Sen. Todd E. Pillion (R-Abingdon)

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40: Lee County (All), Scott County (All), Washington County (All), Bristol City (All), Smyth County (Part), Wise County (Part), Grayson County (All), Wythe County (Part) [map]
Took Office
December 2014
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November 2019
Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources, General Laws and Technology, Local Government, Transportation
Copatroning Habits
84% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 96% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 61% of them are Republicans.
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Bills Passed
81.8% in 2019
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From the Legislator’s Website

These are all of the video clips of Todd E. Pillion’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2015. There are 13 video clips in all.


  • SB102: Lottery Board; regulation of casino gaming.
  • SB846: Organ, eye, or tissue transplantation; discrimination prohibited.
  • SB847: Public schools; reduces number of Standards of Learning assessments, report.
  • SB862: Pharmacy benefits managers; required to register with Commissioner of Bureau of Insurance.
  • SB863: Southwestern Va. Mental Health Institute; Governor to lease a portion of property to Smyth County.
  • SB864: Comprehensive harm reduction programs; public health emergency, repeals sunset provision.
  • SB1084: Abingdon, Town of; amending charter, updates town's boundary descriptions.
  • SB1085: Deputy sheriffs; minimum salary.
  • SB1086: Health insurance; coverage for infertility treatment.
  • SB1087: School Construction Fund and Program; created and established.
  • SJ80: National Prosthodontics Awareness Week.
  • SJ137: Commending the Virginia Dental Association.
  • SJ166: Celebrating the life of Kimberly Coldiron Hollaway.
  • SJ241: Celebrating the life of French H. Moore, Jr., D.D.S.
  • SR61: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Sydney Strother Smith III.
  • SR62: Celebrating the life of James Michael Bebout.
  • SR65: Commending Highlands Fellowship Church.
  • SR557: Celebrating the life of Cody Lee Wingate.
  • SR558: Commending Hilton Elementary School.
  • SR560: Celebrating the life of Charles C. Woods.
  • HB1557: Intangible personal property; personal property used in manufacturing.
  • HB2555: Gas severance tax, local; extends sunset provision.
  • HB2557: Drug Control Act; classifies gabapentin as a Schedule V controlled substance.
  • HB2558: Medicaid recipients; treatment involving opioids or opioid replacements, payment.
  • HB2559: Electronic transmission of certain prescriptions; exceptions.
  • HB2560: Protective services; adult abuse and exploitation, multidisciplinary teams.
  • HB2561: Pharmacy audits; pharmacy benefits manager.
  • HB2564: Virginia Telephone Privacy Protection Act; transmission of caller identification information.
  • HB2615: Capital murder; punishment if against law-enforcement officers and fire marshals.
  • HB2719: Health insurance; small employers.
  • HB2752: Motorized skateboards or scooters; clarifies definitions, riding or driving on sidewalks, etc.
  • HR218: Commending the Town of Lebanon.
  • HR336: Commending the Abingdon High School golf team.
  • HR338: Commending St. Paul Elementary School.
  • HR341: Commending the Eastside High School one-act play team.
  • HB1154: Virginia Coalfields Expressway Authority; powers and duties, grants.
  • HB1157: Substance-exposed infants; plan for services, report.
  • HB1162: Public schools; Standards of Learning assessments.
  • HB1172: State Overdose Death Review Process Team; created, report, local and regional teams.
  • HB1173: Controlled substances; limits on prescriptions containing opioids.
  • HB1174: Newborn screening; screening for Pompe disease, etc.
  • HB1175: Prescribers; notice of administration of naloxone.
  • HB1177: Health insurance; contracts with pharmacies and pharmacists, etc.
  • HB1178: Motor vehicle dealers; injunctive relief for failure to obtain a license.
  • HB1179: Abandoned schools; creation of revitalization zones.
  • HB1553: Admissions tax; Washington County authorized to impose.
  • HB1554: Master barber; creates occupational title, issuance of license.
  • HB1555: Hydroelectric plant; revenue sharing agreement among certain localities.
  • HB1556: Prescription Monitoring Program; adds controlled substances included in Schedule V and naloxone.
  • HB1557: Intangible personal property; personal property used in manufacturing.
  • HR84: Celebrating the life of Harry Taft Rutherford, Jr.
  • HR112: Commending the CGI Southwest Virginia Technology Center of Excellence.
  • HR113: Commending Mountain Movers.
  • HR118: Celebrating the life of David Leroy Lowe.
  • HR133: Commending Brian Ratliff.
  • HR140: Commending the Abingdon High School golf team.
  • HR176: Commending the Eastside High School one-act play team.
  • HR201: Commending Rachel Chapel Freewill Baptist Church.
  • HB2161: Opioids; workgroup to establish guidelines for prescribing.
  • HB2162: Substance-exposed infants; study of barriers to treatment in Commonwealth.
  • HB2163: Buprenorphine without naloxone; prescription limitation.
  • HB2164: Drugs of concern; drug of concern.
  • HB2165: Opiate prescriptions; electronic prescriptions.
  • HB2166: Controlled substances; possession, penalty.
  • HB2167: Opioids and buprenorphine; Boards of Dentistry and Medicine to adopt regulations for prescribing.
  • HB2168: Virginia Coal Train Heritage Authority; established.
  • HB2169: Gas severance tax.
  • HB2389: Gas or oil drilling units; escrowed proceeds.
  • HB2397: Candidates; petition signature requirements in certain towns.
  • HB2474: Virginia Coalfields Expressway Authority; established, report.
  • HJ747: Commending Earl Heath Miller, Jr.
  • HJ929: Commending Autry O. V. DeBusk.
  • HR286: Commending the Eastside High School one-act play team.
  • HR304: Celebrating the life of Ralph Edmond Stanley.
  • HR305: Commending Tom Harding.
  • HR318: Commending the Lebanon High School softball team.
  • HR353: Commending Goodson-Kinderhook Volunteer Fire Department.
  • HR387: Commending Autry O. V. DeBusk.
  • HR406: Commending Sullins Academy.
  • HR413: Commending the Russell County Community Work Program.
  • HR414: Celebrating the life of Sarah Jacqueline Mullins Gilliam.
  • HR441: Commending the Ridgeview High School girls' basketball team.
  • HB1051: Virginia Defense Force and Virginia National Guard; military discipline.
  • HB1052: Virginia Defense Force; clarifies definition of training duty.
  • HB1055: Foster care homes; firearm storage on premises.
  • HB1169: Mineral mining; bonding program, reclamation.
  • HB1255: BVU Authority; alters Board powers and duties, change in membership, conflict of interest policy.
  • HB1292: Schedule IV drugs; adds eluxadoline to list.
  • HB1348: Smoking in motor vehicles; presence of minor under age eight, civil penalty.
  • HJ206: Omphalocele Awareness Day; designating as January 31, 2016, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ344: Commending Micronic Technologies.
  • HJ404: Commending Sean McMurray.
  • HJ445: Commending the Clintwood High School girls' basketball team.
  • HR159: Commending the Abingdon High School golf team.
  • HR160: Commending the Eastside High School one-act play team.
  • HR161: Commending the Lebanon High School Real World Design Challenge team.
  • HR184: Commending the Ridgeview High School robotics team.
  • HR216: Commending the Honaker High School academic team.
  • HR245: Celebrating the life of William Roger Mutt Neece.
  • HR246: Celebrating the life of Kathleen Ellen Robinson Taylor.
  • HR247: Celebrating the life of Omer Mason Bunn.
  • HR256: Celebrating the life of James Edward Cozart.
  • HR257: Celebrating the life of James Carter Lambert.
  • HB1859: Breaks Interstate Park Commission; employees being commissioned as conservation officers.
  • HB1861: Battery; certain local social services workers; penalty.
  • HB2059: Limited partnerships; admission or withdrawal of partners.
  • HB2166: Reporting of medical aid or treatment for drug overdoses.
  • HB2171: Smoking in motor vehicles; civil penalty when in the presence of a minor under age eight.
  • HB2172: Courts of record; submission of trial court record to appellate court.
  • HB2256: Insurance rates; policies transferred pursuant to agent book transfer.
  • HB2257: Coal mine safety; wide tracking and electric equipment shall maintain safe operating conditions.
  • HJ919: Commending the Eastside High School one-act play team.
  • HJ929: Celebrating the life of Paul P. Arrington.
  • HJ930: Commending Dickenson County.
  • HJ931: Celebrating the life of Clynard C. Belcher.
  • HJ932: Celebrating the life of Sharon Kay Gilbert Clevinger.
  • HJ933: Celebrating the life of William E. Cline, DDS.
  • HR250: Commending the Haysi High School football team.
  • HR251: Commending Castlewood High School.
  • HR252: Commending Jill Branham.
  • HR271: Commending Eastside High School.
  • HR272: Commending Wolf Hills Brewing Company.
  • HR274: Commending the Honaker High School football team.
  • HR306: Celebrating the life of Martha Ann McCroskey Groves.
  • HR319: Commending the Washington County Victim/Witness Assistance Program.