02/20/2020 House Proceedings


Called to order at 12 m. by Eileen Filler-Corn, Speaker

Mace placed on Speaker's table by Sergeant at Arms

Prayer offered by William M. McCarty, Lead Pastor, Healing Waters Worship Center, Carrollton [at the request of Delegate Brewer]

Delegate Herring led the House in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

Attendance roll call - Quorum present

Leave of Absence granted: Delegate Adams of Richmond City

Journal for Wednesday, February 19, 2020, approved by the Speaker

Senate Communication Received - more
Committee reports

Appropriations reported on 02/19/2020

Courts of Justice reported on 02/19/2020

Finance reported on 02/19/2020

Health, Welfare and Institutions reported on 02/19/2020

SB 200 - House insists on amendment and requests Committee of Conference

SB 110 - House insists on substitute and requests Committee of Conference

HJR 272 taken up and agreed to

HR 98 taken up and agreed to

Motion by Delegate Levine to adjourn in honor and memory of Janet Levine March agreed to

HBs 29 and 30 taken up under special and continuing order

HB 29 - Uncontested committee amendments agreed to (Y-98 N-0 A-0)

Resolutions presented and laid on Speaker's table pursuant to House Rule 39(a)