Sen. Travis Hackworth (R-Richlands)

Photo of Travis Hackworth
5: All of Bland County, Giles County, Pulaski County, Smyth County, Tazewell County and Radford City; parts of Montgomery County and Wythe County
Took Office
March 2021
Next Election
November 2027
Copatroning Habits
65% of bills he has copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 77% of them are Republicans. Of all of his fellow copatrons of the bills that he copatroned, 50% of them are Republicans.
Bills Passed
50% in 2024
Recent Mentions in the Media

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  • SB25: Virginia Brownfield and Coal Mine Renewable Energy Grant Fund and Program; allocation of funds.
  • SB163: Southwest Regional Recreation Authority; powers.
  • SB226: Highway use fee; DMV to convene work group to determine tiered flat rate system, report.
  • SB463: Accountancy, Board of; powers and duties, repeals requirement for an annual audit of the Board.
  • SB473: Administrative Process Act; requirement of executive branch agencies.
  • SB475: Pulaski, Town of; amending charter, municipal elections.
  • SB553: Nursing education programs; out-of-state clinical sites.
  • SB557: Renewable energy portfolio standard; eligibility of hydrogen and nuclear resources.
  • SB560: Asbestos, Lead, and Home Inspectors, Virginia Board for; dust sampling technicians, renovators.
  • SB561: Nuclear energy electrical generation facilities; permitting.
  • SB562: Captured coal mine methane; pilot program, renewable energy portfolio standard.
  • SB563: Regional career and technical education program; establishing in Planning District 2.
  • SB564: Distressed localities, certain; TAX, et al., to assess tax relief.
  • SB663: Veterinary Medicine, Board of; powers and duties, satellite offices.
  • SJ15: Large animal veterinarians; Board of Veterinary Medicine, et al., to study shortage.
  • SJ68: Celebrating the life of Thomas Alvin Lester, Sr.
  • SJ83: Commending Susan F. Dewey.
  • SJ84: Commending the Auburn High School girls' volleyball team.
  • SR27: Commending the Graham High School varsity competition cheer squad.
  • SR28: Celebrating the life of James Curtis Gillespie.
  • SR34: Celebrating the life of Geraldine Boyd Cole.
  • SR35: Celebrating the life of Wanda Sue Varney.
  • SR36: Celebrating the life of Donald Wayne Rife.
  • SR37: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Titus Phillip Horton.
  • SR38: Celebrating the life of James Samuel Gillespie, Jr.
  • SR39: Celebrating the life of Barnabas Stiltner.
  • SR40: Celebrating the life of Joan Simpkins Jett.
  • SR45: Commending the Radford High School football team.
  • SR75: Commending Jill D. Neice.
  • SR76: Commending Matt Hagan.
  • SR77: Celebrating the life of Serenity Rayne Hawley.
  • SR78: Celebrating the life of Joe Morris Lucas.
  • SR79: Celebrating the life of Terry Edward Winkle.
  • SR91: Celebrating the life of Riley C. Cole.
  • SR93: Celebrating the life of Zachary Andrew Carter.
  • SR94: Celebrating the life of William Reese Hess.
  • SR95: Celebrating the life of Flaudean Bolling.
  • SR96: Celebrating the life of Edwin L. Barnes.
  • SR110: Commending the Tazewell High School Class of 1973.
  • SR111: Celebrating the life of Jordyn Paige Rasnake.
  • SB59: Law enforcement, local; relinquishing certain records when department is dissolved.
  • SB1073: Unmanned aircraft systems; trespass over correctional facilities, penalty.
  • SB1116: Southwest Virginia Energy Research and Development Authority; definitions, powers and duties.
  • SB1121: Coal mine methane; options to encourage capture & beneficial use.
  • SB1125: Renewable energy portfolio standard requirements; State Corporation Commission authority, report.
  • SB1126: Commercial delivery services; authorized use for notice to an employer for violation of safety prov.
  • SB1263: Uniform Statewide Building Code; stop work orders, appeals.
  • SB1284: Abortion; prohibited, exceptions, penalty.
  • SB1444: Radford University; reduced rate tuition charges, students who reside in Appalachian region.
  • SB1468: Coal and Gas Road Improvement Fund; funds may be used to construct flood mitigation measures.
  • SJ239: Deputy sheriffs; Compensation Board to study funding.
  • SJ258: Waste coal; Dept. of Energy to study environment and economic impact of eliminating piles.
  • SR99: Celebrating the life of Adris Albert Davis, Sr.
  • SR100: Commending the Eastside High School one-act play ensemble.
  • SR102: Commending the Graham High School football team.
  • SR110: Commending Paul Ellis Cook.
  • SR117: Commending Paula Bandy.
  • SR134: Celebrating the life of Brenda Ellen Cole Horton.
  • SB10: Power of attorney; termination, conviction of agent for certain offenses.
  • SB16: Income tax, state; Education Improvement Scholarships tax credits.
  • SB17: Law-enforcement officers; exemption from certain training requirements.
  • SB20: Transgender students; treatment, model policies.
  • SB59: Law enforcement, local; relinquishing certain records when department is dissolved.
  • SB60: Political subdivisions; powers and duties, emergency management assessment.
  • SB61: Firearms; concealed carry for law-enforcement officers, attorneys for the Commonwealth, etc.
  • SB120: Waste coal piles; Department of Energy to identify volume and number, use of coal ash.
  • SB121: Contractors; exemption from licensure for work providing remodeling, etc., valued at $25,000, etc.
  • SB372: Regulatory Budget Program; DPB to establish, report.
  • SB627: Tazewell, Town of; amending charter, increases term length for members of board of zoning appeals.
  • SB644: Firearms; criminal history record information check required to sell.
  • SB720: Virginia Regional Industrial Facilities Act; localities' revenue sharing agreements.
  • SJ2: Celebrating the life of George Millard Harvey, Sr.
  • SJ49: Celebrating the life of the Honorable Barbara Stafford.
  • SJ56: Commending the Mountain Mission School.
  • SJ99: Commending James A. Baldwin.
  • SR3: Commending Michael E. Karmis.
  • SR18: Commending Bluefield University.
  • SR19: Commending Rita Carter Forrester.
  • SR24: Celebrating the life of the Reverend Gary Michael Roberts.
  • SR25: Celebrating the life of Donald Burns Baker.
  • SR42: Commending the Grundy High School wrestling team.
  • SR62: Commending Carl R. Bolling.
  • SR63: Commending Christina Shinall.