Del. Bill Fralin (R-Roanoke)

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17: Counties of Botetourt (part) and Roanoke (part); City of Roanoke (part) [map]
Took Office
January 2004
Left Office
January 2010
Copatroning Habits
70% of bills he copatroned were introduced by Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of his bills, 72% of them are Republicans. Of all of the copatrons of all of the bills that he also copatroned, 64% of them are Republicans.
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Restored vintage sign unveiled in downtown Elkins:

October 1, 2018
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These are all of the video clips of Bill Fralin’s remarks on the floor of the House since 2009. There are 31 video clips in all.


  • HB1825: Accreditation status; requires Board to publish annually for each school by August 1.
  • HB1826: Driver's licenses; suspension thereof for minor who has 10 or more unexcused absences from school.
  • HB1827: Retirement System; authority to manage and invest certain funds for postemployment benefits.
  • HB1828: Green roof construction; localities and water authorities to offer rate incentives therefor.
  • HB1829: Health insurance, individual; requires SCC establish, by regulation, etc., for underwriting thereof.
  • HB1830: Setoff Debt Collection Act; allows local governments to collect past due local taxes.
  • HB1831: Recreational Facilities Authority; delays reversion of title to real property to State.
  • HB2088: Rail and Public Transportation, Dept. of, etc.; develop process to evaluate safety issues, etc.
  • HB2089: School boards, local; grievance procedure.
  • HB2090: School calendar; adds to good cause circumstances for which school divisions may be granted waiver.
  • HB2091: Retail Sales and Use Tax; entitlement to revenues.
  • HB2598: Conservation and Recreation, Department of; purchasing certain abandoned railroad rights-of-way.
  • HB2603: Locksmiths; repeals regulation thereof.
  • HB2641: Regional Industrial Facilities Act; allows locality to withdraw from such authority.
  • HB2659: Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; duplex shall be deemed to be one single-family residence.
  • HJ783: Virginia's Rail Heritage Region; established to promote and encourage rail tourism.
  • HJ841: Commending Joe Cotter.
  • HJ842: Commending Voices for Virginia's Children on the occasion of its 15th anniversary.
  • HB147: Transportation Plan; to include regional goals and performance measures for highway districts.
  • HB148: Vehicle weight law enforcement; authorizes enforcement by full-time sworn members of DMV.
  • HB149: Independent living services & arrangements; requires inclusion of plan for children 14 yrs. & older.
  • HB150: School boards, local; safety hotline established.
  • HB254: Licenses, local; issued free of charge to certain vehicles owned by museums.
  • HB255: School calendar; local school boards responsible for setting.
  • HB256: Involuntary outpatient commitment; five day review of compliance.
  • HB257: Sexual predator determination proceedings, violent; court may require empanelment of jury.
  • HB258: Voluntary commitment; acknowledgement as sexually violent predator.
  • HB259: Students; transferring out of a public school.
  • HB260: Abandoned railroad corridors; allows Department of Conservation and Recreation to acquire.
  • HB1131: Children's Ombudsman, Office of; created, report.
  • HB1132: Wine and beer; City of Roanoke can obtain retail on-premises licenses for outdoor amphitheaters.
  • HB1133: Deed of trust or mortgage; reduces time in which one may enforce.
  • HB1134: Campaign contributions; requires PACs to report contributions for election of particular candidate.
  • HB1135: Public schools; student's voluntary expression of a religious viewpoint.
  • HB1137: Green roof incentive programs; Board of Housing & Community Development to develop guidelines.
  • HB1138: Petitioner during civil commitment hearing; representation by an attorney from local State office.
  • HB1139: Involuntary commitment; consideration of preadmission screening report.
  • HB1141: Foster care; independent living services.
  • HB1142: Recreational Facilities Authority; delays reversion of title to real property.
  • HB1143: Foster care; visitation rights for siblings.
  • HB1144: Temporary detention order; magistrate may consider recommendation of examining physician, etc.
  • HB1145: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemptions include certain works of art.
  • HB1146: Medical records; persons involved in civil commitment process to access.
  • HB1251: Institutions of higher education; notification of mental health treatment.
  • HB1489: Foster care plan; eliminates requirement for child placed out of his home be filed by public agency.
  • HJ57: Celebrating the life of George Robert Preas.
  • HJ58: Celebrating the life of Commander William Boyle Bagbey.
  • HJ59: Celebrating the life of Ann Weinstein.
  • HJ60: Commending the American Red Cross Roanoke Valley Chapter.
  • HB805: Littering from motor vehicle; includes cigarette remnants as litter.
  • HB1733: Campaign signs; right of residential tenant to display.
  • HB1734: Juvenile and domestic relations district court; increasing number of judges in 23rd Jud. District.
  • HB1735: Nonsuits; notice required, dismissal of actions thereby.
  • HB1736: Litter Awareness Fund; created.
  • HB1737: Safety hotline; local school boards to establish.
  • HB1738: Domestic assault warrants; issuance of emergency protective orders.
  • HB1739: Assault and battery; second and third offense against family or household member, penalty.
  • HB1740: University of Virginia; authorizes Bd. of Visitors to invest & manage nongeneral fund reserves, etc.
  • HB1741: Primary or secondary highways; construction and improvement thereof by counties.
  • HB1838: Irrevocable trusts; trustee's duty to inform and report.
  • HB1839: Child Care Provider Registry; created.
  • HB1974: Economic revitalization zone; created.
  • HB1975: Health insurance; mandated coverage for CyberKnife procedures.
  • HB1976: Hotel liability; personal injury claims based on intentional conduct.
  • HB1977: Campaign finance disclosure; surplus inaugural committee funds only used in charitable contribution.
  • HB2148: Retail Sales and Use Tax; exemption includes railroad rolling stock when sold by manufacturer.
  • HB2149: Health insurance; policy to state coverage for medical treatments under Medicare Parts A and B.
  • HB2150: Foster care services; term means provision of services to child and his family when needed.
  • HB2618: Real estate tax; localities to tax certain energy-efficient buildings.
  • HB2619: Computer Crimes Act; definition of to include costs of production, etc.
  • HB2620: Community policy and management teams; adds children requiring mental health services.
  • HB2621: Sales and use tax form, certain; Tax Commissioner to revise, report.
  • HB3023: Drug test; use of synthetic urine to defeat.
  • HB3024: Speed limits; analysis of accident and law-enforcement data required before increasing.
  • HB3074: Integrated Directional Signing Program; VDOT to erect attraction signs on interstates.
  • HB3137: Health coverage; expedited review of appeals of final adverse decisions.
  • HJ24: Constitutional amendment; Hwy. Maintenance & Operating Fund, & Transp. Trust Fund, cont. (1st ref.).
  • HJ587: Internet Safety Month; designating as September 2007, and each succeeding year thereafter.
  • HJ754: Celebrating the life of Ralph Keister Bowles.
  • HJ935: Celebrating the life of Warren A. Crawford.
  • HR74: Celebrating the life of F. Rodney Fitzpatrick.
  • HB19: Standards of Quality; calculation of high school graduation rates.
  • HB20: Scholastic records; electronic storage thereof.
  • HB21: Victims of crime; notice of court hearings.
  • HB56: Child abuse or neglect; mandatory reporting by eligibility workers; penalty.
  • HB57: Community College System; articulation agreements and transferable credits.
  • HB58: Computers; school resource officers to provide Internet safety instruction to students.
  • HB123: Medical assistance services; mental health services to be developed for at-risk youth.
  • HB796: Uniform Transfer to Minors Act; allows two people to be joint custodian for single minor.
  • HB797: Commissioners of revenue; participation in DMV select program.
  • HB798: Domestic violence victim fund; available to victim in case of emergency.
  • HB799: Sex Offender Registry; automatic notification.
  • HB800: Exhaust systems; limits allowable level of noise emitted from motor vehicle.
  • HB801: Interstate Public-Private Partnership Compact; created.
  • HB802: Income tax, state; toll payment tax credit.
  • HB803: Motor vehicles; impoundment for certain when person driving with suspended or revoked license.
  • HB804: Recreational Facilities Authority; reduces number of members that constitutes quorum.
  • HB805: Littering from motor vehicle; includes cigarette butts as litter.
  • HB806: Foster care; adds provision of care to child & family when identified as needing services.
  • HB807: Testimony; admissibility of opinion by experts.
  • HB808: Teacher staffing ratios; to maintain use teachers may teach courses outside endorsement area.
  • HB809: Primary and secondary highway systems; projects undertaken by counties.
  • HB810: Smart Road; funds involving construction, reconstruction, and improvement thereof.
  • HB811: Self defense; permissible use of deadly force when presumption of fear or death, exception.
  • HB812: Civil cases; removes requirement that plaintiff must post bond to appeal judgment.
  • HB813: Standards of Learning assessments; Board of Education may enact special provisions relating thereto.
  • HB1285: Asbestos or silica; persons exposed to products containing cannot bring civil action, exception.
  • HB1416: Procurement Act, Public; design-build by certain local public bodies.
  • HB1543: Rural Addition Program; funds allocated to any county.
  • HB5089: High-occupancy toll lanes; Transportation Bd. to designate all within NOVA Transportation District.
  • HJ5: Celebrating the life of Jeffrey Leroy Owens.
  • HJ6: Commending Roanoke County Public Schools.
  • HJ7: Commonwealth Coach and Trolley Museum, Inc.; designating as Official Transit Museum.
  • HJ8: Celebrating the life of E. Montgomery Tucker.
  • HJ9: Commending Eugene M. Elliott.
  • HJ10: Commending George Carpenter Snead.
  • HJ19: On the death of Frank Waters Rogers, Jr.
  • HJ24: Constitutional amendment; Hwy. Maintenance & Operating Fund, & Transp. Trust Fund, cont. (1st ref.).
  • HJ110: Commending John A. Crotts.
  • HJ309: Celebrating the life of F. Wiley Hubbell.
  • HJ476: Celebrating the life of Frank Alan Pollard II.
  • HJ5005: Celebrating the life of Alvin Barnett Fink.
  • HJ5064: Celebrating the life of Lewis Franklin Moore, Jr.
  • HJ5066: Celebrating the life of A. Victor Thomas.
  • HJ5135: Designates September in 2006, and in each succeeding year, as Internet Safety Month in Virginia.