01/13/2017 House Proceedings

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Del. David Toscano (D-Charlottesville)—00:35
Del. Mark Keam (D-Vienna)—03:24
Del. Riley Ingram (R-Hopewell)—01:25
Del. Todd Gilbert (R-Woodstock)—00:30
Del. Steve Landes (R-Weyers Cave)—00:45
Del. Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights)—00:00
Del. Jeion Ward (D-Hampton)—00:05
Del. Roslyn Tyler (D-Jarratt)—00:00
Del. Chris Jones (R-Suffolk)—00:15


Called to order at 10:00 a.m. by William J. Howell, Speaker

Mace placed on Speaker's table by Sergeant at Arms

Prayer offered by The Reverend Hodari Kenneth Hamilton, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Charlottesville

Delegate Cox led the House in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

Communication from State Department of Elections

Attendance roll call - Quorum present

Leaves of Absence granted:

Journal for Thursday, January 12, 2017, approved by the Speaker

Senate communication received:
Senate joint resolutions agreed to: SJRs 218, 219, 228, 235, 236, 237, 238, 244, 245, 252, 256, 258, 259, 261, 262, 264, 265, 267, 271, 273, 275, 276, 277
House joint resolution agreed to: HJR 684

Committee report
From Commerce and Labor: HBs 1394A, 1471, 1571S

Delegate Holcomb granted unanimous consent to introduce a House joint resolution

Motion by Delegate Keam to adjourn in honor and memory of Dr. Won Sang Lee agreed to

HJR 728 taken up and agreed to

HJR 727 taken up and agreed to

Bills presented, ordered printed, and referred pursuant to House Rule 37

Resolutions presented and laid on Speaker's table pursuant to House Rule 39(a)


HJR 539 - Agreed to
HJR 553 - Agreed to
HJR 554 - Agreed to
HJR 561 - Agreed to
HJR 566 - Agreed to
HJR 600 - Agreed to
HJR 601 - Passed by for the day
HJR 602 - Agreed to
HJR 613 - Agreed to
HJR 646 - Passed by for the day
HJR 647 - Agreed to
HJR 654 - Agreed to
HJR 667 - Agreed to
HJR 668 - Agreed to
HJR 669 - Agreed to
HJR 670 - Agreed to
HJR 671 - Agreed to
HR 270 - Agreed to
HR 271 - Agreed to
HR 273 - Agreed to
HR 275 - Agreed to
HR 277 - Agreed to
HR 279 - Agreed to
HR 280 - Agreed to
HR 282 - Agreed to
HR 283 - Agreed to
HR 284 - Agreed to

HJR 550 - Agreed to
HJR 557 - Agreed to
HJR 558 - Passed by for the day
HJR 559 - Passed by for the day
HJR 560 - Agreed to
HJR 563 - Agreed to
HJR 564 - Agreed to
HJR 565 - Agreed to
HJR 567 - Agreed to
HJR 574 - Agreed to
HJR 582 - Agreed to
HJR 583 - Agreed to
HJR 584 - Agreed to
HJR 591 - Agreed to
HJR 592 - Agreed to
HJR 593 - Agreed to
HJR 594 - Agreed to
HJR 595 - Agreed to
HJR 596 - Agreed to
HJR 598 - Agreed to
HJR 599 - Agreed to
HJR 603 - Agreed to
HJR 604 - Agreed to
HJR 605 - Agreed to
HJR 606 - Agreed to
HJR 608 - Agreed to
HJR 620 - Agreed to
HJR 621 - Agreed to
HJR 623 - Agreed to
HJR 624 - Agreed to
HJR 625 - Agreed to
HJR 626 - Passed by for the day
HJR 631 - Agreed to
HJR 632 - Agreed to
HJR 643 - Agreed to
HJR 644 - Agreed to
HJR 645 - Agreed to
HJR 653 - Agreed to
HJR 655 - Agreed to
HJR 657 - Agreed to
HJR 658 - Agreed to
HJR 659 - Agreed to
HJR 660 - Agreed to
HJR 661 - Agreed to
HJR 662 - Passed by for the day
HJR 663 - Passed by for the day
HJR 664 - Passed by for the day
HJR 665 - Passed by for the day
HJR 666 - Passed by for the day
HJR 681 - Passed by for the day
HJR 683 - Passed by for the day
HJR 687 - Agreed to
HJR 713 - Agreed to
HJR 714 - Agreed to
HJR 715 - Agreed to
HJR 716 - Agreed to
HR 266 - Agreed to
HR 267 - Agreed to
HR 269 - Passed by for the day
HR 272 - Agreed to
HR 274 - Agreed to
HR 276 - Agreed to
HR 278 - Agreed to
HR 281 - Agreed to
HR 285 - Agreed to
HR 286 - Agreed to

Motion by Delegate Cox to adjourn agreed to

House adjourned at 10:27 a.m. to meet Monday, January 16, 2017, at 12 m.


What follows is a transcript of this day’s session that was created as closed-captioning text, written in real time during the session. We have made an effort to automatically clean up the text, but it is far from perfect.

Bill Howell
House will come to order. Members, please take your seats. Sergeant at arms.
Bill Howell
The House is now in session. All persons not entitled to the floor, please retire to the gallery.
The members will be led in prayer by Reverend Hamilton, pastor of the first baptist church in Charlottesville. Remain standing for the pledge of allegiance, led by Mr. Cox.
Shall we bow our Head in prayer. Dear God, you reminded us through your servant leader to everything, there is a season and the time, God remind us in this season of change and challenge, you are unchanging. You change not. You are constant. You are the absolute. Absolute. Help us to have assurance in knowing you, God. Remind us of the brevity of this season, like the winter will soon be spring. Our seasons are brief. Personal life, give them strength and Peace. And in everything, bless them. God help us to anticipate the seasons, so that we might appreciate this season and prepare for the next. Give us discernment. Encourage the leaders, in their we might act with messy. Give us wisdom. We might do justice. Give us courage to be the blessed peacemaker. Give us conviction, we might be the change you called us to be in this present age. Our calling to fulfill. This, we pray, in jesus' name, amen.
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
Bill Howell
The members will answer the roll call by indicating their presence on the electronic voting board. The clerk will close the roll.
Mr. Speaker, a quorum is present.
Pursuant to House rule 3 does the clerk have any
Yes, I do. Announcements? Several.
Bill Howell
The House will come to order.
Letter to the speaker, from Delegate jennifer l. Mclennen. It has been an honor and privilege to serve in the House. I hereby offer my resignation effective at 10:30 a.M. Today. It has been a pleasure to serve with you. I look forward to working with you in my new capacity. Her resignation will be effective at 10:30 today.
In addition, I would remind the body, all requests for drafts, redrafts and corrections of legislation to be introduced by the deadline are due no later than 5:00 today. If you have any drafts, redrafts or legislation, that deadline is at 5:00 today. In addition, another deadline important today, members budget amendments are due to the appropriations staff by 5:00. Budget amendments at 5:00. In addition, the speaker would like to advise the members of three procedures that he is implementing during this session. I will be communicating this information to everyone via e-mail everyone today, but go over them briefly, since they'll be impacting us shortly when we take up the calendar. The three procedures. One deals with moves from contested, from the uncontested to the regular calendar, moves from the regular. Motions for legislation go by for the day. In addition, leaves of absence. First, the first is the preferred procedure for members to request that legislation be moved from uncontested to the regular calendar. Speaker is requesting that Delegate Gilbert continue to be given a list of uncontested move requests by both the majority leader and the minority leader each day as was done last year. Then the speaker will recognize Delegate Gilbert near the end of the morning hour prior to the call of the calendar to announce these requests. In addition, I as clerk will repeat the moves to ensure that all members are clear prior to proceeding to the calendar. A friendly parliamentary reminder to the body. A move, per rule 49, a privilege of any member, and not subject to a vote of the body. Further, if a member offers a floor amendment, whether it be a lot amendment or amendment for substitute, then legislation must be removed from the uncontested to the regular calendar, and there it stays. The second procedure today addresses motions to take by for the day. As with the just discussed move procedure, the speaker is requested that Delegate Gilbert that members want to go by for the day. The list will be announced by Delegate Gilbert during the morning hour prior to the call of the calendar. The House will then vote in block by voice vote. The speaker will state without objection and those items listed will be taken for the day. However, if any member objects, then it is recommended that the item not be placed on the list. Regardless a member May object and the House will vote separately on the item as we've done for many years. Third, leaves of absence. The final procedure in efficiency being implemented by the speaker this year by both members of request for leaves of absence. Individual members will no longer have to stand and be recognized for their seat mates. Instead, the speaker will be provided a list of all members that require leave based upon the daily attendance, and prior to the calling of the calendar. Sometimes you all don't answer the call. You come in, we see you're here, we mark you here. It will make life easier for you and for us as well. The speaker will announce to the body that pursuant to House rule 30, the names of the members granted leave will be included in the day's House journal. The speaker hopes these three efficiency members will help facilitate the business of the House, certainly during the morning hour, which is a rather chaotic time, as we go forward in the session. Again, I will be sending all of this out in writing, but wanted to take body's time to alert them of these improvements. Speaker, that completes announcements that I have, sir.
Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker, I suppose this is parliamentary inquiry.
Bill Howell
Gentleman has the floor.
Mr. Speaker, if I understand this correctly, these are not proposed rules changes, but rather, procedural matters to move the calendar along, is that correct? Second inquiry?
Bill Howell
Gentleman has the floor.
Thank you. I would ask whether the procedure about taking something by for the day, which I understand the rationale, it makes to move things faster, but oftentimes, a bill gets heat on the floor and sometimes for the sake of efficiency, rather than to debate the bill on the floor, during the debate, there is a motion made to take it by for the day. I don't assume that's precluding those motions.
You can still make that motion.
Thank you.
We're hoping we can get out two days early this year. And without Delegate, you know who and you know who, we can fly through it.
The gentlemen from Virginia beach, Mr. Holcombe.
Mr. Speaker, I rise for a motion.
Bill Howell
Gentleman has the floor.
Mr. Speaker, I ask the House for unanimous consent for the purpose of introducing a joint House resolution past the deadline, and if I might
Please. Explain.
I am requesting a joint commission on health care to study the impact of requiring cfbs to provide mental health care to local inmates and jail.
Bill Howell
The gentleman from Virginia beach, Mr. Holcombe moves that the House grant unanimous consent to introduce a bill after the deadline. Favor in that motion, play say aye, those opposed no.
Wow. The motion is agreed to. Gentleman Fairfax, Mr. King.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker, I rise for a motion.
Bill Howell
Gentleman has the floor.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Ten years ago, 2007 session, this House and the House down the Hall passed a resolution designating January 13th each year as korean-american day. I wasn't a member of the House ten years ago, but as a member of the korean-american community, we're vowed and thankful for the work of this body, and today, as we commemorate the tenth anniversary, I wanted to share with this body a little sad news about a very prominent korean-american, whose role in the commonwealth far exceeds that of the service to korean community but to the entire commonwealth. Dr. Sung Lee was a senior pastor who lead the largest korean church not only in Virginia, but the largest korean church in the entire midatlantic and probably the south region as well. And the korean central presbyterian church, which used to be located in my district, is now considered to be one of the most robust, healthy, energetic congregations, really among korean-americans and across the board, and I know tham of you have had the pleasure of worshipping at that church, throughout the year. That church has hosted presidents of the united states, members of congress, members of the House and Senate, as well as local government officials, as well as many dignitaries, because it is an example, even though it is an ethnically eccentric church, it has become part of the community and services as a role of bringing people together. Dr. Lee, who passed away last month, really symbolized the idea of service of ourselves. As a man of cloth, he obviously knew his word and he knew how to minister and pastor everybody who needed it. But as a leader in the community, he also knew how to touch peoples' lives and ways beyond his christian work. He also was a leader in our community, the first korean pastor to give an opening prayer in this chamber in 2002, and the first korean pastor to lead prayer in the united states congress and House of representatives as well. He received an award from governor gilmore for Virginia governor's award on outstanding religious institution for the work he has done for 26 years, leading kcpc. Above all, he was somebody that was devoted to the word, and not only did he get his college degree, his master's in theology and ph.D., after he retired from the church, after he spent time doing missionary work all around the word, he found extra time, got a ph.D. At age 72 for his second doctorate degree because he wanted to constantly learn and improve himself. If you think about the role of various immigrant communities in this commonwealth, especially the one I came from, korean-americans, as you think about korean-american day, being another day that we can think about the diversity of this commonwealth. I wanted to take a moment and ask for a motion, and I also wanted to thank in particular, my good friend, gentleman from Fairfax, Mr. Hugo, and also offer the resolution ten years and for all of you that made it happen. Today, I wanted to ask the speaker that when we move the House adjourn, that we adjourn in honor and memory of Dr. Reverend wan sung Lee .
Tim Hugo
John Fairfax, Mr. Keam moves when the House adjourns, it adjourns in the honor and memory of Dr. Wan sung Lee, please rise in favor of the motion. That motion is agreed to.
Bill Howell
The gentleman from Arlington, Mr. Hope.
Patrick Hope
Thank you, Mr. Speaker, I rise for a motion.
Bill Howell
Gentleman May proceed.
Patrick Hope
On Page 41, House joint resolution 728, be taken up out of order. Page 41, House joint resolution, 728.
Bill Howell
Without objection, the clerk will resolution.
House resolution, 728, commending car ruthers.
I move for its adoption.
Shall the motion be agreed to? In favor of that motion, say it is agreed to. Aye?
Bill Howell
The gentleman from Chesapeake, Mr. Hayes.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I rise for an an announcement and a motion.
Bill Howell
Gentleman has the floor.
I'm circulating a co patron ad for commending Dr. Tony Lee jr., Virginia teacher of the year and invite members to sign on as circulating. For the motion, Mr. Speaker, I ask that on Page 41 of today's calendar, House joint resolution 727 be called up out of order.
The clerk will report the resolution.
Number 727, commending Dr. Tony Lee mcnair jr.
The gentlemen ja from Chesapeake, Mr. Hayes.
I move for adoption.
In favor of that motion, say aye. That motion is agreed to.
Mr. Ingram.
Mr. Speaker, I rise for an introduction.
Bill Howell
Gentleman has the floor.
In the capitol today, we have a group of students representing a Virginia 's career and technical student organization. They're here with steven -- andy stephenson and he is the technology student association state advisor for the commonwealth of Virginia. These students hold high titles of leadership and responsibility within this organization. Serves as state presidents and national officers. They are here on behalf of different organizations that serve within our public high school systems. Such as distributeed education clubs, family career and community leaders of america, future farmers of america, health occupation students association, skills, usa and technology students association. Career and technical students organizations network with business and community partnerships. These networks help students gain opportunity to apply academic technical and employability skills necessary in today's work force. Each one of these students represent the commonwealth as they come from many different locales across the state. I ask that we give them a warm welcome here in the gallery. [ applause ]
Delighted to have the students with us today. I hope you enjoy your visit.
Mr. Gilbert.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker, rise for a motion.
Bill Howell
Gentleman has the floor.
Mr. Speaker, I would move that the following bills or excuse me, House joint resolutions, go by for the day on Page 2 of the printed calendar, House joint resolution 601 and 646, on Page 4, House joint resolutions 558 and 559. On Page 9, House joint resolutions 662, 663, 664, and 665, and on Page 10 of the printed calendar, House joint resolution, 666, 681, 683. By for the day, please.
Bill Howell
Without objection, by for the day.
Pursuant to House rule 30, the journal shall reflect that the following member is away on pressing personal business, and is granted leave from today's session. Delegate pillian.
Further motions? Mr. Landes?
Mr. Speaker, I rise for the purpose of a personal privilege.
I'm going to be brief, but I didn't want the day to go by without us realizing and recognizing one of our members. Those of us that represent rural areas, there is no higher honor than to be recognized at the Virginia agra business council dinner, and receiving the friend, distinguished friend of Virginia agriculture award. I've been honored to have received that, a number of our members have. But last night, a true friend, of rural Virginia, was recognized. Our friend, the gentleman from Colonial Heights, who has done so much to help rural Virginia. I just think we need to make sure we recognize that fact, and for those of us that represent the rural areas of the commonwealth, thank you, and well deserved. [ applause ]
The Ward is very well deserved, and it is perfect timing too. His wife gave hmm a garden tractor for christmas. It is a motoring all around, Colonial Heights .
Further motions, if not, the clerk will call the calendar.
Calendar for today, Friday, January 13, 2017, for the Virginia House of delegates. Page 1 of today's printed calendar, first category, memorial resolution laid on the speaker's table. The memorial resolutions laid on the speaker's table to be adopted in block are listed on pages 1 through 4 of the written calendar, with the exceptions of House joint resolution 601 and 646.
Does any member desire to remove an additional resolution from the block? Hearing none, those in favor in adopting a block, the memorial resolutions laid on the speaker's table, with the exceptions of the two that the clerk just announced, will please rise. Resolutions are agreed to.
Continuing with today's calendar, Page 4 of the printed version, next category, commending resolutions laid on the speaker's table, the commending resolutions left on the speaker's table to adopted in block are listed on pages 4 through 11, with the exceptions of House joint resolution 558, 559, turning to Page 9 of the printed calendar, additionally, exceptions of House joint resolution of 662, 663, 664, 665, and turning to Page 10 of the printed calendar, in the block with the exception of House joint resolution 666, 681, and 683.
Any member desire to remove an additional resolution on the block?
Mr. Speaker, I ask that we move House resolution 269, on Page 11, and --
By for the day. Page 11, 269. Thank you.
Are there additional --
Yes, Mr. Speaker.
Yes, ma'am.
I would also like to make a request, by for the day, House joint resolution 626.
Okay, any left? All those in favor of adopting the committee resolutions laid on the speaker's table on pages 4 through 11 of the calendar with the exceptions of House joint resolution 3558, 559, 662, 663, 664, 665, 666, 681, 682, please say aye. 269, 626. Those opposed, no. Those resolutions are agreed to.
Mr. Speaker, that completes the day's calendar.
Does the clerk have any announcements or communications.
Several announcements. Today, immediately upon adjournment of the House, the House courts of justice committee will meet immediately upon adjournment over in House -- excuse me, downstairs in House room 1. Court also meet immediately upon journment in House room 1 here at the capitol. The appropriations meeting today is canceled. No appropriations or subcommittees, however, remember, the deadline for budget amendments is today at 5:00. Looking ahead to next legislative day of business, Monday, January 16th, Martin luther king day, we will be in session, obviously. First meeting will be 7:00 a.M. It is the transportation subcommittee number 1. No meeting at 7:00, over on the fifth floor east conference room. Then at 8:00, privileges at elections, constitutional subcommittee will be meeting at 8:00 a.M. Constitutional sub, 8:00, in 5-west. Then at 8:30, the committee on finance will be meeting upstairs on the ninth floor in the appropriations room. 8:30, House finance on Monday. And also, at 8:30 on Monday, the committee on education will be meeting, over in House room d on the first floor of the dab. At 10:00 on Monday, the committee on science and technology will be meeting in House room c. Then Mr. Speaker, finally, the democratic caucus will be meeting at 11:15 in House room 2, and then the republican caucus will meet in House room 1 at 11:30. Speaker that completes the announcements I have.
Mr. Jones.
I know everyone is ready to get out of town, and your in-box will contain within the hour, invitation for the small group briefings that we've done in the past, I think it was started under chairman Putney. It has worked well. So in planning for next week, they will start Tuesday morning, we'll have the list out this afternoon. So put that on your calendar so you can attend. It will go Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Thank you very much.
Bill Howell
The gentleman from Colonial Heights, Mr. Cox.
Kirk Cox
Mr. Speaker, I move that when the House adjourns, January 16th at 12 noon.
The gentleman moves when the House adjourns, reconvening Monday at 12 noon, favor in that motion, say aye.
Kirk Cox
That motion is agreed to. The gentleman from Colonial Heights .
I move the House to now adjourn.
Gentleman from colonial House to now adjourn. Favor of that motion, say aye. That motion is agreed to. The House stands adjourned until 12 noon on Monday. 12 noon on Monday .