01/15/2010 Senate Proceedings

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Sen. Ryan McDougle (R-Mechanicsville)—00:12
Sen. Richard Stuart (R-Westmoreland)—00:02
Sen. Mark Obenshain (R-Harrisonburg)—00:12
Sen. John Watkins (R-Midlothian)—00:16
Sen. William Wampler (R-Bristol)—00:04
Sen. Don McEachin (D-Richmond)—00:28
Sen. Chuck Colgan (D-Manassas)—00:02


Called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Lt. Governor William T. Bolling

Prayer offered by The Reverend Terre Balof, Unitarian Universalist Community Church, Glen Allen, Virginia

ROLL CALL OF MEMBERS: quorum present

Motion of Senator Marsden dispensed with reading of Journal (38-Y

Leave of absence granted: Senator Vogel

Bills presented, ordered printed and referred/joint resolutions
laid on Clerks Desk under Senate Rules 11(b), (26)g and HJR 4: see January 18
Senate Calendar


SJ 110 - Rules suspended, taken up for immediate consideration
(39-Y 0-N), agreed to (voice vote)

On motion of Senator Colgan, the Senate adjourned in Memory of Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr. at 10:18 a.m. to convene Saturday, January 16, 2010 at
11:00 a.m.


What follows is a transcript of this day’s session that was created as closed-captioning text, written in real time during the session. We have made an effort to automatically clean up the text, but it is far from perfect.

so don't come to order the senators a please take their seats those persons not entitled to the privileges of the floor won't finally retired to the gallery the senators and all attended school please rise and be led in prayer by the reverend terry playoff with the unitarian universalist community church in glen allen virginia riverdale loving creator please know that many names in his spirit forrester all people all faiths of nations we are grateful for your presence here we ask that your wisdom guide the essential decision making it takes place within these walls made a women and men elected to the general assembly and those who serve in the senate keeps the welfare of all the citizens of our go right commonweal is their highest priority let humility and dedication dot guided commitment today tasks set before them to serve the common good aware of the difficulties in stresses within our society maybe some public servant seek to build bridges between groups and constituencies to accomplish the work needed to protect the welfare art and to provide a brighter future for all virginia citizens today we're mindful of the inauguration of our new governor bob mcdonnell and others officials who take office this weekend may our governor died with openness humility and wisdom honoring the many d needs of the people of virginia we give thanks for the generous years of service offered are retiring governor tim kaine and all those who served faithfully with him we trust that this new id ministration will build up of the dedicated service if those who have gone before we give thanks for all of those who choose to follow the call to public service we hold out today the legacy of citizens who have given generously to build virginia from the mountains in the west to the atlantic schiller we are aware at that are great commonwealth was built upon the temptation of native peoples who held this morning and is sacred and we give thanks for those the generation after generation have built this commonwealth reworked as humble as claiming these chambers are plowing the earth and work is creative is those who are great inventors and those who may richard the next generation they are officials as they work be mindful of the sacrifices for and lobby other are great commonweal which is held in the hearts of all pretty nice people the clerk will call the roll all those close president will please no la the clerk will close role you have a quorum mr president senate journal from thursday january fourteenth two thousand ten senator from west in fairfax under marsden moves of the reading of the journal be waived all in favor of waving the reading of journal record their votes are those opposed no our listeners right about it have all senators voted to any senators are change their votes for the clerk will close a role as thirty eight there's one last thirty eight nos wall and the reading of the journal of his way corporate forty three cases from the house of delegates we do not have any sir forgo reporting communications from his excellency the governor he did not have to be served reports from standing committees are now in order the clerk will call the committee's did not have an answer time has arrived to recognize visitors in the gallery and take up other matters in the morning our senator from hanover senator mcdougal thank you mr mister president you can offer the warm welcome for the senate to referendum payoff from the unitarian universalist church in cornell and she's joined in the gallery with the number for membership card region bill clinton can be filo margaret matheson and lisa for thank you uh... thank you senator that was perfect timing uh... if uh... reverend they all up and uh... other members of the uh... lecturers would arise in the gallery and other visitors so with her today for thank you for being here to get our day off on the right foot with order prior to the likely that year i guess that joining us adherent in the capital as well we hope you all have a very a wonderful diana arrests of members to join giving of a very warm welcome of the same frederick unless more on senator stewart thank you mister president i would not miss present like to ask for a leave of absence of for masi many she's away from the capital of the impressive personal business without objection the internal reflect a leave of absence for the senator from fox here senator vocal goes away from the capitol on pressing personal business center from paris and barcelona roman showing vice-president died trial date the members attention to uh... group in the gallery at one of the foggiest idea why they might be here today or this weekend but dot certain not folks sitting in the front row and i'd guess that second to rosa up there in the gallery are reportedly members of the uh... mr president and family by the bowling family is side currently gathering in richmond this weekend i see jean and bowling and dot at least one bowling son in the gallery accompanied uh... as i understand by gene kincaid janice dot basin see michael smith lexi was snack five million pants map heart robin while josh warrants and that leader i hate to put that mister president in the awkward position but i would ask mister president to kindly extend readings of the accident of the body to watch thank you sir approval of the say first of all they're not all members of my family they have uh... except for the hopi family the larger multifamily uh... but it is a pleasure out today to have my wife jeannie and with this in the gallery uh... as well as her mom gene kincaid and her sister janice bazin who came over from west virginia to join us for the inaugural festivities this week our son matt uh... who is with us this morning and in a good group of us students from virginia tech who have come to be a part of the re-enactment that we're going to be doing this afternoon oversight john sturges patrick henry's famous give me liberty give me get speech in some of the other festivities throughout the weekend so i assume all arise and ask that you give them a very warm welcome us there were two other things that have that many children with the syria senator from south and senator walk-ins is kinda mad tension we have a group with us in the gallery today of that car uh... special guest particularly with regard to our numbers of our staff care parkinson tears brother-in-law uh... gray cold place here in the chamber as well as eleni levinson greg also is here working in some of you may have met a young i had the opportunity to meet earlier today how he is president of the of the devil society here uh... missionary and we've been saying a lot of dennis d around here today how he also has uh... with him to students uh... phoned the into the journal school in that's patrick lawrence and steven deepak pass quayle so this president he would kindly on behalf of myself and members of the senate as well as mister parkinson uh... give pondered welcome uh... to these individuals would be most appreciated thank you sir i will agree recall any levinson pet reports and steven d passed forward rise we welcome you all the mister jefferson's capitol thank you for coming uh... to spend the day uh... with us and and thanks for being here to talk with members of the general assembly about issues of interest to dennis across virginia we appreciate that very much we hope you have a but wonderful reside asa membership joined an animal warm welcome to the capitol are there other matters for the morning our c_n_n_ resolutions petitions and bills are now in order center from bristol summer wall board the senior senator from margaret sanger miller the senator from loudon senator harry listener from fort smith senator lupus a senator from spotsylvania senator how center from the entrance of the law consider from western for facts senator marston are there other resolutions petitions reveals saying i'm the clerk will call the calendar senate calendar for friday january fifteenth two thousand and ten there are no items but we do have one resolution to take a sir from brussels on the wall color mr president make a couple of motions to try and expedite one knife celebration of life resolution if i could mister president what may be sure that the rules be suspended indication jayaram one one zero be taken up for immediate consideration questionnaire showgirls be suspended so the jurors lucien one the taken up for media consideration alter the motion work for them outside those opposed no our listeners rate eleven but also there's voted to any senators as our change about support for clothes role as thirteen and a zero nine thirty nine those are the motion is agreed to the rules are suspended the take up the resolution for a media consideration the clerk will please read the title of the memorial resolution senate joint resolution number one ten celebrating the life of the honorable george you know mooring junior surfer bristles or wall mr president speaking to the resolution albeit briefly this is the resolution for the passing of one of our former colleagues the audible george warn of bristol his uh... services are today would be my hope that we could expedite the calendar so i could deliver the resolution to the family as they are gathered in bristol tonight nobody agreed to the resolutions for parts of the more moral resolution will be agreed to the usual manner all of their agree the memorial resolution will rock resolution disagrees senator senior senator from fairfax under sas law mr president farm clerk does that complete account yes sir misery other business to come before the senate the junior senator from the right cassandra teach-in home was burglarized fluid motion so there is a floor responsible members of the senate today is the eighty first eighty first birthday of doctor martin luther king junior heavy loop as i was reflecting on the hour the lab bus bestowed upon me today to asked the president pro tem third-trimester in honor of doctor king i had occasion to flip through the pages of a letter from the uh... the book entitled letters from a birmingham jail and i was reminded of uh... of his words where he where he spoke about the fierce urgency in now and harold civil rights couldn't wait it wasn't just civil rights he was speaking to was the rights of men and women although this planet who are in pain who are in need who are more people live in the margins this over a billion don't for christopher's alone how would he feel about the events in haiti today it was the president i have to imagine that he would be some was saddened weatherford loomed in the world those who suggested that we move too fast that we move for the world motivation so for the world reasons too rescue those who are in the literally rescue the children of doesn't sit in haiti as a minister of the gospel of jesus christ i have to believe that he would be saddened by the fact that there were those who who's picking suggested a reducing won't work who say that he was cursed and have some terribly deserve what happened to him but does the president know that he would be glad that the spirit of the american people in the spirit of virginians in a spirit of people all over this world rushed to the u_s_ patients and and are doing everything they can be ease the pain in the suffering and then impoverished nation this president reminded of the fact that he says whom or kill the universe is lol but it is for still stands but i would suggest to this body that we can only been towards justice is the future everyone of us grab that mark with our hands import was justice mister president this was the president's with a deep sense of humility a lot of the last the president pro tem of the senate when uh... when the senators today that it jerry in the order of the drum major of justice that is the doctor reverend martin luther king junior thank thank you sir azar other business to come before the senate clerk will report any all the best monday january eighteenth the committee's report suggests is committed and a m said every maint the committee on agriculture conservation and natural resources will meet at nine a_m_ senate ruby the democratic caucus would meet at eleven thirty a_m_ in said everyone republican caucus would meet at eleven thirty a_m_ incident bring too when you leave today please leave the yellow folder on your desk and clear everything else off put it in your desk we will ensure that is locked up uh... and the desk will be locks saturday tomorrow and sunday sunday we will have the cabinets wearing in here in the senate chamber and also uh... we have your credentials for the members in order to get into the capital you have to have your capital past and your portico seating if you would come to the desk we would hand g the folder that has that information and you have received by email by hard copy in your office a hard copy on your desk all the instructions for tomorrow if you have any questions please see me and i hope that somewhere in all of those distributions you did manage to read the instructions for tomorrow have a nice weekend and we'll see you tomorrow they could clerk was suggesting your personal belongings may not be safe during this period of the cabinet i'm not sure what that means for them solar from prince william circle him bishop program rogan alistair knowledge or enter our reverend tomorrow morning to return to their memory remember doctor martin luther king junior questionnaire sell the senate now attorneys all of the party tomorrow morning and that when the senate as a juror and get a jury in honor and memory of the river dr martin luther king junior olivera motion will say i've close early i set it said stands adjourned until eleven a m tomorrow