school boards required to prepare approved energy conservation.
  • HB2152: Stand-by service charges; SCC to adopt regulations requiring rates charged by electric utility.
  • HB2153: BPOL tax; allows towns to levy on any person, firm, etc., in business of renting real property.
  • HB2654: Public Education Distribution; Governor, etc. to develop plan to lower maximum Composite Index rate.
  • HJ687: Highways; Joint Commission on Transportation Accountability to develop plan to toll certain.
  • HJ919: Commending the Herndon Chamber of Commerce on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.
  • HJ1022: Commending Herndon-Reston FISH, Inc.
  • HB104: Driver's license; penalty for driving without.
  • HB440: Illegal aliens; presumption of no bail for those charged with certain crimes.
  • HB441: Correctional facilities; enforcement of federal civil immigration laws.
  • HB442: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemptions include computers and computer-related peripheral equipment.
  • HB443: Loudoun County; rights and duties of county chairman.
  • HB444: Inmates; officer of correctional facility to inquire of alien status.
  • HB445: Single-family dwellings; fines for zoning violations related to overcrowding.
  • HB446: Motor vehicle; forfeiture thereof for two offenses of driving without operator's license.
  • HB447: Driver's license; punishment for third or subsequent violation.
  • HB448: Civil remedial fees; fees shall be assessed on person who operates motor vehicle on highways.
  • HB449: School boards, local; unexpended funds.
  • HB450: Motor vehicle repair services; those embraced by Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads Authorities.
  • HB451: Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; increases membership.
  • HB452: Residential dwellings; penalties related to overcrowding.
  • HB453: School bus stops; local school boards may install signs or other devices to indicate.
  • HB454: High-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes; revises procedures for enforcing violations.
  • HB481: Driver's license, provisional; primary offense.
  • HB761: Charter; Town of Herndon.
  • HB762: Illegal aliens; presumption against admission to bail for those charged with criminal offense.
  • HB763: Central Criminal Records Exchange; required to notify U.S. Bureau of Immigration & Customs.
  • HB764: Correctional facilities; inquiries to U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • HB832: Towing and recovery operators; removal of trespassing vehicles.
  • HB833: Automotive manufacturers; specialized registration & titling of company vehicles.
  • HB922: Registration fees; increase for firefighting and emergency medical services vehicles.
  • HB923: School Construction Revolving Fund; created, report.
  • HB1107: Single-family dwellings; fines for zoning violations related to overcrowding.
  • HB1108: Highway construction, primary system; funds allocation.
  • HB1476: Voting equipment; wireless communications at polling places, exceptions.
  • HB6017: Food and beverage tax; allows counties to impose without referendum.
  • HB6021: Highway maintenance funds; provides method by which Transportation Board is to allocate funds.
  • HJ83: Elementary and Secondary School Funding, 2002 Review of; joint subcommittee to examine.
  • HJ84: Affordable housing; Housing Commission to study methods for procuring units for public employees.
  • HJ85: School boards; JLARC to study implications of granting fiscal autonomy to those elected.
  • HJ237: Innovative Technology, Center for; innovation index, report.
  • HJ546: Celebrating the life of Whitney Harwood Menning Adams.
  • HJ555: Commending Douglas Graney.
  • HJ6031: Commending Raul Danny Vargas.
  • HJ6032: Commending Pat Williams.
  • HB306: Income tax, state; dedicates portion of car tax to localities.
  • HB307: Zoning ordinance; raises maximum misdemeanor penalty for violation thereof.
  • HB2257: DMV fees; assessment thereof on certain drivers.
  • HB2258: Charitable organizations; exceptions for those that engage in food distribution to needy.
  • HB2259: Freedom of Information Act; records of regional and local park authorities.
  • HB2260: Towing and recovery operators; eliminates requirement to obtain written authorization from owner.
  • HB2261: Zoning violations; overcrowding of residential dwellings.
  • HB2262: Income tax, state; dedicates a portion of car tax to localities.
  • HB2263: Hospital or health center commissions; membership.
  • HB2265: Plats; validation of certain.
  • HB2376: DMV fees; assessment thereof on certain drivers.
  • HB2461: High-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes; revises procedures and penalties involved therewith.
  • HB2462: Toll facilities; operation of photo-monitoring or automatic vehicle identification systems.
  • HB2501: Specially constructed, replica vehicles, etc.; revises procedures to be titled & registered by DMV.
  • HB2925: Retail Sales and Use Tax; limited exemption on computers and related peripheral equipment.
  • HB2926: Immigration; powers of law-enforcement officers by agreement with Department of Homeland Security.
  • HB3122: Driving without a license; enhanced penalty for persons convicted of second offense.
  • HJ34: Constitutional amendment; excludes privately owned motor vehicles from property taxation (1st ref).
  • HJ655: Constitutional amendment; excludes privately owned motor vehicles from property taxation (1st ref).
  • HJ668: Commending the Sully Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization.
  • HJ743: Fire and rescue squad volunteers; joint subcommittee to study incentives to recruit, etc.
  • HJ747: Commending Kerrie Wilson.
  • HJ768: Commending Mark Gunderman.
  • HB304: DMV; charges for information supplied thereby.
  • HB305: Learning Technology, Office of; created within Council of Higher Education.
  • HB306: Income tax, state; dedicates portion of car tax to localities.
  • HB307: Zoning ordinance; raises maximum misdemeanor penalty for violation thereof.
  • HB308: Zoning ordinance; violations thereof, penalty.
  • HB309: High-occupancy lanes; extends sunset provision for vehicles bearing clean fuel license plates.
  • HB310: Higher Education, Council of; eligibility to be elected chairman of student advisory committee.
  • HB456: Private waste companies; requirements thereof.
  • HB457: Conflicts of Interest Act, State and Local; exemption for faculty papers.
  • HB458: Public Procurement Act; public body to enter into cooperative procurement for professional services.
  • HB526: Street rods and custom vehicles; titling and registration.
  • HB527: Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund; created.
  • HB528: Retail Sales & Use Tax; exemption for clothing and computers.
  • HB682: Student Financial Security Program; created.
  • HB683: DMV; assessment of fees on certain drivers.
  • HB684: Erosion & Sediment Control & Stormwater Management Acts; clarifies acceptable flow rates.
  • HB1000: Tolls; failure to pay, penalty.
  • HB1001: Liability insurance policies; notices.
  • HB1453: Safety belts; exempts certain law-enforcement officers, etc. from wearing thereof.
  • HB1555: Transportation; provides for new funding in Northern Virginia.
  • HB1612: DMV; assessment of fees on certain drivers, use of fees collected.
  • HB5034: DMV; additional fees on certain drivers, use of fees collected.
  • HJ34: Constitutional amendment; excludes privately owned motor vehicles from property taxation (1st ref).
  • HJ76: Fire department & rescue squad volunteers; joint subcommittee to study income tax incentives.
  • HJ315: Celebrating the life of Pamela S. Manas.
  • HJ316: Commending Joy Trickett.
  • HJ342: Commending Stephen Hockett.
  • HJ5040: Commending the Town of Herndon's Hispanic Heritage Festival.
  • HJ5075: Commending the Herndon Dulles Chamber of Commerce.
  • HJ5162: Commending John T. Frey.
  • HR503: Commending Hyeon Kon Lee.