Sen. Monty Mason (D-Williamsburg)

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1: Hampton City (Part), Newport News City (Part), York County (Part), Williamsburg City (All), James City County (Part), Suffolk City (Part) [map]
Took Office
January 2014
Next Election
November 2019
Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources, Commerce and Labor, General Laws and Technology, Privileges and Elections, Rehabilitation and Social Services
Copatroning Habits
52% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 61% of them are Democrats. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 57% of them are Democrats.
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Bills Passed
81% in 2019

Mason served just one and a half terms in the House of Delegates before being elected to the Senate.

These are all of the video clips of Monty Mason’s remarks on the floor of the Senate since 2017. There are 2 video clips in all.


  • SB570: State-Funded Kinship Guardianship Assistance program; created.
  • SB572: Alzheimer's disease and related dementias; early detection and diagnosis, risk reduction and care.
  • SB574: Protective orders; petitioning court on behalf of incapacitated persons.
  • SB583: Virginia Spirits Board and Virginia Spirits Promotion Fund; established, report.
  • SB584: Common interest communities; Virginia Real Estate Time-Share Act.
  • SB670: Unrestorably incompetent defendant; competency report.
  • SB671: Virginia Retirement System; return to employment by certain retired employees.
  • SB672: Property Owners' Association Act and Virginia Condominium Act; contract disclosure statement.
  • SB673: Nonagricultural irrigation wells; prohibited outside surficial aquifer.
  • SB674: Voluntary forest mitigation; agreements.
  • SB675: Child care providers; fingerprint-based criminal background checks, repeals sunset.
  • SB676: Hampton, City of; alcoholic beverage control licensees.
  • SB677: Records of financial institutions; reimbursement of costs for production.
  • SB678: Central registry; electronic requests and responses.
  • SB679: Eastern Virginia Groundwater Management Advisory Committee; established, report, sunset provision.
  • SB680: Teachers in certain schools for students with disabilities; extension of provisional licenses.
  • SB681: Criminal cases; compensation of experts, effective clause.
  • SB682: Food and beverage tax; county imposing a tax greater than four percent.
  • SB683: Competency to stand trial; outpatient treatment may occur.
  • SB684: Firearms; mental health as disqualifier for possession, etc.
  • SB685: Certified pollution control equipment and facilities; tax exemption, timing of certification.
  • SB686: Assisted living facilities; regulations governing individualized service plans.
  • SB696: Absentee voting; no excuse required when voting in person.
  • SB698: Alcoholic beverage control; distiller licenses, monthly revenue transfers.
  • SB702: Marine Resources Commission; permit fees, pier application, oyster fund.
  • SB704: Chesapeake Bay watershed implementation plan initiatives; nutrient management plans for cropland.
  • SB844: Computer trespass; expands the crime.
  • SB849: Lawn fertilizer; contractor-applicators.
  • SB860: Electric utilities; offshore wind development.
  • SB861: Group health benefit plans; bona fide associations, benefits consortium.
  • SB1029: Alcoholic beverage control; gourmet shop license, distiller participation in tastings.
  • SB1072: Guardian or conservator; prohibition against appointing certain persons.
  • SJ206: Commending Lackey Clinic.
  • SJ207: Commending Temple Beth El of Williamsburg.
  • SJ208: Commending Dr. Jeffery O. Smith.
  • SJ209: Commending Williamsburg Parent Cooperative Preschool.
  • SB453: Absentee voting; persons age 65 or older.
  • SB1061: Real Estate Board; real estate licensees.
  • SB1407: Child care providers; fingerprint background checks, forwarding fingerprints and other information.
  • SB1408: James City County; amending charter, inoperable vehicles.
  • SB1409: Assisted living facilities; requirement for licensed administrator.
  • SB1410: Assisted living facilities; staffing during overnight hours.
  • SB1411: Burn buildings; change in terminology.
  • SB1412: Virginia National Guard; education grants, effective clause.
  • SB1413: Oyster planting grounds; lease assignments.
  • SB1414: Potomac Aquifer recharge monitoring; creates advisory board, laboratory established, SWIFT Project.
  • SB1415: Public adjusters; regulation.
  • SB1416: Child abuse or neglect; appeals from founded complaints, concurrent criminal investigations.
  • SB1417: Competency report; unrestorably incompetent defendant.
  • SB1418: Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry; reregistration schedule.
  • SB1678: Family First Prevention Services Act, federal; statutory alignment.
  • SB1679: Family First Prevention Services Act; statutory alignment.
  • SB1680: Mass transit providers; loss of certain operating funds.
  • SB1681: DGS; surplus property, opportunity for economic development entities to purchase.
  • SB1682: Employment records; written request from employee, subpoena duces tecum.
  • SB1720: Kinship foster care; notice to relatives.
  • SB1768: Handheld personal communications devices; use while driving, etc.
  • SJ414: Commending The Apprentice School.
  • SJ421: Celebrating the life of Thomas Pierce Power.
  • SJ431: Commending the Peninsula Agency on Aging, Inc.
  • SJ432: Commending Braxton-Perkins American Legion Post 25.
  • SR155: Commending Bertram Aaron.
  • SR156: Commending George T. Rublein.
  • SB453: Absentee voting; persons age 65 or older.
  • SB454: Inoperable vehicles; James City County authorized to prohibit any person from keeping, etc.
  • SB517: False and fraudulent insurance claims; civil penalties and damages.
  • SB518: Neighborhood assistance tax credits; value of credit.
  • SB519: Case management system; public accessibility.
  • SB520: Nonagricultural irrigation wells; prohibited outside surficial aquifer.
  • SB527: County food and beverage tax; increases maximum tax that any county is authorized to impose.
  • SB528: Real Estate Board; licensees may assist in translation of real estate documents.
  • SB529: Contractors, Board for; prerequisites to obtaining a building permit.
  • SB530: Breweries, wineries, and distilleries; regulations to qualify for an attraction sign.
  • SB531: Accelerated refund program; Department of Taxation shall reestablish.
  • SB532: Display or parking of used motor vehicles for sale; penalty.
  • SB533: Computer trespass; expands crime, monitoring location of a minor, etc., by parent or legal guardian.
  • SB534: Voter referendum; independent redistricting commission.
  • SB543: Adult protective services; emergency order, temporary conservator.
  • SB552: Crab pots and peeler pots; marine-biodegradable escape panels, penalty.
  • SB555: Barrier crimes; adult substance abuse and mental health treatment providers.
  • SB556: General registrars; residency requirement, exemption for counties or cities.
  • SB858: Va. FOIA; excludes certain information held by board of visitors of The College of William & Mary.
  • SB875: Assisted living facilities; regulations governing staff.
  • SB876: Virginia Freedom of Information Act; transfer of public records, definition of 'custodian.'
  • SB877: Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads; membership.
  • SB961: Public schools; homeless children.
  • SJ193: Commending George D. Greenia.
  • SJ195: Commending Hilton Village.
  • SJ196: Commending The College of William and Mary.
  • SJ197: Celebrating the life of Thaddeus Wilbur Tate, Jr.
  • SJ198: Celebrating the life of Ludwell Harrison Johnson III.
  • SJ199: Celebrating the life of Louise Ann Hutchinson.
  • SJ200: Commending Fort Eustis.
  • SJ202: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Frederick Risdon Miles Carter.
  • SJ213: Commending Michael F. Kuhns.
  • SJ220: Commending William A. Hudgins.
  • SB1131: Absentee voting; eligibility of certain persons.
  • SB1132: Absentee voting; entitles persons age 65 or older on date of an election to vote absentee.
  • SB1133: Voter referendum; independent redistricting commission.
  • SB1134: Charter; City of Williamsburg.
  • SB1135: Inoperable vehicles James City County.
  • SB1136: Money order sellers and money transmitters; required investments.
  • SB1137: Neighborhood assistance tax credits; reduces amount of credit of value for certain donations.
  • SB1138: Computer trespass; government computers and computers used for public utilities, penalty.
  • SB1377: Computer trespass; penalty.
  • SB1378: Computer crimes; penalties.
  • SB1381: Discontinued cases; court has discretion to reinstate case.
  • SB1385: Law-enforcement officer; definition, municipal park rangers training.
  • SB1389: Higher educational institutions; letter certifying good standing of certain students.
  • SB1420: Incapacitated persons; abuse and neglect, financial exploitation, penalty.
  • SB1421: Condemnation proceeding; interest on the amount of award.
  • SB1523: Teachers turnover; exit questionnaire.
  • SJ397: Commemorating the 50th anniversary of African American students in residence.
  • SJ398: Commending Cliff Gauthier.
  • SJ399: Commending David C. Sloggie.
  • SJ426: Celebrating the life of Ivor No Hume.
  • SJ431: Commending Mildred B. West.
  • SR121: Celebrating the life of Charles C. Allen.
  • SR140: Commending the National Education Association Read Across America program.
  • SR145: Commending Ivy L. Mitchell.
  • HB917: Neighborhood Assistance Act; reduces tax credit.
  • HB918: Limited liability companies; members provided access as an electronic record on a network, etc.
  • HB919: Water and sewer service; canceling service for nonpayment of charges.
  • HB920: Barrier crimes; conviction or finding not guilty by reason of insanity.
  • HB921: National Guard members of other states; employment protection.
  • HB922: Computer trespass; increases penalty if government computer and computer used for public utilities.
  • HB923: Computer trespass; penalty.
  • HB924: Electronic communications; disclosure, verification and admissibility of contents.
  • HB925: Virginia Preschool Initiative; student eligibility.
  • HB926: Higher educational institutions; letter certifying good standing of certain students.
  • HB1138: RICO; computer crimes, penalties.
  • HB1336: Precincts; establishment based on number of registered voters with active status.
  • HR149: Commending the Lewis B. Puller, Jr. Veterans Benefits Clinic.
  • HR151: Celebrating the life of James A. Bill.
  • HR169: Celebrating the life of Robert P. Hunt.
  • HR170: Commending Elise L. Emanuel.
  • HR173: Commending the National Education Association Read Across America program.
  • HR174: Commending Joe Agee.
  • HB2113: Limited liability companies; access to records.
  • HB2115: Computer and telephone fraud; penalty.
  • HB2116: Passing stopped school bus; video-monitoring system.
  • HB2117: Retail sales and transient occupancy taxes; room rentals, lodgings, etc.
  • HB2121: Tuition, in-state; members of the Virginia National Guard.
  • HB2122: Higher educational institutions; in-state tuition for certain students.
  • HB2124: Neighborhood assistance; reduces amount of the tax credit.
  • HB2126: Virginia Tourism Growth Incentive Fund.
  • HB2129: Barriers to licensure or registration; certain DCJS regulated industries.
  • HB2131: Child and adult care facilities; licensure determinations by Commissioner of State DSS.
  • HB2132: State Board for Community Colleges; policy for the award of academic credit for military training.
  • HB2133: Veterans Services, Department of; programs to create employment opportunities for veterans.
  • HB2284: Uniformed services-connected students; Department of Education to establish process to identify.
  • HB2338: Alcoholic beverage control; prohibited trade practices.
  • HJ902: Commending Walnut Hills Baptist Church.
  • HJ903: Commending Jim Golden.
  • HR266: Commending the Sinfonicron Light Opera Company.
  • HB618: A-to-F grading system; delays date for implementing individual school performance grading system.
  • HB619: Computer fraud; increases penalty.
  • HB620: Neighborhood assistance tax credits; changes program by decreasing value of donations, etc.
  • HB621: Emergency custody orders; successive two-hour extensions of an order up to maximum of 48 hours.
  • HB622: Absentee voting; allows qualified voters to vote absentee in person without an excuse.
  • HB1218: Revenue Estimates, Advisory Council on; membership.
  • HJ176: Celebrating the life of Stanley Eugene Brown.
  • HJ450: Commending the Williamsburg Winery.
  • HJ5158: Celebrating the life of Catherine Gantt Pack.
  • HJ5233: Commending Karen Cottrell.
  • HR146: Commending the League of Women Voters of the Williamsburg Area.
  • HR147: Commending Williamsburg United Methodist Church.
  • HR148: Commending the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists.
  • HR154: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Hubert T. Alexander, Sr.
  • HR569: Commending Le Cercle Charmant.
  • HR570: Commending Dan Stimson.